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"Glughk! Glughk! Glughk!"

"That's right, slut. Take it. Take his thick fat cock down that tight little throat of yours."

It's a pleasure to watch my Queen work. Clad in full battle armor, including that spiky spider-like helmet of hers, Hela, Queen of Asgard, rails the former Nova Prime up and down my length. Deaged by virtue of the Reality Stone and made into a loving, loyal sex pet by virtue of the Mind Stone, Irina Rael gurgles and gags as she looks up at me with nothing but love and devotion in her watery eyes, choking down my dick as Hela grips her tightly by her voluminous, natural blonde locks and forces her up and down my cock.

It was a rather funny story, how we got here. As I'd suspected, Hela had no intention of staying idle once she had the means to begin traveling away from Asgard again. The very next day after our first time together, she was raring to go. There was just one problem with that… her initial plan was a quick re-conquest of the Nine Realms before she moved onto the rest of the galaxy, a consolidation of what she already considered her power base, so that she could turn it all towards constructing weapons of war.

The thing was… I wasn't ready to go back to Earth yet. Oh, I might lie to myself and say it was all for the sake of narrative, that it wasn't TIME to make a triumphant return to Earth and right all the wrongs done to me quite yet, but I knew the truth deep down inside. I simply wasn't ready to step foot back on that planet at this point in time. I couldn't be sure I wouldn't shatter its core and destroy the whole place in a fit of rage.

And so, I'd set about influencing Hela in a… different direction. She was, of course, disinclined to listen to me at first, but I can be very persuasive when I want to be. After all, there was no need to reconquer the Nine Realms when she already indisputably owned them. It wasn't like any of them had managed to rise up and overthrow Odin when he was still around, nor even while Loki was masquerading as him. As such, it was clear that there was no work to be done there.

Rather, wouldn't she have more fun invading places she'd never been before? Instead of rehashing old, tired ground, wouldn't she like to see new things after a thousand years trapped in her father's prison? Like I said, I could be very persuasive when I wanted to be, and it didn't take too much time for me to convince Hela to try things my way.

Of course, asking Heimdall to just throw the Bifrost out randomly and see what we hit like a dart on a map was a bit… short-sighted in hindsight. It had seemed like a better idea in my head, but for the same reason that you were more likely to hit water than land on a map of Earth if you threw a dart at one blindfolded, you were even more likely to hit space rather than actual matter. As it turned out, the universe was a lot emptier than it looked. There was a LOT of space in between all the little balls of mud and dirt and rock.

Noting how Hela was getting more and more irritated when our little game was failing to deliver results, I'd reached out with the Space Stone and… nudged things just a little bit on Heimdall's next 'throw'. Wanting a planet that wasn't Earth or any of the Nine Realms, I'd gone with one of the handful of populated ones that I was aware of. And thus, poor Xandar had ended up on the chopping block.

They made for fun fodder these past few days though, with the Nova Corps in particular putting up a… mm, valiant defense of their world, before ultimately crumbling in the face of Hela and her armies. Really, there was never any hope for even this technologically advanced of a civilization. The Nova Corps had collapsed in mere days and with it, Xandar's conquest had been secured.

After which, I'd gone ahead and done here what I did to Asgard, though admittedly it was a bit bigger of a place with a LOT more people. Still, the Infinity Stones were the fundamental building blocks of the universe. With Power suping me up, Reality and Mind working in tandem, and Space actually extending my range quite a lot by sheer virtue of its own suite of abilities, I had been able to turn all of Xandar into Hela's slavishly devoted servants and slaves.

The Nova Corp, much diminished, would now act as a policing militia for their Queen on this planet, while the former Nova Prime, the beautiful blonde chick currently on her knees sucking me off right now, would become one of our shared pets. That was my influence of course, with me nudging Hela in the right direction mentally. Taking our defeated enemies as sexual conquests and turning them into fuck toys and sex slaves was much more… efficient then simply executing them, after all.

