Lord Of Time

Chapter 92

True to their word, Tom, Hadrian and Fenrir returned from their holiday in Egypt in time for Abraxas' and Imogen's wedding. Tom attended Abraxas' party the night they returned, which they didn't call a stag night, apparently that was too common for the likes of the pureblood's. No, instead it was referred to as a pre-wedding party, Imogen hosted an afternoon tea party while Abraxas hosted his at night.

Judging by the state that Tom returned in, they were all in dire need of a potion and good breakfast. Hadrian had never understood that tradition, especially doing it the night before the wedding.

"Hey, time to get up, we've got to leave in an hour," Hadrian said quietly, giving Tom a little prod to wake him up. He still stank like a brewery, they had been drinking the hard liquor last night. "Your breakfast is ready, take your potion and go get a shower."

Tom groaned pitifully, staring blearily at Hadrian accusingly, wondering why he was wakening him up. He felt like someone had taken a jackhammer to his head and drilled in for fun. The big shit eating grin Hadrian had definitely didn't help matters any.

"We have an hour before the wedding," Hadrian commented again, watching Tom's eyes widen as he actually heard what he said this time. "Breakfast is ready, take the potion and go shower." Placing the potion that would get rid of his hangover into his hand, he absently wondered just how much Tom had drank, he'd been absolutely plastered last night. Thank Merlin for the portkey, because he wouldn't have been able to Apparate in his state, he had barely been able to walk.

"You'll like the paper this morning," he added, before standing, and leaving their bedroom.

Upon hearing that, Tom drank the potion down hastily, almost choking in his haste. Throwing the vial in the waste bin, he was swift to get into the bathroom, grimacing at the smell surrounding him. It was little wonder Hadrian told him to bathe, putting the shower on, he undressed and put his clothes in the laundry basket, and they promptly disappeared. Then and only then did he step into the shower, groaning in happiness, as the pressure and heat eased the ache in his bones, as the potion did the same thing.

What was in the newspaper this morning? He thought as he scrubbed himself. Judging by the gleeful mood Hadrian was in it could only a few things. Dumbledore's early release appeal had been shot down already, so it couldn't be that. It had tickled Hadrian pink to know his early release had been denied. The sex that night had been…bordering on animalistic the savage glee had not faded for days it had made their holiday significantly…headier.

So much so that Tom hadn't minded not getting to go to all the markets and digs while in Egypt.

No matter, they would return one day, he thought as he grabbed the shampoo, and added a dollop to his hand and craned his neck to massage it into his hair. He intended to see the world, and the magic that it had to offer with Hadrian at his side. Perhaps once Fenrir was a little older, and he was set into the political world firmly.

Once he ensured his hair was free of suds, he stepped out, clean and then dry with a simple spell. Moving through to his bedroom, not bothering to dress, he gabbed a pair of pyjama pants and put them on, he'd get his dress robes on after breakfast.

With quicker steps than normal, he moved down to their sitting room, already hearing Hadrian and Fenrir talking quietly, as they ate their breakfast. The smell both made his stomach rumble and made him feel a little sick. It quickly abated as the hangover cure continued to do the trick.

"Good morning," Tom said, as he stepped into the sitting room, his smile more a grimace. He'd had all of four hours sleep, it wasn't something he was used to anymore.

"Is it really?" Hadrian teased wryly, giving him a knowing look. "How much did you have to drink?" he'd never seen Tom that way before, he'd even been singing…singing, as he tumbled into bed last night.

"I may have lost count," Tom confessed, as he slid into his seat, across from Hadrian, picking up the newspaper immediately, eager to see what had gotten Hadrian into such a good mood this morning.

There was nothing prudent that caught his attention on the first page. Nothing prudent to them at any rate, not that he knew of. Added to the side information, they hadn't put their money into the investments of that particular broomstick manufacturer that had gone under. Hadrian had never heard of them, so cautioned against it, and he was unsurprisingly correct to do so.

Glancing up at Hadrian, quirking a brow in silent query, wondering what Hadrian wanted him to see.

"Third page," Hadrian commented, innocently enough, as he ate his scrambled eggs.

