AN1: This story is likely to be a tense one folks. It deals with the effects of a mission that went so very wrong and includes references to rape. I will try not to be too graphic but there will be some details given after the fact. There will be course language also … sorry but strong emotions and reactions here and can't see our characters in this sort of turmoil without some coming out.

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Following the officer into the conference room, Doctor Janet Fraiser watched the shudders that visibly ran through her. "Sam?" she called softly, trying to bring Major Carter's attention to her. Receiving no response, she touched Sam's arm. "You okay?" Wide, panicked eyes brushed over the doctor before again darting around the room landing on the various persons stationed in it.

Struggling to draw a breath, Sam felt sweat trickle down her back and between her breast. Clenching her fists, she dug her fingernails into the palms of her hand hoping the pain would ground her.

"Major Carter?"

Snapping her head toward the familiar voice, Sam forced her eyes to focus on the large man standing a few feet from her. The analytical portion of her mind told her that General George Hammond was not a threat. The baser, emotion driven portions of her brain screamed for her to find safety.

"Major," the voice called again, softening in its tone. "If you can take a seat we can begin."

The two portions of her warred as they had been for days on end.


A hitched breath passed Sam's lips as her eyes darted across the room toward the sound of safety. Locking eyes with the man on the other side of the room, she instinctually took a step toward him. "Sir?" she whispered.

Warily keeping an eye on Sam, Janet darted a glance toward Colonel Jack O'Neill, ensuring he was in better shape. Moments passed as the two soldiers stared at each other, until the doctor saw a slight easing of Carter's shoulders and a more natural flow of breathing begin in her frame. "Let's sit down," Janet murmured softly, hesitantly laying her fingers on Sam's arm.

The touch was enough to cause Sam to flinch and snap her head toward her friend. Allowing the swift intake of breath she had held at the touch to escape, she nodded jerkily to let Janet know she could do that before her eyes went back toward her commanding officer. His nod toward the conference table was almost unperceivable before they moved in tandem toward the chairs.

Watching as the pair eased into seats, George assessed their cautious movements. He knew that by the time Jack has set down, he had determined how much of a threat each of the room's occupants posed and a plan had been made to take out as many as possible if necessary. He had no doubt that if the next hour did not go well, there could be casualties without a single shot being fired. Frowning, he raised an eyebrow at the doctor and the men who had escorted Jack into the room. The silent question if this meeting was a good idea was answered with a nod and a slight wince.

More mixed emotions.

Forcing his countenance to relax, the General purposely laid his hands flat on the table in clear view. "Major, Colonel," he began softly, his eyes landing on each of them as he said their honorifics. "Doctor Jackson, Teal'c and Doctor Fraiser seem to think you are ready for this meeting. Quite frankly, I am not so sure. Do you believe you are ready to talk about what happened to you while on PX9-493, and," his tone stressed the conjunction, "do it without causing yourselves harm?" The words 'or harm to others' was left unsaid but hung in the air.

Brown eyes met blue ones before coming back toward the commander. "Sir," Jack acknowledged without making any promises or commitment. "SG-10, Major Carter and myself were detained in what I can only describe as some sort of prison camp." The words came out flat and detached from any emotion. "They wanted us to help them devise a way to defeat a warring faction on the other side of the planet."

"And you refused," the General surmised, catching the short nod of affirmation from his second.

"They tried to... persuade us," Jack answered, a flicker of darkness passing over his features at the faltered words. His gaze flickered toward Sam before moving back toward his superior. "After several beatings, we were injected with a substance that Carter believed was intended to increase our willingness to help them."

The General's eyes moved toward the medical doctor. His silent question was answered.

"The injections affected their endocrine systems sending their hormone levels through the roof. As you know, the endocrine system releases basic hormones and controls virtually everything in the body; sleep, metabolism, reproductive systems, emotions and about a hundred other things, including the ability to determine if any situation is a threat or not."

"Fight or flight," Daniel Jackson said flatly.

