The Saga: Surrender

By: Linkmaste

Authors Note: This is in Lindy's POV. Also, it's relating to an alternate reality. I hope you enjoy, it's been awhile since I completely wrote a new chapter in the Saga.

Edit Author's Notes: Yeah, I'm editing this baby too. It's a much more recent one, I know. Changing the last name, adding some detail, and making it relevant to Shattered Light-just nit picking stuff. It's not supposed to be a long story here-just Lindy learning who she is and what she has to do. This takes place during Sketch Book-the second story in The Saga Series between chapters...seventeen and eighteen I think. Lindy just finished her awful, awful day at the prep rally and told Impmon she wants things back to normal when she was just a human. A mysterious figure watches over her-about to teach her who she truly is. And now we are here! Enjoy it is still in her POV but trust me, you get to see everyone 'shine'.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. I own Lindy.

Chapter One: A Whole New World

I woke up suddenly, sitting up as fast as I could. Panting and gasping for air, I looked around. I was in a park-not my bed, and it was a little warmer, not the chilly spring I remembered. Plus, Impmon wasn't beside me. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep on him...

"Where am I?" I spoke, feeling so oddly placed. The sun was shining brightly and I shielded my eyes with my hand. Five fingers. Still human that's good, the curse better not have done anything strange to me or else I will flip. Still unsure of how I got here, I decided to test myself with some basic questions. Okay Lindy, let's start off by my memory I thought feeling dizzy and fuzzy, as if someone was not focusing the picture right. It took me a minute to make sure I wasn't going to throw up.

I'm Lindy Haruki, I'm fourteen, half digimon half human. I have a boyfriend-er,sorta. He's a hybrid like me. I look after Ai and Mako Haruki and they live in Hongo by West Shinjuku. I live with them. Our group just got back from the digital world not too long ago and my friends from Canada are still missing. I am a Leo, my best friend is Marianna Sanchez...

Well, I remember everything. I'm wearing clothes, and I'm not hurt. That's a good sign. I stood up slowly and looked around. No one was really in the park since it looked like it was early morning. A jogger or two came by while I was quizzing myself looking perplexed but kept going with their jog.

"Let's try my speaking." I muttered in Japanese. So far, so good. "And in English." I changed into my native language. Nothing wrong there so that was good. No stroke or anything.

So, why was I out here? I wandered out of the park. I was placed a little north of West Shinjuku and had a bit of a walk to make before I was home. I felt in my pockets for my phone and wallet. I checked my phone but it was dead. Crap. My wallet did not have any cash either. Double crap. Looks like I'm walking. I tried to ease the worry attacking my thoughts about why I was out here and continued down the main streets. I occupied myself with taking in the city and all that was around. The city seemed normal as it could be. People did their daily errands, no damaged buildings, no constant police sirens. No rogue digimon either. All was well in Shinjuku.

It was a hour later that I came to the house I fondly remember. I remember coming here six months ago to look after Ai and Makoto-the twins. I also remember Impmon their digimon partner who rolled out the welcome mat for setting everything on fire. Who knew I would eventually fall for him? I remembered grinning. He is probably eating my stash of candy I assumed since I was gone. I should have been at school but after what happened at the prep rally, I was excused and getting transferred to another school. I knew I would hate that private school Yuki signed me up for.

Finally, I came to the porch of my home. It had no car in the driveway and it looked a little out of place-but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that was actually different. Jumping to the door, I noticed the porch and front yard was littered in toys. Children's toys to be exact.

"Someone hasn't cleaned up." I muttered. I taught the twins to pick up after themselves when I started to babysit them. It took a few tries but I eventually got it hammered into their minds that if they were finished playing with something, they put it away. "If those brats think they can get away with this just because I was gone, they are sadly mistaken."

The key? I cursed feeling my jean pockets. There was none. I looked under the welcome mat and sighed in relief. There was the backup key. Turning it in, I walked in hollering 'I'm home'.

When I walked inside, I was confused. Some things looked different such as the dark blue couch which was moved to another part of the hous. The book case that I accidentally burned when I was still learning about my powers was still alive and well on the wall adjacent to the wall with the T.V. The hallway was painted a different colour too. Instead of a nice creme it was grey.

"Yuki?" I called out, taking my shoes off. "Did you redecorate?"

No response. I assumed they might be out taking the twins to school. Tai was off to work by now and I would have been at school. Ian should still be home though. "Ian! Hey, I'm back! Sorry, I don't know what happened to me earlier-but I'm okay! Maybe my digimon side causes me to sleep walk!" I made an annoyed sound. I was getting sick of my hybrid curse-human in the day, digimon at night. It was a pain in my butt.

I expected Ian to be here now. My..well, I suppose I could call him my boyfriend who is human with me during the day and becomes Impmon at night usually greets me. Especially when no one is home we sneak a kiss in too but we're still pretty new to the relationship. Only Tai, Yuki, Renamon, and my best friend Marianna know about us. Where could Impy be? Maybe he's out too? I hope he didn't get too worried and start looking for me...

"Impy!" I called out entering the kitchen. Everything was normal in this room; spotless, fridge full, table having a magazine or two. A family portrait of Ai, Mako, Tai and Yuki all together was on the wall. It was taken awhile before I became part of the family.

I was about to go downstairs when I heard a rustle behind me near the hallway to upstairs. I turned around and smirked. Maybe Ian was playing a stupid game of hide and seek with me? Figures, he always wants to scare the pants off me. Well, I certainly was not going to be scared by him.

"Ian, I know that's you, idiot! Come out!"

No response. Man, he was playing hard to get! I decided to cut him off by taking the other living room and creep up on him. When I entered, there was no one.

"Strange." I muttered suspiciously and turned around.

There- (and I think I remember this correctly-because in a few seconds I was about to get knocked out-), was Impmon in his digimon form holding a frying pan. His face looked like a crossbreed of shock, fear and pissed off.

"Hey, Impy what are you doing-UGH!" I felt a blunt force contact my head and the last thing I remember is someone saying "What is she doing here?"

Then, everything went black.