This is my first crossover fic. Dragonlance meets Harry Potter, sounds like a good idea right? Reviews please! Good or bad!

The Meeting

He approached the castle in the light rain. The bitter thoughts soaked his mood as the rain soaked his crimson robes. "Here. They sent me here. How much do they believe I owe humanity?" Slowly he traversed the open grounds towards the main gate. His golden tinted hand clutched his staff as it dented the soft ground. The only sound besides the rain splatter on the wet ground was the soft rustling of his robes.

His voice suddenly broke the quiet, "'Defensive Against the Dark Arts,'" he said bitterly, "how foolish! To teach these brats to combat something as hideous as myself, how degrading." He looked to the heavens, towards a particular group of stars that seemed so distant on this strange world, "I do not owe this! Still, you have decreed it, so it shall be done. But perhaps after this, you shall owe me."

As he finally reached the warmth of the castle's front gate, he was approached by another man. This man was an imposing figure of his own. His age could not be determined by first glance, though he must be ancient. No words were spoken, though any who could see, even though no one did, would be able to sense two tremendous powers coming together. These two people had helped to shape two separate worlds. Now, together in one room, the power could be felt as heat.

They came within a few feet of one another before the man in red spoke. His voice was soft, but penetrating and commanded respect. "Greetings Albus Dumbledore."

The elder looked upon the young man with approval, respect, and even a little fear. "Greetings Raistlin Majere."

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