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Once Bumblebee knew that the kids would be busy talking to each other about the upcoming trip he walked over to where Sideswipe and Strongarm were standing. He knew why they looked like they did, he didn't take it up with them about the whole situation with the last of team prime coming back with them to Crown City, but he had a plan.

"Sir I trust you judgment with bringing them back with us but couldn't you have informed us ahead of time to see what we thought?"

"Yeah Bee that really wasn't smart" Sideswipe commented

"Yeah I know, but I think this will be good for everyone Grimlock and the others back at the other base will get to know them and benefit on how we used to work as a team and I know they, especially Ratchet will appreciate knowing about how I'm doing and where I'm at. Plus I have sort of an assignment for you both"

Sideswipe and Strongarm looked at each other with confused faces

"I want you to know them better I know you work well with Denny and Russell but you have never worked one on one with one of them for a long period of time so I'm appointing you two to temporary guardians. Strongarm you will be with Miko and Sideswipe with Jack."

"But-" they both started at once but were cut off by Bumblebee

"No complaining, this is how Optimus got us to understand the earths and human culture more"

"Ugh" Sideswipe groaned

"If the Optimus Prime did this then I am up to try it" Strongarm agreed

"Good, I'm glad we're on the same page" Bumblebee smiled and nodded and went back to where the three children were standing.

He was excited and nervous for some reason about all of this, but he was glad that everyone seemed like they were on board with everything. He hoped after everything he did this will go smoothly. Bumblebee let out a sigh. This trip didn't go as he planned it would but he guessed this all happened for some reason. He just needed a way to tell Jack and Miko that they had new temporary guardians.

When he approached the three humans he could hear Miko excitedly chattering about meeting some new bots and possibly kicking some Decepticon aft.

"Hopefully they will be out of sight when you are there"

"Aww" Miko replied sadly

"We don't need you running off either, if there is Decepticon activity, they aren't used to chasing you all over like we are" Bumblebee said with a hint of a smile on his face to let Miko know he was serious but kidding with jack and Raf chuckling behind him.

Miko narrowed her eyes at the two boys, and they immediately ceased.

"But everything aside, I need you and Jack paired together with Sideswipe and Strongarm, Miko you will be with Strongarm, Jack with Sideswipe. They are not trying to replace Bulkhead and Arcee as your guardians." Jack and Miko's head went down when he mentioned their formers friends and guardians. "But you helping them try to understand more about humans and the culture, we don't get much because we are staying at a scrap yard but I try each time we go somewhere and they see something unfamiliar to them"

"Yeah of course, we can and thing in particular we need to help them with?" Jack asked

"If I see anything, I will let you know but for now just try to be a friend, but I will warn you that your personalities will clash, Strongarm is a little uptight and a rulebook follower and I'm trying to teach her that Cybertronian standards do not apply while we are here on Earth. And Sideswipe is sort of a rebel who need to calm down and take somethings a little more seriously."

"We will work on that" Jack replied while Miko nodded up for a challenge of getting a bot to loosen up.

"Thank you"

The next day after everyone was rested up and said goodbye to their parents and Agent Fowler, they set off to their destination to the scrapyard out of Crown City. For the most art it was a quiet ride. There was a little hiccup when they were getting ready to hit the road where Sideswipe and Strongarm were surprised when Bumblebee said that Jack and Miko were riding with them, but after some discussion they finally agreed and hit the road.

"I'm glad you are coming with us Ratchet, you really need to get out more" Bumblebee said over a personal comm link "Haven't seen you since after the Predacon stuff settled down on Cybertron"

"Yes, well I would like to see what kind of base you have set up with yourself and the others" Ratchet replied in his normal gruff voice

"Once we are alone I need to tell you something you might find important" bumblebee told the old Cybertronian medic. Ratchet just gave a grunt in response.

"So what have you been up to Raf" Bee asked opening the link for him to be included in the conversation.

"Nothing much, you know the usual, school, helping Ratchet and Fowler with projects, being ignored by my family" Raf said sarcasticallysarcastically but still smiling

"Well I'm glad things haven't changed much" Bumblebee chuckled

Behind Bumblebee and Ratchet were the other two Autobots that were occupied in their own conversation with each other.

"I don't see how this is going to help matters, they're just some normal humans like Denny and Russell"

"Look I'm not too happy about this situation either, but if Bumblebee thinks this will help anything then I have no complaints. Besides we could learn some things about them"

"Ugh, you always have to be rule follower don't you, can't you just live a little and stop being so uptight all the time"

"It's Protocol. I'm just following what the books say"

"But Bumblebee has told you multiple times that the rules on Cybertron don't apply here on Earth but you keep acting like we are still on Cybertron. Also Bumblebee really likes it here and these humans were his friends back when there was no Cybertron, so I think we just need to go along with what Bumblebee is doing right now and trust him."

