Breakfast at Beacon Academy was a mixed affair. On the one hand, you had a bunch of hyperactive teenagers concentrated in one place; a sure recipe for disaster. On the other hand: it was the early morning, and they were teenagers. Teams RWBY and RVNN (sans Velvet) sat around Professor Arc at their usual table, eating breakfast in various states of lucidness. Nora, who somehow managed to sleep like the dead and wake up as a morning person anyway, was inhaling pancakes at a pace that somewhat scared Pyrrha. Ren kept falling asleep into his grapefruit, and RWBY seemed be entirely…um… tired, except for Weiss, who patiently sliced away at a fried egg white with salt and pepper. How that girl managed to eat so little and remain healthy, Pyrrha had no idea.

In her examination of her friends, she noticed something: Team RWBY seemed to… lean? Was that the right word? They directed their attention towards Jaune- Professor Arc, she meant! She would never dream of being disrespectful, especially towards someone she held in such high regard. It was his advice that meant she was friends with Ruby, and she could never thank him enough for that.

And how was she planning on repaying him? By… she shuddered, though whether in excitement or horror, she couldn't tell. By sleeping with him? Against his will and without his knowledge even? She kept going up to Yang to try and say she didn't want to do it anymore, but every time she came up, Yang managed to talk her out of it, well- in to it. And the worst part of it was… she did want it, want him. So badly, sometimes, that she would have dreams about him, inviting her to his office, peeling off his long blue coat, and ravaging her into delicious senselessness. Mmmm… the thought of it, combined with the fact that she was sitting next to him, it made her feel… hungry? There certainly was something going on in her stomach- no, just below her stomach.

Was she… horny? Oh god, what would her mother say?

What was she thinking about? Jaune ravishing her? No, that was close… Aw yes! Her indecision. Well, she had eventually made up her mind, to go through with it. She even had something in mind for the evening itself, and she had some preparation to do this morning.

"Professor Arc?"

"'Jaune', please." Right. Like she would ever get used to that.

"Jaune… The school brought in some fruit to encourage healthy eating-" she looked nervously around the table to notice that everyone's attention. Her voice turned shaky when she caught Yang's widening eyes. "- a-and I heard that the pineapple is pretty good. Why don't you t-try some?"

Yang broke out into an open-mouthed grin, somewhere between shocked and hilariously impressed. She mouthed at her "Oh my god, are you serious?"

Pyrrha ignored her, turning to beam at Jaune with all the cheerfulness she could muster. She flushed a little when Yang 'tried' to 'stifle her laughter'.

Jaune, who hadn't yet had his coffee, noticed none of this.

"Uh, sure, I guess. Haven't been eating as well as I should have, and I do like pineapple." He started to stand up, but Pyrrha placed a hand on his chest and lightly pushed him back into his seat. She kept her hand there, until Blake made an awkward cough.

"Oh, r-right. Um… I already grabbed some! Here!" She pulled her hand away from his chest, Yang snickering when she cares- um… Nevermind. Anyway, she pulled out a plate of pineapple from behind her that she had grabbed beforehand, sliding it from behind her back to Jaune's place at the table.

"Uh, Pyrrha?"

"Yes, J-Jaune?"

"That's a lot of pineapple." Indeed it was. She wasn't sure how much was necessary to… get the desired results, so she decided to err on the side of caution.

"I was thinking, maybe we could share?" God that sounded so stupid, he was going to think she was a weirdo, and Yang would laugh at her, and then the mood would be ruined for her night wi-

"Sure, that sounds fine."


Jaune's confused expression had changed to one of tired cheerfulness. He grabbed his fork from where it rested on his plate and speared one of the yellow squares, popping it into his mouth. His eyes widened when he saw a specific station open up along the food counter. He hurriedly stood from his seat, muttering something about 'finally' and that 'he'd be back in a second'. Yang cackled before Jaune was out of earshot, but he didn't seem to care.

"Oh my god, Pyrrha, are you serious?!" Pyrrha made frantic shushing motions at her.

