Chapter 2

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She stood quietly and looked back at the lump with glowing eyes. She walked
over to it and stood menacingly over it. It growled at her and moved back.
Fear crossed it's eyes as Kagome narrowed her eyes and yellow glinted in
her once kind eyes.

"I think you in no position to growl at me, Youkai" Kagome's voice held a
dangerous edge to it. The youkai just looked at her, Kagome looked it over
one more time " Your hurt, I would be able to kill you in an instant, and
because I don't feel like getting dirty i'll give you a choice youkai, either you
can be my friend and stay be me always or you could be my enemy" Kagome
said emotionlessly, basically saying you can either live or die, your choice.

The youkai looked at her for a few seconds and looked around the cave before
looking back at Kagome. "My name is Eiji" He changed into his humanoid
form and looked at Kagome, and stood up slowly. She looked over his body
and saw a lot of blood marks on his clothes. He looked about Inuyasha's age
and was a little bit taller. His hair fell just below his ears, the same length all
around. His face was in the shadows, so she couldn't tell what he looked like.

Kagome nodded and walked back to the fire not looking back at the shadowed
youkai. She sat down again, and stared into the fire. Eiji came over and sat across
from her not saying a word. He was just glad he was still alive, though he
wondered what her name was. He studied her through the flames.

She had flowing black hair down to her waist, a little messy though. She had
scratches and a few bruises along her arms, She had one scratch under her
left eye. Other then that her face was clear and emotionless, Her eyes glowed
a slight yellow, but they were an Icy brown color. She was sitting with her legs
crossed and her hands in her lap.

He could smell she was human and you'd think he'd be able to kill her, but
she had an aura about her that if you messed with her you were the one that
wasn't coming out alive. She had a necklace around her neck with a few of
the well known Shikon pieces attached. They weren't a dark color but pink
with a bluish tint.

She must be the holder of the Shikon no tama, I thought she traveled with a
hanyou, a demon exterminator, a Monk and a baby kitsune. Why's she here
all alone? He decided not to ask these questions since she didn't seem to
want to talk.

He looked at her again, this time she looked up, his eyes widened with shock,
her eyes were like black pools of nothing, but they were still brown with that
demon glint in her eyes. He was suddenly glad he didn't go against her, she would
have destroyed him in an instant, why didn't she?

Kagome watched his expression turn from shock to fear to confusion and
looked back into the fire. "Call me Kagome" He caught her name and just
nodded. He felt pain go through his body and he winced before laying
down. He had gotten into a fight with a pack of wolves earlier and had barely
escaped with his life.

He closed his eyes and felt Kagome approach him. He opened his eyes a little
and watched as she leaned over him and put her hands right above his stomach.
A blue light surrounded her hands and he felt a warmness flood through his
body and the pain disappear. He looked up at Kagome and saw her concentrating
on healing him, soon after he felt blackness engulf him.


She felt him go limp and she sat back to watch him, he was a kitsune just as she
had thought. His hair was fox brown and his eyes were forest green. She leaned
back over him to see that his wounds were healed. When she saw that they were
she went back to her spot by the fire and waited for him to wake up.

A youkai was scared of me, well he is kind of a weak youkai, i'll guess i'll have
to teach him a thing or two about fighting. He's probably an orphan like
Shippo. My Shippo. Kagome looked into the fire again and then she turned her
eyes towards the oncoming day, a few stars still shined in the sky.

Kagome turned her eyes from outside and stood up. She walked to the back of
the cave into the shadows and removed her bow from her back. She put it in
front of her and layed down. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

.~**~..~**~.Dream .~**~..~**~.

Her eyes slowly opened and she gazed at a wide clearing of small flowers and
blowing green grass. Something in her noted it's familiar appearance, before
her eyes found the bone eater's well in the middle of the clearing.

She heard somone laughing and turned towards it. She gasped as she saw
Inuyasha and Kikyo. Kikyo was laughing and running with a little girl
running after her. Inuyasha was sitting on a blanket, he looked human , his
hair black his eyes violet. He was laughing as he watched them run around
the clearing in front of him.

