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Faith wondered around the cemetery 3:00 at night. Clark wasn't there when she woke up but it didn't bother her. Her eyes focused on the target as she gave chase. This wasn't the usual chase as Faith caught up to her target like a lion after its prey. She bounced his head off a tombstone. Faith straddled the vampire and brought her stake down hard dusting the vampire.

A blond haired woman quickly took cover. This is not how she wanted to spend her afternoon. She stayed behind the wall and ducked a volley of fire. "And I volunteered for this crap."

The blond turned around revealing a green bodysuit with armor and that she's not that blond whom is currently chasing down a vampire all on her own. She turned to her soldiers. "Hold your positions they might shoot the hostages."

"Yes Lieutenant Blade." The men saluted.

Sonya smiled feeling a very strong gust of wind; she thought he'd never show up. She turned to see a big boat out at sea and watched with interest. It's all up to him now. The Black Dragon seemingly died with Kano and then these petulant children showed up.

On the boat people armed with guns walked the deck hostages in clear sight each with five pounds of C4 on them. Special Forces move one inch and they'll blow them all away. A man with a green military hat and a glowing red machine sticking out of his chest came out. He watched as the bomb just disappeared from one of the hostages. He watched as each bomb just sort of disappeared followed by one big explosive rise of water miles away.

The man with the green military hat watched as all his men seemingly fell to heaps on the floor. What kind of weapon is this? "Show yourself!"

The man backed up as a stranger just seemingly appeared. He had black hair, Cerulean blue eyes wearing a black duster with black jeans and a black T shirt with a silver S at the center of it.

Clark just tapped the guy on the head watching him collapse on the floor and then hit his earpiece. "Hostages are clear." He punched the floor of the boat making a hole. "I suggest you come help these people before the boat sinks."

Sonya shook her head and used binoculars to see that he knocked out a general in the crime syndicate. "Do you know who you just knocked out?"

"Nope" Clark replied punching another hole but no sign of the two missing people. He took a step further and two grappling hooks shot into the floor next to him and Clark ducked and rolled aside as a black haired man in a similar black duster launched himself at him.

Clark looked at him with X-ray vision. "Give me your hook swords and surrender yourself to the Special Forces and maybe I won't hurt you!"

Mavado smiled and fired each grappling hook at the side of Clark trying to pull a Spider-Man like move. However given whom he's fighting Clark just moved to the left and stuck his arm out causing Mavado to knock himself out when he hit Clark's arm.

Clark went to him and took the two hook swords off him. Clark looked at him for a brief moment and quickly turned around using the hook swords to block twin yellow swords wielded by a bald scar faced man. "And you are?"

"Daegon, the god of Edenia." Clark's opponent replied.

Clark held his swords where they were. "OK" He used heat vision on both of his opponent's blades forcing Daegon to drop his weapons from the burns on his hands. Clark tapped him on the head but when that just wobbled him he backpunched him as Daegon took a tumble and fell to the floor unconscious. "Yeah, you're a god alright." But just in case. "Raiden! Edenian invader."

Raiden showed up in a flash of lightning. It took him all of one second to see who Clark's opponent is. "Daegon!" Raiden pulled the Edenian to his feet by the armor. "The elder gods await you!"

Clark looked at his opponent. "What he do?"

"He murdered his parents. He traveled to earth realm to destroy his older brother and hurt the people in this realm making them easy to conquer. He must face the judgment of the elder gods for what he's done." Raiden grabbed the Edenian and the two disappeared in the same flash of light. Clark looked to the sky, invaders to earth were more of Raiden's territory and given that he knew him it was his call in the end.


Clark put his hands up and turned to Sonya. "Why?"

Sonya looked at him. "Didn't know if anyone else was conscious." She saw Mavado and Hsu Hao unconscious. "Was there another guy here?"

Clark nodded. "Yeah, Daegon."

"Did he get away?" Sonya asked.

Clark shook his head. "He said he was from Edenia tried to ask Raiden but he just took him straight to the elder gods."

Sonya's face dropped. "Damn it, they don't exactly have a way to say abducted by the god of thunder in the paperwork. Tell me the nukes are safe."

Clark nodded. "They're down below kind of covered in thick sheets of ice though."

"I'll take care of it." Sonya replied. "Thanks for your help with everything."

"Yeah, now how much are you going to give me to not tell Jax or Johnny you needed help?" Clark asked.

Sonya looked at him with a death glare usually reserved for Kano. But the best people to track down the red dragon were Kabal and Clark, with Kabal out of action that left one whom was kind enough to give her his number at the Wu Shi academy if she ever needed help. "You should probably go, unless you want to have a long talk with the US government about exactly what you are?"