"Would you be quiet?! I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just looking out for my fri- professor, after all. It's rare to find healthy food that tas-"

"Oh come on! I didn't think you were planning on going down on him, let alone swallowing. P-money's got a dirty streak."

Pyrrha flushed again, this time in a rare moment of anger.

"It's none of your business what I do with my night, and I would encourage you not to talk about that in the middle of a public place!" Her voice had slowly gotten quieter and quieter until it was almost a hysterical hiss.

"Alright, jeez, I'm sorry." She didn't look sorry, but she seemed willing to let the subject go for now. Others, however, seemed less inclined.

"Wait, does that mean you're gonna put Jaune's… thing in your mouth?" Blake wasn't quite fast enough to cover Ruby's mouth, but even she seemed curious. Weiss was pretending not to be listening, but Pyrrha could tell that she was just as interested as the rest of her team. Thankfully, Nora had picked up Ren at some point and carried him back to the dorm, calling out to her about 'sloths' and 'beauty sleep', so they weren't here to hear any of this. That didn't mean there weren't others couldn't be listening in.

Pyrrha looked around furtively, and caught a curious pair of golden eyes before they were quickly concealed behind a curtain of luscious black hair. She wasn't sure how much that girl from Haven had heard, she just hoped she didn't know what they were talking about.

"Can we please stop talking about this?"

"Nothing to be ashamed of. We've all had our turns with him, and we all had a good time, right?" Yang grinned and nodded, and even Weiss gave a noncommittal shrug that turned into a nod somewhere along the line. Ruby pouted for a moment, and it seemed like she was going to say something for a moment before Blake cut her off. "You're right though, what you do with him tonight is your business. We told you, but there's nothing that says you have to tell us, and we won't bother you about it anymore." Her golden eyes flicked to Yang for a moment, and the blonde scratched the back of her head, letting out a nervous chuckle.

Yang seemed to regain some of her bravado however, when she opened her mouth to say something.

Pyrrha noticed Jaune returning, a pleased smile on his face and a steaming mug of something in his hands. In a panic, she kicked out, catching Yang sharply in the shin.


"Bad word!"

Jaune's smile vanished at Yang and Ruby's exclamations.

"Yang, you alright?"

"Peachy." Yang snarled through gritted teeth, glaring at Pyrrha. She mouthed a silent apology before turning back to her blonde professor.

"I'm sure she's fine. Here, you'll need to eat a proper meal before classes start." She pushed the plate of fruit towards him again, and he chuckled as he skewered another piece.

Cinder had very good ears. This wasn't something of opinion, but red hot fact. Espionage, infiltration, and eavesdropping were some of the earliest ways she had secured power. And yet, with the things she had just heard, she wasn't sure that her ears weren't deceiving her. The way those girls (RWBY and that Nikos girl) had been talking, it made it sound like they were having sex with Jaune Arc, the fraudulent professor. She almost couldn't believe it. He seemed to be so careful. Why would he risk losing his position over something like this? It was an unknown, and Cinder hated few things more than unknowns. She'd have to investigate, discover what was really going on, if her suspicions were correct, and the reasoning behind his actions if they were.

Like breakfast, the day had been packed full of contradictions. It passed incredibly quickly and seemed to drag on. Her mood had bounced between nervous excitement and just plain nervous, sometimes over the course of minutes.

Pyrrha's final class ended, and she went back to the RVNN dorm room. Ren was, predictably, sleeping on his bed. Velvet was, also predictably, not there, likely spending time with her old team or CRDL. And Nora… was nowhere to be found, which was quite worrying. Then again, despite all their teasing and petty assumptions, Nora was intelligent and more restrained than might be expected. Sometimes it felt like the only reason she was so energetic was to balance out Ren's lethargy.

In any case, Pyrrha didn't have the focus to go out and look for her. She nervously paced around her room, her bare feet padding on the thin carpet. She hadn't bothered to change out of her school uniform. It was much easier to remove than her combat attire, and well… that would be advantageous soon.

Her scroll opened up with a click, and her heart stopped when its welcome hum purred from the small speaker. A quick glance at Ren revealed that he wasn't awake. Still, she should get some earbuds, or… a pair of pink headphones caught her attention. Nora surely would begrudge her this, right?