Tom flipped the page, and immediately zoning in on the headlines on that particular page. 'Greyback's die of new strain of Dragon Pox disease' and without any other family except for Fenrir, the family line was now gone, there was no other family members to take on the mantel of Lord Greyback. Which was pretty much all they had, a title, no money, and a manor that was falling into disrepair and ruin. Just like the Gaunts really, a title and nothing else except for a ring to show for it before Tom came along and killed what was left of them.

Anyone that had been in contact with the Greyback's in the past few weeks are to report to the Ministry's Auror's office and St. Mungo's for testing immediately.

"It took longer than I suspected," was all Tom had to say, as he flipped back to the first page and begun to read the newspaper properly, between bites to eat. He'd assumed they'd have passed long before they returned home, and honestly, hadn't thought to ask, knowing it would rouse suspicion.

"Do you think the Aurors will show up?" Hadrian asked, as he absently wiped Fenrir's chin. He had come a long way from the almost feral child he'd found, and for most part he was very neat and tidy when he ate, but sometimes and only sometimes made a little bit of a mess.

"It's possible," Tom agreed, giving Fenrir a glance, "Fortunately, our alibi is airtight," giving him a smug grin.

"That it is," agreed Hadrian, "Aiden?"

"Yes, but I got the dragon pox altered elsewhere," Tom agreed, "Untraceable transaction and never face to face, they don't know who it was." taking every precaution he required to ensure his families safety.

"I hope you've put that potion somewhere safe and not in this house," Hadrian warned him, already knowing Tom would have taken all precautions, but better safe than sorry for his own piece of mind. Fenrir hated taking potions, and wouldn't drink one unless he was asked to anyway, same with all children when it came to disgusting medication.

"It's in the vault," Tom replied, he'd given Aiden explicit permission, one time only, to enter his private vault to gather the small amount he'd require to do his task, leaving the rest safely ensconced in the vault. He'd planned all this long before he actually used the Portkey to Egypt. He was always a great planner, and quite willing to wait until the time was right.

He would always have care when things were directly connected to him. especially since he knew Dumbledore would not give up easily, even once released from Azkaban prison. Plus, it amused him so to think of Dumbledore becoming increasingly frustrated at his attempts to pin something on him and failing spectacularly.

"Good," Hadrian said, giving him a quick kiss, grimacing a little, Tom had not brushed his teeth. "Now get dressed and go do your duties as best man," he added.

Tom frowned, "And what exactly is that?" he hadn't done a wedding before, except his own which was very different from Abraxas'. He had no interest in reading about them either.

"I'm not sure myself," Hadrian admitted, thoughtfully, "But I think you're supposed to make sure he gets to the wedding on time and in one piece…make sure he's eaten and things like that."

Tom stared blankly, "Abraxas is a grown wizard, not five years old," he commented dryly.

Hadrian laughed, "Yeah, but for all you know he's still sleeping his hangover off…"

"I doubt it, his parents will have made sure he is up, appropriately dressed and ready to marry…they wouldn't risk a mar on the Malfoy name." Tom said dryly, he definitely wouldn't be needed until the actual wedding, but perhaps he should Floo over just to make sure. He was actually rather fond of Imogen, as fond as he could be of anyone, of course, probably due to Hadrian's own fondness bleeding through.

Hadrian cocked his head to the side, thinking back to the only other wedding – except his own – that he'd been to. The Weasley's hadn't had a 'stag' party, at least none that he saw or heard off. It was the middle of war though, but Ron would have surely been invited if they did. Charlie had been Bill's best man, but they'd been staying at the Burrow and banshee 'Molly' Weasley had been in charge of it all. Perhaps the parents did have a big say in the wedding, whether they paid for it or not.

He wouldn't know.

Eventually he just shrugged his shoulders indifferently, "Come on kiddo, time to get dressed," gesturing for Fenrir to follow him, now that he was finished his breakfast, between getting Fenrir and himself ready, they'd only have enough time to Apparate there he reckoned. "Pick up the gifts when you're dressed please," he asked Tom as they left the room.

