Alright kids, welcome to my first fic and package of lemons. This story is based off of Coeur Al'aran's story "Professor Arc", so I would highly suggest reading that before this so you have some sort of context. While this story is set in that world, it is not meant to be canon. I talked to Coeur and he said that he's cool with me writing this, but this isn't exactly happening; just a very interesting, very sexy 'what-if'. Anyway, enjoy!

"You want to WHAT?" Weiss practically shrieked.

"Shut up!" Yang placed a hand over the girl's mouth, glancing anxiously at the door.

Weiss pulled the offending appendage away, "But he's a professor! He's older than us!"

"He's not that much older than us. Besides, I've seen the way you look at him."

Weiss gasped, looking as if she'd been caught. She quickly transformed her expression to one of incredulity and anger, but Yang had seen enough.

"I still don't think this is right." Pyrrha spoke from where she stood, leaning against the fore poster of Ruby and Weiss' bunk-bed.

"Forget about right! As long as no one gets hurt, let's have some fun! Besides, cereal-girl, you want this just as much as I do. I saw you flash him your ass during the first night."

"Th-that's not true! I didn't even know him! Besides, Blake did the same thing! She was practically naked under that kimono…thing!" Pyrrha's face was almost the same shade as her hair, and the finger she pointed at Blake was trembling oh so slightly.

Blake let out an indignant little shout from her bunk "That's ridiculous! It's not my fault there's no decent way to sit in a yukata!"

But now Pyrrha had distracted the attention from herself, and she was going to press the attack. "You just felt like propping up your legs for all to see."

Yang cut in before Blake could retort, "Besides, we've all seen how excited you get before you go off to your counseling sessions", and she oozed out the word with more suggestion than seemed possible. "Just you and him, alone…"

"Shut up!" Blake retort, with all of the panache and wit of a drunk tortoise. She grasped in her mind desperately for a follow-up, but her mind drew a blank.

"Not so fast, Weiss-cream!" Yang's cry called Blake out of her reverie. The heiress turned from the door that she had been about to open.

"I refuse to become involved! You are members of my team and my friends, so I won't tell anyone about this, but I want no part of this." She turned again to the door, laying her fingers on it.

"But I think you do!" Yang crowed from where she sat between the bunk beds. "I've seen the way you tense when he looks at you." Weiss' face flushed as she turned around, opening her mouth to reply, but Yang cut in again before she got the chance.

"You keep offering to stay after class to help him clean up, and most damning of all…" Yang's voice escalated, and Blake muttered something about being quiet. Yang's grin could be described as nothing short of shit-eating.

Don't you dare do it! You say it and you're dead Xiao Long!

"…you talk about him in your sleep!"


"To be more specific, she moans about him in her sleep", said Blake, her bow twitching in amusement.

"She does?" Ruby poked her head out from the side of her bunk.

"You didn't say Ruby was here!" hissed Weiss, her face becoming even more red.

"Yes, Ruby; poor Weiss has the hots for teach, and she's been having some very naughty dreams about him." Yang cheerfully spoke from her position, never breaking eye contact with Weiss.

"Oh! Actually that's not true! She woke me up one time and we had a serious talk about it: she was actually using her fingers to-"

"RUBY!" If Weiss hadn't shrieked before, she certainly did now.

"Really?" Yang's eyebrows rose faster than a boy's dick when she flashed her tits. "Well I guess that settles the matter. I'll put you down for an 'appointment' then, Miss Schnee. Seems you'll be Weiss-cream for an entirely different reason before too long!"

"You're disgusting!" Weiss cried but she still stomped from the door back to where Yang was sitting.

Yang chuckled to herself, looking at the blushing faces of the girls around her.

"So it's settled then?"

"Wait a minute: what's your part in this?" Weiss smirked at Yang, thinking she had trapped her. "Why'd you bring Professor Arc up in the first place?"

"First of all: you don't call him 'Professor Arc' when your dreaming or doing… other things-" Yang grinned at Weiss' spluttering "so just call him Jaune like the rest of us do. And secondly: I'll be the first to admit that Jaune gets me tingly in all sorts of fun places." She cackled at the embarrassed expressions of the girls around her. "I mean, sure: he was cute at first, but think about all's he's done since then."

