Harry and Shirou both became popular after their showing off sparring, especially among the boys.

This was not to say that they weren't popular with the girls. Oh no. Shirou now had a literal gang of girl chasing him day in and day out. He actually wanted to have Tamamo at his side, if it was only to keep the fangirls away from him.

Shirou thanked his luck that he was able to dodge the fangirls rather easily.

His luck ran out with the boys, though. The boys kept on bugging him to teach them, which he would reject politely as possible, pointing out that he needed to invest a lot of time into his personal projects. Some of the pureblood heirs -as few of them there were- tried to pry a few secrets of Shirou and Harry's magics (magecraft), but no one was successful.

Especially so when they were constantly turned towards the Mage's Association for education regarding those magics.

Sufficed to say, many purebloods and some halfbloods grew passive aggressive towards the duo upon learning of their magus heritage and education. Yes, even Harry, their savior from You-Know-Who, gained scorned for learning from the magus.

Then they -those who hadn't learned about the duo until this point- shat their pants upon learning from their parents that their adoptive father was none other than the magical boogeyman, the Magus Killer.

And thus through adoration turned confusion turned demand turned scorn turned fear, life in Hogwarts for the duo returned to normal.




They wished it had.

Harry frowned as he stared down at one Jonathan Cavendish.

He was one of his own housemates. An older student who was also the heir to the House of Cavendish. While not rich like the Malfoys, they were influential in ways that Malfoy could not be.

And the heir was using that influence against Harry and Shirou.

Jonathan Cavendish was a budding man of morals. He viewed the world in black and white. He said as much to Harry himself the second time they met. And to the Cavendish, Harry and Shirou were not supposed to be in Hogwarts, and thus were targets.

Of course, he didn't overtly do anything. He didn't spread rumors or denounce them. No. Instead of directing himself against the Emiyas, he convinced others to do it in his steady.

Potion ingredients were ruined. Homework disappeared. Spitballs were hurled. Spells were interfered. And toes were attempted to be tripped (they didn't succeed with this).

It was a proxy war.

Shirou, who had been through something similar, simply ignored them. The bullies did try more to gain Shirou's suffering, but all they got in return was a pair of blades too close to their gentials.

Harry, on the other hand, was too proud to simply report these to the professors. Something in him niggled at him to get back at them. To make them suffer tenfold for the inconveniences he unjustly progressed through. at the same time, his Emiya-complex (a mental condition one grew up with as Shirou as their older brother) told him to at least give the bullies a chance to stop before he enacted his revenge.

He discussed this with Shirou, who wanted to sic his arsenal on the bullies for daring to touch his brother, but Harry firmly told his older brother that this was his issue and thus it was he who must solve it. Shirou reluctantly agreed after Harry promised to distract Tamamo when they go back home for vacation, but with a firm promise to bring him into the matter if it got out of his hand. Harry agreed to the stipulations.

So there. He now stood before the leader of the bullies. A self-righteous dickhead who needed a little reminding.

Jonathan just stared at Harry impassively. "I've done nothing, Heir Potter."

'So that's how you want to play this?' Harry thought mentally but snorted outwardly, making his mental process pretty clear to Jonathan on the matter. Then he put on his best politician facade. "Heir Cavendish, surely you don't insult another so readily?" he asked as equally impassive.

The teen raised an eyebrow. "Oh? In what way have I insulted anyone?"

"Declaring that I haven't seen through your proxy war for one, because you're too cowardly to bully me yourself."

Jonathan glared at Harry. "Watch your mouth, Heir Potter. It seems you're the one who can't act according to his station."

"You mean neglecting and bullying others based on incomplete beliefs and facts like a radical pureblood?" Harry sniped in return. "Then I'll have to decline that post; it doesn't suit my taste nor my upbringing."

"An upbringing of a magus."

"So you do acknowledge you have something against me!"

"No. I am merely stating a fact."

"You could've also said Japanese upbringing, since that's where I grew up. It's something I announced on day one of my Hogwarts life, after all."

Jonathan didn't reply. He just kept up his glare. Harry knew, however, that Jonathan knew that he had no comeback here without looking foolish. And hence, his silence.

"...I'm surprised you didn't bring your brother into this."

