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(Kikyo age 12)

I have now lived in this village for 4 years now. The villagers were quiet surprised to see Kaede and I walk into the village so nicely dressed while everyone was dressed in rags. One of the older women came up to me and took me by the arm. I did not like this but she took me to the village miko. The miko was a middle age woman, she wasn't extremely attractive, but she was still nice looking. She looked at me with hard eyes, probably thought I was some Youkai coming to attack the village. She must have been stupid to think that. I gave her the letter, but an older man snatched it from me. He tried to open it, but an acid like thing poured out form it and melted his skin. Oddly enough it didn't effect me. Maybe after seeing all the blood and gore from my village. I watched him melt as the miko took the letter. She made a small chant and the letter opened. There must have been some spell on it to protect it from others opening it. She read through the letter silently. She set it down not looking at me. She sent away the other men there and looked at me.
"So you are Kikyo…"
I nodded at her, not saying anything. Kaede began to wander around the room.
"Tell me Kikyo, I have 2 balls in my hand. Tell me which on is the blue one and which one it the red one." She said.
She held out her hands to me, both fists closed. I stared at her, how was I supposed to guess which ball was in her hand when I never even seen them. I reached my hand out unsure. Then I felt something inside me. I wasn't sure what it was, but I was sure of the feeling. I put my hand down and looked at her.
"You have not balls in your hand." I said very sure of myself.
She put down her hands and smiled at me. She opened her hands to reveal nothing in them.
"You are right, I had nothing in my hands" she said.
She got up and touched my shoulder.
"Your power's are strong for a girl your age. I haven't seen anything like it since Asako." She said.
I looked up at her with hope. Did this mean I could become a miko too? I held my breath.
"Then…Can I become a miko too?" I asked.
"So eager? Yes it does mean you can become a miko, but becoming a miko is very difficult…The training is very difficult. You'll be required to give in you whole body and mind into this. Are you willing to do this?" she said.
"Yes and a thousand time over yes! There is nothing that I wish more then to become a miko." I said fiercely.
She just smiled and laughed at me. Then she told me my training began tomorrow.


