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As Jubilee wakes from her nightmare she sits up with a startled gasp. Strong arms wrap themselves around her in almost that same moment and she finds herself pulled into a comforting embrace which she accepts gratefully. She's woken from this particular nightmare before, but always before it had been to the emptiness of her apartment, so its with relief that she wraps herself around her best friend as she asks, "Wolvie?"

"I'm here," he reassures her as his embrace tightens protectively.

She can't help but smile through the tears as she tells him, "Good, want you here."

He laughs at her words and kisses the top of her head, "It's going to start sounding redundant, but I want you here too."

"No, I like hearing that," she says softly, "I didn't wake Lee, did I?"

"He's already been taken to his room. Ya had Scott worried when he couldn't find him. He had to ask me too."

She cringes as he laughs, "First day back and already getting on Scott's nerves, proud of ya kid."

"Ha Ha Ha," she mocks before sighing and rubbing her eyes, "He wasn't too mad was he? Why'd he ask you to find him, Jean could've just scanned for him?"

Logan laughs again, "It's Slim. What do ya think he's going to do, ask Jean or annoy me?"

She sighs and shakes her head, "Some things never change do they?"

As Logan shrugs she asks, "Ahh, where'd my book go?"

"Scott marked the page and put it on your night-stand."

She glances behind her to take in the book laying there on her night-stand before turning back to Logan and giving him a fierce hug. He hugs her back just as tightly as he starts to ask, "Your nightmare..."

She pulls out of his embrace standing swiftly. She wraps her arms tightly around herself as she barely manages to choke, "No."

He glances at her and then the night-stand then back to her, giving her time to calm before trying again, "Darlin'..."

"Please don't," she begs as she picks up the book and glances at it. It's something to do with her hands instead of keeping them tightly wrapped around herself, so much more open this way. This way maybe she can convince herself that things are back to normal, maybe even that they never changed.

This is when she opens the book and sees where Scott has marked the page. It catches her attention and she mentions without even thinking, "This isn't where we stopped."

Logan shrugs, "Maybe Lee was lookin' at the pictures."

She glances at him before showing him the book and explaining, "It doesn't have many and this page doesn't have any. Duh. Wouldn't have brought it up if..."

She trails off because she catches his eye and he's watching her intently. So she cuts off and waits for him to get back on topic because Logan has never been the type to just back down when something mattered to him. He can be just plain stubborn sometimes, but that's also one of the things she loves about him-just not at this moment. Logan also has a sense of timing as well and its this that causes him to change the subject, "What did you and Chuck talk about?"

She sets the book back down and manages to shrug.

He doesn't say anything and waits. She finds herself babbling, "Nothing really, just stuff. Me. How I was doing. My job, my apartment. He told me how things were here, that everyone missed me. He told me about Bobby baby-sitting and working. He told me that Shan comes up here on weekends to keep the library organized. At first I didn't know who he was talking about and I'm still only vaguely..."

"Karma," Logan explains, "from the New Mutants."

Jubilee tilts her head thinking about this for a moment, "Oh, I get that, sorta."

They look at each other silently for a moment before Logan stands and pulls her into a hug, "What else did he say?"

" Well, he also told me how he'd like this school to have another class of mutants, but he doesn't think its the right time. We talked about Lee a little. He told me this story about how Scott lost him on a shopping trip and you found him."

Logan smiles at this, "Kid's smart. When he realized he was lost he just screamed for me twice, sat down and waited. When I found him he was telling a store employee 'no' and mentioned his 'Uncle Logan'. The girl still tried to cart him away when she saw me, but he ran right up to me screaming my name and looking at her like she was the crazy one."

"Bet that boosted your ego."

"Course. Hungry?"

She stifles a yawn before confirming that she is. He suggests they go help put groceries away then go into town for something.

"Groceries? Huh?"

"Drake should be home soon."

"He's not back yet? It's like eight."

Logan shrugs, "He was meeting Warren for diner after he got off then he was going to get groceries. Lee mentioned he was getting a toy, it should be good."

"I was there. Why do I get the feeling were not talking about this toy being good?"

Logan only smiles cryptically as he pulls her towards the door. His grin widens as they reach the bottom of the stairs, "Perfect Timing. Drake just got home."

It's then that Lee comes running past them towards the door screaming that his Uncle Bobby is home and for the door to be opened. Logan pulls her into a corner and wraps his arms around her whispering at her to enjoy the show. Jubilee gives him a worried look before saying, "What?"


Which is when she notices that Scott is standing there with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. He glances at Logan, raising an eyebrow in question. She feels Logan shrug and she gives in and just leans in against him as the door opens and Bobby steps in only to immediately be hugged around the legs by a hyper two year old.

Bobby sway a moment trying to catch his balance before he reaches down and swings Lee into his arms for a better hug, "Well at least someone is happy to see me."

"Uncle Bobby you're home! You're home!" Lee giggles excitedly hugging him.

