The Art of Potions and Spells

Harry Potter © J.K. Rowling

Chapter o5

Summary: Being reborn in the past was something, however, being reborn as his late professor's elder sister, well, that's just asking for trouble, you know, being Harry bloody Potter and his dumb luck. Fem!Harry Potter, Time-travel.

Rate: T

May contain Cursing, child abuse, and bullying.

Author's Note: I'm so sorry for the late update; my life has gotten out of control way too fast for me at the moment that it's been a hard time to write anything. I just finished school and only studying to get my license for my CNA in a couple of months. I am also planning on moving, so that has been a stress along with my depression making things more challenging and having my heart broken (told the girl I love that I love her, got ignored – rejected and got told that the second person that asked her out was better than me)! Yeah, so it there has been many things going on, and writing hasn't been in my mind, but I managed this, and I hope you like it and once again, I am sorry for the late update. I am not sure when I'll be updating again, but I promise you, I won't abandon this story or any of my other works.

"Happy Birthday, Sev," Harry whispered, kissing the new five-year-old as he giggled underneath his arms.

"Thank you, Mel," Severus whispered, pressing himself closer to his body, relishing the warmth. December was a harsh month, and January wasn't helping them. The lack of food and warmth made winter even more miserable than the past years.

No presents for Christmas, but then again, they never did receive any in the past years. Not enough food in the pantry, eating scraps and trying to make leftovers last. Long enough until the next pay that their drunken father bought back home or whatever he didn't spend on alcohol.

Smiling at Severus, Harry watches him blow out the single candle the cupcake held. Watching the Severus's baby cheeks fill with air as he blew it out, eyes closed tightly. "Thank you, Mel," Severus whispered, looking at her with bright eyes.

"It's no problem, eat the cupcake now so we can go to sleep soon," Harry whispered, watching young Severus happily eat the cake in slow, small bites and it pained him seeing him do that. Because children would usually rush to eat sweets and want more; however, they couldn't afford to eat fast or have more.

However, Harry feels an uneasiness settle upon is stomach as he watches Severus carefully wrapped the leftovers in a napkin and placed it away in the box container and hides it the small corner where they would stash food away. The uneasiness curled tightly in his stomach, making him uncomfortable with whatever may happen. He knew the Potter luck has stuck to him even in the lifetime, even if it were minor accidents, he was aware that when the luck struck.

But whatever was coming, he knew it was going to be big, and it was probably something he wouldn't be able to control or make sure it wasn't damaging. Especially if it had anything to do with Severus.

In the meantime, all he could do was keep an eye open and try to be prepared as much as he could be because there wasn't much he could do. Not at the moment.

The month was stressful as it passed by and the uneasiness never left him. No matter how much he kept on his toes, no matter how much he kept an eye on everything, Harry knew whatever was going to happen, was going to make sure to make him wait before it sprung out of nowhere and just happen.

Severus picked up his uneasiness even though he had reassured the small boy that everything was okay and it would continue being alright if he had a say so. And no matter how much the boy looked up to him and believed every word that Harry told him, Severus is a smart child, he is a sharp child and knew that even though there wasn't anything wrong at the moment, anything could happen.

Harry was certain it wasn't healthy for a soon to be seven-year-old to be this stressed out. And as he scrambled to gather loose change from their parents and made sure they had food to eat as the days passed by and the month went by with a blink of an eye.

It wasn't until the ending of May that the sensation of something wrong filled the air. It was the heaviness in the small home that made Harry queasy of going outside their little safe-zone of their bedroom.

The eerie quiet morning is shattered by a loud scream, the scream of their mother followed by their father's slurred cruel shouting. Something about their fight was different, something in their screaming seemed unsettling as Harry held onto Severus tightly in his skinny arms.

Loud crashes of glass breaking and dull thumps hitting the wall made the young boy flinched, burying his face into the elder of the sibling's body. The thin walls trembled at as items hit them, making Harry swear in his mind as he searched around the small room. The shouting was coming closer to them, and Harry didn't want Severus anywhere near him if their father decided to come in the bedroom.