Ears enclosed and sound contained, she directed her net browser to a lewd website she had discovered, its various pages providing detailed descriptions of, well, sex. Her eyes greedily devoured each scene, trying her best to not just enjoy the content but to learn from it. She wanted to know, in the hopes that it would make her night that much better.

The hours passed as quickly as their predecessors, and before she knew it, it was 8:13. She was late.

Pyrrha hurriedly threw on her shoes, tossing Nora's headphones and her scroll down and flew out the door, her footfalls echoing down the corridor.

A few minutes later, Nora returned to the room. The moment she stepped through the doorway however, she froze, taking a long sniff of the air.

"Someone wore my headphones."

She leapt to the bed, picking up the scroll her prize was plugged into. Her turquoise eyes roved over the lit screen, and she let out a gasp. Someone wrote this stuff? Scenes of people booping?

She had to admit, it was nicely written, not as crude as you might expect.

Her eyes took on a sly glint before drifting to the sole occupied bed.

"Oh, Renny-bear…~"

Unlike Weiss, Pyrrha hadn't brought anything with her besides herself. She had done all the preparation she had wanted to that morning, but now that the time had come, she couldn't help but feel… well, a little silly. She had talked to Weiss, Blake, and Yang, and while she didn't quite trust the last one, the first two she was confident would be honest…-um had been honest? Was that right?

She was still dressed in her school uniform… for the most part. She wasn't wearing panties, and she had pulled her skirt further up her waist to show off a little more leg. It was…cold, really. She didn't feel nearly as sexy as she might have expected.

Her shoes had barely padded their way to Jaune's door when it opened, revealing the man himself.

"Neo, where are you, you psychopath- Oh, Pyrrha! It's, uh, good to see you!" His coat was half on, and his arms were essentially bound behind him in the sleeves.

Oh, how much fun would it be if she were to take him now, like this, in the hall, where absolutely anyone could walk by and see- But no, there were sponsorships to deal with, her agent would kill her if so much as a rumor of anything like this were to get out.

So why was she doing it? a treacherous corner of her mind asked. She… didn't really have an answer for that. A blink. Another. What was she doing?

"Oh god, I'm so sorry professor, it's just been a long day! Could…could I come in?"

He chuckled. God, she loved his laugh. The way his too-tired eyes seemed to shine in the dim light of the hallway.

"Sure, come on in." He held the door opened for her. Such a gentleman, she'd always admired that. As she moved past him, she stepped perhaps closer to him than was entirely necessary, but she loved the way his breath caught when her breasts ghosted against his chest, the way he cleared his throat and averted his eyes from the extra button she'd left undone, just for him.

That feeling was back, the one from this morning, of being arous-no: horny. Such a deliciously dirty word.

The moment passed and he stepped after her into the room. She started to take off her shoes when she caught him giving her an odd look.

"Ohp, I'm sorry, I'll put them back on!"

"No, no, no! That's fine! Uh… make yourself comfortable." He spread his arms out. The professor seemed to be feeling just as awkward as she felt. Her shoes came off and plopped on the floor, and her stocking-ed feet sank into the carpet. Why was it so much softer and thicker in here than in the hallway, or in their dorms, even? Concessions to teachers, she supposed. They did work very hard, after all.

"Uh, would you like to sit down?"

"Um…yes!" There could not be two more awkward people than the two of them in the entire world. She was sure of it.

He move to take a seat at a table, piled high with an inordinate amount of paperwork, and while she was certain he was looking, she "dropped" (okay, to be honest, she threw) her scroll over the counter of the nearby kitchen.

"Whoop, I'm so sorry, let me just get that!" Instead of walking around the counter like a normal person, she leaned over it, trying to reach the scroll which was definitely out of her reach. However, this gave the added benefit of allowing Jaune to see up her skirt, assuming he was looking. She listened hard, careful not to make any sound… silence. That meant he was looking right? He could see her exposed butt and her…vagina.

