Happy Birthday Catsafari! I asked her for a prompt and she gave me a choice of three. All were rather cute but one stood out, it fit perfectly in with last year's prompt so now it gets a little sequel. Enjoy!

Haru struggled to push the theatre door open, her arms were full of brightly colored swaths of fabric and getting in and out of places without the use of her arms was not easy. Finally she managed to wrestle the door open and get through without dropping or ripping anything, she was feeling rather proud about that. She stood a moment setting everything into place then looked up. She blinked once, twice, thrice... she was used to the drama students doing weird, well... dramatic things, but this was a new one. Haru stood at the back of the theatre, where people filed in to be seated. All the way at the other end, up on the stage, the drama class had filled the stage with various pieces of furniture dragged in from the back room and a mish-mash of old set pieces. Every single student was perched precariously on furniture and set piece alike, Toto was clinging to a firehouse pole replica as if his life depended on it.

"Haru!" called Tomo, one of the girls taking the class, "get off the floor! It's lava!"

Haru blinked at them for a moment, seemingly unable to process what she had just been told. Then without warning she leapt onto one of the audience seats, scattering a few pieces of fabric and dumping the rest onto the next seat over. "Oh my goodness, I almost burned my feet off!" The others laughed as Haru grinned at them.

"Haru, come join us on stage!" Toto waved frantically at her, causing him to slip down the pole and nearly fall. He quickly grabbed the pole again carefully scooted back up it.

"How do I... no wait. Just gimme a second..." Haru slipped down into the seat proper, careful to keep her feet off the floor as she took off her shoes and laid them down next to her pile of fabric, balling up her socks and stuffing them in the shoes for good measure. Then she climbed back up, standing the seat and gauging how far it was to the stage. "Wish me luck, guys!"

"Break a leg!" was chorused as Haru carefully stepped up onto the back of the next seat. With arms spread out for balance, she wobbled her way over the backs of the seats until she was at the front row and down onto the seat proper. Then a conundrum stood before, "Uh guys? How do I get over the orchestra pit?" Haru stood staring down into it, the pit was currently empty of all chairs and music stands, a veritable sea of untouched lava a level below the. There was a scramble as the students, save Toto who seemed to have yet to figure out how to get off the pole, jumped from piece to piece to discuss how Haru might get up onto the stage.

When they were satisfied Baron jumped onto a couch off to one side and beckoned Haru closer. "We have decided, the wall between the audience and the orchestra pit does not count as floor. Just walk along it over here."

Haru eyed the wall warily. It wasn't a particularly thin wall, made of brick like the rest of the ancient building, but it was no wider than a balance beam used in gymnastics. Haru was not known for her amazing balance.

"The baby's a big chicken!" Muta hollered from a lounge chair he was currently lounging in. Sideways. Haru stuck her tongue out at him.

"Shut up, Muta!" Tomo yelled before turning her attention back to Haru. "You can do it Haru, just don't stop and let your momentum carry you!"

Haru took a deep breath, then nodded. She took the extra wide step up onto the wall, nearly fell over, managed to regain her balance, then turned to face Baron who stood with one leg up on the back of the couch. He rather reminded her of a pirate like that.

"Don't look down," Baron said. "Just keep your eyes on me and you'll be fine." Haru nodded, then spread her arms out for balance and walked towards Baron along the wall. The other drama students were cheering while Toto tried to start a chant encouraging her.

When Haru got close to the stage Baron leaned forward, causing the couch to tip over with him riding it. He reached out to Haru, who ran the last few steps to catch Baron's hand. With a heave Haru was standing next to Baron on the couch, the other students all cheered and congratulated her. Then with a shift of his weight the couch started tipping back upright, Haru shrieked and clung to Baron's neck until she was sure it was steady again.

Muta gave a slow, loud clap. "Smooth, Baron. Very smooth."

"I haven't the foggiest what you mean by that," Baron replied in his haughtiest manner.

"Oh I'm sure you don't," countered Muta, giving Baron the most obvious wink.

Toto leaned towards Muta and stage whispered, "I see he still has an arm around her waist." Then the pair smirked at Baron, who just rolled his eyes.

"So now that we have Haru here," called Hiro, another of the drama students, "CHANGE PLACES!" Haru watched as everyone scrambled to move to a different piece, then rushed to move as well. Toto's was certainly the most impressive, he ended up swinging around the pole and jumping to land, if not smoothly at least precisely, onto an ottoman. Muta simply got into a fake gondola, complete with wheels and a pole he was currently using to push himself around the stage. Haru had managed to get Muta's lounge chair and was currently curled up in it.

"So Haru, what was all that clothe you brought in?" Baron asked, looking comfortable despite being precarious perched on a strange prop that looked like a bunch of pipes welded together.

"Oh that, I went to a second hand store and found a bunch of neat fabric for really cheap! And also it's really similar to some of the costumes for your next production, which is really lucky and will help make the costuming a bit easier."

"That's cool," started Tomo. "Did you find-"

"Just what is going on here?" Whatever Tomo was going to ask was lost as everyone turned to see Mrs. Tupman standing just off stage and glaring at her students with hands on hips.

Haru looked embarrassed and stared down at her toes. The other students didn't seem to share her chagrin. "Mrs. Tupman! Mrs. Tupman! The floor is lava!" Hiro called frantically while waving his arms around.

Mrs. Tupman quickly side stepped up onto a chair and dining room table set, losing her shoes in the process. "Why didn't you tell me before my shoes melted off?" The other students giggled.

"What about class?" asked Toto, sitting cross legged on his ottoman.

"What do you mean?" asked Mrs. Tupman. "We are holding class, we're having team building exercises today." Everyone laughed at her comment. Then Hiro told everyone to change places again, and a lovely afternoon was had by all.