The Perks of Not Being The Mistress of Death

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Summary: Instead of immortality and power over Death, Carry Potter brokered a deal with the aforementioned entity: the Deathly Hallows in exchange for time to say goodbye. The catch: Fate is not happy about how her life turned out. So our lovable heroine is sent to aid Kakashi Hatake in changing the future of a newly founded Konohagakure, after he died on a bloody battlefield at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Alright, I've found another fic sitting around uselessly on my computer. I'm not super happy with it, but I think it's finished. I hope, you enjoy it anyway.

-Chapter 1:-

Death led Carry out of King's Cross, into the darkness. They were walking for quite some time, neither feeling the need to speak. To be honest, the young witch was still reeling with the shocking aftermath of her second death, at age twenty-three.

Hermione and her had managed to push through the laws that protected the new government against nepotism, corruption and incompetent employees. They had revolutionized and installed child protection services. An anti-discrimination law was written and approved by the Wizengamot, so future and present generations would never have to endure what they had survived.

Carry had anchored her expectations of the Wizarding World in her public will. The private one was much shorter, less of a plea to uphold and follow through with the changes.

She had never married, never been able to conceive her own children - thanks to the Horcrux. So she left letters, as well as some gold, to those dearest to her heart. Some money was placed in a fonds for the research into magical diseases plus the first Wizarding orphanage. (Hermione would make sure that they actually used the budget wisely.) Everything else went to her tiny godson.

Officially, the witch had been diagnosed with the magical equivalent of cancer. Very few ever survived it.

However, Carry had known ever since the Final Battle that she was dying. Slowly, painfully. But it had been worth it to watch Teddy grow up, Hermione and Ron marry and turn the Wizarding World upside down on the side.
So no, the last Potter didn't feel too regretful of her life. It hadn't always been easy, but it was hers.

Death slowed down, sitting quietly in front of a campfire. Two silver-haired males had been deep in conversation opposite from them.
"Hatake Sakumo, Hatake Kakashi, this is Tsubasa Hari. Death owes her a favor for services rendered in life. With her, one of you shall return - but beware: you will not awaken in your old bodies. Nor necessarily a place you are likely to recognize. It is recommended to continue your journey together," the ageless being stated calmly.

The two strangely-dressed males exchanged a glance before the one with shorter hair nodded. "I'll go," he offered quietly, deep voice wrapping itself around the words.

Death acknowledged the younger man's volunteering by nodding once. "Tsubasa Hari is not of your world. She has suffered greatly and fought as the leader of one fraction in a civil war, which they only won through a costly sacrifice of hers. Do not reject her presence," the entity warned ominously.