Kikyo ran to Inuyasha and sat in his lap, they looked into each other's eyes
shared the kiss of two people truly in love. The little girl ran to them and sat
down by a basket. Kikyo got off of Inuyasha and sat down by the basket
too. She opened it and pulled out a picnic full of food.

Kagome focused on the little girl. She looked happy and secure, she was the
face of happiness in it's youth. The girl had black hair and her eyes were a
light light brown, coming close to being an amber color.

Kagome felt wet tears fall slide down her face. She would never have that, she
would never be a happy mother, with Inuyasha by her side. Her brain just
had to get that into her heart.

She clenched her hands in to fist's at her loss. 'Why?!?' she cried to herself,
'Why must I always be the one to suffer? Why can't I ever have someone to
wrap their warm arms around me, make me feel secure and loved?

'I have given up SO much, and I get NOTHING in return, nothing...oh wait
I do get something, a one sided love life,a lonely future,AND I got to forsake
my own time, my own family and friends, everything just to be here.'

"That is the price one must pay to be able to travel through time and make a

Kagome turned her tear sodden face to the direction she heard the voice come
from. Her eyes widened as she noticed who it was.

'Sesshoumaru stood there, in her dreams, invading her thoughts. There isn't
anything he doesn't invade of hers, her space, her dreams, her thoughts...'

He didn't wear his usual snow white battle kimono with armor. He wore
lightly baggy blue jeans and a tight black shirt. He was wearing a belt and his
hair was tied behind him. His marking were gone, but his hair was still silver
moon white and his eyes the color of golden perfection.

He looked like he was from the United States in her time. 'What the hell is
going on here? is he....does he travel like her?'

"Yes I do, this isn't exactly my time I was born around 1883 , a full youkai in
a world of humans."

Kagome forgot about Inuyasha and Kikyo as she thought over things he said,
'He travels from the future to the past....forget trying to piece it together there's
more questions then answers'

Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru again "How do you get here, How did you
get here?"

Sesshoumaru smirked that infuriating smirk that she found kinda sexy.
"Iv'e been stuck in the fuedal era for awhile, I couldn't find a way back, since
my original way was destroyed, while I was here I was adopted by Inutaisho
since I was only a pup then, blah blah blah and I've been looking for a way
back for centuries, I remembered that when I first became a traveler, someone
who travels between the past and present, that there would be someone else
like me, only the opposite of me in almost every way so we balanced each
other out."

"And now that I look at you, you are the opposite of me in a lot of ways, I have
white hair, you have black , im cold and uncaring, you warm and inviting."
Sesshoumaru stopped as he saw Kagome staring at him her mouth wide open.

"What?" Sesshoumaru asked irratated, Kagome recovered a little slowly .

"That was the most iv'e ever heard you say" Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes ,"yeah
whatever, you should be waking up now, i'll be in your dreams until we
meet" Sesshoumaru slowly faded into white mist and Kagome closed her eyes
to wake up back inside the cave.

.~**~..~**~End of dream ~**~..~**~.

She reached for her Bow and quickly knocked the arrow to it. She pointed it
quickly to the shadows.

"Come out"

The shadow moved around, before stepping into the light. Kagome lowered
her weapon and glared at Eiji.

"And you were in the shadows because..."

"Heh" His eyes shifted around the cave and he sweatdropped "i'm kinda used
to hiding in the shadows"

Kagome looked at him like she didn't believe him but shrugged it off.

"Why are you still here, I thought you would be long gone by now" Kagome
stood up and wiped the dirt off of her clothes. She picked up her weapon
and put it on her back.

Eiji decided not to answer, and just watched as she went and cleaned up the
cave removing any indication that she had been there. He noticed that she
looked far more relaxed. She didn't look as scary as she did last night.

Kagome sighed and looked at Eiji when she was done.

"So I guess that means your coming with me?" She was answered by silence.
She sighed "Fine were going to look for the shikon shards, I hope you can
fight, because your going to be doing a lot of it"

She turned and walked out of the cave not even waiting to see if Eiji followed.

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