She shivered, and the movement caused her center of balance to shift. Her body fell to the floor in a heap, and she felt the vibrations of Jaune's footsteps as he rushed over to her.

"Oh my god, are you alright?"

Her hand brushed an errant strand of scarlet hair from her eyes and she smiled up at him from where she had fallen.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fi- um, no!" her smile vanished as she realized what she'd been about to do "I think I have some sort of bruise on my… uh, waist! Yes! On my waist!" Smooth, Pyrrha. Next you'll say you have a cut lip and ask him to kiss it better.

Through some miracle, he bought it, and he gingerly placed a hand on her waist.

"Here?" His hands felt electric. He was touching her, and he had no idea how significant that was. His face was so close to hers, and her heavy breathing washed across his face.

"Bird cage. Uh, I mean, a little higher." Your subtlety knows NO bounds.

"What? Uh, sure…" His hand slid higher and slightly forward, so that his fingers were almost brushing against the bottom of her breast. So close…

"Almost there, just a little higher…" Her eyes had fluttered closed and her lips were parted, waiting for him to kiss her. Surely he'd picked up the signals, there was no way anyone could be that dense. Flashing him, then convincing him to grope her.

Fingers gently cupped the bottom of her breast, and gave a soft squeeze.

"Here?" It was whispered, almost against her lips.

"Almost…" Her answer was just as quiet, and she leaned up and forward, desperately searching for his lips.

She found them. They were soft, but somewhat chapped. She pushed forward, harder, desperate to have this last forever. Her arms rose from where they lay at her sides and wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to her as his tongue flicked across her lips.

A hum of approval and her tongue met his, dancing around and across it, evading more than fighting. She giggled into his mouth when his tongue finally found hers and pinned it down, and the giggle faded into another hum of pleasure when he released her anyway to begin another chase.

A hand at her breast fondled and squeezed, the fingers deftly slipping past her shirt to pull at the edge of her bra. She wanted it off. All of it. She needed it off.

Her lips broke from his and she pushed him up and off. "What's wrong?" He looked so hurt, so crestfallen that they had stopped that she couldn't help leaning forward to kiss him again.

"Sorry! I just need to- um… get out of these…" she trailed off when she felt his fingers unbuttoning her shirt and she shivered at the cool air of the room when it fell open. Her eyes remained closed. "Please…can we go to the bedroom?"

Her eyes flew open as she felt his arms scoop her up, and her own arms shifted around his neck as he carried her to the bedroom.

She closed her eyes and cooed when she felt his lips at her neck, and she craned her face to the ceiling as he delivered gentle pecks, stopping occasionally to suckle. Wait… gentle pecks.

The schoolgirl placed her lips to his temple and whispered "I want you to be r-rough with me."


"Like, call me names or hold me down or…" How else was she supposed to explain it?

"You sure?" She nodded, her full lips brushing against his face. "Well… okay."

He really didn't want to do this… but she had asked.

Pyrrha let out a sharp yelp as she fell onto the bed, her shirt and jacket flying open and her skirt falling to a weird angle. She let out a groan of protest as rough fingers gripped her hair and forced her face down into the blankets of the bed, her legs bent beneath her so that her ass stuck in the air. She was so…vulnerable. He could do anything he wanted to her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She let out a gasp of surprise when she felt something hot and slick press against the folds of her sex. Was it…? Oh my god! He pushed his hips forward, and her cunt molded around every fold, like silken heaven. His cock pushed apart her clenching walls, and her scream of pleasure magnified when he pulled at her red hair, his palm keeping the side of her face pushed against the sheets. As loud as her scream of ecstasy had been, it was nothing compared to her protest when he begin to pull out.

Pyrrha's virgin star winked at him as he pulled out, her lips gripping his dick for every inch he took. She did say she wanted it rough, but this… And he didn't have any lube, would she even enjoy…? His thoughts trailed off when he saw an unmarked bottle sitting next to the side of his bed.

His train of thought was broken by a keening whine. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeee~" Lewd.