Harry smiled. "I love my brother, but if I bring him here, he's more likely to turn this corridor red."

"Brutish as a magus, then."

"Oh no. If my brother was a real magus, no one would know that the corridor had been repainted in red, because the clean up would be tidy and spotless, unlike many wizards' perspective. Like yours, for example."

"A kid like you shouldn't be badmouthing their senior."

"A senior is only recognized if he acts like it. Otherwise, he's another stranger in need of education."

"You s-!" Jonathan reached for his wand, but Harry was faster. Harry's hand swiped into his robes, and pulled out his mystic code. Then in the same motion, he placed the code right above Cavendish's groin.

Harry would've placed it on the teen's neck, but the height difference didn't allow for it.


"I may have been trained with magi, Heir Cavendish," Harry smiled a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "But I am mostly self-taught."

Jonathan sneered at Harry, and the boy had to give it to the Cavendish heir; most teen and children in his circumstance would not be sneering so easily. "Impossible-"

Harry sneered in return and chanted. "Ugarac So!"

Ugarac So. It was Kazakhi shaman ritual that requires a verbal activation. It acted similar to Reinforcement of the body, but instead of using prana, it used the od of the environment.

Harry's skin blackened and his eyes reddened.

"Is this enough for you?" he snarled.

This was enough to still the teen, and he stilled in surprise.

Harry sneered again, and kicked Jonathan away. The teen tumbled away like a tumbleweed before striking the walls of the corridor with his back. "Get out of my sight, and I'd better not be bothered again."

Jonathan quickly ran away with his tails between his legs. When he was out of sight, Harry released Ugarac So.

"You think that's enough?" he asked sheepishly at the shadows. "I may have overdone it..."

Shirou emerged with a smile on his face. "No. You did just fine. Some people need direct threats to their life to ... change their mind," he said.

"Did dad teach you that?"

Shirou hummed.

The rumor was quick to subside as did the bullying.

There were a few more independent attempts at screwing Harry up, but Harry repeated his Cavendish performance with them. Most didn't need Ugarac So to be deterred.

However, one of them squealed to McGonagall in fear, telling her everything. About Jonathan Cavendish being a ring leader behind Harry's bullying. About the "counterattack" made by Harry himself and his near ease of using weapons. About the threats thrown the bully's way.

McGonagall called up both Shirou and Harry regarding this matter, and got Dumbledore to join her.

"Now Mr. Potter, I would like for you to explain yourself as to why your response to the bullies have to be so extreme," Professor McGonagall began.

Harry stared at her for a second before grunting.

Shirou raised an eyebrow, not at the professor, but at his brother's antics.

"Were you aware of it?" Harry asked in return without answering.

"No, I was not," she replied honestly. "I may have seen some in my class act out against you -which I know now was part of Mr. Cavendish's bullying- but at the time, I had simply put it aside as boys being boys."


The confused look on his face must have amused her, because the stoic woman chuckled a little. "Boys being boys simply refer to more hands-on experience that boys undergo, Mr. Potter. I'm actually surprised, though. I've yet to see you act like a normal boy."

Harry shrugged. "It's not fun playing around. I would rather find new things and learn how to make new mystic codes."

She nodded. "But you still haven't answered my question, Mr. Potter. Can you tell me why you felt the need to respond to the bullies as you did?" she asked firmly, though there was an edge of softness.

Harry stared at her right in the eyes. He didn't do it in defiance but mere curiosity. Then he answered her. "Some people only understand force, professor. I only resorted to pulling out my Hatsukeiketsu after diplomacy failed."

"Hatsu... kaiketsu?"

"Keiketsu, Minerva. Hatsukeiketsu means new solution," Dumbledore interjected for the confused professor. "You named your mystic code?" he asked Harry.

Harry nodded before turning slightly sheepish. "I ... got a bit tired and scared of Mr. Olivander's way of finding wands, so I went and made this. So I named it for what it was: a new solution adapted instead of the old."

Dumbledore nodded slowly. "Yes, yes. I understand."

Before the flow of the conversation could digress, Professor McGonagall spoke up. "Only diplomacy? You could have told us, Mr. Potter," she asked.

Harry looked like he wanted to laugh. "Professor, would Voldemort have stopped because the Ministry told him to stop his massacres?"