Strongarm sighed she knew in retrospect that Sideswipe was right and she needed to cool down a little bit with the law thing but it was just in her nature for these things to control her and needed to trust her commander.

Strongarm then got cut off from her thoughts by Miko who was asking her some sort of question.

"I'm sorry could you repeat that" she said to the girl

Miko just rolled her eyes and asker her again "I said what did you do on Cybertron with Bumblebee"

"He is my Lieutenant, my superior officer, we go around Kaon stopping crime arresting them and putting the bots that deserve it in prison"

"Wait so you and he are essentially cops?" Miko snickered "I so want to hear the story on how he got that job"

"What's a matter with a job in working with the law?"

"But its Bumblebee, last we heard, or should I say Raf heard from him He was anointed from scout to warrior class by Optimus before he went into the Allspark."

"Yes most of Cybertron knows of who Bumblebee is and what he has done, now I really don't know what happened in between that and him becoming my superior, but I'm guessing he had a good reason." Strongarm rebutted

Just as Miko and Strongarm were having their own discussion, Jack and Sideswipe were caught up in their own as well just not going as well as they had both hoped. At first it was a silent ride following both Bumblebee and Strongarm with Ratchet tailing behind him, and Sideswipe getting antsy to go a little bit faster, but he wasn't sure if Jack would like that or not so he decided not to pass his two teammates for right now. But before he could process another thought about racing ahead the boy in the passenger seat called out to him.

"So, Sideswipe, did you know Bumblebee before you came he and became a team?" Jack asked just trying to start up some sort of conversation with the bot

"You could say that, but it wasn't like a buddy-buddy type of thing, he and Strongarm are sort of like your earth cops on Cybertron so I got caught by him a lot."

"For what?"

"Oh you know just the usual type of thing, speeding, racing, things like that. It's kind of how I got to be on the team, I was running around like any other day then Bee and Strongarm caught me and was going to take me to jail until we came he through a Space Bridge cause Bee said Optimus told him to come back here, but Strongarm and I weren't supposed to go through with him but since I was cuffed to Strongarm at the time I went through with her anyway."

"Sounds like everything worked out ok in the end anyway" Jack responded

"Yeah, I guess so, it's not so bad here, but sometimes the others and I get a little bit more homesick for Cybertron then Bumblebee does, then he goes on how Earth is a magnificent place and things like that"

"That's because I think Bumblebee has been on Earth longer than he hasn't, and he kind of grew up around the Earth elements." Jack told the bot "When Bumblebee was with us on Optimus' Team he was the youngest Autobot and only a scout at the time. And the only person besides the Autobots that could understand Bumblebee without his voice box was Raf, that's why they we like best friends.

"I didn't know about all of that, yeah sure Bumblebee has sort of a reputation on Cybertron but I think that is for mostly being on team Prime and helping to defeat the Decepticons and Megatron." Sideswipe told the human

Jack nodded, he guesses that would be a reason for someone to be know. Being on team Prime is legendary. "I can tell just rom being around him for these couple of hours that he has changed a lot since we had known him. He looks a lot more serious than he did, but I guess that's a part of being a leader"

"Yeah, Bumblebee can get a little uptight sometimes about missions and stuff and tries too hard, but then other times he can be laid back and act like the rest of us." Sideswipe commented

Jack looked through Sideswipe's windshield and looked at the yellow and black sports car driving in front of them, a lot had changed since those days, Bumblebee changed his color scheme back to its original way, and all of the kids have gotten older, and from what everyone has talked about Cybertron was booming with life. He remembered when he went to Cybertron, it was barren and lifeless except for the Insceticons he and Arcee had encountered.

Just then Bumblebee's voice came over everyone's comm system, Jack and Miko were still getting used to hearing Bumblebee's voice full time. They only got to hear it for a little while before the bots went back to Cybertron.

"We are about 10 minutes out from the junk yard, I will let Fixit know we are close, so he can let the others know. Bumblebee out."

And about 10 minutes later prior to Bumblebee's comm they arrived at the entrance of the junk yard. The big metal door slid open and all bots rolled in and drove toward the command center where Fixit, Denny, Russell and Grimlock were waiting for them.

Once the kids got out of their respective vehicles, the bots transformed and stood next to them. Jack, Miko and Raf all had looks of amazement especially Miko, it looked to Bumblebee that she still got excited when she was about to meet some new Autobots.

"Guys" Bumblebee said "welcome to our outpost."

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