Title: Chain of Love
Contact: kelhapam@worldpath.net
Series: VOY
Rating: R
Code: P/T
Part: 1/18 NEW
Date: November 2000

Summary: An AU story inspired by the song "Brandy" by Looking
Glass. Tom and B'Elanna meet in the AQ, while Tom is with the
Maquis and his Maquis ship is in port for repairs. Before Tom
has to leave to return to the fighting, he presents B'Elanna with
a gift or two--one of the gifts is a surprise--even to him.

Explanation: Most of this story takes place pre-Voyager. Note,
while some scenes have been inspired from canon, this is not to
say that these scenes conform to canon one hundred percent. Some
of the facts of this story were borrowed from Jeri Taylor's

Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta readers: P.J.
Sutherland and Marianne, and especially Tracy S. who has held my
hand through the writing of this story.
Email: kelhapam@worldpath.net

Posting: OK to ASC. Please notify me if you post anywhere


~~~~Brandy wears a braided chain
~~~~Made of finest silver from the north of Spain
~~~~A locket that bears the name
~~~~Of a man that Brandy loved.

In the present, in the Delta Quadrant...

Entering Sickbay quietly, Tom was thankful that his wife and his
brand new baby girl were resting comfortably. Just a few short
hours ago, B'Elanna had been swearing at him using every
Federation Standard and Klingon curse she knew. Even Tom had
learned a few new epithets during the course of her labor, but it
had been worth it, as had suffering crushed bones, the result of
her clutching his hand during the last contraction. He wondered
if B'Elanna's father experienced similar injuries during her
birth. Being that B'Elanna's mother was a full-blooded Klingon,
it's a wonder he's still alive, Tom realized. The proud new
father moved toward his family. He smiled down fondly at B'Elanna
who rested peacefully on the biobed, and at the sleeping child in
the bassinette next to her mother's bed.

It had taken a lot of luck and fate to bring them to this point,
Tom mused. Closing his eyes he offered up a silent prayer to
whatever deity brought them together and blessed their union with
this healthy child. Opening his eyes a few minutes later, he
brushed away a few unshed tears of happiness, before moving to
place a bouquet of yellow roses on the table next to the biobed.
It was then he caught sight of the glint of silver that came from
B'Elanna's necklace. Tom had almost forgot the Doctor insisted
B'Elanna remove the silver locket that always hung around her
neck; but he was sure the EMH would never forget the choice words
his wife used to express her unwillingness to comply with his

Picking up the necklace, he wove the braided chain around the
long fingers of his left hand while he held the oval locket with
his right.

"Hey," a tired voice greeted him. Tom looked down to see that
B'Elanna had awakened.

"Did you have a good rest?" he asked softly so not to disturb his
daughter. "Mmmmm. I had a dream," she whispered, a little smile
lit her face.

Tom grinned. "Tell me about it."

She patted the bed, inviting him to sit down beside her. "It was
about the necklace," she told him. "I dreamt about when you gave
it to me, about how we got together." B'Elanna turned toward the
bassinette and placing a loving hand on her daughter's behind
and gave it a little pat. "I want her to know our story, Tom.
When she grows up, I want us to tell her everything."


B'Elanna lips curled upwards. "Well, *almost* everything."

* * * * * End Prologue * * * * * *

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