That was a low blow, and Harry knew it.

"Mr. Potter, that is rude to compare Mr. Cavendish with the Dark Lord!" she chatised.

"Sorry, but I meant to say that as far as I was concerned, Jonathan didn't seem like he wanted to stop. And I certainly was not going to bribe him to stop."

Professor sighed. "I see. While you were in the wrong to pull out your wand-"

"Mystic code, my dear."

She ignored the headmaster. "-, it was largely Mr. Cavendish's fault for initiating the bullying. Just as you will be punished for your wrongdoing, he shall be punished to match his own wrongdoing."

Harry nodded. It was acceptable. "Yes, ma'am."

She nodded. "Then you will withhold the use of your wand-"

"Mystic code, my dear."

"Fine, mystic code. You will withhold the use of your mystic code outside of classroom setting for the next week. Your brother will confirm this for me," she said.

Shirou blinked but he nodded. It wasn't a harsh punishment. "I was expecting you to ... act out more, Professor," Shirou stated.

McGonagall raised an eyebrow. "Mr. Potters ... mystic code may look more threatening, but in the end, wands are equally threatening in the hands of capable men and women. Mr. Cavendish is a capable fighter in the dueling circles of Hogwarts, and technically speaking -from what I hear-, Mr. Cavendish withdrew his wand first."

"I've also noticed that you don't call the heirs of houses by their title, professor. Why is that?" Harry threw in. He couldn't resist knowing reasons behind little details like that.

McGonagall stared at Harry. "Mr. Potter, I've taught three generations of Cavendishs so far. To myself and Headmaster Dumbledore, titles are fancy little names youngsters give to themselves. Perhaps in a formal setting, we might call them by their titles, but this is Hogwarts, the neutral ground for all of Britain in these tumultuous times. Titles mean little here to the professors beyond first impressions."

AS the two Emiyas walked down the corridor after being dismissed, Harry had a thought.

"I like Professor McGonagall."

"I do too."

"She's fair and nice when we're honest. She has that ... depth? to her."

Shirou nodded. He understood what Harry was trying to convey.

Professor McGonagall, whom they haven't talked to outside of classroom settings, seemed to him as a fair teacher. She initially gave off an intense "black-and-white world observer" kind of vibe, but as they all talked more -sans headmaster-, he understood her better. The new understanding of another person tempted Shirou to take a look around with his Structural Analysis to see more, but he held back.

There were some histories people were uncomfortable and unwilling to share; he would respect that privacy.

"-rou? Shirou?"

He stopped and looked at Harry. "Yes?"

"You spaced out."

He blinked before smiling. "It's nothing, Harry. Just thinking."

"New project?"

"No, just the professor."

"... You don't like her, do you?"

"I have Tamamo to deal with, Harry. No, I don't."

"Oh, so you do admit that you like Tamamo! Wait til she hears this!"


"In control?"

"Definitely," McGonagall replied to her longtime friend's short question. "Harry does not seem like a child who would lash out easily. He'll definitely try to find a solution, alternative or mainstream, but he'll try."

Dumbledore nodded. It was the conclusion to his analysis of the youth as well. "And Shirou?"


"Odd how, Minerva?"

"I couldn't get a single read on him, Albus. It was like ... staring at a block of steel."

"Sword, my dear."

"I'm sorry?"

"Shirou's elemental affinity is sword, Minerva. It's ... expected of the boy to behave like one."

"... Then shouldn't he have intercepted Jonathan on Harry's behalf?"

"Harry did say he attempted diplomacy first. He may have asked Shriou to not do so."

"I see. That is definitely a possibility."

Dumbledore puffed out a ring of smoke.

She raised an eyebrow.

He chuckled. "Trying new things, dear. I'm still young."

"Says the fifth oldest wizard in Europe."

"Fourth, my dear."

"It doesn't help your case."

"Oh... maybe it does."

"I'm done here."

Life returned to normal.

Jonathan Cavendish was punished for not only organizing students to bully another, but on pulling out his wand first. His parents were also notified, though the identity of the victim was not released to them.

They found out anyway.

