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part four

. . .

So, the fact that Phil Coulson is still alive is, apparently, confidential news that absolutely nobody but the know-bodies know about.

It was hard for Darcy to feel special about being a know-body, considering the fact that even after somehow being revived from death, Phil Coulson still refused to return Darcy's iPod to her.

"I had blackmail worthy photos on there that were completely irreplaceable," The former intern announced as one of the doctors on the hovercraft patted her wounded hand with some healing gauze.

Letting out a long, wary sigh, Coulson crossed his arms as he watched Jemma wrap up the intern to Dr. Foster's injuries. "Darcy, please. Try to focus on Hydra."

"Alright, alright. Well apparently, they're still going strong." She said dryly as Jemma finished wrapping her bruised hand up.

"Stark got rid of one of the moles in his tower, but I think we're way over our heads here. From the way those men were talking, it's like they have eyes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. There has to be more than just one HYDRA mole in Stark Tower, and I have a feeling it doesn't end there."

Darcy was interrupted from her tangent by Agent Ward, who came into the recovery room unannounced as he called for Coulson's attention.

"Sir, Agent May said she needs to speak with you in the cockpit."

The level eight agent nodded his hand and glanced at the civilian sitting in her recovery bed, and he gave her a look that let her know he'd be back to finish their conversation. Darcy looked down at her freshly bandaged hand, raising it up and down to see if it still stung every time she moved it, and she was very much pleased by the results.

Jemma smiled as she watched Darcy stretching her arms. "Do try not to over exert yourself. And we'll have to make sure to keep you hydrated, you haven't eaten in nearly a week so you're as weak as a newborn-"

Darcy shot Jemma a look, raising her eyebrows daringly, and Simmons let out a nervous laugh as she quickly correctly herself. "..Ah.. a newborn who hacked S.H.I.E.L.D.'s datebase like it was child's play, after all."

"This is just what we need," Agent Ward bit humorlessly as he glared down at the injured brunette who was resting on top of the bed. Darcy shot her green gaze over towards the man glowering at her, the look on her face asking in overtly loud volumes what the hell his problem was. "Another Rising Tide member. Coulson sure knows how to pick them."

"Former Rising Tide member- but what can I say? When you're right, you're right." Darcy nestled deeper into the bed as she made herself comfortable, completely uncaring of the way Agent Ward glared daggers at her.

She had no idea what his problem was, but he had a clear disliking of her for no apparent reason, and Darcy would be damned if she let this SHIELD-Agent-Punk intimidate her.

Agent Ward simply frowned, glaring at the intern before he turned his attention back to Jemma.

He opened his mouth to say something to her, when the aircraft suddenly hit some hard turbulence, causing everyone to rock back and forth from the after shocks.

"Woah- what was that?" Jemma asked, her tone dazed as she fixed some books that fell from their shelves.

Ward didn't respond, instead giving Darcy another hard look before quickly turning around and heading to find Coulson.

. . .

"So. It looks like we have some guests, team."

Coulson didn't sound completely happy as he spoke to his team, who'd all regrouped on the main level of the hovercraft to see what was going on, leaving Darcy to have a moment of peace after being held hostage for a week by Hydra goons.

Gesturing to the man who was standing behind him, Coulson introduced his team to his guest. "This is Agent Garrett, he's an old friend of mine. We were partners back in the academy."

Agent Garrett let out a loud, boisterous laugh as he clapped Coulson on the shoulder like a proud, older brother. "Thems' were the best times! Saved this guy's ass more times than you can count!"

"Yeah?" Coulson bit dryly. "Because I think I recall it being the other way around."

John Garrett ignored Coulson's comment, instead turning his attention to Agent Ward who had his hip propped against the bar, watching his two supervisors with interest.

"And if it isn't Grant Ward! He's good, ain't he, Coulson? You know I only gave him to you because I knew you would turn this kid into something great?"

Giving John Garrett a tight lipped smile, Coulson's eyes were filled with amusement as he turned to FitzSimmons who were looking more than just confused, and he explained their history to them. "Agent Garrett here was Ward's former S.O. When Garrett heard that I was putting together this team, he said he knew just the perfect field monkey who likes being told what to do."

Coulson shot Ward a dry look, and the level seven agent rolled his eyes in return, clearly not appreciating being described as a 'field monkey'.

"But I suppose it all worked out in the end. He was a little uptight, until I brought Skye in. I think he just needed someone to show him the benefits of working as a team."

Coulson smirked at Ward, who clenched his teeth in irritation. Phil turned his attention back to Garrett, missing the tension in Agent Ward's shoulders.

"Now, pleasantries aside, Garrett, you're not one to just 'drop by'." Phil's voice was back to business as he straightened his shoulders, giving his former partner a wary look.

If Garrett could see the suspicious in Coulson's eyes, he chose to ignore it as he handed the man a yellow manila folder, snapping in to business mode himself.

"Seven hours ago, a hacking terrorist managed to slip past S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database, effecting all of the monitors nationwide. Your team was the first on the scene, so we have reason to believe you've caught the culprit. I'm here to escort the hacker to their cell, Directors orders."

Coulson's lips were pressed into a tight frown, not bothering to check and see if what his former partner was saying was true, because it had Director Fury's seal on the cover. He narrowed his eyes at Garrett,

"There's been a mistake. Turns out, the hacking terrorist isn't much of a hacker, or a terrorist. I just need to speak with Fury and he'll understand-"

"These are the Director's orders, Phil." Garrett cut him off, his voice clipped. "Speak with him if you want, but I've already spoken to him, so Agent Ward?"

Garrett turned his attention to Grant, who had his arms crossed against his chest as he watched the two older agents arguing. He frowned, looking at his old Supervising Officer, and Garrett's voice was easy-going once again.

"Why don't you show me where the girl is?"

Grant was hesitant, looking over at Coulson who's gaze was suddenly glued to the folder. Realizing that he was going to get no objections, Agent Ward stiffly nodded his head and proceeded to guide Garrett to Darcy's cell.

Jemma waited until both Garrett and Ward were out of the room before she let herself relax. Leo, her partner, was frowning as he watched Agent Garret retreat, before he turned to Coulson.

"Sir..?" Fitz began, wanting to object with taking the girl who seemed clearly innocent as hostage, but Coulson sharply shook his head, cutting the engineer off.

"Don't," Phil bit sharply, before heading towards his office.

Something was definitely off. The fact that Darcy had just began explaining her worries of Hydra moles infiltrating their operations didn't help him in the least.

He never mentioned the hacker being a woman, yet for some reason Garrett already knew.

Coulson needed to get in touch with Director Fury. Unless.. the Director was in on this, as well.

. . .

"Oh?" Darcy raised an eyebrow, her surprise clear on her face when she saw Agent Ward open the door to her room, and an unfamiliar man entered after him. "More company? You S.H.I.E.L.D. agents sure know how to make a girl feel special."

She set down the paper cup of water that she'd been sipping on, not quite comfortable with this man who made himself at home in the chair next to her bed without so much as greeting her.

Garrett let out a friendly chuckle, resting his elbows on his knees as he peered closely at the injured intern in her bed. "You've got some pretty useful tricks up your sleeve. You know how serious it is, breaking into SHIELD database?"

"Wouldn't know," Darcy shrugged him off, averting her gaze from the man. He was definitely giving her the heebie jeebies. "I've never been caught."

"But you wanted to be caught this time?" Garrett asked blandly, lifting a criticizing eyebrow at the younger girl.

She shut her mouth closed, not responding. This was beginning to sound too much like an interrogation to her, and Darcy shot her eyes up to the other agent, who was observing from the doorway with an unreadable look on his face.

Darcy swallowed deeply, before turning her gaze back towards the man sitting in the chair next to her bed, brushing him off in a casual tone.

"Sorry, I have trust issues. Bring Coulson, I'll tell him everything he wants to know."

Agent Ward stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him, and Darcy could feel relief wash through her as she assumed he was going to get Coulson.

She heard the sound of clinking metal, and she whirled her head back towards Garrett, who was standing up from his seat with a strange smile on his face.

"Sorry girlie, but criminals don't get the comfort of having options," He told her, snatching her left hand and snapping a cuff around it. Darcy's eyes were wide as she tried rolling out of the bed, but Garrett held her down with one hand as he grasped for her injured hand so he could snap the second cuff around it.

"In fact, where you're going, you won't be getting any comfort at all. You'll be lucky if you get the option of choosing a nice, quick, clean death.. or maybe something a little more agonizing, nice and slow?"

Darcy was squirming and thrashing around to the best of her ability when both of her hands were cuffed, and she managed to kick the larger man in his chin and roll off the bed, hitting the ground nice and hard since her hands were completely useless to catch her fall.

"Fuck," Darcy groaned when her head smacked the hard floor, and she could see her vision doubling as she tried not to black out.

