You have got to be Kidding me!

Author: Yasmine

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and company, they are only being tortured for your amusement under my author powers! Please enjoy!

Summary: After a hard weekend of searching for Naruko and other pieces of the jewel, Kagome returns to her home. But what happens when she is gone and Inuyasha and company are attacked by a demon that can change ages? And what happens when Kagome returns to find baby versions of her friends? Find out in You have got to be Kidding me!

Chapter one, I'm soo tired!

Kagome stretched out her long back in hopes to get the tension out of it. Running her hands through her long black hair before getting up to get cleaned for the day. Beside her Shippo slept drooling on their pillow and talking about yelling rabbits, while Miroku lay in a corner after being tied up from his late night attempts to touch Kagome while she slept. Shaking her head she went into the bathroom that was down the hall. Once again Miroku claimed that there was a dark presence over the shrine, to get them a nice place to sleep, Inuyasha complained about this the whole time, but Kagome promised that when she returned they would sleep outside for him. He seemed to take that as a good answer.

As she walked as just happened to look outside to see Inuyasha picking his feet in the near by tree. He was concentrating very hard, so just for kicks she stopped at the window to get a better glance at him.

" Oh my Gosh! SIT BOY!"


Kagome walked to the bathroom giggling, while a very angry Inuyasha picked himself from off of the ground, his body now very dirty from the mud that lie the tree. Mumbling about stupid girls he stormed into the little shrine to hear Kagome in the tub. Looking around he noticed that neither of the guys was awake so he took this as a chance to annoy Kagome through the screen of the bathroom.

"Hey! Kagome, when are you going to get out of the tub? Other people have to get in there you know!"

"Shut-up Inuyasha! I just got in here! and why are you in here anyway, you never take a bath to began with!"

"What? Yes I do!"

"I don't know, you smell awfully earthy. Thought you'd take a mud bath today?"

Inuyasha cursed his slow brain after a snappy comeback didn't come. Kagome giggled loudly and it woke the other two. Both a bit grouchy they watched while Kagome and Inuyasha yelled back and forth through the screen of the bathroom.

"Hurry up! The sooner you get out of there, the sooner you can go home!" Inuyasha yelled, feeling very smug while folding his arms over his chest.

The door flew open as a fuming Kagome stomped out of the bathroom. Her hair was practically standing on end. It looked like steam was coming out of her ears, as she glared Inuyasha in the face. Shippo thought this would be the best time to get out of the shrine, so pulling a scared Miroku by his hair, after untying him, they got out. They stood on the lawn and heard all sorts of screaming. Next thing they know Inuyasha is running out of the shrine with his hair standing straight away from his head and his skin was whiter than his hair. His face looked like it had been blown really hard then stuck that way and his ears twitched madly. Shippo tried his hardest not to laugh but it was becoming hard.

"She said that she will come out when she is ready, and that if I ever say I want her to leave again, she will personally neuter me!"

All guys made funny faces and watched Kagome walk out of the shrine as if nothing happened. She smiled at Inuyasha, who had now hid behind a rather big rock. Praying that she didn't see him, but not getting his wish as she called him to her.

"Come one Inuyasha, I have to get back to my world, I have a test next week and I need to study!"

Inuyasha walked up to here, trying to save his dignity, which he had lost a while ago, by taking his sweet time to get to her. Kagome just rolled her eyes and walked towards the well that would take her back to her own time frame. She smiled to herself while she held Shippo in her arms, Miroku walking beside her and Inuyasha walking slowly behind them. It didn't take them long to get to the well, and after saying her goodbyes she told them to be good and that she would see them in a week. Disappearing in the well the guys just stood there and watched her disappear, until they heard someone clearing their throat behind them.


"I'm sorry to interrupt you three from saying goodbye to your precious Kagome, but me and my minion here wants to give something to you. Eclipse! Attack!"

The thing was Hugh, it had long fangs and was drooling everywhere. It had to be a giant cat or a saber tooth tiger or something. But whatever it was it started to hum, swaying to the rhythm that it was making. It's yellow eyes closed while the melody floated on the air towards them. Having never encountered a demon of this kind, they didn't know what to do. The music hit them full force, and one by one they each dropped to the ground asleep. Eclipse stopped his song and ran over to Naruko. Naruko smiled at him and disappeared leaving the three guys unconscious on the ground.

An hour must have past while they lie there, harmless, until Shippo woke up. He pushed his long hair out of his eyes. while his long tail swished in front of his face. Holding his aching head he didn't notice that it took him longer to stand, or that his feet was a bit longer than usual. Sighing he looked around to see if there was any demons standing there. Upon finding none he turned to see how Miroku and Inuyasha was, only to find a mean looking baby with long white hair and a laughing baby that was pointing at the mean looking one. Turning away from them to look for the others, two and two finally came together. He looked at his hands to see that they were indeed very large, and looking at the two babies he realized was Inuyasha and Miroku. Sighing to himself he went to pull apart the white hair baby that had a hold of the other's throat.

"This is going to be a long week."

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