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There will be a time skip eventually, but it won't be the seventeen-month time skip. I will have a few events take place in between then and now, which will be important for Ichigo developing his powers. After that though, we will get to the Fullbringer arc and I have a nice twist for how things will go. I am certain no one will see it coming, as it nearly borders on incredulity, but that is why I am showing the emotional build up in Ichigo now, as it will be a key factor, for the reason behind his actions.

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'Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou talking'

"Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou thinking"



Chapter 3 – Dinner and a… school

Ichigo had just entered his home, when Yuzu popped her head out of the kitchen.

'Big brother, what are you doing here?' Asked Yuzu.

'Um… I live here?' Replied Ichigo, taken aback at Yuzu's question.

Yuzu gave a small pout at this.

"Now how are we supposed to do this with Ichigo here? It won't be a surprise at this rate." Thought Yuzu sourly.

'I'm just going to go take a nap for now Yuzu. I'm feeling a little tired is all.' Added Ichigo, before walking past Yuzu and heading for the stairs.

'Okay then. Do you need anything?' Asked Yuzu quickly.

'No, I'll be fine.' Said Ichigo, before climbing the stairs to his room.

"Well, I guess this is okay for now." Thought Yuzu in relief, before heading back to the kitchen for meal prep.

-line break-

"Another way to help… is there really something I can do… then again, by the end of the whole Aizen mess, Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro had started to become spiritually aware, but they couldn't actually do anything." Thought Ichigo.

Ichigo closed his eyes as rested his arms behind his head, trying to get some rest, only to find his thoughts bouncing around what Candice had said.

"Is there really something I can do?" Questioned Ichigo, before falling into a slumber.

-line break-

'Of course you can't do anything, Ichigo. You gave everything to stop me, remember? Even if you failed.' Said Sosuke Aizen, his form after his final transformation appearing in front of Ichigo, who was standing in an empty space, surrounded by darkness.

'It was foolish for a human such as you, to get involved in soul manners in the first place.' Added Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, as he replaced Aizen's figure.

'You fought your hardest and lost yourself, don't you think you should quit while you are still alive?' Questioned Ulquiorra, as he replaced Yamamoto.

'We told you what would happen if you went through with it, Ichigo, you just need to live with it now.' Said the combined Bankai form of Zangetsu, as he switched with Ulquiorra.

'You shouldn't have meddled with supernatural problems in the first place, Ichigo. That is a job for a Quincy after all.' Said Uryuu, as Zangetsu faded away.

'You are a human. You might have been a Shinigami, but you're not anymore.' Said Uryuu.

'You always protected us Ichigo, but leave things to us now, you've done enough.' Said Chad, as he appeared to Uryuu's left.

'Ichigo, you're free now, you shouldn't keep dwelling on the past. It will only hurt you, like it hurt my brother. You need to move on, Ichigo.' Said Orihime, appearing to Uryuu's right.

Suddenly, Ichigo's three friends wavered slightly, before each was revealed badly injured. Chad's arm was torn off at the shoulder, Uryuu had a blade stabbed through his gut and Orihime was bleeding heavily from her head.

Ichigo jolted from the bed, sitting up suddenly. Ichigo looked around, noticing the sun was close to setting now and realised some time had passed since he took his nap.

'Ichigo, if you want to do something, like really want to, you just have to set your mind to it and keep trying.'

Ichigo frowned, as he recalled Candice's words.

"But how?" Thought Ichigo, with a hint of annoyance.

"I can't just will them back, can I?" Pondered Ichigo.

'Knock, knock, Ichigo, hope you aren't doing anything naughty in there because I'm coming in.' Said a voice Ichigo recognised, but was surprised to hear in his house.

'What the hell are you doing in my room? This takes stalking to a whole new level!' Shouted Ichigo, as Bambietta entered his room. She was wearing a thin black top, with sleeves just past her shoulders and a pleated black skirt to match.

