Chapter 1: Welcome to Bullworth

1 September 2005

Bullworth Academy, Bullworth, NH

Zach Maniscalco is what you would call a problem child. He never fit in anywhere and he never made friends in his early days at school, and he was bullied. So, he decided to toughen up and he got into more fights then he can count as school went along. So, when he was fifteen his parents decided to enroll him in Bullworth Academy, a boarding school in the town of Bullworth, New Hampshire. He would be enrolling as a freshman for the 2005-06 school year. When he arrived at Bullworth, he was met at the main gate by a Miss Danvers who identified herself as the secretary and assistant to the headmaster, Dr. Crabblesnitch.

"You must be Mr. Maniscalco yes. The headmaster's office is in the main building, follow me and don't dawdle I haven't got all day."

What a fucking bitch. Zach thought. He followed Miss Danvers into the main building. The main hall was pretty impressive, this coming from a kid was used to shitty public education institutions. The floor was shiny and had the Academy coat of arms. A bull's head with a nose ring rested atop a shield, the shield was divided into 4 pictures, a fist on the top left, a snake on the top right, a rat on the bottom left and a cracked skull an the bottom right. Below the shield were the words Bullworth Academy and below that the school's Latin motto Canis Canem Edit, which means Dog Eat Dog. Zach who had some knowledge of Latin knew this and said under his breath lest Danvers would hear " Well, ain't that fuckin cheerful" She led him up the stairs into the main office past her desk and into the headmaster's study. Crabblesnitch sat at his desk he was reading a file, Zach's school record no doubt. Miss Danvers left the room and closed the door behind her. Crabblesnitch closed the file, looked up and motioned Zach to sit down which he did.

"Let's see" said Crabblesnitch reopening the file and looking down at it. "Maniscalco, Zachary, James. Born on 21 June 1991 in North Algonquin, Liberty City. Well, we are a long way from Star Junction now aren't we? Kicked out of multiple institutions with a history of theft, violence, inciting violence, foul language and undermining staff. Ooh, I'm scared of you Maniscalco, you are just like that Hopkins boy I just saw, maybe you and him should exchange notes? Well, as I told him I shall tell you I excel at fixing naughty boys like you, I will do my best to beat the rotten out of you and make you into a respectable member of society, so keep your nose clean or I shall clean it for you , you may go. Good day." Zach got up and left. Miss Danvers told him how to get to the boys dormitory.

" Go out of the main building and go to the gate that you came into and take a right. The gate is closed for the first week of school so don't try and leave. Here is your freshman class schedule, dorm assignment, dorm key and the name of your roommate." She handed Zach a manilla envelope with the Bullworth crest on it. "Your few belongings have been brought up and school uniforms in your size are hanging in your wardrobe. You should head that way now, classes start in one hour." Zach decided that to follow her advice was the best option, so he walked out of the main building, He stopped on the stairs, to open his vanilla envelope. He found his schedule, he would look at that later, a smaller manilla envelope was there, inside was a silver key with the Bullworth crest on it, Zach could only assume this was his room key. A piece of paper fell out, it listed the R.A for the boys dorm which was a kid named Cornelius Johnson, a picture of Johnson was attached, he was African-American, he wore glasses and a green vest. Next was listed Zach's room assignment, which was room 2, and it listed his roommate, another freshman by the name of Lucian Drake. A picture of him was also attached, he was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and had what looked like a semi-muscular build. Zach put everything back inside the envelope, and proceeded to the boys dormitory. When he reached it three teenage boys in white polo's were laying on the ground, moaning in pain. Before Zach could question this a voice spoke from behind him.

"Yeah, that would be the work of the other new kid" Zach turned around and came face to face with a kid his age, with blond hair and blue eyes, he also had a manilla envelope which looked like he had opened. This was Zach's roommate. He strode forward and stuck out his hand. "Lucian Drake. But my friends call me Luke. You are my roommate." Zach took the hand and shook it.

"Yup" Zach said " Zachary Maniscalco, but people call me Zach"

"Right on" said Luke he motioned to the dorm doors " Shall we?"

"Let's" said Zach and together they entered the boys dorm. Once inside they were met by two people's voices.

" Introducing, Femme Boy, the girliest boy in school. Petey, don't you have some imaginary friends to annoy?"

"Leave me alone, Gary." Zach and Luke walked forward.

"What's going on here? said Zach. A tall kid with dark hair and a scar though his left eyebrow walked forward

"Nothing" he said "Ah" he said "You must be the new kids" he stuck out his hand. "Gary Smith. These two are Petey Kowalski and Jim Hopkins. Zach shook hands with Gary

" Zach Maniscalco" Luke did the same.

'Luke Drake" The boys shook hands with both Pete and Jimmy.

"Hey" said Pete

"Hey" said Jimmy

"Well" said Gary "I'll leave you four girls to get acquainted. When you are ready come find me and I will show you around the school."

"Hey" said Luke " Did anyone ever tell you that you sound like the voice actor Peter Vack?"

Gary smirked at this then walked away.

" That guy is a piece of work ain't he?" asked Zach

"Yeah. But, you get used to him" said Pete

"I don't know. I got a feeling about him. Weather it's good or bad I don't yet know" said Jimmy

"Well, let me know when you do" said Zach sarcastically.

"Well, I think Zach and I, should check out our room, #2" said Luke

" Two?" said Pete " That means you are directly across the hall from Jimmy and right next to Gary and me."

"Great" said Zach. "Catch you two later then."