Garrett was rubbing his chin after she kicked him, and he watched as Darcy rolled out of the bed, crashing on the ground with a loud thump. He let out a startled round of chuckles, walking around the bed so he could help pick her up.

"Whoops," Garrett smirked, holding his throbbing jaw.

Darcy shook her head, her vision clearing as she felt the man tugging on her cuffs and forcing her to stand. She clenched her eyes shut, because yeah ouch fuck her fucking hand, and she weakly followed after Garrett as the door to her room opened once again, and Agent Ward was looking down at her with a completely blank look on his face.

The two double crossing agents escorted Darcy down to the ramp of the airship, Darcy clenching her teeth the whole time. Something was off- where was Coulson? Or Simmons?

Her green eyes slowly drifted up, and she glared at Grant. Darcy's head was still ringing, so her words came out more slurred then she intended them to. "You're with HYDRA, aren't you?"

Grant pressed his lips together, and Garrett let out a loud laugh from ahead of her.

"Haven't you figured it out yet, darlin'? S.H.I.E.L.D. is HYDRA."

. . .

The Winter Soldier was patting the sweat from his face with the rag that had been offered to him by one of the guards.

His knuckle ached, the training session he'd finished with one of his newer recruits, Arkady, lasted longer than he initially thought it would. Still, the match ended as they always do, with the Winter Soldier as the victor, while his unlucky partner was rushed to medical.

He was in charge of training the soldiers to be just as lethal and ruthless as himself. It'd only be effective if he beat the sense of fear out of them. Again, and again. They worshiped him for it.

James flexed his bionic arm, curling the fingers into a fist. There was a crowd of awestruck soldiers as they watched Arkady being dragged off of the mat, and the Winter Soldier's face was cold as he examined the men to see which one would be next.

"You look bored!"

A voice called out as the gym door opened, and Bucky shot a fleeting glance towards the entrance, not recognizing the man who entered. His hands were at his side, not having the same aura of fear as the other guards did when they were in the Winter Soldier's presence.

The man approached Bucky with a friendly grin on his face. The Winter Soldier didn't return the smile, though that was to be expected. The man glanced around the gym, catching the looks of the Hydra recruits who were watching them with interest.

"Look at them all. They're watching you like an animal at a show."

The man had a cheeky grin on his face, speaking loudly enough for the other soldiers to hear.

"They don't have the guts to step in the ring and get their fists dirty, now do they?" The man was tugging on the collar of his shirt, yanking his black Henley off and positioning himself in front of the soldier.

"I've always wanted to see if the Winter Soldier was as good as they say. Name's Grant Ward."


Bucky was silent as he listened to the man speak. He watched with uninterested eyes as the man took of his shirt, getting into his fighting stance. The man certainly did talk a lot, and James knew what that said about a soldier.

The Winter Soldier got into his fighting position as well, saying coldly,

"I don't care what your name is."

Grant's smirked in response, and the two men stared one another down until Grant charged at the Winter Soldier, and the two began to exchange a fury of blows that had the younger recruits circling around the mat once again, watching the Winter Soldier in action, and a man who was holding his own against Winter surprisingly well.

It was when Soldier managed to trip Grant on his feet, sending the agent crashing down on his back, wincing in pain while Winter pressed his metal arm against his windpipe-

"Enough of this, Soldier." Dr. Whitehall's voice filled Bucky's ears, and he frowned as he stepped away from Grant, letting the man gasp air. The crowd of recruits broke away as the doctor made his way over to the mat, followed by a man who Bucky couldn't recognize.

The man was smirking as he walked over to Grant, clapping him on the back as he helped him up. They were speaking quietly to one another, and the Soldier heard the man ask Grant, 'So how is he?' and Grant managed to choke out a weak, 'The rumors were true,' before Bucky turned his attention to Dr. Whitehall.


Bucky silently glanced over to Whitehall, confused as to why the doctor came down to this level. Whitehall was not the sort of man to get his hands dirty, and he very rarely left his office. The Winter Soldier remained quietly observing the doctor, knowing that the reason would be revealed eventually.

Whitehall seemed to be having the same line of thoughts, because he glanced around the gym with clear disdain on his face. He fixed the spectacles on his face and gave the Soldier a sharp look,

"I am a man of my word, so I have brought you a reward, Soldier. I imagine it will be more than enough motivation for you to train our men. You can always rid yourself of it if it proves to be not of use to you."

The doctor gestured over his shoulder for Soldier to follow him, and James tossed his towel to the ground before following after the doctor.

. . .

Darcy was snapped out of her daydream when she heard the door open in the room that she was being held in.

She was sitting in the floor, resting her back against the wall as she was trying to calculate how long she's been in there. Agent Ward tossed her into the room around half an hour ago.

Darcy was absolutely clueless to what Agent Garrett had planned for her. All she could do was curse herself, because Soldier risked his life in order to make sure she escaped that Hydra compound in Ossettia, yet here she was once again playing the victim card.

She wasn't sure how long she'd been waiting in that room. At least an hour of pacing the floor, almost tearing her hair out of her head as she tried to come up with a plan.

'What to do.. what to do..'

By the second hour Darcy was sitting on the tiled floor, back against the wall as she stared up at the ceiling. Her hands were folded on top of her knees, head rolled back as she thought calmly to herself.

'If I can find a way to sneak out of here and find a control system.. I can change the codes to their locks and send out a distress signal to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters and-'

Garrett said S.H.I.E.L.D. is Hydra. Did that mean Agent Coulson was involved? What the hell was she supposed to do now? S.H.I.E.L.D. had been her trump card, the one that Darcy figured was supposed to get her out of any kind shit.

She was on the verge of panicking, because what the hell are you supposed to do when you've been kidnapped for the second time by Hydra goons? The answer was obvious, at least to Darcy it was.

You do what the hell you have to do.

When she heard the door push open for the first time in hours, Darcy jumped to her feet so she could fight the new comer. She was hoping it was Agent Ward, she's been itching to introduce the man's face to her fist since the moment he pointed his gun at her back in that bar.

She was surprised when a familiar face stepped into the room.


Eyes widening, Darcy's jaw fell open. The Winter Soldier froze in the doorway, tense as he stared at the girl in handcuffs who was standing in his room. Soldier's face was blank, revealing no emotions.

It was a good thing Darcy was already used to the lack of emotions on the Winter Soldier's part, or she might have been offended by his blank stare. At the moment, Darcy couldn't care less about his lack of reaction, because her feet were moving on their own accord as she found herself running in the Winter Soldier's direction, wrapping her arms around his neck in a tight embrace.

"I-" Darcy nuzzled her cheek in the crook of his neck, tears swelling in her eyes. 'I'm sorry I left without you. I should have stayed behind.'

"-I'm so glad you're alive." She finished her sentence, unable to voice all of the guilt she felt for leaving him in words.

'I'm sorry I got caught again. I'm sorry you risked your life for nothing, I'm-'

The Winter Soldier's hands found their way to her hips, his strong grip on her waist as he held their embrace in place.

There was a short silence where Darcy was waiting for a response from Bucky, and she cocked her head to the side once she realized he hasn't spoken a word to her since he saw her face.

That was... weird.


Trying to pull away from him so she could get a better look at his face, the Winter Soldier tightened his grip around Darcy's waist so she wouldn't be able to part from their embrace. He tugged Darcy into his arms, then the Soldier was crashing his mouth against her own.

Darcy felt as his metal thumb stroked gentle circles against her hip. The contrast was strange, his hard metal thumb caressing her with care, while he kissed her with so much force she would have nearly toppled over if it weren't from his steady hold.

She was too stunned to respond, but Winter Soldier didn't seem to mind her hesitance because he was brushing his right hand against her sides until his fingers reached her cheek.

She released a sigh of contentment through her nose as Winter captured her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head upwards so he could kiss her even deeper.

It felt good, his hungry mouth against her very much eager one. She certainly didn't have this in mind, but now that things were set in motion, Darcy was pretty game for a reunion kiss if that's the kind of reunion he'd been planning.

Standing on her toes so she could properly kiss the Winter Soldier back, Darcy teasingly parted her lips as her smiling teeth grazed against the greedy lips that were trying their best to steal her breath away.

'He's alive. He's kissing me. He's damned good at kissing me- maybe we can do this. We can get out of here alive.'

Unfortunately for them both, the Winter Soldier's metal grip on Darcy's waist was beginning to bruise, so she pressed her palm against his chest and broke the kiss, gently nudging the Soldier away.

Her lips were swollen, cheeks flushed as she looked up at him from underneath her eyelashes, a sheepish look on her face.

"So, I guess that means you forgive me for leaving you behind?"

Darcy nervously tucked her wild strands of hair behind her ear as she looked at him. Soldier's eyes were as cold and blue as ever, but there was nothing that could prepare her for the next words that came out his mouth.

"Who are you?"