Her tone shifted, and she somehow became more sincere. "Think about what he did for Blake. Standing up for you like that to Ozpin could've got him reprimanded or fired."

"You don't need to guilt me, Yang." Blake's harsh tone resounded from the shadow of her bunk.

"I'm not! But he saved Ruby's life." Yang's tone was still somewhat somber. "He's treated us with nothing but respect and caring. He's a great guy."

Pyrrha's thoughts turned to when she had come to his office for help.

"…and not being an asshole is a HUGE TURN-ON FOR ME!" Yang's unrepentantly cheerful tone filled the room like rude sunshine.

"You're hopeless" Weiss muttered, but her hand covered a smile.

"I still don't know how wise this is…" Pyrrha's smile fell slightly as she spoke.

"Oh, come on! You want him just as much as I do" Yang jabbed, but Pyrrha spoke before she could continue:

"Part of the reason I admire him so is because he's never made advances on us in that way." Her phrasing danced around the subject, and Yang heard it.

"What, ya mean sex?"

Pyrrha blushed, but continued "If we tried anything like that" and she emphasized the word "then he'd just talk to Ozpin, or worse Goodwitch" the room collectively shuddered at the thought "and we'd get expelled."

"Ah, hell! I forgot to tell you the best part!" cried Yang from where she sat. She reached into a drawer in the dresser behind her and pulled out a small vial of purple dust.

"This little beauty is what's going to strip the good Professor of some of his admittedly cool" and she glanced at Pyrrha "but oh so aggravatingly boring inhibitions."

The room began to protest, but she continued "and! He won't tattle on us because he won't remember a thing!" and she grinned at the other girls in the room.

"Wait. How does that work?" Weiss was curious, despite herself, and she sat down on the floor.

"So, I know a guy…" Yang began, and Blake snickered from her bunk "and he found this cool dust! It's supposed to be this kinda mind control… stuff.

Anyway: the way it works is: we put this in the good Professor's coffee tomorrow morning and we can do whatever we want with him for the next two weeks.

But the best part is how sneaky it is! Jaune is still just Jaune until we say the code word…"

And she wiggled her fingers mysteriously at her compatriots.

"and then he turns into 'ultra-sexy Jaune!"

"What possible practical application could that have?" Weiss said as she sat across from Yang.

"People don't just make dust to blow up monsters, Weiss-cream" Yang chided, waggling the purple vial between forefinger and thumb "sometimes they make dust so we can screw hot professors."

"So what you're saying is: Professor Arc-eh-Jaune will stay exactly as he is, but once we say the word-" and Weiss wiggled her fingers just as Yang had "-then he loses his inhibitions and we can…um…"

"You make it sound so boring!" Yang flopped back onto the ground behind her, but Pyrrha asked:

"How exactly will he be changed by this dust?"

"From what my guy told me, almost nothing changes. Jaune stays Jaune, he just gets hornier, and he doesn't mind doing-the-do with some lovely ladies such as ourselves." Yang was peering into the vial as she spoke, tipping it from side to side.

"But you said he wouldn't remember anything." Weiss was cautious, but the idea was quickly appealing to her.

"Oh, right: so Jaune stays just the way we like him until he either falls asleep or he say the word again, and that knocks him out. When he wakes up, he won't remember a thing that happened. Or what happened right before it happened." Blake rose her eyebrows at her partner's convoluted finish, tsking to herself at the poor grammar. If there was one thing Blake adored, it was words.

"But what if he gets us pre-" Pyrrha couldn't quite bring herself to say the word.

"Not to worry!" Yang turned around and pulled a small bag of white pills from the 'drawer of many wonders', popped it open, and offered a pill to each of the girls, who all took one, save for Ruby, who was still concealed on her bunk. "Just take one of these after the deed, and we're good to go."

"Last order of business is the schedule!" Yang pulled out a sheet of paper that was part of her binder from the same dresser as before, grabbing a pencil as well.

"We obviously have to take turns" said Yang, but Blake interrupted before she could continue:

"I think we should set aside a night for each girl. If they don't want to go, then they don't have to, but the night is reserved for them."