Tom agreed, as he finished his breakfast, reading what was left of the newspaper, but nothing really caught his eye or interest. He didn't wait around long, aware that he too had to get dressed for this wedding. It wasn't the only one either, he had Orion and Walburga's to attend in a weeks' time.

The only part he was actually looking forward to was speaking to the other pureblood's he wasn't familiar with yet. Making more connections and finding out more about his potential enemies. Those who were so firmly lodged up Dumbledore's rectum they couldn't see daylight. Admittedly, he might not have as many as he would have done if he'd defeated Grindelwald. They had been warned by Death that he'd still be a problem, but said nothing about him being a major problem.

The rest of the nuptials he could honestly live without. Still, Abraxas had been loyal to him, and that deserved a repayment, which was why he had agreed to be his best man. Thankfully, Orion had picked his cousin to be his best man so he didn't need to go through this again.

At least for now.

He knew within the next year, that all those within their group would be married, followed by heirs, luckily he nor Hadrian had to worry about such things.

Within the next ten minutes they were dressed and presentable. So much so that it would make even the pureblood's envious, Hadrian just watched Tom preen with an amused look on his face. The only reason he had made this effort was for Tom and of course Imogen. He couldn't very well turn up in casual attire to a wedding after all.

"I should have just faded into the background," Hadrian said dryly, as Tom inspected his own lapel, straightening it to perfection.

Tom straightened, "That wouldn't have been possible," he added certainly amused by the comment. "You're the epitome of what any parent wants of their child. Looks, power and intelligence…not to forget your lineage. You were never going to be able to remain in the shadows…" not with him about anyway.

"Eh," Hadrian muttered, neither agreeing or disagreeing, proudly displaying the Peverell pendant that Tom had gotten him. The one that he'd refused to set aside because of the attack. Grindelwald had stolen his birth right, the Peverell coat of arms, and Hadrian refused to let that all everyone remembers the insignia for like in the future. Although, there was a lot of speculation as to why that particular insignia.

Hadrian wasn't about to let them in on why, and no doubt Dumbledore wouldn't be too eager to either.

"Let's head off," Tom replied, eager as always to make an impeccable impression, and gain alliances. Money and status did the trick for most pureblood's and he and Hadrian had more than they'd spend during their immortality and better status than they could wish for.

"Hold on tight, Fenrir," Hadrian declared, as Tom summoned the gifts, and Hadrian summoned the invites which acted as Portkey's to the venue, so that nobody could get there uninvited. Tom took one and Hadrian and Fenrir the other, and were transported from Peverell manor to grounds of Malfoy manor where the vows were to be exchanged.

"Woah! Look! White peacocks!" Fenrir exclaimed, gazing at them in wonder, and a little hunger as his wolf peaked through so soon after the full moon.

"Albino peacocks, yes," Hadrian agreed, gazing at them, he'd heard of the prized Albino peacocks, but he'd thought that was Lucius not Abraxas.

"They're worth a fortune overseas," came the smug and sure voice of Lord Octavius Malfoy. "We don't just give them to anyone."

"At least they're well looked after," Hadrian commented, another dig at the House-elves situation, but it flew right over Octavius' head. Not that it surprised him, to the likes of the Malfoy's animals had greater feelings than House-elves.

"Good morning, Lord Malfoy, thank you for granting us entrance," Tom said formally, ignoring Hadrian's cough, no doubt at his distaste at having to be 'demure' towards Octavius, but it was all for good cause.

"You're more than welcome! Young Tom," Octavius said, positively oozing smug superiority in his attempt at a fatherly tone. "Everyone is gathered just around the corner, you cannot miss it, I'll be joining you shortly." Never once acknowledging Fenrir, not that the boy seemed to mind, far too fascinated by the peacocks.

Hadrian's gaze hardened, at the blatant dismissal, lips pursed, he stared coolly at the wizard eyes gleaming, before he turned and led Fenrir down the path, which was carpeted for the occasion, utterly missing the beauty of the grounds and the effort made.