Clark looked at her and even in her scowl he knows she's getting a laugh out of this. "See ya."

Sonya watched as he disappeared in a blur and smiled as she lit up a flare giving the others the signal to enter.

Faith ran across the cemetery like she was on fire chasing her latest vampire. She caught up to him before grabbing from the back of the head and threw him to the ground. She quickly dodged a couple punches and caught the vampire with a roundhouse kick knocking him down. She got on top of him and pummeled him until she knocked him out. She grabbed her stake with a smile as she staked him through the heart. She looked over and smiled seeing Buffy treat hers in a similar manner.

Clark walked into the ER room in a blue shirt and jeans. He saw a blond woman asleep and smiled seeing the person in the bed. "So do you even remember me?"

The black haired man looked at him with a smile of disbelief. "I don't think you ever forget the one person who's faster then you. How have you been Kal?"

"It's Clark actually." Clark replied leaning against a wall. "So, how have you been… Officer Kabal."

Kabal looked at him. "You mean besides going after what's left of my old friends and getting critically wounded by a maniac who stabs you with your old swords and then steals them? I'm great. Did Sonya contact you about the black dragon wanna bes?"

"Yeah, we took care of it. Even managed to get these back from Mavado for you." Clark replied showing his hook swords.

Kabal looked at his old weapons in disgust remembering his old life. "Get rid of them. You should probably get out of here before the interns make their rounds."

Clark got to his feet. "Alright just making sure you didn't want them."

Kabal looked at his wife. "I have no use for them. So are you still with that girl Blade told me about? The brunette?"

"Yeah, her name is Faith."

Kabal looked to him. "What's she like?"

Clark thought about it for a moment. "She's one of a kind." He looked at the clock... 3AM! "Who's going to kill me for being out so late!"

Kabal smiled knowing that look from the mirror. "Well then you better get going, thanks for stopping by."

"See ya." Clark disappeared.

Far above the sky was an astronaut taking a morning float until he looked out the window and saw something just zoom right by it. "I think I just saw a sword. Hey Sergei I think I just saw a sword in space."

"Bohze moi, he's hallucinating again someone get the tranquilizers."

Faith snuck into her room and found the bed empty as her eyes rose oh this is not good. She's in store for a long talk from Clark. She watched the door open and saw Clark come in. "Were you out for most of the night again?"

Clark looked down and nodded. "Things just kind of kept coming up. I didn't mean to. Sonya says hi."

Faith started working the buttons on her shirt getting it off. "It's fine, just get into bed."

Clark took his jacket and shirt off before hopping into bed with her. "So what did you do tonight?"

"Oh, you know a couple patrols with B until 1, nothing out of the ordinary." Faith assured him as she took off her leather pants and climbed into bed.

Clark wrapped his arms around her. "Well we should get some sleep; I don't think our friends will appreciate you snoring at the beach tomorrow."

"I do not snore!" Faith insisted.

Clark smiled. "I have other nights that say otherwise."

"Your ears are too good probably just picked up one of the neighbors." Faith countered. "Besides at least I don't sound like a barking dog going Rao in the middle of sex."

"Yeah you just sound like it when you're asleep." Clark countered.

Faith grabbed her pillow and just swung it behinds her as it exploded into feathers hitting Clark. She quickly turned around for an ambush only to have Clark quickly grab her around the waist. "Sorry man way too spent for this and we have a big day tomorrow." She lied down on top of him. He wouldn't understand why these extra patrols were necessary.

Clark just held her as she dozed off. He listened as he heard a small snore and fell asleep right behind her.

The next day at the beach Clark is goofing around playing football with all three slayers, Faith in a black two piece bikini, Buffy in a cute tank top and swim shorts, Claire in a red two piece her hair now done up in pig tails after losing some pride bet to Faith.

Xander, Cordy, Chloe, Willow, and Tara watched in awe wondering how they all got so much energy.

"So what's the score?" Chloe asked.

Xander shook his head. "I have no idea I think they're playing kryptonian football or something. I'm exhausted just looking at them. The splashing and the jumping and the running… Shouldn't relaxing involve less exertion?

Cordy gave a small nod on a much needed day off from college. "Absolutely. Exertion can lead to BO."

"Which can cause the pain and heartbreak of stinky isolation. Better to just stay put." Tara added

Willow just looked at all of them. "I think we've just put our finger on why we're the sidekicks."

Buffy smiled catching the ball. "Oh yeah, touchdown! Go team me!"

Claire whacked Clark in the arm. "Nice blocking now we're behind."

"We'll get it back and hopefully without you burning the sand." Clark countered. Faith practically jumped out of her top when she walked on Claire's sand trap.

Claire gave an innocent shrug. "Hey if they didn't want us using them they wouldn't have put the two fire starters on the same team."