'Oh please, don't flatter yourself, your sister sent me up here to get you.' Said Bambietta, as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Ichigo's expression shifted into one of confusion, which intensified when he saw what Bambietta was wearing.

'Why are you here anyway? What's with the clothes?' Asked Ichigo.

'I'm here because Yuzu invited Candice and me for dinner. As for the clothes… people wear them, you know. Of course, people take them off too, if you were wondering.' Said Bambietta, with a wink, which caused Ichigo to lean back slightly.

'You're acting weird.' Said Ichigo, as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

'You've known me for about twenty-four hours, I don't think you can decide what is and isn't weird for me.' Scoffed Bambietta.

'No that's more like you, witty and sharp tongued.' Retorted Ichigo.

'My tongue isn't sharp at all, in fact, it is rather smooth, want to see?' Suggested Bambietta.

'And now you're acting odd again.' Said Ichigo.

'Please, don't flatter yourself. I doubt you could ever hope to understand all of me, let alone in twenty-four hours. In any case, come down when you're ready, Yuzu is almost done.' Said Bambietta, before giving a quick turn of the heel and leaving.

Ichigo sat there for a moment, as when Bambietta had turned, her skirt had briefly rose before she left, causing Ichigo to see that her underwear was also black… and lacy.

"First that dream… now this… things are getting too weird for me… then again, that's a load, considering the stuff I was involved with on a daily basis…" Thought Ichigo dryly.

With a quick sigh, Ichigo got up from the bed and opened his door, before heading downstairs. As he made his way down, he popped his head into the kitchen and saw something he definitely did not see normally. For one thing, Yuzu never wore lime green short shorts. For another, her posterior was nowhere near as developed as the one he was currently getting an eyeful of.

'Well don't just stare strawberry, hand me that plate next to you.' Ordered Candice, getting Ichigo to jump in shock, before grabbing the plate on the counter and walking over to Candice.

'Alright, put it down on the table for me.' Said Candice, before she straightened herself out and emerged with a cake tin from the oven, held between two orange oven mitts.

Candice quickly flipped the cake tin upside down onto the plate, before deftly raising the cake tin and revealing an unblemished sponge cake.

'Perfect, now all I need is strawberries.' Cheered Candice, taking off the oven mitts.

'I'm not a strawberry.' Muttered Ichigo tiredly.

'Oh, I know you aren't strawberry, but I meant actual strawberries in this case.' Teased Candice, before heading to the fridge and pulling out a small punnet of strawberries.

'Oh.' Said Ichigo in realisation, causing Candice to hold in her laughter.

'Yeah, oh. As much of a strawberry as you might be, you wouldn't make for a good strawberry sponge cake.' Joked Candice.

'Whatever. Where's Yuzu though?' Asked Ichigo curiously.

'Oh, she's just getting everything ready. All the food is ready, I just need a minute or two to finish the cake.' Said Candice.

'Um, I'm no chef, but isn't it going to take more than a minute, to make this into a cake?' Asked Ichigo in confusion.

'Nope, a minute is all I need.' Said Candice, before she grabbed a long knife and expertly cut the sponge cake into two and separated the two pieces. Candice then grabbed a small bowl of whipped cream, which had a white spatula embedded in it, which she used to quickly coat the inside of both cakes in seconds, causing Ichigo to look on in surprise. She then grabbed the strawberries which had been previously cut into halves already and layered them on one of the cakes, before placing the other one on top. She then grabbed the cream again and layered the top of the cake with it, before placing strawberries around the cake in a circular manner, leading into the centre.

'See, a minute.' Said Candice smugly, as Ichigo now held an expression of shock, stunned at how quickly the green haired girl had assembled the cake.

'Hmm, I even have a bit of cream and two strawberry halves left over… it would be a shame to waste them though.' Said Candice, before grabbing one of the halves and dipping it into half of the remaining cream, before slowly bringing it to her lips and giving it a soft lick, before pushing the sweet into her pursed lips, leaving cream along her lips.

'Mmm, yummy, I do like my strawberries after all.' Said Candice, with a wink, as she licked her lips of the cream, which had been left there by her treat.

