Sylvia was having a birthday and she and her friends had just finished the cake. She then opened all her presents and suddenly her father said "wait! I forgot that I had one other present!" He ran into another room and came out holding something behind his back. "What is it Papa?!" demanded Sylvia, and her rather pulled out an egg with a velvety red bow around it. Over the next few weeks, Sylvia kept the egg in her room and watched over it. A few weeks later, Sylvia had just come home to find that the egg had rolled off the dresser and was trembling on the floor. She picked up the egg and carried it to her bed, where it wobbled and began developing a web of cracks. After what seemed like hours the already broken egg split down the middle to reveal a baby Troodon, the size of a rabbit. Sylvia gently picked it up and held it up at eye level. The first thing the hatchling saw was Sylvia's face, and it grabbed onto her nose and made a cooing sound. At this point, her father came in, set the candle that he had also given her on her dresser, and used his Zippo lighter to give the Triceratops-shaped candle a glowing flame before sitting on the bed next to his daughter and her new friend. Seeing the lighter gave Sylvia an idea, and she said "Papa lit your birthday candle with his Zippo, so you're name's gonna be Zippo!" As Zippo climbed onto her shoulder and wrapped himself around her neck, Sylvia felt as if the baby understood her body than anyone. She knew that he would become a best friend for life, a player of dress up, a teller of stories in the dark, and a keeper of secrets.