As Hela grins rather maniacally, continuing to skull fuck Irani up and down my shaft, I throw my head back and groan, letting loose and giving Hela the satisfaction of seeing her efforts bear fruit and our new slave being further humiliated as my seed explodes out her nostrils and the sides of her mouth. Indeed, Hela has quite the pleased smirk on her beautiful lips as she slowly relaxes her hold on Irani's hair, eventually letting the Xandarian woman pull back off of my cock entirely.

She looks to me and I can see the arousal and lust in her eyes. I let a slow grin form on my lips to make it clear I'm just as interested, but even as Hela discards Irani by shoving her off to the side, stepping into the space created between us to place her lips on mine, we're interrupted before we can do much more than start to kiss.

"Queen Hela! We have a situation!"

Really, it was our own fault that we were doing this sort of thing in the middle of the Nova Corps' Command Center. Which is why when Hela turns with a snarl, one of her Necroswords already in hand, I catch her wrist and stop her. It's a testament to how much influence I already have on the Asgardian woman that she doesn't immediately turn on me next and try to kill me on the spot for my impudence. Instead, my presence has the calming effect I intend it to have as the technician who called out to her looks at us both with Mind Stone-created adoration and devotion.

"Yes? What is it?"

As Hela reins in her anger, I speak up on her behalf, prompting the technician to explain.

"Captain Marvel has just entered orbit, s-sir!"

Of course. After finishing our conquest of Xandar and more specifically our mind rape of the entire planet, we had been informed almost immediately of what Irani had done to try and save her people. The former Nova Prime had told us herself with her head hanging low how she'd called upon the Galactic Superheroine.

Now… I didn't know much about Captain Marvel from any of my past lives. But thanks to the Mind Stone, it was relatively easy to plumb the depths of Irani's mind and find out everything pertinent and relevant. Some of the feats that could be attributed to this blonde woman were… surprising to say the least. Apparently, she was one of the only reasons that the Kree Empire hadn't consumed Xandar and the Nova Corps sometime in the past twenty or so years.

A single individual keeping an entire empire of aggressive expansionists at bay? That was something interesting. Something to be wary of, certainly. Especially when I was now hitched to a woman who had every intention of expanding her own Empire as far across the stars as she possibly could.

Essentially, we'd been killing time until this Captain Marvel chick arrived, and it seemed we would have to wait no longer. Shifting my hand on Hela's wrist to her shoulder, I give her a wolfish smile.

"Shall we, my Queen?"

Her own hand tightens around the hilt of her Necrosword as the promise of violence is renewed, now turned towards an acceptable target. The Asgardian Queen grins right back and nods.

"We shall, my Consort."

With that, we head outside. It doesn't take long for Captain Marvel to arrive before us from there. I already know what she looks like, but in all fairness, she's something to behold in person. Glowing with power, she's very threatening as she glares daggers at the two of us, her hands clenched into fists.

"You two. Identify yourselves!"

Interestingly enough, now that she's before me, I recognize the signature of her energy. It's resonating with the newest part of me, meaning that her powers come from the Space Stone, or something to do with it.

Stepping forward, Hela spreads her arms wide, smirking quite wickedly as she stares Marvel down.

"I am Hela, Queen of Asgard and Goddess of Death. You stand in the beginnings of my Empire, the first of many worlds I will conquer and subjugate in my own glorious name."

The frown on the good Captain's face makes it clear what she thinks about that, even as a hint of confusion flicks through her gaze. She's all but ignoring me now, which is wonderful because I'm currently seeing what I can do with the Mind Stone. Unfortunately, the answer is… not much.

"Asgard? I thought Odin was King of Asgard and ruled over the Nine Realms. Xandar is NOT one of the Nine Realms."

It was irritating, but it would seem Captain Marvel's cosmic powers, or perhaps just her indomitable willpower, made her difficult to mind control. Of course, just like with Hela, I wasn't going full blast, not wanting to attract her attention too quickly. There would be an opportunity to do more soon enough, I imagined.