Ichigo blushed, at both Candice's actions and her words, before leaning back slightly, as a cream covered strawberry was put in front of him.

'Here, you can have the other half, say ah.' Said Candice.

'What? I don't want that thing.' Spluttered Ichigo.

'Relax, it isn't cannibalism, you're not a real strawberry after all.' Teased Candice.

'I'm not a strawberry at all.' Retorted Ichigo, only to find a strawberry shoved into his mouth.

'Well, now you have one inside you, so I guess you are.' Laughed Candice.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes slightly, before chewing the sweet treat.

'Hmm, that's not good, you left some cream behind.' Lamented Candice, as she looked at her index finger.

'Here, finish what you started.' Commanded Candice, as she held her finger out to Ichigo.

'I'm not licking cream off your finger.' Said Ichigo, with an unamused expression.

'Fine, fine.' Said Candice, before slowly licking her finger, before popping it into her mouth and sucking on it, before pulling it out and giving Ichigo a smile.

'Your loss, my gain.' Winked Candice.

'I'm going to see if Yuzu needs any help.' Said Ichigo, unable to remain in Candice's teasing clutches any longer.

As Candice watched Ichigo leave, she smirked and gave herself a mental, self-satisfied pat on the back.

"Heh, good luck Bambi, I've got strawberry right where I want him." Thought Candice, as she gave her finger another lick.

-line break-

Dinner proved to be a rather interesting affair. While Bambietta had gone with black, Candice went with green, which made for stark contrast between the two.

'Isn't it funny Karin? They're like older versions of us.' Said Yuzu, from across Candice.

Karin spared a look at Bambietta, who was sporting a fairly blank expression.

'I don't see it.' Said Karin, unknowingly mirroring Bambietta's expression.

Ichigo twitched a little.

"I… do not have a sister complex, this is pure coincidence." Thought Ichigo, as he too noticed a lot of similarities between his new neighbours and his sisters, now that all four were right in front of him.

Even their personalities were somewhat analogous… but neither of his sisters were… suggestive, like the two older women… Ichigo really hoped it stayed that way too.

'That's because she is like Bambi after all, isn't that right Yuzu? You and I can see the truth, can't we?' Added Candice in amusement, getting a nod from the happier Kurosaki girl.

'So, does that mean Ichigo is going to grow up to be like the old man?' Questioned Karin, as the two Kurosaki males were seated at opposite ends of the table.

The group of six had clustered around their normal table, but had added seats at either end, for the two Kurosaki men, allowing the girls to seat in the usual seats at the table.

'Not likely.' Muttered Ichigo, despite the fact that in a sense, he did in fact grow up to be like Isshin in one way.

'Ah, if only Ichigo had the fortunate luck of becoming like his old man, instead, he is a woeful delinquent who goes around beating up gangs.' Lamented Isshin, in an exaggerated manner.

'What the hell are you talking about old man? They come looking for me, not the other way around.' Said Ichigo.

'Yep, he has a point, I was with him today and they really aren't that bright.' Added Candice, getting Yuzu to look at her in surprise.

'You didn't get involved did you? It's dangerous.' Gasped Yuzu, while Karin gave a small snort.

'Involved, she took out the first group all by herself.' Muttered Ichigo, but still loud enough for everyone to hear.

'Yep, don't worry about Bambi and me, we can take care of ourselves after all.' Said Candice, with a smirk.

'So what are you two doing here anyway?' Asked Karin, now marginally more interested in the two.

'Oh, just moved here for our studies, our father wanted us to meet new people and explore the world outside our little bubble.' Said Candice.

'Really?' Asked Karin, with a hint of disappointment.

'Pretty much.' Said Candice.

The conversation lulled at that point, as the group finished their meals. After Yuzu left to clean up, Candice joined her, leaving the three dark haired people and single head of orange at the table.

'So, are you any good at fighting or something?' Asked Karin, looking at Bambietta.

