Author's note: Those of you following me because of the Turnabout Ever After series, I'll tell you right now, this story has nothing to do with it. This is just an idea I had the other day for a cute JustiCykes story that I just couldn't pass up on writing. I'll be hard at work finishing Turnabout Delivery for awhile still, but I won't let this one fade into obscurity.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!

"Athena, knock it off! We're in the middle of an investigation!" Cried a man wearing a hefty red winter coat as he brushed the snow from his hair. He shot a glare at his yellow clad co-worker, who had just lobbed a snowball at him.

The cheery girl smiled at him as she flashed a peace sign. "Oh, lighten up, Apollo! We've got this case in the bag!" She rolled another snowball up and tossed it at her companion, who just narrowly dodged it.

"Athena, seriously. We need to get back to work. I know it may seem like we've got everything we need, but it never hurts to be careful." The man said as he walked towards his junior partner.

Athena sighed. "Apollo, we're up against GASPEN PAYNE. The Judge may as well just declare Jacques not guilty now!"

Apollo sighed as his signature horns drooped forward on his head. "You're way to laid back."

Athena gave the man a playful punch in the arm. "I think you're just not laid back enough. Loosen up a bit, or you'll be as boring as the boss in no time!"

Apollo sighed again and looked at his co-worker. "How are you not freezing? What about the words 'snowy mountain' made you think you should wear your courtroom clothes?"

Athena balled her hand into a fist and punched into her open palm. "My youthful energy gives me all the warmth I need!"

"Whatever you say, Tiger." Apollo said he began walking away. "C'mon, let's get back to the village."

"Ugh!" Athena groaned. "Fine, killjoy." With that, the two began the long walk back to the village at the base of the mountain, when suddenly…

"W-whoaaaaaa!" Apollo cried as he struggled to keep his balance.

"E-earthquake!" Athena exclaimed as she stumbled forward and grabbed onto her companion. Apollo responded by wrapping his arms around the girl.

"Hang onto me, Athena!"

The quake lasted only a few more seconds before finally dying down. The two slowly separated.

"S-sorry for grabbing you so suddenly, Apollo. I lost my balance." The woman said as she pulled away from her friend.

Apollo shook his head. "It's fine. Better you hold onto me than get sent rolling down the mountain."

"Hehe, yeah. Good point." Athena giggled as a blush came across her face. Suddenly, her ears picked up on something. "Huh? Hey, Apollo, did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Apollo asked confusedly.

"I… can't describe, but I could have sworn…" She trailed off as she looked around them. Suddenly, her eyes widened and she grabbed Apollo's before running forward in a full sprint.

"A-Athena! What's going on!?" Apollo asked as he struggled to keep up with her.

"I-it's an avalanche!"

Apollo glanced and behind them, and true to Athena's word, a large wall of snow was now barreling at them. He nearly screamed but instead put all his effort toward running forward.

"AH!" Athena cried and then suddenly fell to the ground.

"Athena!" Apollo cried before rushing to the girl's side. "What's wrong!? We have to keep moving!"

"M-m-my ankle. It hurts, Apollo. I think I twisted it." Athena said as she gripped her ankle.

Apollo glanced at the wall of snow barreling toward then back to Athena.

"Apollo, j-just go. You can't get caught in this too!" Athena begged.

Apollo shook his head angrily. "Not a chance! We're both getting out of here!" Without waiting for a response, he scooped the girl up in his and continued running.

"Apollo, you can't make it carrying me! Just leave me behind."

"It's not happening, Athena!" Apollo said as he continued to run full speed. He had no idea where he was going; he just knew he couldn't stop moving.

Athena, her arms wrapped around his neck as he carried her looked behind them. Without a doubt, the snow would reach them very shortly. She looked forward to see where Apollo was headed. In front of them, set into the side of a large rock face was a cavern, maybe the size medium sized bedroom. "Apollo, we're not gonna make it!"

"Yes we are! Just hang on!" Apollo cried as he continued to sprint.

A few more seconds passed and the snow was practically nipping at their heels. They were still a few feet from the cavern.


Finally the snow caught them and Apollo fell forward but managed to turn himself at the last moment so that he avoided crushing Athena.