Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men. Their Marvel's toy box and I'm only playing in it. Neither do I own Animorphs or Buffy, though they are only mentioned. This is written as a sequel to Thank You and I originally hadn't intended on writing a sequel so this is dedicated to those who asked for one.


I reached up and tug on his jeans. Inquiring eyes look down, meet mine. I stick my hands into the air as far as they go. "Pick a me up." I command.

His face melts, does that 'oh that kids so cute' look for just a second. With Uncle Logan you have to look closely to catch that look. I love that look on him.

He complies, picks me up. In fact he tells me, "Lee, you're exactly the little monster I wanted to borrow. Where's your Dad?"

I regard him seriously, well as seriously as a hyper two year old can regard someone before putting my finger to my lips and telling him, "Shhh...Daddy went nite-nite."

His face breaks into this grin that confirms he's up to something. Then he asks me if I want to help him on a mission. I of course react as any young hero worshipper would, with excited yea's.

As he shushes me he peeks around the corner into the room I had just walked from. After confirming that my father had fallen asleep while reading he heads towards the main hallway. I throw my arms around his neck, lay my head on his shoulder and enjoy being carried. When you little like me everything is too big. I like seeing if from adult perspective and so I am quite addicted to being carried.

We meet Uncle Sean at the end of the stairs. My interest is peaked, somehow this seems all too prearranged to me. Still I'm up high, well as high as a kid can get being carried by Uncle Logan, Daddy's taller. I'm being carried though, so I'm not going to complain. Uncle Sean, as usual, looks tired.

"Logan. Lee," he greets us respectively. I squirm and stretch out my arms to him. Uncle Sean baffles me. I can dance around, be a kid for him, and sometimes he'll crack a smile. He'll always hold me if I ask, always play with me if I ask, but he always looks tired. There's this permanent sadness in his eyes.

"How'd ye get him away from Scott?" Uncle Sean asks Uncle Logan as he takes me from him.

"He's sleeping."

"Good maybe we can do this without any fits from Scott. Ye be wantin' to try the number then?"

Uncle Logan nods, "This better be Jubilee."

"I know ye miss her, we all do. We all want her to come home," Uncle Sean tells him softly. Uncle Sean has a slight accent. It's kind a nice and easy not heavy like Uncle Remy's.

I know who their talking about too: Pretty Girl. She left before I was born and I'm two, nearly three, and she hasn't come back yet. Everyone misses her, but Uncle Logan misses her the most. He won't let anyone else clean her room. Sometimes he even sleeps in her bed.

I hope she comes back. Pretty Girl seems nice. If she comes back I won't get to read her books anymore, but it'll be worth it to see Uncle Logan smile. Pretty Girl has the most amazing collection of books. The Professor has a huge library, but that's nothing compared to Pretty Girl. Most of her books are hidden in a drawer in her closet and it's all underground stuff, things that could be considered Pro-Mutant and are therefor not regularly printed. Pretty Girl must be amazing to have those books.

I know I'm only two and I shouldn't be able to read so I'm careful not to get caught. I'm really smart though. The way I see the way I am is like those dolphins described in Pretty Girl's Animorph books. I'm highly intelligent, but it's overpowered by my want to have fun.

Once over a year ago I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about what it would be like if I were normal and not a mutant. They really seemed to want it, so I took up pretending that I am, normal I mean. It's not really hard, I just have to avoid getting my mind scanned. Which up till now I've been able to do.

Mommy almost caught me once. I felt her touch my mind and I wailed. I screamed and fussed and hid under her bed for nearly two hours. It was not a good experience for either of us. I felt bad about it, I really upset her. Still she hasn't tried it again.

Much to my Daddy's dismay I avoid the Professor at all costs. I told Daddy he's scary and he was like, "But Uncle Logan can induce nightmares to several different supervillians and you can't get enough of him."

I changed the subject by latching onto Uncle Logan's name and insisting we go play pretend.

Anyway that was a few weeks ago, this is now. Uncle Logan is calling Pretty Girl to get her to come home. He looks tense. I hope this works. I hope this number is hers so he can stop looking. His hand tightens on the receiver, someone must have picked up. He says her name uncertainly. He is quiet for a moment before saying, "Jubilee? Is that you? Darlin are you there?"

He listens a moment, "Yea it's me Darlin. I'm calling you to convince you to come home. This...this thing with you being out on your own has gone on too long and we want you to come home. I want you to come home."

He gets quiet for a moment again before saying, "A friend of mine. Where are you staying? It's been two years and I don't know how you managed to do it, but I can't find you. I know Scott and Jean write, I tired to find out through the post office but. It took me this long to get your number. Jubilee you need to come ho..."

His voice suddenly sounds angry, "Don't you dare hang up on me!"

"What is she saying?" Uncle Sean asks shifting my weight a bit.

Uncle Logan covers the mouth piece, "She think she's a liability."

This causes Uncle Sean to sigh, "May I talk to her?"

He nods and hands the phone to him. Uncle Sean takes a breath to steady himself, "What are you thinking Jubilee with this liability crap. Why do you think I taught you kids to fight without you're powers. Jubilee listen to me, because I'm only going to say this to you once, yer the one of the team that was always best at it. You were even better at it then Monet. So would you please give up this liability nonsense and come home."