"Hide," He whispered to Severus as he pushed the child in the small closet before closing the door in time to have their bedroom door swung open with a harsh force. Their father in an inebriated state stumble in, their sick mother following him not too far.

It's the charcoal eyes that resemble Severus that glare down him. The ugly sneer plastered on his face, glaring at him down the familiar hooked nose as he pushed himself inside the room, "You," he slurred with such distaste. Such hate and annoyance of having him stand right in front of him, "Where is your brother,"

But it was the utter disgust that is held in his voice as he slurred the words brother to him. Harry shook his head, not allowing the man in front of him frighten him, even when his body trembled in fear of the unknown.

Harry is powerless in the situation. His magic wasn't fully under his control, especially when he didn't have the energy to continue working on his wandless. He is also only seven-years-old, it is a painful reminder of him standing in front of a furious Vernon Dursley; however, the male in front of him was taller and had muscle built instead of fat.

"T-Tobias, let them be!" Eileen, pleaded, her gray eyes filled with pain and worry, as he grabbed her husband's forearms, but the man wouldn't budge. Instead, he slapped with the back of his hand, "Quiet down!" He screamed her, before looking at him one more time, "I won't repeat myself girl," He stated, grabbing him by the arm and pulling his weaker body towards him. The smell of alcohol is hitting his face as he breathed down at him, "Tell me, where that little runt is at now before you get it."

Tobias never bothered them. Never bothered that they existed or not, if they had food to eat, clothes to wear or if they were doing okay.

But somehow, today, the man decided that Severus is rather important for him.

Harry shook his head; he wasn't going to let the man know that Severus is currently hiding in their small closet. If it weren't for Severus short form, it would've been difficult for Severus to hide him outside the closet. And Harry thanked every deity he could think of for having a closet that wouldn't automatically look at because of its size.

"Tell me!"

"No!" Harry screamed he wasn't going to reveal Severus to him when the man barely acknowledges them on a daily basis.

"No?" The man question, "I am your father little girl, tell me where your brother is at!" It's something in Harry that makes him snap.

It may be that Gryffindor side of him, the loyalty, the bravery, that Harry has buried to survive the household that rears it's ugly head, as Harry stared at the man in front of him.

"You. Are. Not. OUR. FATHER!" The words slip his mouth before they register in his mind. Making him freeze on the spot as he sees the hot anger in the man's eyes freeze into something much more cruel and cold.

It's a pain that stings on his face that brings him to reality, the screaming of Eileen telling the man to forgive him for saying the words, to let him be. To ignore the children because they didn't do anything. They weren't anything.

Somehow, those words stung a bit more than they should have, that Eileen didn't love them enough to be considered at least something to herself and her husband. Or even just herself.

The pain in his face didn't hurt as much as the words that she yelled.

Harry is engulfed in pain from his stomach, snapping him from his daze of Eileen's revelation, making it hard for him to breath.

"I'm not your father?!" Tobias roared, kicking Harry once more in the stomach, his drunken state slowly disappeared and a clearer head Tobias stood in front of him. A least with the drunk, the man, could be easily dealt with, but a seriously pissed off sober Tobias, it is much harder to deal.

Taking a deep breath, Harry tried to sit up, but a small scream left his lips as he stared as Tobias's foot stomped on his thin hand. Hearing the fragile bones crack underneath the big shoe.

His vision blurred with tears, Harry held in another scream as the man twisted his foot on top of his hand. He wasn't going to give in.

He is Severus older sibling, and he is going to protect the boy with everything he has. "Melva, just tell him where your brother is at?"

The pleading of Eileen screaming at him only harden the resolve, Harry shook his head no, hair strands slowly came undone from his ponytail.

"No," He screamed, his voice breaking from the pain, "I won't tell you where he is at!"

"Just tell him, and he will stop!"


It's another shock of pain under his chin as he stared at the dirty ceiling, the dull aching from his hand and the taste of copper in his mouth that has his small body shaking in pain, but he wasn't giving up.