"Yeah, see ya!" said Pete

"Bye" said Jimmy Zach and Luke walked out of the lounge and to their room which was right next door.

"You want to do the honors?" asked Luke

"Sure" said Zach and he took out his key put it in the lock, turned it and opened the door. The room had two beds on either wall then two wardrobes on one end that were next to each other. Next to the bed on the wall across from them was a desk.

"Kickin" said Luke " I'll take the bed next to the desk and you take this one next to the door?"

"Right on" said Zach. "We should probably get changed into our uniforms and head to the school classes start in 30 minutes" he looked at his wrist watch.

"Sounds like a plan" said Luke They went to the wardrobe and put on their uniforms: A blue vest with the Bullworth crest over a white shirt, slacks and white sneaks.

" Cool. Let's go" said Luke They met Pete and Jimmy both sporting school uniforms back in the lounge. They walked out together and were at the school in a couple of minutes.

"Hey guys. I have to go to shop class, see you later" said Pete and off he went.

" Well, now that Femme Boy is gone I can show you three around." Gary was at the top of the steps. "Let's go" The first thing they did was go by the locker of Bullies leader Russell Northrup, Gary showed them how to pick a lock. Jimmy picked Russell's locker and Zach and Luke picked the lockers next to it.

They went to the girl's bathroom, a heavy set chick named Eunice was crying because some douche took her chocolates. After retrieving the chocolates Jimmy and Eunice made out.

"Aw! What the fuck!?" said Zach and Luke in unison

"You kissed her You actually kissed her" said Gary in indignation.

After that they went downstairs to the cafeteria where Gary gave Jimmy, Zach and Luke the lowdown on the school factions. There were the Preppies led by Derby Harrington, their turf is Old Bullworth Vale and Harrington House. Then there the Nerds led by Earnest Jones, their turf is the library, the observatory and a comic shop in Bullworth Town. Gary warned that though they may not look it the nerds were actually sneaky bastards. Another faction was the Greasers led by Johnny Vincent their turf was the school auto yard and the neighborhood of New Coventry. The Jocks were next, led by Ted Thompson, their turf is the school athletic fields. Gary said that The Russell Northrup Gang or the "Bullies" were kind of an unofficial faction but they were defiantly people to watch your back around. There was also a non-campus faction of dropouts called the Townies led by a would-be student named Edgar Munsen, their turf is Blue Skies Industrial Park. The group was then accosted by a prefect named Edward Seymour II, he told them to get to class. Gary and Jimmy split. Zach and Luke checked their schedules, Zach had English with a Mr. Galloway and Luke had Biology with a Dr. Slawter, the roommates said their "catch ya later's" and went to their separate classrooms. It turns out that Zach had English with Jimmy Hopkins. Mr. Galloway was a pretty cool teacher today they did an activity where they were given a set of letters and had to scramble them to make words. Zach and Jimmy both got it done easy enough. Zach's next two classes were Math with a hard ass named Hattrick and chemistry with a Dr. Watts. Chemistry was easy enough but Zach had always sucked royally at math and today was no exception. At lunch Zach got his serving of disgusting slop from the lunch lady Edna and sat across from his new friend Luke who Zach to be honest had immediately taken a liking to.

"Here bro I got you something from the school store" said Luke he handed Zach a blue lanyard that had the Bullworth crest on it and said in yellow letters: Bullworth Academy Class of 2009. "Cool huh? It's for your key, I got one too."

"Hey man, thanks." said Zach

"Don't mention it what are bros for?" They attempted to down Edna's toxic sludge but soon decided to abandon the idea and just had some fruit from the basket on the table. Talk soon turned to their classes that they had that morning.

" Slawter's an okay guy I guess" said Luke "and dissecting a frog would've been easy except he gave us this bullshit ass time limit and an incredible amount of things to dissect. How was math? Heard Hattrick's a dick. I have math tomorrow so I guess I'll find out"

"They got that right, fuckin hard ass and I'm shit at math anyways always have been."

"I'm pretty good at math. If you want I could help you out."

"Yeah man. Thanks, Luke I appreciate it.

"No problemo. Like I said what are bros for" They looked at their afternoon classes and found to their delight they had both Gym with Mr. Burton and Geography with Mr. Matthews together. The bell rang they dumped their trays in the trash and headed off to class. After school had ended the friends went back to the boys dorm, and hung out in the lounge with Pete Kowalski for several hours Zach hit it off immediately with both boys. They watched Pete get the high score on the arcade game Street Racer 2025, the game that was in the lounge. The trio downed Beam Cola like there was no tomorrow and watched reruns of season one of Saturday Night Live on the lounge TV. While just starting the sixth episode Zach looked at his watch and saw it was ten thirty, he motioned to Luke to leave and Luke nodded, the duo said good night to their new friend Pete and headed to their room. The last thing they heard upon leaving he lounge was the voice of legendary SNL announcer Don Pardo saying the name of original cast member Garrett Morris as Morris' picture flashed on the screen .

Back in their dorm Luke said " Man that Pete is an alright dude." He proceeded to strip down to his boxers.

"Yeah. He is. He is going to be a cool bro," Zach looked over and saw Luke's six pack and gave a wolf whistle. "Man, you're looking good for fifteen"

"Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself" said Luke noticing Zach too had a six pack. They turned off the light, set their alarm for eight o clock and got into bed.

"Goodnight, bro" said Luke "and hey welcome to Bullworth"

"Yeah" Zach replied "Welcome to Bullworth. Fuck. My. Life."

"Amen to that brother" said Luke "Amen to that"

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