Tom nodded at Octavius, stifling his own amusement at how pale the wizard had gone at Hadrian's glare. He followed his families footsteps, definitely not up to apologising for what just occurred. The wizard hadn't just offended his husband but his child, and Fenrir was theirs, to protect, to raise, to teach. His people knew better than to scorn Fenrir, lest they raise Hadrian's ire…soon the others would learn as well.

If they weren't already, since the news of what had occurred within the walls of the Daily Prophet had gotten out into society.

Apparently the Malfoy's hadn't gotten the subtle undercurrents…perhaps they would now.

Hadrian turned the corner of the manor, and stepped past the lush green bushes that arched up into a gateway. Staring at the change in the grounds of Malfoy manor. A massive iron wrought archway painted white, adorned with white Roses and Calla Lilies. Dozens upon dozens of seats, all dressed in white chair covers with decorative bows at the back.

To the left there were large tables set up with an assortment of food. Sat in the middle was a six tonne, six tiered wedding cake, and next to that the third table, housed a fountain with an assortment of plates and foods that one could dip chocolate or cheese (from the fountain).

"This has to be Imogen's idea," Hadrian commented, "It's…too low class for the Malfoy's, don't you think?" glancing at Tom thoughtfully.

"Considering I've seen Lady Estella Aurelia Malfoy's wedding dress in pictures, I'm in complete agreement. Between the dress that I was assured was over one million in costs and not to forget the 'real gold candelabras' with 'crystal confetti' with only the purest of society attending." Tom said blankly, yes, they'd been bragging and he'd been forced to listen to it. "Quite frankly if Imogen's been forced to wear it…we might not find her." She was much thinner and shorter than Lady Estella.

"Merlin," Hadrian sighed, shaking his head as Fenrir took off, already running towards Aiden who he hadn't seen in a while. He would never have guessed those two would grow close…nor did he believe he and Aiden would given their history.

"Do you regret our hasty nuptials?" Tom asked curiously, as he and Hadrian began walking towards their seats, which were all reserved. Family and close friends first, then everyone else.

Hadrian snorted immediately, ignoring the indignant looks he received. "No, definitely not." He was quite happy with their chosen method, he'd rather avoid anything like this. As shy as Imogen was, she wanted this day, her day, he'd been reassured.

Tom nodded having suspected this, Hadrian just didn't care for many people. Those he did care for though, he protected fiercely, and would do so at the risk of his life. To think that loyalty had once been used and abused, it was a surprise Hadrian could ever think to trust again let alone do it. He was aware Hadrian could have just left, went elsewhere, but he had chosen to allow him into his life, reveal the entire truth and now look at them…everything was within their grasp.

All they had to do was reach out and take it, claim it.

Hadrian and Tom were quick to say hello's to one another, before Tom ambled towards a tent that was partially hidden, that presumably housed Abraxas, and his parents followed. A few seconds later, they emerged as Abraxas stalked towards his spot and stood proud and tall his gaze never wavering from the manor…where his soon-to-be wife was going to emerge from. He had not seen her in two days, and had no idea what wedding dress she had picked and he couldn't wait to see her again.

He had fallen for her these past months as her true personality emerged, and he had fallen hard. He could finally envision himself being happy, and not just marrying to suit his parents whims.

He was in awe of her, the way she listened to him and calmly and sternly informed them of what she wanted for her wedding day. Then he had backed her up, showing her that he wouldn't just keep his word, protect her, but back her up and show a united front. Instead of a grand hall, she'd chosen Malfoy Manor, together they had chosen the cake but the rest of the wedding details had been already decided, but she had altered them to suit her tastes.

He had not expected to ever be getting married in the gardens of his ancestral home. Yet he was inordinately pleased, she was declaring her allegiance to the Malfoy name.

Abraxas noticed Hadrian looking at him, and he mouthed 'Thank you' unsure if the other teen would understand why he was thanking him. Yet he couldn't help but thank him regardless, he had a feeling he wouldn't have all this if not for him.

The bridesmaids made their way down, dressed in strapped pale pink corset bodice dresses, Abraxas smiled at them, aware that Imogen thought very highly of them. three were her friends from home and then there was Myrtle, someone who she had come very close to as of late.