"Tell me where your brother is hiding I'm your father; I provide a roof over your head, the clothes you wear, and the food you eat." It's the intense anger his father that radiates that makes Harry want to grab Severus and run, run as fast as he could, but he didn't have the energy.

And they wouldn't have made it far before he caught up to them.

It's another scream that slips his lips as the man dug the heel of his foot on his stomach, "Oi you little brat, come out where you are hiding from, or it will only get worse for your sister!"

"NO! Do not come out from where you are hiding from Severus!"Harry cries, with weak arms trying to push the heavy foot from his stomach.

"Severus!" Eileen yelled, "Please, please come out! Papa just only wants to spend time with you,"

It's the pleading of Eileen that pisses Harry off, even more, it's the ugly part of Harry that he keeps tightly control that loses control.

"SHUT UP!" He yells, only to let another cry as the man only digs his shoe deeper in his gut, "Shutup!Shutup!SHUTUP!" It's the force of magic that pushes wide-eye Eileen to the wall, her lips tightly closed by force as the weak black haired woman tries to claw her mouth open.

"Severus if you don't come out, you won't longer have a sister!" Tobias yells, kicking Harry hard, making him let out another cry in pain as he holds tightly onto Tobias' foot.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Severus runs out of the closet, face dripping with tears, running towards the man that has Harry under his foot.

"No…," Harry says weakly, "Run away from here Sev!"

Severus shakes his head, as he tries to push the man off Harry, "Leave my sister alone!" The small boy cries.

It's the man's laughter that fuels Harry's fear, the worst nightmare he has ever since Severus is born, as he watches from the floor under his foot grab Severus, little innocent Severus from his hair and pulls him harshly away from him.

"See, now that wasn't hard, was it?" Tobias asked it's Severus cries that make Harry push his body even more, "Let him be, you monster!"

But he doesn't, and the fear in Harry grows bigger, tightening itself around Harry's lungs, as he tries to regain control of his shaking body, trying to regain some energy to push the man of him and just grab Severus and run. Make a run for how far he could.

"Now, why would I want to do that," Tobias asks mockingly, "I have to spend some time with my son,"

It's the dread that builds in Harry as he watches Tobias drag Severus from his hair and out of their room. Shakily trying to sit up, Harry glares at Eileen, the woman continued to claw her mouth open, totally forgotten.

"It's your fault," he began, he cries in pain as Harry sits himself up, getting harder to breathe, his vision slowly escaping him, but he couldn't give up, not right now. "It's your fault! If anything happens to Severus, I will kill you!" Shaking his head, he pulls his weak body upwards, "I don't care if you are my mother, but Severus, he is my brother, mine to protect, to care for and to love since you won't do it!"

Something hums in the air, as Harry says those words, staring at Eileen straight in the eye as he finishes making his promise of her death if anything happened to Severus.

It's the terror that he sees his mother look at him, that makes Harry scoff at as he drags his body outside. "Merlin, Death, if you are listening to me right now, I don't care whatever you are but, you better now take Severus from me right now, damn it all or else," He hisses to himself.

Stumbling down the hall in ragged breaths, vision only becoming darker and darker, the fear eating him since he could no longer hear Severus cries or Tobias heavy footsteps.

It's that petrify fear that makes Harry push even harder, the urge to scream, to run towards his brother that he continues.

As he stumbles forward, energy leaving him, it's warmth that he falls into, "Wow," an unfamiliar voice murmurs. Harry tenses up as he tries to push himself away from the unknown. "Calm down kid, everything is okay," It's the strange voice of a man that makes Harry try even harder.

"Let me go!" He slurs, weakly pushing himself, "I need to find my brother before that man does anything to him!" He desperately cries, trying so hard.

"It's okay," The man began, but Harry cut him off.

"No, it isn't! If that man DID anything to harm my baby brother, I would kill him!" It's the flash of green that passes in Harry's eyes that make the stranger quiet down before he sighed.