The howler that arrived on December 8th, 2007 was recorded in the History of Hogwarts as one of the most thorough tongue lashing that the studnet populace had the pleasure of hearing not because of its volume but because of the verbal ingenuity behind it. Though the student body would not know until a few decades later, the contents and the speech pattern used in the Howler of December 8th, 2007 would be used in future politics classes as one of the masterpieces of speech.

But to discuss the details of such future event would digress from the story.

Harry cared little.

While the Howler of December 8th, 2007 rattled on while the Heir of the Cavendish tried to sink into the ground, Harry simply read more of the Obscure Tome for both pleasure and learning.

Today, he was reading about the magical humanoid races of Earth...

Capable of turning into flaming birds when enraged, Veelas are the only possessor of magical transformation at will. Numbering less than tenth of a percent of the total population of the planet, the Veelas are beautiful to all humans for their golden hair and smooth skin. They are proud women, since there are no male veelas. The furthest record of Veela's existence goes back to 3,440 B.C., where a manuscript descrbing a veela was found in modern day Syria.

Wizard and witchkin
Most numerous among the magical humanoids, wizards and witches are all over the globe with their own ethnicity and culture. Because of this, it is very easy to distinguish a wizard or witch from the rest of the mundane populace. Most of time, they haven't been trained properly in the social ettiquette of the modern world, and will stand out. Though they are the weakest of the magical humanoids, they are also the most creative, and many magical humanoids find their origin from the wizards and witches.

The least populace of the magical humanoids, magi have been described by all as "cold hearted bastards." This is not far off the mark as most magi are too lost in their pursuit of the "Root," the origin of all knowledge, sentience, and life. While wizards and witches are the most creative, magus are the most logical and engineer-like of all magical humanoids. They study years to understand the laws of magic like the science-major students in mundane universities, and applies their knowledge to their magecraft. Unfortunately for them, their pursuit has also decreased their libido, and the magus population shrinks to this day.

The tiniest of all magical humanoids, the dwarves are lover of rocks, minerals, and metals. But this is not because of some sort of greed or lust. Dwarves posses Mystical Eyes of Materials, which allows them to see an object down to its true depth. This the reason why dwarves hate human made goods; they see all of the flaws and can't be helped but feel disgusted by them.

Technically speaking, mer, goblin, and dryad are part of the fairies. They are born of nature spirits that have discarded their elemental form in favor of the solid form. However, they have forgotten their own history and ancestors. Today, they are nothin but a shadow of their former selves. Please do not confuse this term with the magi's "fairy," which refers to non-sentient, prana-deprieved, and ever hungry tiny fairies. Those are closer to magical insects than not.

The biggest and the strongest. The giants of Earth may have their origin from mundane humans, but they are not among them anymore. Giants are possessors of three specific characteristics: extreme height, magic-resistant skin, and less than average intellect. That's it. If you meet those three criteria, you are a giant.

There are two kinds of werewolves. The cursed and the chosen. The cursed are those who become werewolves because they were bit by a feral werewolf, which is a magical disease that "viralizes" a werewolf's bodily fluid to be infectious. Kind of like prions. Chosen werewolves, on the other hand, are those who became werewolves by choice. They undergo multiple rituals to become a werewolf, which is half as magically resistant as a giant but stronger than normal human. A chosen werewolf is sane, and therefore can use magic. In the past, there were battlesworn chosens who lept into battle like berserks and laid wastes to entire portions of an army by themselves. They are far and few between now, though.

True Ancestors
They may wear the skin of men and women, but they are not human. They are only classified as humanoid because that is what they appear to be most of them. True Ancestors, or as we know it, the origin of all things vampirical, are the product of Type Moon, an entity that represents the Moon itself. They crave human blood. They are magically classified as "supreme elemental" by wizard and witchkin because they can essentially impose their will upon the world to twist reality to fit their perspective of the world.

No one knows where they came from. A leviathan passingly once told its worshippers that it came from the stars long before this world was even formed, but such a statement is debatable at the moment. What is known about the leviathan is that their human form is "optional." Though they are appear to be human when they appear before humanoids, in truth, their true form is akin to a giant sea snake with scales that rival mountains in size. They can become immaterial and material at will. Yet despite all of their power, leviathans are happy to leave the world alone, and often interfere with each other's attempt to influence or act upon the world. Leviathans' magical potential has not been measured or observed, but they are estimated to be as capable as True Ancestors.