Then he forgot everything he was thinking as the gentle music changed, and began to play as his soon-to-be wife emerged from the manor, and he got his first glimpse of her. She was taking his breath away.

She was absolutely stunning.

A white strapless satin smooth fitted corset bodice gown lined with beautiful silver embroidery that flowed into a train. With a sweet heart neckline. Under the breast line a band of silver gem filigree. She'd forgone a veil or something had gone wrong. He hoped not, he didn't want anything spoiling her special day.

This had been something she'd been imagining every day since she was a little girl, she'd confessed when he'd gotten his head out of his ass and actually spoke to her and asked her opinion.

She was utterly radiant, with a smile on her face that just could and should not be wiped off. He wanted to see her smiling like that every day for the rest of their lives.

He barely noticed Tom standing beside him, especially with his magic being partially cloaked. His focus solely for Imogen, who may well have floated towards him for all he noticed his gaze focused on her face.

Before too long, Imogen was standing beside him, beaming at him, paying no mind to her father, who seemed very disgruntled at that. Then again, whenever he had been in their presence he had been very disgruntled regardless. Presumably not liking the fact his daughter had at long last found her voice and was gaining independence from him and didn't need to rely on him for anything anymore.

Then the bonding process begun, binding Imogen and Abraxas together, binding their vows with magic, ensuring their longevity.

"I, Abraxas, so do swear to uphold, honour, cherish, obey," everyone gasped as one when the wizard uttered those words, it just was NOT done. "Love you until death do us part, so mote it be." And with that he placed the ring on her finger with his left hand, his right tightly clasped in Imogen's and corded with magical rope, and it would remain that way until their vows were complete.

His parents foreheads were throbbing as they stood, transfixed with a smile so fake that it was painfully obvious to all.

With a shaky smile, she began, "I, Imogen, so do swear to uphold, honour, cherish, obey, and love you until death do us part, so mote it be," she said without pause or doubt.

With that, their vows were said, and the magic sank into their bones, binding them to their words. Their vows were so different from all others, and had been a last minute decision on both their parts.

Neither of their parents were happy, but it had not been their decision to make.

"May I introduce you to husband and wife, Lord and Lady Malfoy," came the voice of the officiant, who had bound them to their word and married them. "You may now kiss the bride."

Abraxas gave his new wife a quick kiss on the lips, anything more would have been too 'crass' for the upper elite pureblood's. "You've made me the happiest wizard in the world." He confessed so lowly for only his wife to hear.

Imogen beamed in happiness, "I love you," she whispered right back, and she did, when she'd met him…she hadn't dreamed of this. She'd only hoped to care for her new husband…and the longer they spent together she believed she might be a little content…but now she knew she was going to be so very happy.

The smitten couple, barely took their eyes off each other during the official photos that were taken. Barely remembered what they said to friends and family, too lost in each other.

"My beautiful wife…will you do me the honour of this first dance?" holding his hand out.

Hadrian watched them dance, a small secret smile on his face. Leaning back against Tom, Fenrir busy playing with a boy Hadrian wasn't familiar with. The boy was a good few years younger than him, and he was behaving himself, which pleased Hadrian immensely.

"You are awfully pleased with yourself," Tom commented quietly, not that anyone was listening in, everyone was having their own quiet conversations as they watched the happy couple dance.

"No, happy, Tom, I'm happy," Hadrian corrected him, there was a difference.

The first dance came to an end, with people beginning to join the couple of the dance floor that had been created for just this occasion.

"Do you want to dance?" Tom asked, surprising himself with the desire to do so.

Hadrian smiled, "I'd love to," he said sincerely, standing, both made their way up, and Hadrian shouldered Myrtle with a thumbs up, she looked beautiful, she'd most certainly grown out of that awkward phase.

And Tom and Hadrian danced like it was their first one, just as lost in each other as Abraxas and Imogen.

Life was good for the Lords of Time.

Unfortunately their personal bubble of happiness gave way to disgruntlement as Dumbledore was released from Azkaban prison having served his time.

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