It felt like his words physically knocked the wind right out of her system, and Darcy withdrew from the Soldier's embrace completely, pushing his hands away as she put a few feet of distance between them.

"W-what?" Her heart sunk.

He had no fucking idea who she was.


"Wait. If you don't remember who I am, then why the hell did you kiss me-?!"

Winter Soldier let out an annoyed tsk, glancing away in irritation when the girl stepped out of his embrace. He made no movements to pull her back, though he didn't step away either.

He wasn't sure why he kissed her, just that it felt like it'd been the right thing to do the moment he laid eyes on her.

There had been an uneasy feeling in his gut when he saw the genuine tears of happiness in her eyes when she ran into his arms, and could you really blame a man for wanting to taste that happiness on his lips?

Still, the uneasy feeling was a weakness that he wasn't willing to acknowledge to a complete stranger, so the Soldier gave the girl a cruel smirk.

The smile that he gave her was a bitter quirk of his lips. "Why don't we start with you telling me who you are, and why you're here?"

Bucky reached for the girl once again, cupping her cheek with his left hand. Darcy was tense as she felt the cold metal of the Winter Soldier's bionic arm, but there was a look on his face that made her blood feel as though it were running even colder.

His voice was soft and dark, terrifying her. "Don't even think about lying. I'm not too fond of liars."

The girl shut her eyes, breath quickening rapidly as she tried to calm herself down and not cringe under his touch.

"Okay- wait, listen. My name is Darcy, and I... uhm, well, I kind of know you? They.. um, they call you the Winter Soldier."

Bucky took a moment to actually examine the girl, to really look at her and not get lost by her pink round lips, pale skin, and dark brown hair. She looked weak, like she hasn't eaten in days, and he froze when he saw the handcuffs she was wearing.

"...but I think there's much more to you than that." Darcy finished, opening her eyes as she finally managed to regain her composure.

Suddenly, the Winter Soldier was grasping onto Darcy's wrist, yanking her towards his intimidating frame with a dark look on his face. Darcy nearly bit her tongue trying to hold back a frightened shriek, and she collided into Soldier's chest as he examined the metal cuff around her wrist.

"What are you doing-?" Darcy began, her voice quivering in fear as the Winter Soldier tugged on her wrists.

"Hush." He commanded sharply, silencing her from speaking another word.

He grasped her left hand with his fingers, squeezing the cuffs so tightly they dented, before Soldier tore the metal cuff on her left wrist without warning.

"Holy fucking- Ouch- asshole," Darcy tried to snatch her wrist back from him, the metal pinching and bruising her skin before he freed her left hand, and then he was trying to grasp her injured palm so he could do the same to the last handcuff.

Darcy cried out as the Soldier grasped onto her injured wrist, and she started begging in fear for him to please at least try to be gentle-

"Wait, wait, wait, on the count of three alright-?"


He ripped the last handcuff in half, and Darcy cried out from pain when her bruised palm rattled against the metal before she was finally able to slide her wrist out of the cuff and clutch her palm to her chest.

The restraints were off, but what the fuck- he couldn't have been just a little bit more gentle? She figured she should be thanking him, but frankly Darcy, was annoyed as tears of pain swelled in her eyes, and she slunk to the floor in defeat as she nursed her throbbing wrist to her chest.

'What the hell am I going to do? He's dangerous and works with Hydra, he doesn't remember who I am, I've seen what this man can do and he will kill me without a moments hesitation-'

The Winter Soldier watched as the fragile girl puddled to the floor, her eyes pooling with tears as she seemed to be breaking down in front of him.

He was frozen, unsure what to do. It wasn't his intentions to hurt the girl, but he really needed to destroy those cuffs before she said something incriminating.

James took a step towards the pretty lady, guilt in his gut for frightening her. It was clear the poor thing wasn't working with Dr. Whitehall like he'd initially assumed when he first saw her, she'd clearly been beaten and was forced to be here, hence the cuffs, so the last thing he wanted was to further scare the little myshka.

"Darcy...?" He tasted her name on his tongue for the first time, remembering it from her introduction a few seconds before.

She froze when she heard him address her by her name, and the pretty little thing slowly lifted her head, looking at him with a look of defeat in her eyes.

Winter Soldier crouched down to his knees while raising both of his hands in the air so that his palms were facing her, showing her that he meant no harm. He didn't want to accidentally scare her some more because of his sudden movements, but he really needed to be closer to the girl. She was afraid of him, and he knew she had every right to be.

She didn't belong here, she was different.

A strand of tangled hair fell in front of her eyes, and he reached forward with his right hand to gently brush it behind her ear.

"..I didn't mean to hurt you. Those handcuffs were being monitored. I needed to destroy them."

Darcy glanced at the broken metal cuffs laying on the floor while rubbing her raw wrists. She nodded her head slowly, a little bit hesitant, but she understood the Soldier's reasoning. Plus, he looked like he was feeling pretty guilty about adding more pain to her injuries, so there's that.

Why was this happening to her? She felt like her head was spinning.

Tears were in her green eyes as she glanced up at Soldier, gently placing her hand on his bionic arm, not paying attention to how cold the metal felt beneath her fingertips. She felt hopeless. Defeated.

"..Do you really not remember who I am?"

"..." Bucky placed his left palm to her cheek, gently brushing away a stray tear that had begun it's descent down her face.

"I'm sorry."

Darcy let out an exasperated sigh, not offering him a response as she clenched her eyes shut, quietly pressing her cheek against his palm as she nuzzled against his cold touch.

James could feel his heartbeat racing from the look of disappointment on the young girls face. He stroked her cheek back and forth in a comforting manner as he asked in a quiet voice,

"Were.. we lovers?"

"What? No!" Darcy's eyes opened in surprise, before she was shaking her head, letting out a watery laugh. "Nothing like that. Honestly, I hardly know you."

Bucky rested his forehead against the brunette's, glad to see her breathing was evening out as she seemed to be calming down from her tension.

Her face flushed with red as she tried to pull her head away from his grip, but Bucky couldn't find it in himself to let go. He tightened his hold on her face, his hand slipping down so he could grasp her jaw, his thumb prodding her bottom lip gently.

"Good.. So we have that much in common, then..." Bucky was speaking softly, and Darcy's eyes slowly fluttered closed as she wrapped her smaller fingers around his hands, tilting her head upwards to meet his lips halfway.

Her pink lips parted gently, and he wasn't sure if that was an invitation for him to give them a taste, but Bucky didn't hesitate in dipping his head down and capturing her lips against his eagerly awaiting mouth.

The first kiss had been urgent, but gentle in an overly-cautious, wary way.

Now the Winter Soldier was having a hard time trying to remember why he should control himself.

He bit down on Darcy's lower lip, she whimpered and parted her mouth to speak, but he tilted her jaw upwards, thumb pressing gently on her chin as he licked at her lips soothingly, hoping to ease the ache of his uncontrolled bite.

Bucky could hear as the little thing let out a pained moan against his mouth, her fingers digging into his wrist as she let him nip and suck at her lips. Bucky was leaning into her, ready to lay the kitten on her back and explore her right there on the floor, but his plans were interrupted by a round of sharp, hard knocks on the door.

Soldier was frowning, turning his attention to the door as it opened without waiting for a response. Darcy pulled herself out of Winter Soldier's embrace, her face flushing with red as she brought her fingers to her abused lips.

Winter Soldier was up on his feet the moment he heard the door open, and he was over by the door frame so quickly Darcy could feel her head spinning, and Bucky was roughly shoving Agent Ward out of the room.

"Get out." He hissed through clenched teeth, the thought of another member of Hydra in poor, frightened Darcy's presence was enough to make Bucky wish he'd finished his match with Grant Ward earlier, so the man wouldn't be interrupting his moment with the little doll.

Agent Ward had the nerve to smirk at Winter Soldier's possessiveness, lifting both of his hands in the air to show Soldier he was completely defenseless. "Steady there now, Soldier, don't shoot the messenger."

Ward was speaking in a flippant tone, despite the fact that Soldier looked as though he wanted to tear the mans throat open any moment. Darcy watched their exchange, absently wiping a stray tear off of her cheek as she stood up from the ground and slowly made her way towards the door.

Bucky gave Grant a long, hard glare before he eventually turned back around to face Darcy, pressing his hands against her shoulder to steady her. Darcy could feel her face heating up, remembering the way he kissed her so passionately just a few moments before. Soldier's face softened as he told her in a tone that held no room for arguments, "You need to stay here."

Darcy was already nodding her head, an exasperated sound in her voice as she let out a watery laugh, "Smart idea."

James could feel the side of his mouth quirk in an amused smirk, but he forced it back down. The Winter Soldier rubbed the pad of his thumb against her soft cheek. She was trying to appear strong for him, and he found it incredibly endearing.

"You'll be safe in here. I won't let anyone try and hurt you, alright Darcy?"

