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Warning: This chapter contains sexual content!

Chapter 4: A Day (and Night) On The Town

Bullworth Academy

2 November 2005

It was a Sunday meaning the student body at Bullworth Academy had the day to themselves and roomies Zach Maniscalco and Luke Drake were going to take full advantage of this fact. The friends were going to hang out in Bullworth Town today with their good friend Pete Kowalski. After Zach's epiphany last night revealing that he was in love with his roommate, he decided to keep his feelings to himself, he would come out to Luke when the time was right, for fear if he came out now Luke would be disgusted with him and end their friendship. Oh, how wrong he was. The two dressed in street clothes. Zach in a black long sleeved button-up with Levi Strauss Signature dark blue jeans and black Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars. Luke in a blue zip hoodie, matching blue graphic tee with a black fleur-des-lis, black Vans jeans with black and red DC skate shoes. They met Pete Kowalski in the dorm common. Pete was wearing a dark blue AB casual polo with cream colored Aquaberry slacks and gray and black slip-ons.

"Hey, guys" said Pete "You ready?"

"Yeah" said Zach "Where are we going?"

"My uncle Steve runs a hookah lounge here in town. It's closed on Sunday. But, he said he'd be more than happy to set us up with a bowl."

"Aren't we a bit young to be walking into a hookah shop?" questioned Luke.

"My uncle will let us smoke for free under the table. He's cool."

"All right. Let's go" said Zach

The friends got their bikes and started riding into town. As they were riding, Zach and Luke noticed how beautiful the other looked, with the late autumn wind blowing their hair backwards making their locks flow in beautiful waves.

Wow! He's hot. Zach thought

Zach is looking pretty hot as always. Thought Luke

They got into Bullworth Town they took time to notice all the shops, like Worn-in, Yum-Yum Market and The Happy Mullet. They pulled in front of a shop called Bullworth Hookah Co. Pete knocked on the door. A tall man with the same hair color as Pete and a beard to match and glasses answered the door.

"Hey, Uncle Steve." said Pete

"Pete! How are ya?" asked his uncle

"I'm doing good these are my friends Zach and Luke"

"Good to meet you. Steve Kowalski, any friend of my nephew Pete is a friend of mine." He shook hands with Luke and then with Zach. "Come inside, please." Inside the shop was a bunch of tables with comfy recliners and couches around them. These were all around the room, there was a counter at the back of the room where you payed for your hookah. Behind the counter was a door that led to where Steve and his employees make the hookah. The walls were painted to show a Liberty City skyline at night. There were speakers so music could be played while people were smoking. There was a laptop, which the boys assumed and assumed correctly had a massive library of music for said speakers.

"So, what do you guys think."?

"It's great!" Zach said "I didn't know Pete's family was from LC" Zach said

"Oh, yeah. Pete's Dad and I were born and raised. Middle Park East. You?'

"Yeah. Algonquin. Fulcrum Ave." said Zach

"Oh, a fellow Algonquinite, huh? Small world, but sweet! Bet you are real familiar with Star Junction? Man, have I got stories about that place!"

"Yeah. I know Liberty City like the back of my hand, I've been all over. I can look at your wall and tell you which borough a particular section of skyline belongs too." He started slowly spinning and pointing at the wall naming off the different boroughs. "South Bohan, North Bohan, Dukes, Broker, Northwood, Chinatown, Purgatory, Westdyke." rounded off Zach

"Whoa. Pretty good kid. Pete here was born and raised in LC too. Middle Park West instead of East. But, he and his parents moved when Pete was about 10, so 2001, I followed in '02 and set up this establishment. Been here ever since. Since, we are on the subject where are you from Luke?" asked Steve.

"Rockford Hills. Los Santos, San Andreas." said Luke.

"So, I'm the only kid from the poorhouse? Figures." said Zach

"If you are so poor, how did your folks afford to send you here.?" asked Pete.

"My dad is good friends with a guy on the Board of Governors. I'm going here for half the price." answered Zach " and I'm not that poor. But I'm definitely not from Middle Park West or Rockford Hills."

"Now about why you are here." said Steve

"You can come and smoke anytime you want on the house. Just call me and give me a heads up beforehand. Just remember: everything in moderation. So, I wouldn't suggest coming here everyday, but that is entirely up to you. Since you are under age you have to smoke separately from my customers, so nobody sees you and calls the five-o. I got a private room all set up for you three to use only. Follow me." said Steve He led the three into the room where the hookah is made and down a set of stairs into the basement. This basement is not your typical basement, it was refurbished with new walls and lights and had a hardwood floor. The basement had shelves where spare shisha and hookahs were stored. Steve opened the door into a room in the back of the basement. The room was pretty much a smaller upstairs. With a table, a flat screen TV with surround sound. Two black leather recliners and matching loveseat, and a laptop which connects to the surround sound for music. The room had a comfy dark blue carpet and a door that led out into the alley.

