March the ninth, two thousand and nine

Today was supposed to be a series finale but became a series premiere

At my Derrick Storm release party a woman came up to me for questioning. She was instantly the most gorgeous nope she was an exquisite angel worth another dimension. Well anyways she came up to me because I have a copycat murderer. Isn't that awesome.

I have assisted on the case for a week and even though she calls me a 'twelve year old on a sugar rush' I think she sort of likes me. But she wont admit it.

Today I met with the mayor and Captain Montgomery of the twelfth precinct to discuss a partnership between me and detective Beckett and her team. The mayor is a fan so they will happily welcome me into the NYPD with open arms. And a scowl from Detective Beckett.

Mark my words, I am going to open up that women like a nut and have her fall in love with me. One way or another.

AN- Much kudos to alwayscastle2. She had written a diary for Beckett, so I had decided to write one for Castle. But then I saw she had one for him to so I put it on the backburner. And since it was the season Premiere last week I thought about polishing it up and here we are. Well like my other fanfic I will try to update once a week. So I hope this did you justice and I will see you again.