Her eyes widened when he used her name, and Darcy sucked on her bottom lip, nodding her head as she listened to him. She wrapped her fingers around his wrists, his fingers holding her shoulders tightly.

"..I know." She told him gently, and his eyes widened a fraction of a bit from her response, but Bucky squeezed her shoulder gently and let her go.

He turned his irritated attention on Agent Ward, stepping out of the room and into the corridor so he could question the man.

"Where's Whitehall?" Bucky asked in an agitated tone, clearly not wanting to converse with this man.

He needed to have a few words with Dr. Whitehall, specifically to figure out why the man thought it would be okay to put handcuffs on the girl if she is, supposedly, his. He didn't like the thought of someone trying to hold what is his, hostage.

"Whitehall requested your presence in his office. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want to leave waiting."

Bucky narrowed his eyes, wanting more than anything to punch Grant Ward in the face one more time. Ward played completely oblivious to the Winter Soldier's rising irritation, and he gave the Soldier a knowing smirk. "If you're worried about the girl, I have the situation handled. I'll make sure nothing will-"

Ward wasn't able to finish his sentence, because Bucky was shoving him against the wall with a metal arm pressed against his throat.

"Yeah, you will make sure nothing happens to her. Because if she tells me anyone, anyonetreats her wrongly.. I'll make sure I finished what we started."

Sensing that he got his point across, Bucky leveled Ward with one last withering glare before he released the man, and marched down the hall. Grant fell to his feet, gasping as he rubbed at his bruised throat as he watched the Winter Soldier depart. "Yee-ap," Ward said in a raspy voice, trying to catch his breath. "Crystal clear."

Darcy watched the exchange between the two men from the open doorway, and she remained silent as Soldier left the room, leaving her alone with Agent Ward.

Her eyes narrowed down to a glare, considering the fact Agent Ward was the one who kidnapped her in the first place.

"So. Here we are again. You gonna push me off the bed and try to give me another concussion? Slap on some new handcuffs?"

"Those handcuffs," Ward said, gesturing to the damaged pile of metal on the ground. "Were for your protection."

"Oh!" Darcy's voice raised a pitch higher as she let out an obnoxious scoff, "For my protection! Gosh, that's just so darn considerate of you- bull. shit." She spat angrily,

"You're the worst of the worst. Not only do you work for Hydra, but you seriously believe you're doing it for the greater good- and that, my friend, is the terrifying part."

"Listen to me right now, Lewis, because I'm not repeating myself." Grant said in a slow voice, his friendliness from earlier diminishing within a second. "Hydra? Notwho I take orders from."

"Oh!" Darcy snorted in disbelief, sitting back on the bed so her knees were folded up to her chest while her back was resting against the wall, glaring daggers at Agent Ward. "Pfftt- like I'm going to believe that. You were so eager to shoot first and ask questions later when you caught me- something I bet you learned from Hydra."

"Something I learned from S.H.I.E.L.D.," Grant corrected her in a sharp tone, "Which S.H.I.E.L.D. learned from Hydra. Garrett wasn't just spewing the usual shit when he told you Hydra's infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D, you know."

"So what? Why are you telling me this? Why should I believe a single word coming out of your lying mouth?"

Grant rested his elbows on the back of the chair he so conviently plopped down on, giving the intern a serious look as he said, "Because, Darcy. I need your help."

. . .

Bucky slammed the door to Dr. Whitehall's office open, ignoring the two Hydra guards who tried to stop him before he reached the door.

The Winter Soldier shrugged off one of the Hydra guards who grasped his shoulder to restrain him, and Bucky responded by reeling his elbow back and punching the guard in the nose.

The guard crumbled to the floor in pain while the second guard cursed at him, but Bucky was already kicking the open, frowning passively at the older man siting at his desk.

Dr. Whitehall simply glanced up at the soldier in is door frame, pushing aside the folders he'd been reading and gave the Winter Soldier an unimpressed look, lifting his hand to signal to the guards to stand down.

"Stand up and get back to your positions," Whitehall commanded the Hydra Soldier on the ground in a diplomatic tone.

The Hydra guard saluted before helping his partner off of the ground, and the two soldiers exited the office, shutting the door.

Dr. Whitehall pushed himself out of his seat, arms folded behind his back as he slowly made his way over to the soldier.

"I reckon you've received your gift then, yes soldier?"

"What are you trying to prove?"

James was glowering at the doctor. Daniel Whitehall had never been the kind of man to play games, he was straightforward and never tried to hide when he played dirty, so the soldier couldn't understand the switch in Whitehall's personality.

"I don't seem to understand what you're implying, Winter Soldier." Whitehall sounded curious, his headed tilted to the side as he tried to read Bucky's expression. "Was I wrong about your gift? I can have that resolved in a matter of seconds, my friend."

"Don't," Bucky cut the doctor off between clenched teeth, unwilling to acknowledge the spike of fury he felt at the doctor when he threatened taking away what was his. "Don't even joke around like that."

Whitehall seemed impressed by the Soldier's dedication, a knowing look in his eyes. "Ah, so I was right then."

Dr. Daniel Whitehall took a seat back down in his chair in front of his desk, folding his hands on the smooth table top as he said coolly, "Well if the matter is nothing urgent, why don't you seat yourself and tell me what troubles you friend-"

"If the girl is mine," Bucky cut Dr. Whitehall off, ignoring the request to take a seat. "Then, surely, understand my problem with trying to control what is mine."

"I do not understand what you're talking about, Soldier." Daniel Whitehall pressed his lips together, his friendly demeanor slowly slipping into something much more hard with each accusation the Winter Soldier threw at him. "I have done nothing but stay true to my word. The girl is yours and yours only, if you do not wish to share. I have told you no lies."

Bucky clenched his bionic palm into a fist, controlling his anger with training that took years to perfect.

"And the cuffs?" James asked in a tone that said he already knew that answer. "If she is truly mine as you claim, you will ask for my permission before you begin monitoring her. Unless you don't trust me?"

Whitehall tensed, unfolding his hands and leaning back into his chair. "How could I not trust the Winter Soldier? You are my most prized possession, have you forgotten why I wanted to gift you in the first place? You allegiance to our operations are most appreciated my good man."

Dr. Daniel placed his palm face down on the desk, and his friendly gaze hardened. "But I feel it is necessary to remind you just who it is that gave you such a great gift, Soldier. I'm on the side of your best interest. But I do not appreciate being put under your scrutinization."

"I never asked you for this," The Winter Soldier expressed angrily. "I didn't ask you to kidnap the girl for me."

"I did no such thing." Daniel finally stood from his seat and headed towards the door of his office, opening it so he could gesture to the Winter Soldier to step outside.

"I simply gave the order. I'm sure you've familiarized yourself with Agent Grant Ward, and his mentor John Garrett? If you are so keen on keeping your girl safe, you will keep your eyes on those men. They are the ones who issued the cuffs onto your gift, after all. Now you will head to medical, and let our lovely consultant take a look at you."

James was frowning as Dr. Daniel Whitehall kicked him out of his office, shutting the door firmly behind him. The Hydra soldiers on guard were giving him a wary look of caution, one of the guards nursing his broken nose as he glared at the Soldier.

Grant Ward. He sparred with the man earlier that day. Bucky clenched his teeth, wishing he could have finished their training match earlier.

Knowing he had no other choice, Bucky turned on his heel so he could head down to the lab and have his routinely session.

"This is ridiculous," Darcy expressed, shaking her head in disbelief. You're insane."

"Am I really, Lewis? You're a smart girl, so tell me. Am I really being ridiculous? Or have you noticed the signs yourself?"

"You're saying that the Winter Soldier has a special connection," Darcy said flatly, though her heart was pounding against her chest. "With me."

"It explains the reason why he broke you out of your cell. Twice." Grant shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't just say the craziest thing Darcy's ever head.

They think the Winter Soldier has some kind of infatuation with her? Why? Just because he helped her escape.. a few times?

"Maybe he's just a good guy. Maybe he can't stomach listening to an innocent girl being tortured and do nothing about it. Maybe he's not like you."

That made Ward crack a grin as he leaned back in his chair in a reclining position, looking completely too comfortable when Darcy felt like her whole world was spinning out of her control.

"Well, you're right about that." Ward smirked, "He's worst than me, sweetheart. And that's why Whitehall needs you., because everyone knows the Winter Soldier is just a fuse that's waiting to blow whenever he's not in stasis. And that's where you came in, Lewis. Think of it as... an incentive."

"Ha.." Darcy released a defeated breath of air.

If what Ward was telling her was true, and she still wasn't a hundred percent sure if she believed him, but that meant the whole reason she was back in the hands of Hydra was.. well... it was the Winter Soldier's fault.

"This is fucked. I don't know why you're telling me this."

"Dr. Whitehall has a plan. I can't- I can't go into the details just yet with you, but he's planning on using the Winter Soldier."