'Good? No. I'm better than good.' Smirked Bambietta.

'Really? Out of the two of you, which one of you is stronger?' Asked Karin.

'Me of course. Candi isn't too far behind though; she just cares for her hair too much to get down and dirty.' Said Bambietta.

'Because I take the time to make my hair look good and I'm not about to let someone just mess it up!' Shouted Candice, from the kitchen.

'And that's why I'm the stronger one.' Concluded Bambietta, with a smirk.

'Whatever, at least I can cook. Fighting isn't going to feed you when you are hungry.' Said Candice, as she came back with Yuzu, Candice holding the strawberry shortcake and Yuzu the plates and cutlery.

'Strawberries, good choice.' Chortled Bambietta, as she spared a glance at Ichigo.

'I thought so too.' Laughed Candice.

Ichigo just groaned softly.

'Alright strawberry, we'll ease up on the jokes for now.' Said Bambietta, with a smirk.

As everyone started to eat a slice of cake, Candice gave a self-satisfied grin when she saw everyone liked it.

'You're falling further and further behind Bambi.' Whispered Candice to her fellow Quincy teasingly.

Bambi briefly gave Candice a dirty look, before putting on a fake smile.

'You'll see.' Whispered Bambietta chirpily.

'So are either of you any good at sports?' Asked Karin, pausing as her cake was half eaten.

'Eh, sports aren't really my thing.' Said Candice airily.

'Which one, I'm a master at all.' Said Bambietta confidently, getting Candice to look at her funnily.

'Since when?' Asked Candice in disbelief.

'Since always. Any ball sport is my sport.' Quipped Bambietta.

'So are you good at soccer then?' Asked Karin, with a little bit more energy than before.

'Of course, I'm an unstoppable keeper, but I can play other positions if I need to.' Said Bambietta proudly.

'Want to test that out?' Asked Karin challengingly.

'Karin! We invited them over for dinner, not to play soccer.' Chided Yuzu.

'It's fine, I mean, we do live next door, so I can easily get a change of clothes. Besides, Candice got to show off with her baking, it's only fair I get to show my skills as well.' Said Bambietta happily, causing Karin to smirk.

'You won't be saying that when you can't stop a single shot.' Declared Karin cockily.

'We'll see.' Smirked Bambietta.

After they had finished eating, Bambietta excused herself to get more appropriate clothing for a bit of soccer and Candice followed her as well.

'Bambi, are you feeling okay? You've never played any type of sport in your life.' Said Candice, as she sat on Bambietta's bed, while the girl in question was rummaging through her clothes.

'Did you forget that we are superhuman? Anything they can do, we can do better.' Said Bambietta confidently, as she pulled out a pair of white shorts and a sleeveless white shirt.

'Yeah, I don't think that is the case. We have more power and our reflexes would be sharper, but I don't think that makes us athletes all of a sudden.' Said Candice uncertainly.

'Well, maybe you aren't, considering how much you hate getting dirty, but I'm sure I can handle myself.' Said Bambietta confidently, as she dropped her clothes on the bed and started to undress.

'…since when do you wear black lace… since when did you have black lace?' Asked Candice in surprise, seeing Bambietta's undergarments.

'Since always. Just because I wear a lot of white, doesn't mean I don't have other things I can wear.' Said Bambi, throwing her bra at Candice, who grabbed it and examined it.

'This is really high quality though… why on earth do you even have this?' Asked Candi, seeing Bambi slip her top on.

'For occasions like today.' Said Bambietta, with a laugh, before pulling on her shorts.

'I see, so this is how you're trying to grab Ichigo's focus… too bad I'm already doing the same thing, you just can't compete with this.' Said Candice in faux sadness, gesturing to herself.

'I'm not, this is just an extra, to show that your main talent isn't exclusive. I'll admit the baking thing threw me off, but I'm much more athletic than you and Ichigo seems to be more like Karin in personality anyway. That being said, I think he started to notice a few similarities between the four of us.' Said Bambietta in amusement, as she and Candice made their way downstairs.

