Chapter I

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She breathed in deeply and curled up into a ball. Tears ran down her face in
desperate attempt to help her get rid of the pain. It just wouldn't go. She
couldn't get back into the warring ages.

She faded from Sesshoumaru's arms and appeared here. She still had the ears
and the eye color, but her tail and striped markings were gone, 5 monthes ago.
It was the longest five months in the history of Japan. To her it was anyways.

She sat up and wiped her tears away. She told him to wait for her, she didn't
think she had to wait for him too. She knew she was being a little selfish,
wanting him to be there when she came back from the warring ages.

When she first appeared here, her clothes were bloody and she had a long cut
down her body. Inuyasha didn't cut through her. Why? She always asked
that, why didn't he slice through her.

If she felt this way for five monthes, she could only imagine how Sesshoumaru
felt for 5 hundred years, if he was still alive. No she couldn't think about him
being dead, right now her whole existence was based on the fact that he might
still be alive.

She got up and walked over to her mirror, and looked at the reflection of her.
She was tired, so very tired. She didn't eat that much anymore. She only ate
when her mother forced her too. Her eyes were red and puffy from her crying.

She growled at her reflection and thought about trashing the mirror, but decided
against it. She had broken nineteen others, and it didn't make her feel any better.
She walked over to her bathroom, and turned on the shower. She really had
to stop this, Today she decided she was going to do something. Maybe
workout, she was a demon still, and she hated feeling like a sloth. Though in
fact she was walking faster then it seemed.

She shut her bathroom door and locked it. She removed her clothes and threw
them into the hamper that was in there. She opened the shower door and
stepped in, the water beating against her body gently. She washed her hair
and her body and stood in the water thinking about her day.

She turned the water off and opened the door to grab a towel. She wrapped
it around herself and the grabbed another towel to put around her long hair.

She quickly got dressed and found herself at her mirror again. She looked
a little better, her eyes weren't really red and puffy, and her overall appearance
was better then it was before. She put her hair into a high ponytail the end of
her hair reaching the middle of her back.

She put on dark blue short cotton shorts and a light blue tank top. She
stretched in her room and then headed outside to jog and workout.


He sat in the shadows looking at a bunch of stone blocks with vines coming
from one and headed to another, it looked like a huge family tree that covered
the whole wall.

It was Rin's family. She had grown up with Sesshoumaru and fell in love with
a boy from a village that they were passing through. Much to Sesshoumaru's
dismay the were both in love with each other and after Rin begged Sesshoumaru
he let them get married.

He checked on them all the time and made sure nothing attacked the village.
Rin had three kids, Sesshoumaru dubbed grandpa for them all. They all grew
up with knowing Sesshouamru was a youkai, but never feared him. There
was two girls and a boy. She named the little brats Kagome, after Sesshoumaru's
mate, her mom in a sense. The other girl was named Suki and she named the
boy Enji.

Sesshoumaru watched as Rin got older and older, until time had taken her from
him. He continued to watch over Rin's line. Staying away form them as much
as possible, but being around enough so he could keep track of each addition
to the family.

Shippo was with him wherever he went. He learned to fight and take care of
himself as he grew up. They both fought to stay alive, until they could at
least see they're Kagome again.

Day after day, month after month, year after year. Sesshoumaru struggled to
stay in the living world, He had to remind himself that if he promised
Kagome he would wait for her, He wanted to see His Kagome again.

He stared at his family tree until his eyes rested upon a stone block that had
the surname Higurashi on it. His Kagome was a direct desendent from Rin.


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