Darcy paused when she noticed the shift in Ward's demeanor, a pleading look was on his face.

"I need you to help me stop him, Darcy."

"Stop him?" Darcy squeaked, startled. "What makes you think I can stop him? And why would I want to? You kidnapped me! Right when I escaped from being kidnapped, again!"

Ward ignored her determination to make him the bad guy, and he said solemnly, "She's innocent. The girl they want him to kill. She's innocent."

Darcy faltered in her outburst, pausing for a moment to examine the double crossing SHIELD Agent. "Who? Who do they want him to kill?"

"Her name is Skye."

"Wow, it actually smells good down here," Darcy piped in a surprised voice when the elevator doors opened, revealing a large cafeteria with only a few groups of men who were all just finishing up their meals.

When Grant explained his situation to her, Darcy wasn't sure how she was supposed to respond. There was just too much information going in, when her mind was still reeling from the fact that they thought that the Winter Soldier had some kind of connection with her. But Agent Ward was right, she was a smart woman, and Darcy could see the signs.

There was no explaining why he helped her. When she first met him, what was it that he'd said? He heard her crying.

Whatever the hell that meant.

It was clear what it meant, but she couldn't understand why. Why her? Though she had to admit, she certainly didn't hate the attention.

He could break her out as many times as he wanted to.

Agent Ward wanted her to stop the Winter Soldier from killing some girl named Skye. It sounded reasonable enough, though when Darcy tried to question him further- like where, why, when, how? He clamped up, begrudgingly telling her that was all the intel he had at the moment.

Clearly, Ward didn't like not having a plan. It was easy for Darcy to tell that this Skye girl meant a lot to Agent Ward, so she found it just a slightly bit more easy to trust the man.

When her stomach growled loudly, cutting off their awkward silence after Ward filled her in on the reason why he needed her help, Grant suggested making a quick stop to the cafeteria, and Darcy was having a hard time seeing why she should decline the offer.

So she didn't decline, and instead hopped off the bed and commented on how kind it was of Hydra to offer it's puppets free meals, and Ward chuckled while explaining to her the necessity of keeping the men strong and energized.

She tuned him out until they reached the elevator, and Darcy made sure to keep a sharp eye out for any rooms that looked like it had a control panel she could hack into... just in case. If Ward noticed, he didn't comment.

When they reached the second floor, Darcy was surprised by the smell of garlic, onions and meat, nearly making her mouth water. She couldn't remember the last time she had a proper meal, not including the dry snacks Coulson had her munch on while he debriefed her on the aircraft.

"Not the rib-eyed baby heart buffet you were expecting?" Grant's voice was low as he walked next to Darcy, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his leather coat as his joking comment didn't match the way he straightened his back and scanned the room. Darcy watched him from the corner of her eye, peeking up at him as he seemed to be on guard.

She let out a rather unlady like snort as she began to grab for one of the plastic trays, "You know what, just for that, I'm getting the steak-"

Ward pressed his hand to Darcy's uninjured wrist, stopping her from grabbing one of the trays. She froze, glancing up at him with a concerned look in her eye, and Grant tilted his head to the side just the slightest of bits, silently warning her 'no'.

He reached forward to grasp a fresh apple, and when he was bent down, Ward told Darcy in a serious whisper, "Don't eat the food."

Grabbing the apple, Ward stepped away and handed it to Darcy, his regular smirk on his face as he tried to play things off. "I told you we'll grab a snack. I'll bring you some real dinner later on, right now I'm not finished showing you around."

Darcy grabbed the apple with a distant look in her eye as Grant placed his hand on her back, gently ushering her out. He looked over his shoulder to give the chef, who just so happenly was watching the two as they exited the cafeteria.

Grant frowned, and escorted Darcy out.

Only when they were stepping into the elevators once again, did Darcy start throwing her fit. "What the hell was that about?"

"The food is laced. All the soldier's eat it, but trust me, you do not want to get that shit in your system."

"Wh- laced-.. the steak too?" She asked, her shoulders sagging in defeat.

Ward didn't even bother to hide his amusement as he nodded his head at her, confirming with mocking sympathy, "Even the steak."

"Crap. Well, what about the apple?"

"Apple's fine."

"Thank Christ." Darcy bit into the red fruit, moaning in delight when the sweet, bitter juice met her tongue. Ward quirked an eyebrow down at her, though Darcy couldn't be bothered to be embarrassed, because this apple was damn near better than sex, and it's been so long since she's eaten something that actually tastes good and-

"How long did they keep you locked up?" Grant says in a tone that Darcy supposes she's supposed to take as joking, but she couldn't find the humor in it.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened on the fifth floor, which was confusing to the girl because she remembered leaving from the third floor to the second in order to go to the cafeteria.

Darcy shot Ward an unfriendly glare, "It's not like you're any better. You gave me an apple, thanks, but let's not forget how you nearly shot me on the spot and kidnapped me from Coulson's Party Bus."

"Like I said, the handcuffs were for your protection. I was monitoring the audio just to make sure the Winter Soldier wouldn't tear you limb from limb the moment he saw you in his room. The minute he destroyed the cuffs, I went to investigate the scene."

"Oh, you mean to check and see if I was still breathing?"

"I knew you would be." Grant sent her a cheeky grin, and Darcy huffed, annoyed. It was becoming increasingly hard to try and trust this guy.

"You were taking a big risk," Darcy said dryly, rolling her eyes as she took another chomp into her apple.

Grant gave her a cheeky grin, not missing a beat. "It was worth the risk."

"Glad to know my life is worth the risk," The brunette snorted, causing a few flecks of apple pieces to spray out of her mouth. "You should know, none of this is helping your case to make me trust you-"

She trailed off from her complaining as they passed by a lab, seeing a familiar figure sitting in a chair while a nurse was inserting a few IV's into his right arm. Agent Ward didn't notice how Darcy froze in her spot, the apple she'd been munching on slipped out of her hands, rolling into the laboratory.

Darcy watched in horror as her half-eaten apple fell to the ground, seeming to roll on forever until it came to a stop at the nurse's ankles.

"Lewis?" Agent Ward must have realized Darcy wasn't trailing behind him, and he turned around right when the intern went rushing into the laboratory so she could go retrieve her apple. Grant cursed, having taken his eyes off of the girl for six seconds and she was already trying to stir up trouble. He quickly turned around to go after her.

Winter Soldier had his metal palm on the pretty blond nurse's hip, and she was leaning over him as she put the IV in his arm, lingering close to him for longer than what was necessary.

The nurse didn't notice the apple as it came to a stop in front of her feet, but Bucky was already peering over his nurse's shoulder, confused blue eyes glancing at the red fruit before flicking up to the door, spotting Darcy's wide eyes as she examined them from the entrance.

Soldier removed his hand from the nurse's hip, no longer interested as he turned his undivided attention on the civilian, speaking first. "What are you-?"

"So.. This must be where they made you forget about me."

Grant came rushing into the lab, an annoyed look on his face as Darcy was observing the many machines in the laboratory, each one having a specific evil function, she was sure.

The blond nurse finally began to realize that she had an audience, and she whipped around quickly with an angry look in her brown eyes.

"What is she doing here?!" The nurse snapped, addressing Ward. "She can't be here- get her out! Now!"

Grant was hesitant, shifting his eyes over to Darcy who'd approached one of the machines, observing it quietly to herself as she ignored the raging nurse much like a delinquent student in school would do their teachers.

'What's this... Zephyr Procedure..? Cryogenic stasis? Sleepers project?'

"GET HER OUT!" The nurse shouted when Darcy peered closer to the monitor, reading the labels. The blond nurse swiftly walked over to her computer, punching in a few letters before the remaining monitors went black.

Agent Ward let out a long sigh as he walked over to Darcy, grasping her elbow as he began to gently, but firmly drag her out of the lab, "C'mon, let's not interrupt."

"Hmm.." Darcy pressed her lips together, examining the blank screen with a skeptical look on her face, but she figured Ward was right. Not struggling against his firm grip, Darcy allowed Grant to drag her towards the door, but the Winter Soldier was already trying to get out of his chair.

The nurse noticed how the Winter Soldier was trying to get up, and she pressed a gentle hand on his shoulder as she tried to speak to him in a sweet tone, "Not you Winter Soldier, please you can sit back down-"

"Let go of me," Bucky hissed through clenched teeth, pushing the nurse's hand away perhaps a bit too roughly as he brushed past her and stomped over to Ward, grabbing the man's arm and yanking him away from Darcy so he could no longer touch her.

Ward willingly stepped away from the girl, allowing the Winter Soldier to be next to her as he raised both his hands in the air defenselessly. "What, I thought you wanted me to look out for her?"

'From a distance,' Bucky almost growled at the man, but he was aware of how possessive he would sound over a girl he didn't even know. Still, when he saw the way Grant grasped the little myshka'sarm as if it were something he was allowed to do, James swore all he saw ward red.