He slapped her left check, leaving a slowly forming hand print. "Stay there." She groaned in frustration but didn't move. The professor kicked off his pants as he stepped around the bed, and he slid his shirt off as he bent down to examine the bottle. He flicked open the lid, turned it upside down, and squeezed out a small amount of the semi viscous liquid, rubbing his fingers together. Well, whatever it was meant for, it would serve for his purpose.

He stood and stepped back over to Pyrrha, chuckling as she wiggled her hips, her eagerness showing clearly.

His fingers squeezed out a small portion of the liquid just above her sphincter, and she yelped at how cold it was. The cold was swiftly contrasted by the stinging heat of another slap to her other cheek. Fingers, with a gentler touch than before, kneaded into the flesh of her ass, massaging, rubbing, and a content moan of happiness distracted her from the initial penetration.

Pyrrha's sphincter was astoundingly tight, far tighter than her pussy had been. As distracted as she'd been with the slap and the kneading, Jaune had been able to coat both her unspoiled star and his long dick in the lube. The closed bottle was tossed away, and he probed her ass with the tip of his deck, gently wiggling it back and worth to get past that initial barrier.

Her eyes flew open, and her whole body flexed as she gave the first two inches. She hadn't liked it at first, but with how careful he was being and the slick lube keeping the friction down, it was starting to feel reeeally good.

He could feel the walls of her anus contract and expand, almost breathing around his iron-hard tool. It was too soon that he feel his hips pat against the plump cheeks of her ass, and he was fully sheathed inside of her.

He paused for a moment, letting out a surprised huff of air. Her ass was so tight it almost hurt as it constricted his dick. A finger ran up her back, and he pulled at the collar of her jacket, her arms limply falling back and letting him remove her upper garments, except for her bra. His left hand relinquished its hold on her hip, and it met its partner at the strap of her bra, quickly pulled it open and tossing it aside. He tug his palms in and rubbed slowly up and down her spine, a question reaching his lips. "Are you okay?" This was meant to be enjoyable, no matter how rough she had asked him to be.

A bleary, half-lidded emerald eye looked up at him from where Pyrrha's face was still mashed into the sheets. "More…~"

You heard the lady.

His left hand bunched again in her brilliant hair, his other returning to hold her hip so he could control the pace. He pulled out, their groans joining in the hushed air as their nerves lit on fire, carrying liquid ecstasy straight to their brains. When it was only his cockhead left, Jaune switched directions, ramming himself to the hilt in one movement.

Pyrrha screamed, her fingers twisting the sheets and her eyes clenching closed from the pain and pleasure of it. "Oh fuck yes~!" He pulled out another time, just as slowly as the first time, and her whole body tensed as she prepared for the oncoming thrust. Jaune did not disappoint.

He quickly built up a rhythm, relentlessly pounding her ass as her screams reached ever higher pitches.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me like your dirty little whore!~"

Wait, she had said she wanted him to sad bad things to her, right? Umm…

"What if your manager were to walk in right now, seeing the dirty slut getting pounded by her teacher?" That would've been pretty bad, right?

"Fuck her! I'll never fight another tournament as long as you keep fucking my dirty little ass!"

Wait! He didn't want that! Pyrrha earned a living from those matches and the sponsorships they provided, but then- Oh… it was the shame. Pyrrha got off from the terror of being exposed, at the idea of people knowing how kinky she was.

"What if I took you outside and fucked you against the wall? Everyone would coming running and see you for the dirty slut you are!"

Was the name too much? "Ooooooh goooooood yeeeeeees~!" Her undulating exclamation seemed to indicate not.

He let go of her hair, and ran his hand around her waist, feeling the sopping petals of her pussy. His fingers pinched the lips of her sex together, but he quickly released them when Pyrrha gave a groan that had been different from the others. Instead, he pinched his fingers together and buried them in her soaking quim, and Pyrrha's moans took on greater volume and less coherency.

Still plowing her ass with his aching member, he leaned forward, whispering just above her head "I bet you touch yourself in class, and have to bring extra panties to keep from making a mess."

"Yes, yes I do! You always get me so wet, Jaune! I just want you to fuck me every time I look at you!" She didn't really touch herself in class, but for the moment reality wasn't an issue.

