untitled chitney

rated pg at most

multi chapter

Set after second season

Summary: Maybe Chloe and Whitney aren't in the Superman comics, but they have to have some kinda history. I think they are gonna have a history together.

"Hey, Chloe," Whitney said as he dropped himself heavily into a chair across from Chloe "What are you doing here? Doesn't the final issue of the Torch come out tomorrow?"

"Is it scary?" Chloe asked suddenly, like she hadn't heard Whitney at all.

"Graduation?" He replied, earning an affirming nod from Chloe. "As hell," he answered.

"You knew where you were going as soon as school was over. You were lucky." Chloe said dejectedly.

"First of all, you KNOW life wasn't all peaches and cream for me after graduation, especially once you found me at the dam and climbed up there with me." Whitney trailed off, both of them knowing where he was going. "Also, you DO know where you're going. I hear you've been accepted to UNY and if I know you like I think I do, you'll find plenty of mysteries in New York. I think you're going to be fine, Chloe." Whitney reminded Chloe of all she was capable of, including reaching him when he thought he was unreachable after his Dad died a few years back.

"I know I can handle Metropolis, because I grew up there. What do I really know about New York?" Chloe voiced her worries.

"The Planet is the biggest paper in Kansas. With three years of interning there, plus all the work you've done on the Torch, papers will be knocking over each other to get to you. Just watch, young grasshopper." Whitney said, trying to joke Chloe into a better mood.

"Well," Chloe smiled "They might not like it if the last issue of the paper with me as editor-in-chief never made it to the printer." Chloe picked up her shoulder bag and cast her gaze on Whitney. "You coming to graduation on Wednesday?"

"Can't. I've only got a two week leave and it's up tomorrow." Whitney answered, standing to get a refill. "But I know whatever path you choose; you will make it your own." He finished, putting his arm around her shoulder and squeezing it in reassurance.

"And you be careful out in the wild frontier. I may even be able to write a book about you one day!" As they walked towards the front of the building. "I'll pray for you." Chloe said.

"Same here. Good luck, Sullivan." Whitney replied.

"Luck? Who needs luck?" Chloe said, tossing another grin at Whitney as they parted ways at the counter.

~end part one