"Wow. Thanks, Uncle Steve!" said Pete.

"Yeah, thanks."said Zach and Luke

"Ah, don't mention it. I'm going to go get your hookah. How does cherry lemonade sound"?

"Good" the three said.

"Drinks?" asked Steve

"Three Beams." said Pete

"Cool." said Steve "Music or TV."

"I think music" said Pete, Zach and Luke nodded in agreement. "You guys want to pick?"

"How about jazz?" said Zach "I'm a jazz fanatic."

"Yeah, That's cool." said Pete

"Yeah! Awesome!" said Luke He has great taste in music. I like that Luke thought.

"Cool" said Steve "I'm a jazz fan too, got all the greats in the library" he said motioning to the laptop. "Any particular song you want to hear?" asked Steve. Zach thought then said:

"Moanin', Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers"

"Can't go wrong with a little Art Blakey." said Steve. He put the song on the laptop then he left to go get the Beam colas.

"Dude, your uncle is the fucking shit." exclaimed Zach.

"Yeah. It's like he is still a teenager"said Luke

"Yeah. He is in a lot of ways. My father was always very distant because he is a workaholic, it is all about the job with him. Uncle Steve is y father in a way. Always being there and having time for me, taking me out and doing stuff. My dad never did any of that, it was always Uncle Steve." Pete explained. His friends nodded in understanding. Steve Kowalski reappeared with three cans of Beam cola. He handed one to each boy.

"Here you go" he said. Then, Art Blakey's Moanin' ended. "Another song guys?" Steve asked. Pete and Luke looked to Zach clearly wanting more jazz. Zach looked at Steve

"Miles Davis, Move." he said.

"Miles Davis, the man himself" said Steve nodding in approval "A legend. Truly one of the godfathers of jazz"

"One of the greats" said Zach agreeing. Steve put on the song then left to get the hookah. The three boys went to pick up their drinks, Zach and Luke unintentionally went for the same one and their hands touched. Both boys looked like an electric shock went though their body, they both blushed hard turning beet red, this was a clue to both Zach and Luke that maybe the other liked him after all. Pete noticed this too, but decided to stay quiet and let the moment play out. But, just then Steve returned with the hookah and both boys recovered quickly, grabbing a can of Beam and popping it open. Steve put the hookah on the table and went back to get the coals, when he came back he put the hot coals on top of the tinfoil wrapped apple that had the shisha in it. He handed Pete a plastic tip for smoking the shisha.

"I've only got two left. I'll be getting an order tomorrow, but for now you two will have to share one" Steve said as he looked to Zach and Luke "That cool?"

"Yeah, that's cool" they both said. He gave the boys the tip, Pete started smoking, then Steve left closing the door behind him.

"This is cool. I could get used to this." said Zach

"Yeah. Thanks Pete" said Luke

"No problem at all guys" said Pete, Pete took of his tip then handed the hose to Zach who put on his and Luke's tip and took a couple puffs before passing it to Luke. Putting the smoking tip in his mouth and having his lips come in contact with a small amount of Zach's saliva got Luke turned on. A couple hours later the three friends decided it was time to leave. They bid farewell to Steve Kowalski and thanked him But, Steve said he needed to talk to Pete.

"You two go on ahead. I'll catch up with you." Pete said to Zach and Luke. They nodded. When they got outside they found that their bikes were gone! They wen t back inside and told Steve and Pete.

"Greasers or Townies would be my bet" said Steve "I'll file a report with BPD. You guys want a lift?"

"Nah" Luke spoke up "We'll walk it."

"All right" said Steve " I'll drop off Pete later" Zach and Luke left the shop. They walked back to Bullworth in silence, until. Fuck it. I can't take it any more Luke thought. He stopped grabbed Zach and turned him so that the two boys were facing each other. He took Zach's face in his hands looked into his ocean blue eyes and kissed him.

Yes! Finally. Luke thought.

Whoa! What! Thought a very surprised Zach. They broke apart.

"Listen, Zach" said Luke "I love you, alright? I fucking love you!" Zach was silent for a moment then a huge smile spread across his face.

"Well, you're in luck Luke because I fucking love you too." Then he kissed Luke back long and hard.

"Really?" asked Luke

"Really." said Zach "You are nice and funny. And really hot and super sexy and I want to be your boyfriend, and vice versa of course."