"Yep, that would be me and I guess I am home, if you would call Scott looking at me like I earned myself extra danger room sessions being home. Which I'm still protesting mind you. I don't do missions anymore, why train?"

Scott scowls, "I'm trusting you to protect my son while I'm away, you have to be prepared. We already discussed this and..."

"Joking Scott," Bobby told him in a calming tone, "I was only making a joking comment. Want to tell me why you're..."

Ororo cuts him off as she walks onto the scene, "Did you get all the groceries?"

"Yea, they're in the trunk," Bobby tells her as he sets Lee down and then a black duffel bag he had swung across his shoulders. He pulls the keys out of his pocket and tosses them to her, "There a surprise for you in the front seat."

She catches the keys as she asks drying, "Is it going to squirt water at me?"

Bobby blinks at her innocently, "Why would you ask that?"

Ororo crosses her arms and looking indignant.

Bobby laughs, "I swear, I promise...it's not a joke."

"It had better not be."

Bobby sighs as she walks out the door. He shakes his head before kneeling before Lee and opening his bag. At that momement Jean walks in with Remy and Rogue and asks, "Groceries?"

"In the car, and I got everything on the list."

"Everything?" Rogue asks skeptically.

Bobby blushes, "Yes, and really I think you girls should be buying some things yourself, but hey I'm a nice guy and I'm not complaining, well not really."

The women shake their head at him as Remy give him a sympathetic look, "Y'know I..."

He stops as Rogue give him a dirty look to which he blinks at her innocently while shrugging, "What'd I say?"

She gives Remy a glare as an answer before telling him, "Would ya get Kurt?"

Gambit shrugs again good naturally and starts up the stairs taking the steps two at a time then pauses midway up to ask, "Sean?"

"He went back to bed," Jean answers, "Let him sleep."

As Remy starts back up the stairs Rogue and Jean walk past Bobby. Scott sighs loudly getting Bobby's attention again, "I talked to Lee. He told me everything. What is it and how much noise does it make?"

Bobby stares at Lee wide eyed as he mutters, "Traitor."

Lee doesn't notice, but jumps up and down excitedly, "Toy! Yea toy! Toy!"

Bobby smirks, "Okay, okay calm down. Would you believe it, we got movies in today and they came with free hats and all the managers got to keep one."

This said Bobby pulls a safari hat out of his bag and sets it on Lee's head. Scott relaxes slightly as Lee crosses his arms and scowls, "Not toy."

Bobby tilts his head to look at Lee then up at Scott, "Yea, I know. That's why a I brought you one."

Scott crosses his arms again as his scowl reforms. Bobby laughs lightly as he reaches into his bag again then stops, "I don't know, do you deserve a toy?"

"Yes!" Lee protests, "I good boy. Toy! Want toy!"

"You sure you want it now? Don't you want to watch you're father squirm?"

"I'm not amused," Scott protests.

Bobby shakes his head and pulls a green stuffed dragon with red cloth fire coming out of it's mouth and as he hands it to Lee he squeezes it. The toy lets out a half-hearted roar that's muffled by the stuffing. Scott relaxes as Lee giggles and squeezes the toy to his chest.

"What are ya gonna name it, kid?" Logan asks.

Lee tilts his head up at his uncle as he squeezes the toy again. It lets out another plaintive roar.

Jubilee smiles, "I'm gonna suggest Norbert. We haven't gotten to that part of the story yet, but trust me he's in there."

Lee glitters a smile at her but shakes his head, "No. I name. Name Pwo...Progo"

Scott moves forward to get a good look at the toy and Bobby stops him explaining, "The eyes are sewn on. It's good quality, the sound system is just a little well weak. I did good, you know?"

Scott shakes his head and kneels to look the toy over.

"O'fearless leader I've been baby sitting for how long? I think I know what Lee can play with and what he can't."


Bobby scowls and mutters, "I should have gotten the one that lights up and sounds like an ambulance."

"No!" Scott and Logan protest at the same time.

"Then give a guy a little credit!"

Scott laughs lightly as his son pushes the dragon at him making it roar, "You did good Drake. You know I have to give you a hard time."

"I don't see why."

"Put away!" Lee tells them, "Have to put away."

Scott stands and moves to take Lee's hand. Lee pulls away and pouts, "No, want Uncle Bobby and Pretty Girl to help."

Scott momentarily looks disappointed, but checks the look quickly before turning to Logan, "Want to get Hank or start helping with the groceries?"

"Should we disturb Blue?"

"You have to!" Bobby protest, "He's probably been in his lab all day..."

"No! Leave alone," Lee scowls at his Uncle Bobby, "It's green and its very very cwit...cwit.."

Lee pauses to frown then looks up and tells him, "It cwitical. Leave Uncle Hank alone!"

Bobby scratches the back of his head as he looks down at his nephew, "Something you need to learn about your Uncle Hank is that it doesn't matter what it is its always critical."