Chuckling, Hela summons a second Necrosword to her other hand, clearly seeing this going in the direction of a fight. To be fair, Captain Marvel is thrumming with more and more power as the conversation continues on, making it obvious she also doesn't see this being resolved peacefully. Such a shame, I find myself so frequently surrounded by violent, assertive women these days.

"My weak, mewling father is dead. Odin is no more, and after a thousand years of unjust imprisonment, I, his daughter, am finally free. The Nine Realms do indeed belong to my Empire… as will every planet across the stars soon enough. I am your Empress, and you would be wise to kneel before me."

Scoffing, Captain Marvel ramps up her power even more.

"Fat chance of that. Xandar is under MY protection! I'll give you one chance to turn around and walk away before I show you what I do to tyrannical despots!"

While part of me wonders what effect it would have on this encounter if Irani came out right now and told this Marvel chick to go away and that Xandar was happy under Hela's rule, I knew that it wouldn't really mean much. Besides, the two women engage before I can even try and put that plan into action. Moving forward quite swiftly, the Queen of Asgard and this… Captain Marvel woman clash right there in front of me.

The resulting blowback nearly blows the front half of my body away as I find myself directly in the blast radius. Not that that means much, I heal instantly, but the power being fielded by the two titans is certainly eye-opening. In an instant, I ramp up my own power. I feel like I'm in some sort of Shonen anime at this point, but it's true. I have a 'base state' and I have a 'super' state. Activating Power and Reality raises my constitution, turning my very blood into the essence of the Aether and reinforcing everything from my bones to my muscles to my skin with the strength of the Power Stone.

As reality itself bends to my will, empowered by power, I watch as Hela and Marvel take their battle across the surface of Xandar, doing immediate and immense damage to their surroundings. It's quickly apparent that Captain Marvel is pulling her punches to avoid doing too much civilian damage… but Hela is not. Her larger Necroswords are soon jutting out of the landscape at every angle, huge spiky pillars of metal aimed to skewer Marvel but failing every single time.

The other woman is just too tough and durable, and in a lot of cases, very fast. Hela is lucky that she reformed her connection to Asgard, because it's only thanks to that immense power that the Goddess of Death is keeping up with this… cosmic being.

Following after them, I consider for a moment how best to approach things. There are options here, from what I can tell. The Stones sing to me, all four of them, wanting me to use them, pushing me to try different tactics against my enemy. Seeing no reason not to, I start with the most obvious one. Reaching out with the Mind Stone, backed by the Power Stone, I drive a mental probe right into Captain Marvel's mind, attempting to take control of her right then and there.

The attack produces results, even if it's not what I'm going for. In the middle of fighting, the blonde superheroine screams and clutches at her head. Hela tries to take advantage of this and manages to stab a Necrosword right into the star on the front of Marvel's uniform, but in a true display of this bitch's immense cosmic power, the Necrosword… doesn't pierce. She's just too fucking durable, at least when she's this ramped up.

Unfortunately, my probe doesn't give me control. It does give me a lot more information though. Like the fact that Captain Marvel's name is Carol Danvers, and she actually was a Captain. Specifically, she was a Captain of the United States Air Force from all the way back in 1989, having been part of an experiment involving the Tesseract, the source of her powers, as I'd already known.

I pretty much get her entire life history before I'm thrown out of her mind… and find her bearing down on me with an angry snarl. Reacting with a carefree smile, I catch her fists in my palms, the Power Stone reinforcing me enough to keep from being knocked back as I lean in close, looking her right in the eye.

"Fury sends his regards, Carol."

That gets her attention, her eyes widening in shock… and allowing me to use her moment of distraction to slam my reinforced forehead into her own. I'm not sure either of us take any real damage from the blow, but she's definitely dazed and knocked back, while I keep ahold of her fists and take her to the ground.

Now that I know everything there is to know about her, including the fact that she's currently in what she calls 'Binary Mode', it's far easier to make an educated decision on just which one of the tactics my insistent passengers are suggesting is worth using. Indeed, I now know that Captain Marvel is capable of absorbing a truly massive amount of energy, be it kinetic or otherwise. Attacking her only makes her stronger.