"Yeah! I will be your boyfriend!" said Luke

"Great, babe! That's fuckin great!" Zach smiled wide. They smashed their lips together for one more passionate, powerful, wild kiss. Then they raced back to their dorm grinning and laughing madly with smiles that brightened the night. Hand in hand, fingers interlocked.

Minutes later, the lovers burst in to their room, slamming the door shut and locking it behind them. They started ripping each others clothes off, stopping when only their boxers remained. They then smashed their lips together attacking the other boy's mouth with zeal. Zach brushed his tongue along Luke's teeth begging for entry, which Luke granted. A battle of wills ensued between the two tongues, twisting together. A battle which Zach won. Luke then took control of the situation by pushing his soul mate onto the bed, on his back. Luke then got atop Zach straddling him then continued the assault on his mouth. Luke then moved down kissing Zach's neck. He then went to Zach's left nipple, Luke licked, sucked and pulled on it with his teeth, this earned a moan of ecstasy from his lover, Luke did the same to the other nipple.

"Oh, baby. You are making me so hot." said Zach. Luke looked up at his boyfriend.

"Hey, I know we aren't ready for sex. Not yet. But how about-" Luke put his hand on Zach's boxers over his budding erection. "touching?"

"You want to jerk me off? And I you?" asked Zach.

Luke nodded. "Of course, babe I'm ready, but only if you are."

"I am." Luke replied.

"Okay." said Zach and he slipped off his boxers, revealing his hard nine inch cock. Luke stared at it in awe, salivating before shedding his own underwear revealing a stiff rod also of nine inches. Both boys matched in width as well, they were both well endowed, but they weren't unnaturally big as is usually depicted in porn videos.

"Oh, babe, I love your body." said Zach taking in every from Luke's angelic face to his chiseled torso right down to the grand prize nestled between two tight thighs.

"I love yours too." said Luke. He then reached a hand out and grasped Zach's penis gently and stated moving his hand slowly up and down gradually picking up pace. Zach gasped and moaned in pure pleasure and sock at this addicting sensation before reaching over and masturbating Luke.

"Oh, fuck, Zach." breathed Luke. Both boy's used their thumb to massage the others tip. After about a half hour of this Zach moaned.

"Oh baby, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"Me too!"

"Oh, LUKE!"

"Oh, ZACH!"

they came spraying their sperm all over the others torso. Zach then licked his come off of Luke's chest and stomach, before licked and sucking the last of it off the tip of his penis. Which earned Zach a short moan from Luke. Luke then did the same to Zach and was also awarded with a moan. Luke then got up and turned off the lights and set the alarm for eight before he forgot. He then got back into Zach's bed and let Zach cradle Luke in his arms from behind and spooned him. Zach rested his chin on Luke's shoulder.

"I love you" said Zach. He then flicked Luke's ear with his tongue and nibbled on his lobe, which made Luke moan.

"I love you too." said Luke. He then turned around to face Zach but was still cradled in his arms. "You know. The whole dorm probably heard us."

"Fuck em'." replied Zach. " What I do with the man I love is no business of theirs, if they don't like it they can go fuck themselves."

"So, you do love me then? For Real? This isn't just some stupid high school romance for you?" said Luke.

"No, it's not. I love you Luke and I want to be with you for the rest of my life." He kissed Luke

"Good." said Luke.

After a moment of silence Zach said.

"I still can't believe that Smith, the fucking Judas."

"Yeah I know" said Luke. " and now that the Bullies are out of the way and we have established ourselves as the new kids on the block, the other factions will come looking for a fight."

"I don't mind being the new kid on the block. I could be a Whalberg brother"

"Get the fuck out of here" said Luke playfully. "If the other factions come you can bet the Preps will strike first."

"So, what? You think I'm scared of some high society shits looking like something straight out of an S.E Hinton novel? If Derby Harrington wants to send his trust fund fuck-sticks to try and stir up some shit, he is welcome to fucking try. I'll beat them down so hard that compared to them the hobo who lives out back will be the fucking Queen of England."

"Still" said Luke "We should try and defend ourselves. Maybe make up our own faction, Jimmy will most likely want to go solo. But, that's okay it can just be you, me and Pete."

"Just the three of us? And what would we call this gang?" asked Zach

Luke thought.

"How about The Bullworth Trinity?"

"Hey, I like that! Pretty fucking dope babe!" exclaimed Zach.

"Bullworth Trinity it is then?"

"Bullworth Trinity it is."

With that the two halves of a whole drifted off to a peaceful sleep, naked, enveloped in each others loving arms.