Nodding, Janet continued. "I ran a test for catecholamines on both of them. It indicates the amount of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine in their blood. The body releases these as a reaction to stress or fright and prepares the body to respond accordingly. When they came back, Major Carter's levels were elevated more than 400% of normal while Colonel O'Neill's level was nearly that high. I'm not sure, but I can't imagine this," nodding toward the two officers, "was how they expected it to affect them."

"It didn't affect everyone the same way." Carter's low words brought attention to her. "Most of the others in the camp," she continued as her eyes held firmly on the table before her. "They were more compliant. Some were more interested in," she paused, her struggle to swallow evident to others, "other things."

The revulsion in the timber of Sam's words sent tingles down Janet's spine.

"They led me into a room where they had tied Carter down and then let six others in," Jack stated, his tone even but his eyes shuttered. "They were going to rape her and make me watch."

Uneasy eyes darted around the table before the General shifted. "You defended Major Carter," he surmised. The busted knuckles, cuts and bruises on Jack's hands, arms and face told him it had been vicious and prolonged.

Dark eyes lifted toward him. "I killed every one of the sons of bitches."

A hitched breath broke the silence.

"Oh god," Sam breathed, jerking upright and staggering a few steps across the room.

"Sam," Janet called, rushing next to her. She froze when Sam spun on her, a fist raised.

"So help me Janet, if you touch me right now..." The words trailed away but the unspoken threat did not.

The sound of a chair crashing into a wall nearly drowned out a growled feral threat. "Don't even think about it."

Jumping upright, Hammond snapped "Airman stand down," at the SF who had moved to address Major Carter's actions only to be met by a much more lethal Colonel. Catching more movement from the edges of the room, he barked again. "Everyone stand down."

Drawing a breath as the security detail moved back and he saw a slight easing of O'Neill's stance, Hammond looked toward Teal'c and tipped his head toward his second.

Stepping in front of Jack, his hands clearly at his sides to show he was no threat, the Jaffa locked eyes with his friend. "O'Neill, it would be best if we postponed the rest of this until Major Carter is feeling better."

The Jaffa's words drew Jack's gaze from the SF and broke the hard lines of his jaw. Looking back, he spun and moved to stand in front of Sam. Waiting until she looked at him, he spoke. "What do you need?"

"Out of here," Sam whispered harshly, moving closer to him. "Away from the concrete and glass. This room, the walls, them." Frightened eyes darted to each of the items in question including the security detail that had been constants since they had come back. "It's too much like there," she added, her voice more of whimper than a whisper.

Laying his hand on the slender one that had gripped the front of his shirt, Jack squeezed it and nodded. "Then let's go."

"Colonel, I can't let you..." Hammond called toward the retreating forms.

"General," Daniel cut off the senior officer. "Teal'c and I will stay with them. Keep them from doing anything." The unsaid words of 'to others' hung again in the air. Seeing a slight crevice in the General's unyielding veneer, he added, "Please sir. Just for a bit."

Looking between the archeologist and the spot where the military officers had been, Hammond pursed his lips. Glancing at Fraiser and reading her opinion, the big man slumped in concession. "Take a radio and stay in touch. Don't leave the base," he added, the military part of him still screaming with the part of him who considered these people family for whom he would do everything in his power to make the situation better.

Seeing Teal'c accept a radio from the security force personnel closest to the door, Daniel nodded quickly before following Jack and Sam out of the room.

"Sir," Janet called, pinning the commander with a look. "Colonel O'Neill has just spent days killing anyone and everyone who came near Sam. His hormone levels are still dangerously high and he hasn't even begun to deal with what has happened. If anyone tries to stop them, I'm not sure he has enough control right now to simply disable them."

Snatching up the phone, Hammond barked. "This is Hammond. Colonel O'Neill and the rest of SG1 are headed to the surface. Let them through. Do not interfere or detain them unless they attempt to leave the base."


AN2: Oh boy. Fasten your seat belts. I'm afraid my muse is going to be hard on my favorite team members again.