'Yeah, didn't expect you to be right about the sister complex though… maybe you should have brought Liltotto instead.' Joked Candice.

'Please, that glutton would fail miserably.' Scoffed Bambietta, as the two made their way back to the Kurosaki residence.

Ichigo, Yuzu and Isshin were all standing off to the side, while Karin was standing in their driveway, holding a soccer ball against her hip.

'Ready to get humiliated?' Asked Karin confidently.

'Only if you are.' Retorted Bambietta, with a smirk.

'Well, I'll go over there for now, good luck Bambi.' Said Candice, before walking over to the other three Kurosakis.

'I don't need luck.' Said Bambietta confidently.

'Alright then, how small do you want the goal to be, you know, so you have a chance of saving at least one shot?' Taunted Karin.

'How about the entire driveway, don't want to make this too easy for me.' Said Bambietta.

'Are you sure, that's practically the same size as an actual goal?' Asked Karin, with a hint of surprise in her tone.

'I'm sure it'll be fine, no matter the size, you won't get anything past me.' Declared Bambietta.

Karin matched Bambietta's confident gaze and placed the ball ten metres away from the goal.

'Ready?' Asked Karin.

'Give it your best shot.' Retorted Bambietta.

Karin looked at Bambi and saw her stance looked a bit too relaxed, so she aimed the ball off to the right, expecting Bambietta to not be able to react fast enough to stop it. Therefore, she was understandably shocked when Bambietta had seen the kick coming before Karin had even hit the ball and quickly moved into position and caught the ball between her two hands.

'Better luck next time.' Said Bambietta, throwing the ball back to Karin.

Karin caught the ball and set it down, before noticing Bambietta's cocky smirk.

"In that case." Thought Karin excitedly, before launching the ball high up to the left.

Once again, Bambietta saw the kick coming, leapt at the ball and caught in mid-air by somersaulting, before landing comfortably on her feet.

'Nice try, but too easy.' Said Bambietta, throwing the ball back to Karin once again.

The process repeated itself for a few more kicks, with the same result, surprising the Kurosakis.

'Wow, I've never seen someone stop Karin's kicks so easily.' Commented Yuzu in awe.

'More importantly, how is Bambietta even making those higher shots, I didn't think someone that short could jump that high?' Questioned Ichigo, only for a ball to slam into his gut.

'I heard that! I'm not short! If you think you're so good then why don't you take a shot, strawberry?' Shouted Bambietta irritably.

Ichigo gave a small growl, before deciding to accept the challenge, with Karin stepping back for the moment.

Ichigo placed the ball down and stared Bambietta down with his signature scowl, only for her to smirk at him confidently.

Ichigo swung his leg back before slamming it into the ball, fully expecting it to fly over Bambietta's head, only for her to easily catch it, with one hand.

'How disappointing, you kick worse than Karin and have twice the ego.' Said Bambietta in fake sadness, throwing the ball back to Ichigo.

Ichigo grunted as he caught the ball, surprised at the strength behind the throw. After a few more kicks, which Bambi once again caught with a single hand, Ichigo's frown had deepened.

'If kicking is too much trouble, why don't you try and stop my kicks? Unless you want to concede defeat now.' Said Bambietta haughtily.

'You're on.' Said Ichigo, before walking up to Bambietta who also walked up to him.

As the two passed each other, Bambietta gave Ichigo a smile, not a smirk, but a smile. Ichigo was a little confused at this, but gave a small grin all the same.

'Ready, Ichigo, because you're about to go, on the walk of shame?' Taunted Bambietta.

'Just kick the ball already.' Said Ichigo, only for the ball to fly past his face.

'Well, go on Ichigo, do the walk of shame and get the ball.' Teased Bambietta.

Ichigo grumbled as he walked over to the ball, before bringing it back and throwing it to Bambietta, who caught it with her right hand only.

'Try to at least keep track of the ball this time.' Said Bambietta, with a smirk, before pulling her leg back.

