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In the end, Harry randomly picks a doorstep to sleep on. Violence was less likely to occur right in the street, and he had his invisibility cloak anyway.

The door was even warm. Slightly.

He just needed a nap.

He'd get up.

In a bit.

The next morning Sally Donovan tripped over an invisible child.

Scratch that, half-invisible child at this point – no, more importantly, child. Why was there a child on her doorstep?

The kid was still relatively clean, though on the skinny side. Either lost or a recent runaway then. She's not even going to start on the invisibility thing – it made her head hurt.

It was impossible. She should go, she had work. She was never the maternal type anyway. Someone else should deal with this.

But – shoot, she tripped over him. Was he hurt? Scared? Abused? She was in the homicide division for Pete's sake, not social services. It was too early for this.

Still…the least she could do is bring him to the station where he could get help.

Sally slipped one arm under his neck and the other behind his legs. After a moment, she grabbed the invisibility thing as well and resigned herself to Sherlock's involvement; there was no way he wouldn't catch wind of this.

With that, she headed off to work. The kid didn't even stir. She'd feel so much better about all this if the kid wasn't so damn light.

"Morning Donova – that. That's the kid! From the bomber case!"

"What, him?"

Sally glances at the boy she was about to drop off at Child Services, then did a double take. Distinctive scar over right brow, 12-14 years of age. Taken to the hospital to be treated for trauma, disappeared before they could get his identification. No matches to any reported missing children.

Shit, how did she miss this?

"I stumbled over him on my doorstep, Lestrade. Looks like the streets didn't agree with him."

Lestrade gave a grim smile. "It rarely does," he noted. "Set him down on the chairs over there, we can question him when he wakes up."

Sally quirked a brow. "Didn't seem like he wanted to answer the first time. Which reminds me," she pauses as she deposits a shimmery cloth on his desk, "I think we're dealing with something much bigger here."

"Bigger than a criminal mastermind who goes on a bombing spree to get attention?"

"Unless that psychopath also had access to some sort of high grade stealth technologies, then yes. Take a look at this." Sally pinches a corner of the fabric between her thumb and forefinger and drapes it across her other hand. It disappears.

There's no bloody stump of harm, no cry of pain. Lestrade pokes at the space where her hand rested and encounters resistance. Sally then removes the cloth from her hand, and it reappears.

"Blimey…where did you find this?"

"I found it on the child, sir. He was using it as a blanket at the time, though since his entire body was covered I believe he knows about the properties of the technology."

"You think there's a reason he was involved in the bombing plot? All the other victims were more or less picked off the street."

"But you heard the other kid's testimony, he was switched in. He volunteered to be switched in. Kids his age don't normally do that, not many adults in his position would do that either."

"So why was he there then?" They both turn towards the boy. The air conditioner is always either too strong or not working in the office, and currently the room temperature was a bit chilly. Other than the furrow in his brow though, the boy appeared to be sleeping peacefully.

Lestrade blinked as a thought occurred, and glanced at her. "You know there's no way Holmes isn't going to want in on this," he stated.

Sally scowled. "Let's try to gather as much as we can first. God forbid we inflict him on the kid more than we have to."

There was nothing to be done until the kid woke up, though without the cloth he probably wouldn't run away as easily. Poor thing, to be caught in this mess. Hopefully he'd cooperate this time.

Well, time to get back to work.

Sally turned to head for her desk, when Lestrade called out, "One more thing, Donavan."

She paused. "What is it?"

Lestrade was grinning though. "'High grade stealth technologies'? Couldn't you just call it 'invisibility cloth' or something? What are we now, M16?"

Sally scowled. "Don't laugh! I know you've watched every Bond movie that's come out so far too!"

He was openly chuckling now, so Sally threw up her hands and stalked away.

She couldn't stop the corner of her mouth from twitching upwards.

Lestrade wasn't lying when he said Holmes would get involved. He just wasn't sure which one would reach him first.

When his phone rang with an unspecified number, he admitted it was a stupid question.

He picked it up on the third ring.

"What do you want." He said.

"No greeting now? My, you're becoming crass, Detective Inspector."

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