Clark pointed at her. "Just stay focused on Buffy. Besides Faith throws like Wesley,"

Faith's eyes widened hearing that, She throws like Wesley huh. Buffy passes the ball to Faith whom guns it at Clark's ribs as a pop rang out.

The others watched as Buffy came up carrying a dead pig skin. Claire sitting next to Tara and Willow. Buffy, Faith and Clark just sat down on the opposite side.

Cordy looked at them. "What happened to the game?"

Claire looked up. "Oh, Faith destroyed the evil football trying a gut check on Clark didn't even work."

Faith turned to Claire as she tried to explain. "For the last time I did not mean to pop the ball. I was just throwing a football hot head that's all. I didn't even stun him."

While Faith was defending herself Chloe watched Clark's hand sneak into the cooler and pull out some ice which suddenly became a napkin wrapped in ice that Clark held to his right side for a moment before emptying it into his drink.

Faith turned to Xander. "Hey where's the burgers Xan? Three hungry slayers can't lead to anything good."

Xander looked at her still trying to get the grill to light. "In a minute I think the charcoal is made of water."

Willow turned to Buffy. "So are you excited for drama class?"

Buffy's eyes widened. "Yeah but given who else is, I'm kind of surprised your are th…" She turned to Cordy. "You never told her?"

Cordy gave an honest shrug. "I figured it would be basic logic. I figured she'd know given my major."

"Know what?" Willow asked nervously.

Cordy looked at her. "I'm taking the class with you two."

Willow's eyes rose. "What? Why?"

Cordy gave an honest shrug. "Learning to be a filmmaker and actress Drama class seemed like a natural fit."

Chloe turned to Xander to change he subject. "Still no fire?"

Willow pouted; she hopes Cordy really has changed since high school. "And I was considering casting off computer science and making that my major if it's awesome."

Tara smiled at her girlfriend. "Maybe you should take the class before you re-think your life plan. I mean, it's not like the Goddess Thespia rules your seventh house."

Tara and Willow bust up at this apparently funny thought. Everybody else just looks at them. Willow tries to explain chuckling all the while- Willow kept laughing hoping the others would. "Ohhh, God… See that's… The Goddess Thespia - she was a total drama queen and…" She was starting to run out of steam. "The seventh house, that's like when… Ahhhh… Whooo…"

Tara looked at everyone clearly embarrassed. "It's okay. I keep forgetting... jokes should have funny parts."

Willow shook her head. "It was funny. Super funny and clever and…"

Chloe turned to Xander to change the subject. "Fire ready yet?"

Xander shook his head no trying to control his fury how he can not do something as simple as this frustrates him to no end. "No, it's good to know I lack the culinary finesse of the caveman."

Claire shook her head. "It's not your fault it's Giles grill. It probably was just made to heat up tea and needs two rocks and dead leaves to get a fire going. You want some help?"

Xander nodded.

Claire looked around and once she saw the coast was clear a big trial of fire left her hand and hit the grill setting it ablaze as Xander fell to his back. "I am the god of hellfire and I give you… fire… I gotta stop listening to G's music." She needs more friends.

Buffy looked at her with a smile and pride pity the vampires she runs into. "Claire! Check you out Ms. Pyro!"

Claire gave a smug smile. "That was nothing it's amazing learning all about your fire instead of being poked and prodded by big needles."

Willow looked at the fire starter. "You ever think someone else wanted to light the fire."

Claire held her hand out to the grill. "By all means blow it out and start again."

Boom! Before Willow could even start she is interrupted by a sudden thunder clap. Out of nowhere, clouds gather and a dramatic change in weather ensues… The teens scramble to get out of the sudden downpour.

"I didn't do it, I didn't do it." Willow protested as she scrambled to her feet.

On the other side of town two unhappy movers jump out of the cab. At least it's triple pay overtime for this. They open the back of the truck revealing a heavy rectangular crate.

They struggle to just unload it.

"Hurry it up I'm getting soaked." One of the movers complained.

"I'm trying, this thing weighs..." The other mover dropped his end as the crate crashes to the ground.

The first mover rolled his eyes rookie's first day he wants to get out of here. "Nice, good job"

They move the crate and see dirt start coming out. The second mover looked at it. "Look at this. Guy's carting dirt around."

The second mover leaned closer, so close he might as well have been wearing a dinner bell. A hand touches him as he backed away startled but it's just his partner. '"Leave it, we'll turn it on its side.

The second mover nods as they turn the crate. "Dirt… Man, rich people are-"

A hand explodes out of the box and with one furious slash cuts the first mover's throat. He gasps for breath as blood pours down his throat and he falls to the floor and a shadowy figure in a cape lunges at the second mover.

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