Ichigo waited for the moment Bambietta's foot hit the ball, only for it to practically fly past his vision, shooting half a metre away from his right shoulder.

'Well, off you go again.' Teased Bambietta, causing Ichigo to grumble once again.

The process repeated itself for a few more kicks, only for Candice to begin to notice something.

"Heh, you're pretty crafty Bambi, improving his spiritual capacity by launching enhanced kicks at him, to boost his awareness. Only you could make a game into training." Thought Candice in amusement.

It was a good thing the Kurosakis were busier focusing on Ichigo getting his ass handed to him, as they didn't notice the miniscule amount of Reiatsu Bambietta was releasing with each kick.

After the twelfth kick though, Ichigo finally managed to stop it. It was an ungraceful save, Ichigo taking the hit to his gut, before his hands could stop the momentum, pushing him back slightly, but he stopped the ball nonetheless.

'Well about time you finally made a save.' Smirked Bambietta.

'You won't get another one past me from now on, I guarantee it.' Smirked Ichigo.

'Ah, well, we'll have to do this again sometime. It has gotten a bit late, and Candi and I do have stuff to do tomorrow, plus, now I'll need a shower.' Said Bambietta calmly.

'What? Just after I saved one?' Asked Ichigo in shock.

'Well it isn't my fault you took so long to do it.' Mocked Bambietta, getting Ichigo's characteristic frown to appear again.

'Fine, we'll do this again tomorrow.' Declared Ichigo.

'If you want, but I was going easy on you towards the end there.' Retorted Bambietta.

'We'll see.' Said Ichigo confidently.

'That we will strawberry, see you tomorrow. Thanks for dinner Yuzu and thanks for the fun Karin, I'd be happy to practise with you in the future if you want.' Said Bambietta happily.

'Hmm, maybe.' Said Karin, with a small smile.

'Come on Candi, let's go.' Said Bambietta, walking off.

'Thanks for everything, see you later.' Said Candice to the Kurosakis, before walking off, trailing after Bambietta.

'Wow Ichigo, I've never seen you get beaten so badly before.' Joked Isshin, only for a soccer ball to slam into his face.

'Say that again!' Shouted Ichigo, before the two males started a shouting match.

'Well, that was fun, wasn't it, Karin?' Queried Yuzu happily.

'Eh, it was okay.' Said Karin noncommittally, but her body language looked positive.

-line break-

'Interesting plan, Bambi. I have to admit, I didn't think of something like that at all.' Complimented Candice, once the duo entered their home.

'Just remember Candi, we aren't on a seduction mission. We want him on our side, but we need him to be strong as well, just remember that.' Said Bambi calmly.

'Fine… but I'll leave most of that to you then, I'm not getting my hair all messed up.' Said Candice, only for Bambi to turn a smirk on her.

'That's why I'll win. If you forgot, you're not the first person to tease Ichigo into a blushing mess, but want he really wants is a challenge, competition. At this rate, you're going to be the one falling behind.' Declared Bambietta, before heading off for a shower.

Candice stood there in silence for a minute, before concluding her thoughts.

"Shit." Thought Candice, realising the truth in Bambi's words.

-line break-

'I'm heading off.' Said Ichigo, halfway out the door, off to school.

'Have a great day big brother!' Shouted Yuzu, before Ichigo closed the door behind him and made his way down the street.

Ichigo thankfully didn't have any strange dreams last night, but he swore he saw old man Zangetsu in his mirror again this morning.

Making his way to school, Ichigo went through his usual routine, today, dropping an elbow into Keigo's back and a simple greeting to Mizuiro, before taking his seat and gazing out the window. Everyone else slowly trickled in until the teacher, Misato Ochi arrived.

'Alright everyone we have two new transfer students today, so make them welcome.' Said Misato.

'Hi, I'm Bambi, this is Candi, please look after us.' Said a familiar voice, in a bored drawl.