"You don't get to touch her," The Winter Soldier said darkly, stepping closer to the double crossing SHIELD agent, instigating a fight.

"Hey!" Darcy cut in with an embarrassed squeak, stepping between the two men who were currently sizing one another up.

"Soldier, stop. It's okay."

Bucky's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he listened to the doll's words, and he gave Ward one last withering glare before he turned his attention to Darcy, completely brushing Grant off.

"It's not okay. You shouldn't be out here with him, it's not safe."

Darcy swallowed heavily as the Winter Solder wrapped his hand around her arm, his grip gentle but firm as he glanced down at her with eyes filled with way too much affection, considering the man was hardly able to remember her name an hour ago.

She weighed her options. The Winter Soldier was right, she shouldn't trust Grant Ward. But she believed Ward when he said he wanted to protect the girl that he loved, though he hadn't quite worded it that way, it was pretty obvious to Darcy that he had feelings for the girl.

"It's fine." Darcy finally answered in a short breath. She glanced nervously at Grant, who was watching at her with an amused look on his face because clearly this was news to him, and Darcy decided to add, "I trust him."

The Winter Soldier struggled to keep his face emotionless, his shoulders tense from anticipation. She trusted him? What the hell did that mean? It only made the Winter Soldier want to tear Grant Ward apart even more, but he could tell by the expression on Darcy's face that she wouldn't appreciate the gesture very much.

But still. She trusted him?

"You're being serious?" Bucky asked in a quiet tone, his voice filled with disbelief as he stepped even closer to the girl, uncaring of their audience that was watching them.

She didn't pull away from his embrace, but Darcy didn't do anything to return the Winter Soldier's physical affection either.

This was fine by the Winter Soldier, because an unresponsive response was better than the little thing flinching away from him in fear, and he absently brushed his fleshed finger against her cheek without realizing he was doing so until it was too late.

She inhaled through her nose, leaning into his touch in a way that nearly had Bucky forgetting how to breath.

"I am." Darcy answered, shutting her eyes as his calloused thumb scrubbed against her cheek.

He finally withdrew from Darcy, remembering where they were and the fact that they had an audience. Bucky rubbed his hand down her arm soothingly, before gently guiding her towards the door.

"Let me take you back to my room."

"Winter Soldier, we were right in the middle of an examination. Please sit back down-" The pretty blond nurse began in her sickeningly sweet voice,

"I'm done here," Bucky said sharply, cutting the nurse off from her pleas as he turned around and shot her a sharp glare. The nurse quickly shut her mouth, frightened of the Winter Soldier's sharp tone.

Darcy's eyebrows were raised up to her hair line as she saw Winter Soldier snap at the nurse, and she placed a gentle, reassuring hand on his arm to try and calm his temper.

"Soldier, it's okay." Her eyebrows furrowed together in deep thought, and then Darcy was pressing her chest against his arm without even realizing it so she could whisper to him gently, "...Don't do anything to get us in trouble. Me and Agent Ward can handle things for right now."

The Winter Soldier gritted his teeth together, burning with jealousy at the way Darcy so eagerly partnered herself with Grant. Bucky thought he disliked the man from the confident way he introduced himself during their sparring match, but somehow his hatred for the Agent doubled tenfold.

Still. He couldn't take his irrational anger out on the little doll, especially with the way she was pressed against him, looking up into his eyes with worry on her face. The girl was right, he needed to follow his duties or Whitehall would mess everything up.

"...Try and keep safe, krasavitsa." Bucky gave in, speaking softly to the brunette as her face relaxed, and she gave him a small smile. He could feel himself calming down from her innocent smile, but he still didn't like the thought of letting her stay with Ward.

Bucky ducked his forehead down, resting it against her shoulder. "Tell me if anything happens. I don't trust him."

"So trust me, okay?" She asked gently, stepping back so she could look into his eyes. Soldier remained silent as he held Darcy's gaze, giving her a slight nod of his head.

Grant cleared his throat, successfully interrupting their moment. "Alrighty then. Next stop is the showers."

Bucky shot Grant a glare, and Darcy resisted the urge to roll her eyes because she just managed to calm him down, and it was like Ward was trying to rile the Winter Soldier back up! She quickly tried to change the subject, "We'll talk more later, okay?"

"..." Soldier didn't respond, his mouth pressed together in an agitated line.

She wasn't expecting a response, instead Darcy gave Winter Soldier one last meaningful look before she nodded her head towards Ward and exited the lab.

Bucky glared daggers into Grant's back as he followed behind his girl, and once the two left, it was just the Winter Soldier and his nurse once again.

The blond nurse, who was trying to regain her composure after being frightened by the Winter Soldier, began to re-attach the IV's with shaky hands.

Once Darcy was sure they were out of hearing distance, she quickly turned around and abruptly shoved Grant against the wall. The SHIELD Agent looked startled as his back hit the concrete wall with a hard 'thud', but his eyes flashed with amusement as he quirked an eyebrow down at Darcy, as if waiting to see what her next move would be.

"You want me to help protect your little girl friend from the Winter Soldier, yeah?" She asked in a determined voice, jabbing a finger into Grant's chest. "Well, I'm going to need you to do something for me, first."

The amusement faded from Grant's eyes as he was now staring down at the girl with a darker look, not appreciating being blackmailed. Still, he kept his mouth shut, knowing that Lewis was the only one who could protect Skye from the Winter Soldier.

"If you're asking for me to break you out, even I can't do that." Ward spat bitterly.

Darcy shook her head, brushing off his comment. "No. Not that. What I need for you to do, is find out who the Winter Soldier really is."

Grant seemed to relax once he realized that she wasn't asking him to do the impossible. Just next to the impossible.

Still, Ward was up for the challenge. "Done. Give me twenty four hours."

Nodding her head in agreement, Darcy stepped away from Grant, wrapping her arms around herself in a comforting manner as she tried to keep her thoughts from running wild. She needed a plan, only this time she wasn't going to settle for saving just herself.

No, this was a rescue mission. The Winter Soldier was coming with her, whether he liked it or not.

(She really, really hoped he would like it.)

Freshly showered and munching on a new, fresh apple, Darcy sat in the uncomfortable armchair that was in the corner of the Winter Soldier's small, private quarters.

Grant showed her back to the room after showing her the communal showers, keeping watch outside while she freshened up and cleaned all the dirt, grime, and blood from her skin. Once he escorted her back to the Winter Soldier's room, Ward explained that his best bet at gaining intel on Soldier would be from Garrett, and Darcy agreed that he should begin immediately.

And then, she was alone. For hours, waiting for the Winter Soldier to finish whatever business it was that he had to get done before he could return back to his quarters. Darcy found herself dozing off, head resting in her arms as she slept at the small desk, waking up several times wondering what the time was.

Once Darcy was sure it was night-time, she could feel the beginnings of panic bubbling in her gut. Where was Soldier? Was this all just a trick? Was he really on her side? Was Grant lying to her? Were they going to keep her locked in here for-

The door opened, and Darcy stumbled to her feet in her sleepy daze, stubbing her pinkie toe into the wooden desk due to her haste.

"Fuck!" She winced, cursing to herself as she felt tears burn in her eyes because of the pain.

She shook her head, steadying herself as Winter Soldier stepped into the room, his eyebrows furrowed, worried as he took two long strides over to the girl, cupping his right hand to her cheek so he could examine her face.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a serious voice, his tone laced with worry.

Darcy's face flushed from embarrassment, batting his concerned hands away as she looked away shyly mixed with annoyance. "What? Yes- God, what took you so long? I thought- I thought you weren't going to come back."

He was irritated that she was brushing away his concerns, but he could hear it in the little myshka's voice that she'd been afraid of being alone for so long, and Bucky was reaching out for the girl once again, despite the fact she'd already brushed him away once.

"Why wouldn't I come back?" The Winter Soldier asked in a soft, absent minded tone as his thumb brushed against Darcy's earlobe, tucking some hair back in place. She glanced away shyly, her face burning from embarrassment when she shivered in pleasure, and he wanted to do nothing more than kiss her right now.

Darcy was looking anywhere but the Winter Soldier's knowing blue eyes, because she was trying her absolute best not to nuzzle her face against his palm, and she was afraid she was failing miserably. She managed to come up with all kinds of different scenarios while she was waiting for him to return back to her- Did they erase his memories again? Was he getting into trouble? Or maybe he needed to go back to the pretty blond nurse for another check up, or something.

That last thought made her feel more uncomfortable than it probably should. Still refusing to meet his gaze, Darcy tried to sound casual as she said flippantly, "I don't know. Distracted?"

Winter Soldier decided that he could watch the pretty little things facial expressions for the rest of his life and never get bored. Darcy's cheeks were red as she absolutely refused to meet his gaze, and Soldier could feel his mouth tugging into a proud smirk as he heard the underlying bitterness in her tone.