Which is why I hold her down with one glowing-purple hand and use the other to catch Hela's Necrosword as it plunges towards her face. As Captain Marvel struggles beneath me, I look up at Hela and shake my head.

"None of that now. You're just making her stronger. Hold her down for me, my Queen."

Frowning, Hela nevertheless dismisses the Necrosword and does as I bid, sinking to her knees and grabbing Carol by her wrists. Snarling, Carol grows brighter and brighter… and using the Space Stone in conjunction with the Reality Stone, I begin to siphon that energy she's emitting away. Cosmic energy is a helluva drug, and I can't help letting out a slightly insane chuckle as I sup of her power like a fine dining experience.

"Let me go! Let me GO!"

Obviously, Hela isn't going to do that, and while the incredibly powerful Queen of Asgard has a hard time keeping Carol in place at first, it becomes easier and easier as time goes on. Captain Marvel starts out glowing more furiously than ever before, but over time, her brightness begins to dim as I take more and more of her energy for myself.

Heh, even now it would appear I cannot get away from my vampiric roots. I may not be drinking dear Carol Danvers' blood, but I'm certainly consuming something from her, taking and taking and taking until she looks almost faded laying there on the ground beneath us, weak and helpless as a newborn kitten.

As she realizes just how weakened she's become, Carol's eyes widen in shock.

"Y-You… what did you do?!"

Hela cackles, leaning forward as she holds Carol's limp wrists down hard.

"Oooh, I like that, my Consort. You've introduced fear into this little upstart chit's voice."

I just smile as well, even as Carol's frightened expression quickly morphs into a defiant scowl, her anger at the humiliating situation quickly overcoming her terror at the seeming loss of her powers. Of course, I could change that right now. I could alter her with the Mind Stone now, if I wanted to. I could make her into yet another pathetically devoted slave for me and my Queen. And I probably will… later.

Reaching out and grasping Carol's shiny red, blue, and gold uniform by the chest, I pull hard and rip the front of the bodysuit away without much fuss. An indignant shriek leaves the blonde's lips as I do so, but neither Hela nor I pay her any mind as I expose her breasts and promptly begin feasting upon them. Held down between the two of us, there's nothing the depowered superheroine can do as I grip and squeeze her tits quite viciously while nibbling and biting at her nipples.

In truth though… she's not as well-endowed as I would prefer, and I DO have the power to change that. As such, the first alteration I make to 'Captain Marvel' is not mental, but physical. Her breasts under my… kneading hands grow a size larger, even as her nipples fatten up while hardening in my mouth. Grinning wickedly as I bite down on one and watch her squeal, I look up to see Hela's eyes wide and her own mouth stretched into a vile grin.

"Is this one to be our favored cow then, my Consort? Such an impressive pair of udders…"

Taking the suggestion for what it is, I make Carol begin lactating a moment later, much to her ever-increasing horror and humiliation. As her milk starts to leak from her teats, Hela herself leans in from above her and takes the breast opposite of me, both of us biting down and drinking deeply of the squirming, weakened Human-Kree hybrid's chest.

As we do this, as Carol yelps and squirms and moans involuntarily under us, our hands are not idle. Hela removes the crotch of her own suit, while I continue tearing away Carol's to reveal her long legs, thicc thighs, and puffy pussy lips. She's barely wet, but there's something starting there as reluctant and forced as it is, even as I free my cock from its confines.

Finally pulling away from her nipples, Hela and I straighten up and share a wicked grin between the two of us. Without further ado, Hela shifts forward and proceeds to plop herself right down on Carol's face, grinding her naked cunt into the defeated blonde's mouth. Meanwhile, I press my cockhead against Carol's mostly dry cunt lips and thrust forward, uncaring for her pleasure, only applying enough lubrication to make my own side of the forceful joining be enjoyable.