"Kelsea, how's the kid?" The man asks as light footsteps come forward. Another presence shows up making Harry even wearier.

"He's okay, that accidental magic drained him a lot of him," Kelsea, states.

"See, he's okay," the man says, pushing Harry upwards, helping her look towards a familiar looking woman holding a sleeping Severus.

It takes a moment, but Harry smiles at Severus sleeping face, "Oh, he's okay," before the world disappeared into the darkness and falling forward onto the man. The man held the small unconscious female, before glancing at Kelsea.

"I think it's time to take them home with us before he speak with our dear sister,"

"I agree on Feoras," Kelsea stated, her face blank with any emotion as she looked down at the sleeping child that barely weigh anything in her arms.

"Mother isn't going to be happy that the two children she kept writing to have been suffering greatly, especially under baby Eileen's watch,"

They don't show it; their upbringing taught them never to show their real emotions, their true intentions in public places unless it's in their privacy of home.

But it didn't stop them from radiating anger as they both took the two children away from their home and towards their childhood home. Two young magical children, both starved, scared and weary of strangers.

Anwen knew something would happen, knew that keeping Melva and Severus away from them, away from their world since they weren't her children to keep. She knew something dark was brewing, but she wasn't quite sure what it was.

The more she spoke with the children, the more she grew fond of them.

Innocent Severus, filled with wonder and curiosity; however, the small child is sharp and held increasing intelligence.

Melve, over-protective and weary, sarcastic and a tongue that would make the Lord Malfoy even proud.

The children are a beauty and something she wanted to see grow and have around; however, Eileen didn't even bother to seek contact with her or her siblings. Not even to ask for help about their financial if they children said was true.

Anwen wonder if she should have followed her gut that day and had not waited until it was too late. She should have read the lines in between and asked herself if it was okay to leave the children unchecked, but their lives weren't in any danger. They also never complained about being hurt, the only times were when Eileen was too busy to pay attention to them or not have enough food because their father's job didn't have enough income to pay for everything they needed.

It wasn't the life a child should live, but it was Eileen's children life and as much as she wanted to intervene, she couldn't. She didn't want to push her daughter into hiding and hide the children away from them if her husband was planning on having one of them become his heir.

She should have allowed her children to go and meet them, to take a small peek and allow themselves to introduce themselves to the children.

But she didn't. She felt like it would be pushing them, for them to want to come to them even though they wouldn't be able to. Not until they gain their Hogwarts letters.

But why did it take for the glow of her notebook to make her rush into the dining room, pale and scared as she looked at her husband as she clutched the enchanted book against her chest?


Grama Anwen please you have to help us!

Help Melva!

I'm scared!

Tear stain page with shaky handwriting filled with terror and pain.

"Mother are you okay?" It's her son, Feoras to break the silence that filled the room. It's a small sob that leaves her lips, as she wonders what's going on to have something like that sent to her.

"Anwen what's wrong?"

Wyn, her dear husband, moves towards her.

"You have to go and help them," She whispers. "You have to go and see if the children are okay," Because she doesn't want to lose them.

Not yet, not when she hasn't met them face to face yet.

"Father?" It's the questioning and hesitance of Kelsea that makes their father frown as he takes hold of his wife and nod at their children.

With his permission, Anwen watches her children rush out of the dining room and towards the entrance to apparate away.

"Anwen, what's wrong?" Wyn asks once more, watching Anwen try to regain some control of her emotions.

"The children, something is wrong… I should have done something to make sure they were okay," She said steadily. "I can't lose them; I haven't even met them yet,"

Wyn nodded his head. The man understood the dream of his wife wanting grandchildren. And since none of the two eldest were planning on to settle down and have their children, her dream fell on Eileen's children.

"We will figure out what's wrong and I will do everything in my power to make sure they are okay," He promises his wife.

Because his wife's happiness is what made Wyn happy and if it involves half-blood magical children from their disowned daughter, he will do everything in his power to have them on their side instead of Eileen.