He wrapped his left arm around her waist, deciding that he wanted to hold the doll close whether she liked it or not. He caught her chin with his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head up so she was forced to look at his face.

The Winter Soldier wore a shit-eating grin that made Darcy feel as though she was going to catch on fire and burn right there.

"Are you jealous?"

"What!" Darcy squeaked, sounding genuinely shocked. "Of what? Because you've got a thing for pretty, slim blond nurses? Sorry dude, but I hardly know you."

Still, the girl's embarrassed expression was enough to make Winter Soldier feel confident, and he couldn't help the way his voice dropped an octave lower as he stroked the outline of her bottom lip with his thumb.

"I thought about you all day. But I couldn't finish training early."

Darcy could feel her heart thumping faster against her chest as she heard the Winter Soldier's confession, and she wasn't sure how she was able to form a coherent thought with his fingers on her lips like that, but she managed.

"Training?" She asked absently.

Soldier smirked, absolutely loving how receptive the girl was to his touch.

"Yes." He pressed down on her bottom lip, watching how her pink lips parted for him willingly. "I train the soldiers. Although today I couldn't get much done. My concentration was on something else."

"Mmmh.." Darcy's eyes finally fluttered shut, her resolve weakening as she tilted her head up, wanting to hear him speak to her forever. "..and what was that?"

"Hmm. Well. I met a beautiful girl this morning. Absolutely stunning. And the first thing she did when she saw me was run into my arms, and then she told me she was glad I'm alive."

Darcy peeked from underneath her eyelashes up at the Soldier, a bashful smile spreading across her face as she saw the way he was looking down at her. Bucky smirked when he saw a glimpse of emerald green under her thick eyelashes, and he brought his palm back to her face and gently stroked her cheekbone.

"I haven't stopped thinking about her since," Bucky finished in a deep, husky voice, and then he was ducking his head down to steal a kiss from the doll once again.

She was responding immediately, standing on her toes so she could kiss him back, tilting her head to the side as Darcy eagerly parted her lips so she could capture the Winter Soldier's bottom lip between her teeth.

The deep, throaty growl that the Winter Soldier released in response to her playful nipping had Darcy aching, and Soldier wrapped his arm around her waist so he was holding her properly, the feeling of her soft breasts against his chest had him letting out delicious chuckle in the midst of their kiss.

When she felt Soldier's hot tongue brush against her teeth, Darcy's heart skipped a beat as she silently gasped, unknowingly opening her mouth for him. Soldier took the invitation eagerly, his left hand sliding up her side until he was cupping her other cheek with his metal palm, holding Darcy still as the Winter Soldier caged her into their kiss.

Darcy pulled back, gasping for air before Soldier crashed his mouth on hers again, dominantly making out with the girl as he snatched her bottom lip between his teeth and sucked.

She let out a pained whimper that snapped Bucky from his rapidly growing arousal. He wanted more than anything to throw the little thing down on his bed, hell, the ground would work as well- he just needed to taste her, because now that he's gotten it, he wasn't sure he would ever have enough.

But she was fragile, and she didn't deserve to be taken in such a greedy manner, even if he was certain he could make her love every single second of it.

He broke the kiss, glancing down at the girl to make sure she was okay. Darcy seemed fine, though her eyes were still shut as she was in a daze from having the best makeout session of her life. Her eyes slowly fluttered opened, and she gave him a cheeky grin.

"You were talking about me, right?" She grinned jokingly.

However, Winter Soldier's eyes softened when he heard the undertone insecurity in her voice.

Whatever Darcy saw in the lab between him and that nurse wasn't what she thought it was- and even if it was what she thought it was, it wasn't anywhere near as nice as what he had with her.

"Only you, Darcy."

He bent down to give her a gentle kiss on her swollen lips, unable to control himself.

Darcy brought her palm to his chest, pushing him away before he was able to do so. "Wait."

Bucky's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, unsure of what the problem was.

Darcy was shaking her head, withdrawing from him with a worried look on her face. "Just.. wait, okay? Ward says that Dr. Whitehall wants me here because we have a 'connection'."

He felt a wave of irrational fury wash through him at the mention of Grant's name. Buck definitely didn't want to think about that prick, especially when he was trying to kiss the flustered brunette who kept backing away from him. His bionic fist twitched with irritation.

"I don't trust anything that bastard says. He's the one who put the handcuffs on you."

"I know, and I had a few words with him about that." Darcy said flippantly, as if it were no big deal. Bucky felt another pang of annoyance, and he was now gritting his teeth together. "But Itrust him, Soldier, and I need you to trust me on this!" Darcy continued, oblivious to Soldier's rising agitation.

Suddenly, all Darcy could feel was hands on her hips as the Winter Soldier quickly picked her up, striding a few steps over to where his bed was, and then threw her down. She landed on her back, bouncing on the bed a few times before she propped herself up on her elbow, watching as Soldier folded himself on top of her.

"Why, do you trust him, Darcy?" Soldier asked darkly, towering over her as he held her down on the bed.

He buried his head into her shoulder, and Darcy submissively tilted her head to the side when she felt him press a soft kiss against her neck. He gathered all of her hair on the right side of her shoulder, before pressing another, much more persistent kiss to her skin.

"S-Soldier.." Darcy gasped, unwillingly bucking against him when he began to gentley suck on her rapidly increasing pulse. He hummed in approval, cutting her off from whatever she was going to say to try and explain herself.

"You think he can protect you better than I can?" Soldier asked, his voice thick with jealousy.

He didn't wait for a response, too busy bringing the flat of his tongue down on her neck, lapping her skin in deep, long strong strokes, stopping just behind her ear, opening his mouth to suck on the sensitive flesh. "I'd kill anyone who tried to hurt you, Darcy. You have to understand. You don't belong here."

Darcy closed her eyes, her heart thudding as she listening to the Winter Soldier voice his affection for her when she hardly even knew the man. Yet here she was, letting him suck hickies all down her neck, and she was loving every second of it.

"T-That's what you said- ahh-nnn," Darcy clenched her eyes shut, throwing her head back when Soldier nipped on her earlobe. "-whennn.. when we first met.. then you saved my life."

"I meant it. And I'll do it again." Winter Soldier stopped his assault on her neck, burying his head into her shoulder as he confessed, "Whitehall made arrangements for you to be brought here as a gift for me. He said you were mine, if I follow orders."

Her eyes opened wide, not realizing that Winter Soldier was already aware of this creepy arrangement that Ward had told her about. Suddenly, the pressure of Winter Soldier's body pinning her down on the bed was becoming suffocating.

"I-I'm not, though." Darcy said gently, just in case he forgot. "Yours, I mean."

Soldier's voice was muffled against her shoulder, but she could feel the vibrations of his deep chuckles. "You're right, krasavitsa. You are not mine's to keep, however much I may want to.." He finally raised his head from her shoulder, his prior annoyance and agitation now gone as he gazed down at the girl who lay underneath him.

"I need to get you out of here. Which I can do without the help of Grant Ward, but you can tell him thanks anyways."

Darcy's eyes widened from shock, her heart thumping against her chest. Winter Soldier's eyes were dark with lust, but honest as well.

She knew what would happen next- Winter Soldier would do whatever it takes to set her free, only to stay behind himself.

And then she'd just get captured by Hydra once again, because apparently they were everywhere.

Finally relaxing into the bed, Darcy spread her legs so she could feel Soldier against her heat, pulling him down closer against her.

She couldn't believe she was just realizing that he was jealous- of Agent Ward of all people! And Darcy wanted to tease him, especially after his comment earlier about her being jealous of the nurse, but she decided she could bring it up another time.

Instead, Darcy placed her hands on either side of Soldier's cheeks, gently pulling his face down to hers so she could gently brush her lips against his.

"I'm not going anywhere. Not without you." Not again.

"Darce..." Soldier muttered, surprised by such a gentle kiss. He blinked his eyes slowly, looking down at her with half lidded eyes. "You don't know what you're saying."

She knew exactly what she was saying. She just wasn't saying it out loud.

This time, I'll save you.

Smiling at the awestruck look on the Soldier's face, Darcy dug her heels into the mattress, grinding her dampening core against his crotch. She could feel him twitch at the contact, his member slowly hardening, and so she repeated the movement again with a bit more force, causing a startled curse to stumble from Winter Soldier's lips, followed by her name in the same panted breath.

"Kiss me?" Darcy asked, batting her eyelashes demurely at Soldier, effectively switching the subject. She didn't need to ask twice, because Bucky's hungry lips were kissing hers, his left hand sliding over the fabric of her jeans as he felt up her legs.

Winter Soldier hummed into Darcy's mouth, gently humping his hips against her, testing for her reaction. She spread her knees wider, pressing into the mattress so she could meet his thrust.

"Fuckk, Darcy.."