Logan shrugs as he moves to the door and takes the bag Jean was about to bring in the house, "Leave him alone. I got these for you Jeannie."

She hands them over gratefully and dodges Ororo walking into the house.

"Robert they'll die!"

"But they were on sale and calling your name!"

"I told ya," Logan mutters as he walks past Scott, "total Section Eight."

"Am not!" Bobby protests.

Scott sighs, "What is it now?"

"I just bought her flowers. Only woman I've ever known not to be happy to get flowers. They're even alive and in pots! Guess you just can't please some people..." Bobby scowls as he picks up Lee and starts up the stairs.

"Bobby, don't. I'm not ungrateful. It was a sweet gesture, but..."

"They were gonna throw them out Storm. You wouldn't have stood for it so I bought them."

"And how much am I in debt?"

"They weren't that much! A gift is a gift and if you don't want it then don't accept it. I'll find someplace for them."

Ororo move to him and places a claming hand on his shoulder, "It's not that I'm ungrateful Bobby, but I leave in a few days. I suppose to meet Sam and..."

"I know, but Lee and I can take care of them for you."

"Do you remember what happened the last time I entrusted you two with my plants?"

"Was accident!" Lee cries out.

She touches the little boy's cheek, " I know, child. I just want my things to be alive when I come back."

"And all I'm asking for is a second chance," Bobby pleads, "It won't happen again I swear."

She smiles at them, "All right, you've won me over, but this is the last chance you get."

"It's all we'll need, right Lee-Lee?"

"Wight. Come on Pretty Girl, put toy away!"

Jubilee shakes her head at the nickname and joins them on the stairs as Rogue comes in with Kurt carrying groceries. Remy bounds past them down the stairs and out the door as Scott takes more bags from Jean.

"How much did you have to buy?" Jubilee asks as she watches them.

"Enough that I shouldn't have to do it again for maybe two weeks," Bobby tells her as they start up the stairs. Lee squirms.

"I big boy, put down," they young child protests. As Bobby compiles Lee grabs Jubilee's hand and shows her to his room.

"I thought Scott and Jean lived in the boathouse?"

"They do, but Lee stays here at the mansion."

"Monsters no go in Uncle Bobby's room," Lee informs her as he sets the dragon down on his bed. He picks up a gray teddy bear that propped up on a Spiderman throw pillow.

"Guess who bought him the pillow?"


"Correct in one."

"And the bear?"

"No! Not Bear! Mr. Tumnus!" Lee protests as he sets his new toy down next to the bear, "And now he have friend."


"Kurt's reading him the Narnia Chronicles as a bedtime story, so the bear got named after a faun."


Lee tilts his head and looks at the two sitting on his bed.

"Whose idea was it to get a car comforter?

"Um, I think that was Scott."

"Mr. Tumnus no like Progo. Bad Mr. Tumnus, has to learn to share. I take Progo with me to help with groceries."

Bobby sighs, "I can't win at all today can I? Why'd we have to come up here if you were just going to...I should have prolonged diner. Fine. Lee-Lee take the toy with you. We need to get everything sorted out."

Lee grabs Progo and steps in front of Jubilee. Raising his hands as best he can with a toy he tells her, "Pick-a-me-up."

She does and they head to the kitchen to help with groceries. Lee gets a position on a counter top and makes his toy roar anytime someone passes him. Remy laugh as the roar is directed towards him as he puts a box of cereal away in a cupboard by Lee. He turns to the young boy and says, "Scary, non?"

Lee blinks at him, but Remy already digging in another bag before the young child can react. Jean sends him a warning look, "Don't even young man. Play nice or I'll try to convince Remy to baby-sit until you learn to get along with him."

"Non!" Remy protests in horror.

"No!" Lee screams at the same time.

"If ya dink I'll watch dat brat ya got another din' comin'."

"Remy," Jean starts, "How is Lee going to learn to..."

"He started it! No watchin' de brat till he's outta dipers."

The two glare at each other, Lee and Remy not Remy and Jean. Jean reacts by sighing and Rogue steps in, "Don't fuss. Rem and Ah are gonna leave with Storm if nothin' comes up."

Bobby is the first to freeze and take in the two as Rogue moves over to hug Gambit a huge smile on her face. Everyone, but Storm stops what they're doing to take in the couple. Jean tilts her head and regards Bobby if only for the wave of disappointment and annoyance she's feeling come off of him. She briefly considers poking around in his head, but decides that it'd set off his temper and she'd rather asking verbally, later. Kurts offers his congratulations that they've worked past their last argument and everyone eventually goes back to work. Bobby puts away the bag of sugar he'd had in his hand and moves back to the bags on the counter. He digs through them for a moment till he produces a box of Twinkies.

"I've done enough for today," he announces, "I'm going to go rescue Hank from whatever's capture his interest at the moment. See the rest of you later."

Then he stalks from the room. Remy pauses and watches him go a worried look on his face.


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