"Why wouldn't they want to go?" Yang seemed to have not considered the thought.

"Just humor me, would you?" Blake sighed, she seemed impatient.

"Fine. Go or don't go- I don't care. I'm going! And I'm going first!" So saying, Yang wrote her name on the first box of what turned out to be a calendar. Her name was written down for Monday.

The girls talked amongst themselves, finally settling on the following schedule.

Yang was to see Jaune the following day: Monday

Blake – Tuesday

Weiss – Wednesday

Pyrrha – Thursday

"What about Ruby? She met Jaune before any of us did." Weiss seemed to have forgotten that her partner was in the room, lying on her bunk.

"No. She's too young. She's 15 for crying out loud!" Ruby lay in her bunk, and her breath hitched at her sister's words. It wasn't fair…

"but what about that girl that sleeps in his room?" Blake had left her bed and was sitting with the others on the floor.

"Damnit! I forgot about her!"

"Wait, he already has a girlfriend?" Weiss was angry, whether at Yang at withholding information, or at Jaune for having someone else, not even she knew.

"Psh! No!" Yang waved the matter aside. "They both said it was totally casual. Still: I'll figure out some way to get her out of there." She seemed confident.

"Is there any way to counteract the effects early, or will Jaune still be like this for the next 2 weeks?" Pyrrha had also joined the other three on the floor.

"12 days- technically. But still, I don't think so. If we like it that much, we can just go again!"

"I think we should give him the weekend. The professor has certainly earned a little bit of peace." Blake spoke, ignoring Yang's muttered words of "he'll have earned more than that by the time I'm done with him…" but the other girls of the group agreed with her.

"What is the 'word', anyway?" Said Weiss as she stood. She moved to her own dresser and began to change into her night gown.

"Bird cage"

"Bird cage? Not very much for a code word" Weiss scoffed.

"Have much experience in the matter?" Blake teased as she too changed into her clothes for the night.

"Look: that was just what my guy told me, okay?" Yang and Pyrrha stood, and the latter moved to the door.

"I'll see you all tomorrow", Pyrrha called as the door closed behind her.

As the rest of her team changed, Ruby lay alone on her bunk, thinking hard. She knew the word, and she knew when everyone else would not be there, so theoretically, if luck favored her…

She blushed at the images that slithered through her head, and her body tingled at what Yang would have undoubtedly called 'naughty' thoughts.

Teams RWBY and RVNN sat around (the technically unqualified and fraudulent) Professor Arc, as they often did at breakfast, which was one of the few times when either they or he did not have some sort of class going on.

"Uh- Professor?" Pyrrha queried from Jaune's right, attempting to draw his attention from Yang who sat on his left, and held the vial of dust.

Jaune turned to her. "Yes, Miss Nikos?" He certainly turned to her, but he seemed to hold the coffee close to him, as if to protect it from the dangers of the world.

Yang quietly cursed to herself, and she glared at Pyrrha and then at the mug that Jaune still had his hand wrapped around.

She seemed to take the hint and leaned in close to him, placing her hands on his chest. "Pyrrha, please. There's something I need your help with." Jaune seemed uncomfortable with the close proximity, and he took his hand from his mug of coffee, gently removing Pyrrha's hands from him. Apart from that, he didn't really mention the contact.

Pyrrha wasn't really sure what to do next. She had expected him to either like the touch or to comment on it and scold her for trying to flirt with him, but he had just moved her hands, and he was stilling looking at her like he was waiting for her to say something. Was she supposed to say something?

Oh god, his eyes. They were a magnificent blue, not too deep or pale, and his eyelashes framed them like a painting.


"Uh- could I please meet with you Thursday evening?" It was the first thing that came into her head. She was relieved as she saw Yang's hand tip the vial of dust into the professor's coffee.

"Thursday is still a ways away, but I don't really see a problem with scheduling in advance. Uh, sure." Jaune returned to his coffee, and Yang gave her a thumbs up from behind the professor's back. Pyrrha sighed with relief, muttering a quiet "thank you" both to Jaune's response and to her stars for the luck they felt like sharing today.

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