"Hmm?" She smiled into the kiss, arching her back as she felt Soldier's metal hand slide up her thigh, cold fingers slipping underneath the top she'd been given. Darcy gasped in pleasure as his cool touched eased her overly heated body, and Bucky broke their kiss as he pulled back to look down at her, examining her face.

"Too cold?" He asked gently, his voice filled with concern as he gently rubbed his metal thumb against the flesh that peeked out from the hem of her shirt.

Darcy tilted her head back into the pillow, gasping at the feeling of his cool fingers.

"It's different. Different's good."


He repeated after her, and she didn't even need to look at his face in order to see the smug look that he was wearing. Soldier slid his left hand up Darcy's side, pushing her shirt up as he stopped at her rib-cage, his thumb gently pressing against the top of her breast.

She let out a long, wantonly sound at his caress, and Darcy wrapped her legs around Soldier's waist while grinding against him, feeling the bulge of his erection as it bumped against the seam of her jeans, pressing into her clit.

"Yes, God- sooo good."

"Beautiful," Bucky praised, his mouth pressed against her throat. He was sliding his left hand up and down her side, letting her heated skin warm the metal of his palm.

She rocked her hips against his, which Bucky found to be way hotter than it should be, but he was having a hard time believing such a beautiful, pure, innocent thing such as herself would be panting from lust underneath him.

He needed more of her. He needed more of Darcy's aroused whimpers from his touch, and so the Winter Soldier latched his mouth over her hardened nipple, sucking on it from over the fabric of her shirt.

"Fffuhh- unnnh!" Darcy gasped, her face flushing red from pleasure, mixed with embarrassment. "Winter.. W-wait.. What are you doing..?" She panted, pressing her hand on his shoulder to catch his attention.

He hummed in acknowledgement, the vibrations shuddering against her peaked nipple that he flicked back and forth from over her shirt, and Soldier tilted his head up so he could meet her gaze while circling the bud with the tip of his tongue.

"Mmm, making you feel good."

"W-we should stop.." Her head was fuzzy, especially since he wouldn't stop pressing kisses against her breast, already switching to her neglected nipple.

"Why?" Soldier asked, now grazing his teeth against the soft flesh of her breast, kissing her from over her shirt. "You're so close..."

Her face flushed with embarrassment- because how the hell could he tell she was so fucking close to peaking that it was ridiculous?

She abruptly stilled her hips, which she hadn't realized had picked up their tempo in grinding against his, and Darcy tried to sound convincing.

"We- we hardly know eachother."

('And you're with Hydra.')

Bucky hummed his disapproval, but he removed his mouth a few inches from her breast, a child like frown on his face.

"But I want to see you cum."

God! When he says it like that, it made Darcy want to throw all sense out of the window.

Bashfully, she hid her face in the crook of her elbow so the Winter Soldier wouldn't be able to see how red her cheeks turned from his bold admission. Because if he thought he wanted to see her cum badly, well she wanted to cum even worst.

Even if that meant letting a man who's name she didn't even know get her off.

"Ughhhh... Godddd, just do it." Darcy groaned in a pained whimper, and Soldier didn't need to be told twice as his left hand gripped a hold of underneath one of her thighs, lifting it up higher around his waist so he could grind his hard cock against her core at a better angle.

Bucky chucked as his mouth latched to her nipple once again from through her top, sucking the damp fabric as he slowly rocked his hips into her persistently.

"Please.." Darcy gasped as Bucky slid his flesh hand underneath her top, squeezing greedily at her sides as he mapped her frame out with his fingertips.

His hand inched up her torso until his fingertips brushed the underside of her breast.

"Please what?" Winter Soldier teased, enjoying every breathy pant she released.

Darcy clenched her teeth together to refrain from crying out when she felt two fingers pinching her nipple while his mouth nipped and sucked the other from over her shirt.

"Pleaseeee, touch me!"

"I am touching you, doll." His voice was laced with amusement as he finally pushed her shirt up, not pulling it over her head, but enough to cause her breasts to spill out.

Bucky licked his lips, eyes glued to her flushed chest, pink erect nipples that were hardening even further from the cold air. He groaned, "God, Darce."

"Touch me," Darcy repeated, grinding her cunt against his crotch as she slid her left hand between their bodies to unbutton her pants. "..down here."

Winter Soldier had on a grin that let Darcy know she wouldn't be getting what she wanted, and Soldier gently grasped her wrist, pulling it away.

"Why should I?" He asked, his tone filled with confidence, dipping his head down to press a kiss in the valley of her breast, before peeking up at her flushed expression. "I can make you cum just like this."

His lips latched onto her right nipple, and Bucky groaned in pleasure as he tasted her delectable skin for the first time, running his tongue in circles around the erect bud. Darcy's jaw dropped open when she felt Soldier begin to suck, and she curled her toes into her feet.

"Please.." Darcy was begging without even realizing it, running her hand over Soldiers back. She was really starting to wish they'd taken their clothes off. Then again, she shouldn't be letting him do this to her in the first place.

And again. Yet here she was, begging for the Winter Soldier to make her cum. "Soldier, I'm so close..."

"I know, Darce.." Bucky was smiling against her breast, and he grabbed her other thigh to lift higher around his waist, grinding into her harder now, feeling his own arising orgasm coming. Fuck, he was close too, and it was entirely because of the way she panted and moaned for his touch.

"God, I bet you feel so good.."

"Put it inn-nn-nnn!" Darcy whined as he picked up the pace, hips moving in tight circles as he rested his right elbow by the side of her head, his eyes clenched shut in his own pleasure as Bucky rubbed his crotch against her, tilting his head to place a quick peck on her lips.

"Nnnhh... no, sweetheart. I can't. Not yet. Soon."

Winter Soldier brought his lips back to her nipples, unable to keep himself away as he lewdly squeezed her breasts together, suckling both of the sensitive pink nubs at the same time.

Darcy wrapped her thighs around Bucky's waist, gasping as she arched against him, practically clinging to his body as her orgasm hit while he suckled her breast, hard.

"Soldier- I'm..!"

"Good," Winter Soldier whispered his praise into her ear, his hips slowling their rocking, though not coming to a complete stop as the woman he knew he was in love with clung to him for dear life as she came.

"God, Darcy, I.." He sucked in a sharp breath of air, hanging his head low as his orgasm ran down his spine, cumming in his pants like a fucking teenager without any control. This girl would be the death of him.

"Mmmmm.." Her head rolled back into the pillow as she sunk into the mattress, lifeless as her orgasm washed away.

Bucky brushed his lips against her chin, tugging her shirt back down so it would cover her breasts from the chilly air.

With a satisfied sigh, Soldier rolled to the side of Darcy, laying down next to her on the bed. She brought both of her hands to her red cheeks, covering her face in embarrassment.

"So. That happened."

Bucky chuckled, wrapping his arm around her waist and bringing her closer to him as he told her affectionately, "Go to sleep, Darcy."

"...Will you be here when I wake up?"

Soldier paused, his metal palm rubbing circles into her hip. "Most likely not. Training begins early in the morning."

He could feel her shoulders sag in defeat as she said in a disappointed voice, "Oh.."

"I'm sorry. If I had the choice, I would spend the rest of my life right here, you in my arms." Winter Soldier pressed a kiss right below her ear, and Darcy shivered with pleasant surprise.

"Can you wake me up before you leave?"

Bucky paused, wondering quietly to himself if the poor thing thought he would leave her and not return. He squeezed her hip comfortingly.

"Anything you want, doll."



Darcy groaned when she felt a hand gently shake her shoulder, waking her up from her deep slumber. She was surprised she managed to fall asleep so quickly the night before, although it wasn't that surprising since she had the Winter Soldier's protective embrace keeping her safe the whole time.

"I'm leaving now. I will try to stop by if I have a moment inbetween sessions, but don't get your hopes up. I'll be back tonight, and then we can figure out how we're getting you out of here. You listening?"

"Mmhmm.." Darcy groaned groggily, rubbing her sleepy eyelids. It was too early to argue with Winter Soldier and let him know she's not leaving anywhere without him, so she settled for turning on her back and watching him head to the door.

She didn't want him to leave yet.

"Kiss?" She asked sleepily.

Bucky froze, already at the door, but he turned back around to head towards his bed, leaning down and giving his girl the kiss she so cutely asked him for.

He smiled when she tried to kiss him back, still too sleepy to fully do so, and he pulled away when he was sure Darcy had already fallen back asleep.

It was only when he began heading towards the door again when he heard her whisper in her sleep, "..don't.. forget me."

He froze, glancing over his shoulder just to double check and see if she was asleep. Darcy let out an unflattering snore, though it only made Bucky want to lay back down and sleep with her once again.

However, he had a job to do. And if he wanted to protect Darcy, then he would need to follow his orders.

Still, with his hand on the doorknob, Bucky promised his girl gently, "I won't."

And this time, he was determined to keep his promise.

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