Ichigo blinked in surprise, sure he was hearing things, before turning away from the window to the front of the class. There were Bambietta and Candice, clad in the Karakura High uniform. Candice's skirt was particularly short, just above mid-thigh, while Bambietta's skirt was just above mid knee. Bambietta's top was buttoned all the way up, while Candice had left the top button open. Bambietta also had the female blazer over the top, but the top two buttons were left open. That being said, both of them were straining the material around the chest area to an impressive degree.

'Come on Bambi, be more energetic. We're both from really far away and it is really cold there. Bambi is the sportier one between us, while I'm a great baker, but we can both lay you out if you get grabby.' Said Candice happily.

'Good, that was an interesting introduction, there are a couple of seats over there.' Gestured Misato uncaringly, pointing to two seats near the right side of the classroom, opposite Ichigo.

-line break-

As the bell chimed, signalling lunch time, Ichigo sighed as he made his way to the rooftop.

After a few minutes, Keigo and Mizuiro made their way up there as well.

'So what do you think of the two new girls?' Asked Keigo energetically.

'Stalkers. Both of them are bloody stalkers.' Grumbled Ichigo, causing Keigo to look at him funny.

'Ha, too bad Candi, you've become a stalker as well now.' Said Bambietta, appearing suddenly in front of Ichigo with Candi in tow.

'Hmm, I don't know if I like the sound of that.' Said Candice thoughtfully.

'I take it the two of you know Ichigo then.' Said Mizuiro politely.

'They're my new neighbours.' Intoned Ichigo uncaringly.

'Geez, you sound so thrilled.' Commented Bambietta, sounding just as apathetic as Ichigo.

'Come on Bambi, you know strawberry is just shy.' Said Candice, causing a tick mark to appear on Ichigo's head.

'Ichigo, how come you get such interesting neighbours?' Whined Keigo, getting another tick mark to appear on Ichigo's forehead.

'Kurosaki! What's this I hear about you sending Yamada to the hospital?' Shouted Kagine, the physical education teacher, slamming the door to the roof open. Kagine was a tall muscular man with short black hair and a moustache.

Behind Kagine was Yamada, bleached blond hair ruffled and his arm in a sling.

'I didn't send that bleaching pain to the hospital!' Cried Ichigo in annoyance.

'It's okay Ichigo, you don't have to lie, you should tell them the truth.' Interjected Candice, drawing the attention of Kagine, Ichigo and a fearful Yamada.

'Hmm, who are you?' Asked Kagine suspiciously.

'I'm a new student, along with my sister. I was there when Ichigo dealt with that person, it was such a frightening experience.' Said Candice nervously, causing Ichigo to gape at her.

'Now, now, everything will be okay, I'm sure Kurosaki won't every do something like that to you.' Said Kagine placating.

'No! It wasn't Ichigo. Ichigo stopped Yamada for me. He was making inappropriate advances on me and was trying to take advantage of me being new to the area, when Ichigo stepped in and saved me. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to do, but Ichigo promised he'd protect me. Y-Yamada threatened us though, saying he'd get his revenge on us, so I didn't want to say anything… but I can't let Ichigo get blamed for trying to protect me.' Said Candice tearfully.

Kagine was nearly moved to tears and turned to Ichigo.

'Sorry, Kurosaki, it seems I've misjudged you. Yamada! You're in big trouble for lying to me though and trying to blame Kurosaki, not to mention, threatening a new student. I'll make sure you are punished for this.' Said Kagine firmly, dragging a protesting Yamada away.

Candice gave a small sniff, before looking up and giving Ichigo a toothy grin.

'I'm also a pretty good actor.' Winked Candice.

Ichigo blinked in surprise for a minute, before letting out a small chuckle.

'Thanks Candi, you just saved me a lot of trouble.' Said Ichigo appreciatively.

Candice smiled at this, before turning to Bambietta.

'Like I said Bambi, you're still falling behind.' Teased Candice, in a whisper, causing the shorter Quincy to frown.

"*Tch* We'll see." Thought Bambietta, in slight annoyance.