Carol SCREAMS into Hela's cunt, and for a time that's enough for the Queen of Asgard as she humps her defeated enemy's face and moans, riding Carol while one hand continues to maul one of the blonde's enlarged tits and the other goes to Hela's own chest, playing a little with her own much more supple breast flesh.

It's not long before a slight look of frustration begins to spread across Hela's face, however. Even as I spear deeper and deeper into Carol's tight, resisting depths with every thrust, Hela looks… displeased as she grinds her crotch down all the harder on the blonde heroine's face. Finally, she snarls and reaches back, grabbing Carol by her blonde locks and forcing her head up further into her crotch.

"Put some effort into it, you little trollop! Did you think there wouldn't be consequences for your actions! Eat me out or I'll tear your fucking head off!"

It becomes obvious that Carol has managed to regain some small semblance of her defiance and is refusing to participate, so to speak. To avoid anything TOO messy, because I fully believed Hela would go so far as to tear Carol's head off even if I was in mid-coitus with the superheroine, I reach out with the Mind Stone and tweak Captain Danvers' mind just a bit. A slight degradation of her courage… and an increase in her fear.

A moment later, and Hela's frown turns upside down into a much more satisfied smirk as Carol clearly finds herself overcome by her terror of death and begins to lick out her opponent.

"That's better. That's a good little bitch. Interrupting my time with my Consort WOULD normally be punishable by death… but if you impress me enough, perhaps something ELSE can be arranged."

I chuckle at that and reach out, sliding one hand through Hela's hair and pulling her gently into a kiss. She moans into my mouth, the two of us making out heatedly as we use Carol's body for our own pleasure. The entire time, I'm still draining her of her energy. All that cosmic power, one might assume it has to go somewhere… and it is, right back into one of the Space Stone's pocket dimensions for a particularly rainy day.

Though, from what I've gleaned from the former Nova Prime's mind, as well as Carol's… there might not BE a rainy day any time soon. Captain Marvel was actually considered to be one of the more powerful entities out in the universe. Running around, being the Big Damn Hero, putting out fires wherever she found them and literally facing down entire Empires… she'd made quite the name for herself these past twenty plus years.

It was interesting, the realization that there might not actually be another challenge to overcome. Wasn't Thanos supposed to be the Big Bad Evil Guy? I'd started collecting the Stones in preparation for putting a stop to him, but somewhere along the way I'd overachieved, hadn't I? Because now I had four stones under my personal control and the fifth stone in the secure hands of an ally. Was there even going to be a fight, at the end of it all?

Well, if nothing else, raping and defiling Carol Danvers was a treat and a half. As I empty my load into her quivering, trembling cunt, I can't help but drink in her despair right alongside Hela. The two of us groan in unison, reaching a mutual climax, while Carol just whimpers and gurgles, having to swallow Hela's pussy juices lest she be overcome and drown in them.

As we both finish, I reach out and make things official. Carol's mind is altered and warped in that moment, her lack of power keeping her from being able to fight me. Power and Mind work in conjunction to fully bring her under my sway, and as Hela and I both stand up, the first thing we hear from the defeated heroine beneath us is… quite distinctive.


Looking down, both of us watch as Carol's eyes roll up in her head, her lips forming into a big O as she moos pathetically, her hands going to her fat udders and groping and squeezing them, squirting streams of milk all over the place. With a snap of my fingers, her torn costume is transformed into a much more fitting black and white cow print outfit, with her nipples and crotch exposed, a cow tail butt plug protruding from her ass, and a pair of very real cow horns now attached to her head and acting as some extra erogenous zones for some additional fun in the bedroom.

Captain Marvel is no more, and though it's a little cheesy and VERY childish, I can't help myself, grinning down at her wickedly.

"I dub thee… Captain Milkers."

Letting out a bark of laughter, Hela proceeds to jump into my arms, wrapping her limbs around me and demanding my attention as my cock finds her naked cunt and we start fornicating right then and there. As I hold my Queen steady and bounce her up and down on my shaft, 'Captain Milkers' continues to moo pathetically, nothing left of her mind except for an 'udder' devotion to her Master and Mistress.


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