His fingers increased their tempo, as did his thrusting, and Pyrrha's orgasmic cries built higher and higher until…

Her body tensed and released rapidly, what felt like a dozen times in a second, and her cunny pulled at his fingers, desperate to milk a cock that wasn't there. Tiny squirts of fluid sprang from her, warm rivulets running down his still pumping fingers to drip onto the sheets. All at once, her body relaxed, and she flopped over onto her side, the after tremors shaking her body and her eyes crossed, her tongue lolling from her smiling face.

The air of the darkened bedroom was cold on his soaked dick. Oh well, at least Pyrrha enjoyed herself. He had moved to go and put on his pants when a feeble "wait" stopped him. Pyrrha sat up, bracing herself on a shaking arm and tucking a curtain of scarlet behind when ear. It seems her ponytail had come undone at one point.

He caught her as she fell, her arms still too wobbly to support her. She smiled gratefully, her breathe humming against his chest.

"You didn't…orgasm." She almost whispered the last word, as if it were somehow dirty compared to the lewd things she'd been screaming at the top of her lungs not 2 minutes ago.

"That's alright. You definitely did." He rubbed his thumb against her cheek, and reveled in the way she leaned into it, into him.

"Thank you-" Wait, what was she thanking him for? "-but I want to do this, uh, want you to enjoy this." She pushed up on his shoulders, and laid him down on the bed, his knees hanging off the side of the bed. She was about to descend, her lips inches from his still stiff dick when-

"Wait!" What? Was something wrong? She looked confused, almost hurt that he wouldn't let her touch him. "I mean, think of where that's just been. We don't want you getting any diseases, right?" Of course! She'd been so eager she'd almost- ewwwwww

She hurriedly stood and stepped quickly to the bathroom, wetting a washcloth with warm water, before moving back to the bedroom and lying down across Jaune's legs. She wiped at his dick, cleaning off the lube and anything else that might have come out with it. Out of her butt. Now that she had a chance to think about it, it kinda hurt back there, without the pleasure to distract her from having something quite large shoved up her butt. The idea seemed so much weirder after she had already done it.

"Uh, Pyrrha?" She looked up from her distracted thoughts, and realized that she had not only thoroughly cleaned his tool, but also that it was starting to go limp. Cursing her absent-mindedness, she tossed the wash cloth into the bathroom where it fell with an unappetizing plat. No time to think about that now. She turned back to Jaune and her rapidly-deflating problem. Her tongue extended, giving a tentative lick, a lash, and his cock jerked to life, gaining back some of its stiffness. She admired its growing length, giving it another long lick and sliding her cool fingers up and down the shaft to properly lubricate it. A smile stretched across her lips when she looked up to see Jaune moan and throw his head back, his blonde hair waving in the soft light.

Her fingers wet with her own spit, she nuzzled against his burgeoning prick, her lips trailing soft kisses up the growing shaft until she placed an extra long kiss directly on the glans. Her lips allowed his cockhead entry, and her tongue writhed around it before she inhaled, suckling hard. His groaned much louder this time, and his hips bucked upward against her face, but she braced herself, her hands grabbing either side of her pelvis.

She half-chuckled half-hummed her satisfaction. Her tongue circled his head a few more times, and she watched in fascination as a droplet of her drool escaped her mouth and slid down the shaft. She should go down and catch it.

Her delighted ears caught her name being moaned as she descended further down his tool, taking the first 4 inches with surprising ease. A dexterous tongue lashed out and caught the offending drop, leaving instead a shining patch of her saliva.

Her mouth as paradise, not as tight as her anus had been but far more wet and warm. He shivered every time her long tongue stroked the underside of his tool, and he desperately wished to hold her face in position and fuck it just as he had the first hole, but…no. This was her moment, he certainly couldn't begrudge her this moment of control, certainly not when it felt soooo goooooood~.

The return of the cockhead. She almost giggled at the silly thought. She could feel it, though, pressing insistently at the back of her throat. She could honestly say she'd never done this before, so she had no idea what sort of gag reflex she would have. Well… nothing ventured…

Her fingers curled around the bones of his hips, and she physically pulled her face down his shaft. He let out a yelp of surprise and ecstasy, and his hips bucked forward, smashing against her nose.