His piece said Sean hands the phone back to Logan. " Look, kid, if that doesn't convince you this should."

He puts the phone up to my ear and tells me to tell her to come home. I let out a kid laugh and tell her. He takes the phone back.

"That's all Jubilee, I promise. Please at least seriously consider it. We miss you here and everyone would be so happy if you would just come home. Now I have to go. I have to sneak this little tyke back to Cyclops before Scott loses his mind or kills me for kidnapping his son right out from under him. You know what they named him right?"

As he hangs up the phone I ask Uncle Sean, "Name who?"

"You." Uncle Logan tells me as he takes me from Sean.

"I'm Lee." I tell him.

" Lee after Jubilee."

"For Pretty Girl?"

Uncle Logan looks at me questionably for a moment, "Why do you call her Pretty Girl?"

I give him my best nonchalant 'I don't know little kid" shoulder shrug. "She's pretty?" I ask.

He smirks, "She is pretty, kid."

"And Alex is for yer father's brother," Sean tells me.

This I something I did not know. This shocks me a for a moment and I blink at him before asking, "Nother Uncle?" I suddenly want to know everything about this Alex who name is my middle name.

My question cause Uncle Sean to pause. As I begin to wonder what I said wrong I hear my Daddy shouting my name.

"Scott, Sean and I have your kid."

Suddenly Daddy is there and he doesn't look happy. "Where did you go?" he asks as he takes me from Uncle Logan.

"You went nite-nite. I went play." I tell him.

"Daddy didn't know where you were Lee, you scared me."

"Sorry. Go play?"

"No it's nap time."

I hate nap time with a passion and I need a way out of this quick. Uncle Bobby walks by at that exact moment. This is exactly what I need. Uncle Bobby loves to play, he plays pretend better then anyone else in the mansion.

"Uncle Bobby!" I call out excitedly, "Come play. We play pretend."

"No Lee. It's nap time," Daddy tells me.

"No. Play with Uncle Bobby. I wanna play."

"Lee," his voice does that 'I'm warning you' Daddy thing.

Uncle Bobby looks at me dejectedly before roughing up my hair. "Not today, Lee-Lee," he tells me, "Uncle Bobby needs some extra sleep today." Uncle Bobby looks sad, this worries me. Uncle Bobby almost never looks sad.

"Uncle Bobby what wrong?" I ask.

My Daddy sighs, "What's her name this time?"

Uncle Bobby sticks up his hand with his middle finger up. Daddy gets mad.

Uncle Sean plays peacemaker, "He's got a right to ask you know. Yer were gone for two days."

Uncle Bobby shrugs, "Wasn't worth it."

"Not get enough?" Uncle Logan asks. Now I am totally confused and the attention is on Uncle Bobby. Hello, undeniably cute kid here, I need attention.

"Uncle Bobby play," I insist, "We play Buffy. I be Spike. You be Xander . We slay Daddy."

"What demon is he this time Lee-Lee?" Uncle Bobby asks softly.

"He meanie." I whine.

"Just because it's nap time." Daddy tells me as he carries me off, "You hate me when I lay you down, but by the time you wake up you'll love me again."

"No," I pout, "No nap."

Needless to say I lose the battle.

Several hours later find me on Uncle Bobby's lap watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which he has on tape. Uncle Bobby tapes every show, he has every season. I like Spike so we watch lotsa Spike.

Uncle Logan wonder in and sits down, "What's this one?"

"Lover's Walk."

"Scott know you got the kid watching this?"

"Lee-Lee likes it. Scott will just have to get over the violence." This makes me snuggle closer to Uncle Bobby. I love Buffy and Daddy doesn't . He thinks it'll warp my brain. I have to watch though, I want to grow up to be just like Spike. Well Spike or Uncle Logan, I can't decide yet. Anyway the point is if I wanna be like Spike I have to watch Buffy so I can learn. If Daddy took Buffy away I would have nothing to learn from. It would be the end of the world! Luckily Uncle Bobby sticks up for me. He and I watch Buffy all the time, sometimes Uncle Logan watches too. Sometimes Uncle Logan will even play pretend with us, but only if it's Buffy and only the times I say Daddy's the demon. Daddy's the demon a lot. It's fun.

Just when all three of us are comfortable Mommy rushes in. She's got a towel in her hand which she gives to me as she takes me from Uncle Bobby.

"What is it Jeannie?" Uncle Logan asks.

"It's Jubilee, she's at the end of the driveway."

This cause both Uncle Bobby and Uncle Logan to race to the main hall.

When Mommy gets there with me everybody is already there; Daddy, Uncle Hank, The Professor, Aunt Storm, Uncle Remy, Uncle Kurt, Uncle Sean, Aunt Rouge and of course Uncle Bobby and Uncle Logan.

Mommy hands me to Daddy before saying, "She can't decide if she's staying or going. We can't be this close to having her back to have her run."

"Den ve will make de decision for her." Uncle Kurt declares as he opens the door. Pretty Girl is standing there looking pretty, but uncertain. She also dripping wet as she steps inside, so of course I throw the towel at her.

She laughs and it's a beautiful sound. Everyone is smiling, happy. Pretty girl's come home.

Uncle Logan is the first to react. He says her name softly before he picks her up and spins her around into a hug. He's grinning from ear to ear.