And that's how my training started. She was right about it being difficult. Every day I got up at dawn, ate a small breakfast, then ran around the village, after my run I practiced my archery, and after my archery I meditated for my powers. I have often asked why she has trained me; she just shakes her head and tells me to wait for the right time. So I follow her, train under her, and respect her. Kaede has grown as well; she is about 6 summers now, and still going strong. She does not remember anything about her former life in the fancy place of our parents. She has grown up thinking she was a normal village girl, and it will remain that way. I do not want her to learn of her former life. In fact nobody knows of our former life. I have told nobody that we were from a rich family not even the miko there. They thought it was odd that we were dressed so nicely when we came in. When we first came here the miko had us stay with this widow and her son. I hated both of them and I know they hated me. She always looked down on me and hated how I came in dressed so nice. Kaede annoyed her with her crying. The lady would force me to chores around the hut, getting the water, cooking food, and much more. While her and her son sat around like lazy pigs watching me do my work. She even offered her son me; saying he would not get a girl like myself whom could cook so well. Enough was enough. I left her late one night with Kaede and slept outside. The next morning I began to build my own hut. I had no idea how to make one myself, but I tried non-the less. The miko saw me struggling to build a hut so she sent some of the village men to help me. I let them help me but I made sure to tell them that I will help too. It was done within a week. Kaede and I settled in nicely. At first we really had nothing, just some mats to sleep on, but over time other villagers helped us out and gave us food. I don't think they wanted to help me, I really didn't think they liked me. They wanted to help poor Kaede; the little girl forced to live with her stubborn sister. I don't care what they say, I love Kaede and she likes being with me. If there was some time when she didn't she was free to go. I told her so many times, but she insists on staying with me. While I train Kaede does all the housework. She has become a master cook, for I am glad, I can not cook.
I opened my eyes from a long time mediating. My neck hurt, I rolled my head and looked at the miko. She looked at me then started to speak.
"Tomorrow I want to take you to a priest. I want him to see you." She said.
I nodded and grabbed my arrows. I had just made them today. I frowned; I did not like them. They seemed to curve to me. I shrugged and put them away. I brushed off my clothes and left the miko's hut. I have now been awarded the right of wearing a traditional miko robes. She has offered me others with more colors, but I like these ones. Their plain not too complicated. I came to our hut and saw Kaede making dinner.
"Sis! Welcome home!" she cried out and hugged me.
I smiled at her. "Did anything happen today?" I asked her.
She put down her bowl and thought for a moment. "I have these flowers to freshen up our hut!" She said holding them up.
I nodded approvingly. "Good and I have some news" I said.
"What is it?"
"Tomorrow I will be leaving the village, but I shall come back." I said.
"Nay? You're leaving sister? Promise you'll be back soon," Kaede said clinging onto my robes.
I smiled. "Of course."
"Yay! Come sister, I have made dinner!" Kaede cheered.
I smiled and sat down with her. I love spending time with her. Maybe someday she can train to be a miko just like me. We can practice out archery together, and talk about the Youkai we've killed. I smiled and leaned back, yes that'll be good. She set down our food and got ready to eat.
Just then I sat up quickly. Something was outside the hut. I grabbed my bow and arrow and went outside. Kaede started to follow me. I turned quickly.
"No Kaede, stay here." I said.
She nodded and I went outside. I got my arrow ready. I didn't see anything yet, but I can feel it. Where are you? Suddenly a bush moved, I quickly let out my arrow and shot it. I heard a cry and something fell from a tree. I smiled in satisfaction.
My arrows have no power in them. My chi hasn't gotten stronger. I cursed, I wish it would. I'll be able to protect Kaede better. They say that if you're able to see the energy from you're arrow then you're chi is very strong. I still have yet to see mine. I ran to where I shot the arrow. There in the bushes was a Youkai clutching his shoulder. His hair was dark and cut short, his figure was lean but I could tell it was worn out my fatigue.
I turned to face the hut and shouted to Kaede.
"Kaede! Get some water and some cloth!"
"Yes, sister!" She shouted back.
A moment later she came back out holding a bowl and some cloth. I took it from he and began to work. I pulled out the arrow and began to bandage the wound.
"So you shoot your enemies then heal them? Some miko you are." He said.
I pulled the bandage tight and he grunted. I helped him up, with Kaede's help, and we carried him to our hut. As soon as we got in we set him down on the mat. He glared at me.
"So what brings you here?" I asked him.
He snorted and spat. "I do not have to answer to you miko."
I closed my eyes, so that's the way he wants it. I turned to Kaede.
"Come Kaede, lets eat then." I said.
We grabbed out meals and began to eat. I could see the hunger in his eyes. I smiled to myself and continued to eat. He licked his lips slowly, and watched us eat. I held out a bowl and looked at him.
"Will you talk?"
He nodded hungrily and grabbed the bowl. He began to eat, but talked at the same time.
" Some one sent me." He said.
"Who?" I asked, eyes narrowing.
"…I don't know,"
Kaede laughed, "How could you not know? They would have to speak with you," she said.
"A lower level Youkai came to me in place of his master. He gave me strict orders to watch you carefully. I wasn't going to do it but I was given a lot of territory." He said looking serious.
"They made you a Youkai lord?" I asked.
"No, I just gained a lot of land,"
I nodded. In the Youkai world money was nothing. They didn't trade food either, just land. Land was the currency for Youkai. Of course they also gained control of the humans and any other creature there. It's not like anyone could go against them. People accepted the way the Youkai lord did it. Most of the time the humans were unaware of what Youkai lord was ruling them. It didn't really matter though. The Youkai lord's never came to visit their people anyway.
"I thought you worked with Asako [1]?" I asked him.
"I haven't seen her in years." He said.
"Did she die?" I asked.
He shook his head "I don't think so. She doesn't did easy," he said.
My eyes narrowed. For what reason would anyone would have to watch me? I'm not that strong as a miko. I pondered for a moment. I saw him start to sneak away. I glared at him.
"I wouldn't try it." I said.
"You gave me food, I gave you information, we're done with each other." He said.
"That soup I have you…"
He looked at me, "What about it…"
"I poisoned it." I said.
He looked at me shocked. Kaede's eye's widened and she gasped.
"The only way to cure it is to take this antidote, every day." I said.
He glared at me then sat down. "When will the poison fade away?" he asked.
"Maybe never," I said.
He spat on the ground again and glared at me.
"While I'm gone I want you to protect Kaede and she'll give you the antidote every day." I said smiling.

I waited for Kaede to bring me the food she cooked for me. I was ready to do and start my training. Kaede came bouncing out and gave me the food. She smiled.
"I made enough food for a couple of days. It shouldn't take you long to get there right?" she asked.
"No it's a two day travel." I said.
She smiled and hugged me. I hugged her and looked over her shoulder. There was the Youkai leaning against the door, glaring at me. I smiled at him. I came up to him and spoke in a low voice.
"Protect Kaede, or I will kill you." I said.
"Fine, as long as I get my antidote." He said.
Kaede came up to us and looked at the Youkai.
"Since we'll be living together I would to know thy name," she said.
He looked away from her. "Norio" he said.
She smiled and held out her hand.
"My name is Kaede!" she said.
He looked at he and touched her hand, but did nothing else. She seemed thrilled that he touched he hand. Children so easily amused.
I chuckled and started on my way. I turned around to see Kaede running up and waving goodbye to me. I smiled at he and waved goodbye to her. I then quickened my pace. I breathed in the air before me. It smelt nice, fresh. As if nothing in the world was wrong. But I was still troubled by why I was being watched. It's like they were watching my progress. Did some one want to see my progress as a miko. I reached out and caught a leaf in my hand. It was bright green and full of life. It comforted me some how.


(Else where)

I watched her walk down the path. She seemed troubled for a while, but then caught a leaf in her hand. She smiled and dropped the leaf. I smiled, good. She was happy for now. But this training you will go through will be the hardest thing you'll ever go through. You'll become stronger, and harsher. Then I'll be able to see you again. When your not so weak, you'll be strong. I'll see you again. Again…yes…wait for me Kikyo…

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[1]-she was the miko in the first part (just in case you forgot!) You'll see her name more later.