Owww… that hurt like hell. Still, she couldn't rub it, she was sort of… preoccupied at the moment. She breathed heavily, and the magnificent warmth of her throat overwhelmed him. He thrashed on the bed, bucking again, but she was ready this time, and her nose and chin escaped harm.

She pulled back and Jaune gasped his displeasure at the sudden cold, but she thrust her head forward again, taking his cock all the way in until her lips touched the skin of his pelvis. Her lips withdrew and returned, taking his long cock all the way to the back of her throat over and over again. She was delighted to find she had no gag reflex whatsoever, and lavished his cock with her strokes of her tongue.

His moaning increased, and she thought she felt something shudder in his cock before something astoundingly sweet burst across her taste buds! He was cumming! His hips jerked wildly, and she took him to the hilt quickly, holding her face against him as he thrust, ropes of sweet cum flying down her gullet. As the flow began to slow, she pulled back, savory the sweet almost tart taste of his seed. She swallowed it eagerly before she returned to his softening dick, squeezing the bottom with her tongue and dragging her lips back to the tip, desperately trying to wring every drop from him she could get.

"That was wonderful!" Her exclamation died in her throat when she saw that he had fallen asleep. "Oh. I'm sorry." She bent down and kissed him, her lips lingering on his.

The return to her dorm had passed without incident. At least she understood now why Weiss had been staggering all day; her butt was killing her. But it was all worth, definitely worth it.

She opened her dorm to find that (unsurprisingly) Velvet was not in her designated bed and (surprisingly) neither was Nora. Because she was in Ren's bed.

As exhausted as Pyrrha was, she decided not to ask questions.

Ewwwwwwwww… That redheaded girl had taken it in the butt, and then she'd blown him?! Gross! Neo couldn't imagine herself doing anything remotely like that. Still, the night's events had been hot, in their own way.

And now she was sure of it: it definitely had something to do with the words "bird cage". But how was she supposed to activate a freaking code word if she couldn't talk? This was a conundrum indeed, but she'd figured it out. Neo had a way of getting what she wanted, if she wanted it enough. And see the way those girls had cum, screaming their pleasure as Jaune had his way with them. Mmmmmm~ Neo definitely wanted it.

Run Jaune run! She gon' getcha!

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I have something I'd like to ask, however: do you guys feel the smut is getting too detailed. I mean, this chapter is almost 6000 words, which is probably the longest chapter I've ever written for anything. Granted, most chapters start the night that the girls are going to the door, and I don't get to that part of the chapter until ~1800 words in, but still. That's 4000 words, which is still longer than anything else. I remember working so hard to improve from where I started with this story where the actual smut lasted maybe a page and a half, but this might be stretching stuff the other way. What do you guys think? Too long, too detailed, too boring? Should I make things more concise? Or is this around what'd you prefer?

As you may have heard, I am taking over Shattered Arc from ImSoAwesome. This was actually something I had offered to do back when ISA had something of an existential crisis. He felt he'd lost motivation for his writing, and so I asked to take over Shattered. He got his mojo back, but as I was beta-ing for the most recent chapter of BtL, he asked if I still wanted. I told him I'd love nothing better, and here we are.

Now, some of you may have your doubts: 'Spook, you're a smut-writer! You can do something action-y and epic like Shattered!' FOOLISH MORTAL! I'll have you know that the whole reason I started writing this fic was to build a readership. A Jaune-focused, smutty, harem, spinoff of a popular fic? It can't lose! (As long as you update it at least every 6 months)

I'm currently planning out everything I want to do with Shattered, and ISA is staying on as my beta, for both planning and proofing, so don't worry; the original spirit of Shattered Arc is definitely still here, though I am making some adjustments to better fit my style and where I'd like the story to go. As with everything I do, I regularly consult Lefou, Cyndaquil, and especially ISA for advice.

See you (hopefully) next Wednesday.

EDIT: Fixed the goddamned bra, you animals.