It was a quiet night. The moon was halfway through its journey through the black night sky. The chariot was soaring in the night sky in all its elegance. A magnificent Chariot of an average size made of silver with beautiful carvings all around of all the battle's it had been in complete with seats as black as darkness. The stags pulling it were no disgrace to its beauty instead they rivalled it with soft brown fur and shining silver antlers. But the only missing point was its silver eyed rider, the moon goddess.


Darkness that was all he saw. An empty void where nothing was to fill it, no light ,no space except something a small ray of light shining out of the hollow dark. He floated and reached out to the ray and all that came to his mind before gaining consciousness was Ar..t..emi..s?


The stag ran and ran hiding from the piercing gaze of its predator. Finally it reached a spring and looked around cautiously. After not sensing anything it leaned down to drink the clear water of the spring THUD it lay down dead with a silver arrow piercing through its head

Out of the thick bushes came an auburn haired girl. She was about 14 in a silver parka with a crescent moon on it. She glanced at her fallen prey and put her slender index and middle fingers on its antlers. She muttered a chant to revive its soul somewhere else in the wilderness. A faint silver glow came from its mouth and disappeared into thin air. All that remained was its deer skin. The silver eyed goddess looked up into the sky and muttered faintly "Percy..."


Artemis was roaming in the woods with her hunters at her side when suddenly lightning flashed through the sky. She knew this was a signal for an emergency meeting. She wondered what could make Zeus call for a meeting. Since the last summer solstice when Zeus found Apollo, Hermes and Poseidon snoring away during his long speech he wasn't exactly pumped about meetings. Whatever it was it had to important to make her father call for an emergency meeting. She called forth her lieutenant and half-sister. "Thalia, Father has called for an emergency meeting. I need you to settle the hunters in camp, as you know it's not much further. Normally for meetings I wouldn't leave you to camp with boys but i have a feeling this is not going to be a normal meeting"

"Yes Milady" came the reply from her faithful lieutenant. After a nod of acknowledgement the moon goddess disappeared in a silver glow of light.

She reappeared right in front of the grand doors of the Olympian throne room, the doors were as magnificent as ever made up of wood with a fine golden lining and decorations. That son of Athena, Malcolm had done a great job of redecorating Olympus (A/N: annabeth died in the titan war during this story so i gave that job to the next child of Athena i could remember) the doors were decorated with endings of all the major battles ever.

Zeus throwing his father's remains into the endless abyss of Tartarus and his crowning as the king of the gods followed by the Giant war's end with a carving of gaea falling into slumber. Then there it was the second titan war, it had a big section dedicate to it. There were many carvings of the battle of gods against Typhon but all were outshone by the fabulous display of the battle of Manhattan led by Percy Jackson and lines of demigods behind him. His fight against Hyperion. All were outshone by the final two. Percy and Kronos swords clashing, metal on metal, riptide against backbiter. Then the final display the tragic ending to the story. Luke with the cursed dagger in his arm lying next to his lover annabeth as they both took to Hades lying in the arms of the great, Percy Jackson.

Sigh*, that name Percy Jackson was enough to make heat rise to the cheeks of the moon goddess. She waved it away as heat on Olympus but she clearly knew better. She pushed open the doors to find the gigantic throne room (compared to her human size) as magnificent as ever.

She looked around to only find Athena sitting on her throne looking upset. The death of her daughter had taken a toll on her and she barely talked to anyone. Artemis gave Athena a nod to only be responded back with nod. She looked around and noticed other Gods starting to flash in. Finally only Zeus and Hera were left.

Then a shower of thunder and lightning came zapping around the throne room followed by a massive thunderbolt revealing the king and the queen." As dramatic as ever "Artemis thought. Zeus looked around and when he seemed satisfied that everyone had arrived he sat on his throne and began the council meeting"You all must be wondering as to why I have called upon the council. I have called The Council to discuss some ...disturbing developments. Ares, would you please?

Ares stood up "Last week during my uh, visit to the mortal world. I felt a powerful presence nearby. It was the presence of an immortal nearby. When I searched I found ...The Giant Pophyrion".

This send the council into an uproar. It was a ruckus. Zeus finally grew tired of this and blasted his bolt into the middle of the throne room, "SILENCE". "Athena, do you have anything to say about this".

"This is a possibility. Many millennia have passed since the Giant war. It is highly possible, but we need to confirm if It is just u hunch or a full fledge war." She stated.

"In that case we need you and Hermes to postpone your duties and search for the giants. If this is another war we will be in deep trouble."Zeus said. "If nobody has anything to add then we dismiss the council" he disappeared into a flash of lightning along with Hera. Soon most of the gods had flashed out only leaving Artemis and Hestia. Artemis approached the goddess of the hearth. Hestia was Artemis's favourite goddess, unlike others she was very kind and always maintained peace.

"Aunt Hestia"

"Ah, hello niece. That was quite a meeting wasn't it? "

"Yes, it was"

There was a calm silence after that which was finally interrupted by Hestia.

"Looks like we will need the assistance of the hero of Olympus again."

Artemis's cheeks tinted a deep shade of red when he was mentioned. Hestia noticed that and gave Artemis a sly smile.

"Well now since the meeting is over I will go tend the hearth at camp half blood. I will send Percy your regards." Hestia gave her a wink and vanished in a flash of flames.

Artemis's cheeks were now crimson red. She shook her head and vanished in silver flash.

A/N: so guys how was ch1. It was short but this is my first fic this is a kind of mix of Hoo and regular Percy/Artemis story. I will try to keep the story going at a certain rate but i am not sure how to keep up the post TLO but i am probably going to go on with the story with hoo and give the filler later at a point with the process of Percy regaining his memories. If u hv another idea pm me and don't forget to review