The Miracle Child

Another what if Xavier Schillar was reincarnate, it's just an idea for now.

Summary: He is dead. That what he understands not only is he dead but he is also given another chance to either go to heaven or return to earth and be born all over again. He chooses the second option.

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"Mister Schiller are you aware?" A feminine voice said and it seemed to snap him out of his daze. "Good" the woman said, seeing his eyes clear. "Now Mister Schiller I know that you're aware you are dead currently, yes?"

The boy in front of her nodded dumbly.

"Good than, I'm here to escort you to haven or you can take the other option and go back to earth" The woman said, and Xavier immediately wanted to shout he wanted to be sent back to Earth but was stopped the woman. "If you chose to go back, you will be brought back as a baby at a time that cannot be the moment of your death, that point is fixed. However, I can make an expectation and have you go back with your memories intact however If there is still another version of you present than I suggest that you do nothing that you yourself would usually do, after all we are already stretching It by being reincarnated in the past. The moment you even do anything that is Xavier-ish, the consequences will be fatal on the already fragile time line. You must not even hint, that you still remember your past life."

Xavier was speechless, he couldn't go back to the time of his death to prevent it from happening but he was too scared to leave all he know behind and join the other souls in peace, he was still to restless and said. "I don't care I want to go back"

"Very well, Mister Xavier, what date would you like to be born into and to who" The woman asked, filling out a form.

"I want to be born in July the 22nd of 1990, a day after my own birthday and I want to be born to a middle age couple with my looks intact" Xavier said.

" Of course, Mister Schiller just so you know we'll put a barrier up in your mind to stop you talking about your life as Xavier and you will receive a birth mark that will serve as a reminder to never act like Xavier, that means your speech, your clothing choices and even the way you think about people especially if you happen to run into one of your past family members, your first thought must be 'who is this person?'. You have to act as if you don't know them and your meeting that person or them for the first time no matter what" The woman said and the boy in the chair gulped, thinking about the hurt in his sister and father expressions if he were to encounter them. "Now then Mister Schiller from this day forward Xavier Schiller is dead" and with that a giant hole open up underneath the boy and he found himself falling down that hole.

He got smaller and his clothes he died in vanished as if they were never there in the first place, he began to curl up and his vision want black.

# Somewhere in Texas ten years in the past#

A middle age woman went into labour and was grabbing tightly her husband hand.

What was happening was a miracle.

In the society they both grow up in, children were worshiped and to be married and not produce a child was looked down upon.

The couple had tried for ten years before they want to the doctor to find out what was wrong, only to be told to their faces that Mary was never going to produce a baby because she was missing a vital part in order to make an egg.

The couple was devastated and the surrounding families soon found out and scorned them for it, they were mocked and people encouraged their own kids to pick on the couple.

But the couple were determined to have a baby and ten year later, they decided that they were going to try for one last time before giving up and adopting a child instead.

That was when the miracle happen.

Mary missed her period and for the first time in years, there was hope shinning in their eyes and not wanting to jinx's it, they want to the doctor to check if she was really pregnant and to the doctors atonement.

She was.

Instantly, it was like they were welcomed back into society within the week the news came out and people started flocking to them again and as Mary stomach grow larger more people started to believe that she was truly pregnant and wasn't faking it and watched her day by day for the day where the bump in her stomach would disappear and in her hands would be a baby.

Both man and wife had expressions of joy whenever they visited the doctors to see how their baby was doing and after some weeks went by, they could determine the baby was in fact male and put up the baby scans around the house in pride.

It was their miracle child and they were going to love him to the end of time.

They may not be the richest family but they could provide love and care for their new son.

After months of watching Mary go through mood swings and the bump in her stomach was no longer a bump.

Mary water broke.

They couldn't afford to have her in the hospital to be treated so John had called the surrounding males to help his wife onto the bed and call a midwife.

John felt both helpless and scared as he watched his wife, scream and shout at him and spew out all manners of curse words in the air while her face turned as red as her hair.

The Mid wife, was handling this whole process like a professional and told Mary to breathe in and out while pushing.

John kept himself from fainting as the baby head came into view, covered by red blood and stood firm where other's wouldn't, he wasn't not going to be a wimp in this kind of situation and held his wife hand and ignoring the pain of his wife squeezing it like a tomato with her sudden burst of strength.

There was a baby cry that signal it was all over and John allowed himself to look away from the scene that he would no doubt be presented with until the baby was clean and wrapped up warm.

If he had turned around, he would have seen the baby horrified expression on its face for what it just experienced.

The baby was taking gently by the mid wife to wash him in a nearby bath tub and Xavier had his first warm bath in what seemed like forever, or though he was paralysed all over, he didn't mind having his every whim taking care off and he was wrapped in a soft blue blanket.

He was given to what he assumed where his new parents as the female had the same red hair as him and the male had his shade of green eyes. The female looked like hell had washed over her while the male looked like all the energy had been sucked out of him but brightened when he saw him.

He was wrapped in strong muscular arms and given to the female and she smiled faintly at him.

"He's got my red hair and your eyes" His new mother said, smiling weakly at him and since his face wasn't listening to him, he buried his head into her neck for a show of affection.

He felt a large had rubbed the little hair on his head softly, as if reassuring the owner that he was truly there and not a figment of his imagination.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Johnson on your new baby boy" The mid wife, manage to keep the disbelief out of her voice from what she heard from the doctors, it shouldn't be possible for the couple to have a baby and if she hadn't delivered the baby herself, she would have never believed the baby was theirs.

Both man and woman smiled at each other and looked down at the sleeping baby in Mary arms with love and affection in their eyes as Xavier snoozed peacefully in her arms.

"What would you like to call your new son?" The mid wife said, knowing this was a special moments for the parents and couldn't blame them if their eyes never left the sleep baby.

"Well call him Milagro Johnson. Milagro means 'Miracle' in Spanish" Mary said and John found it fitting for their new son, who smiled as if recalling a fond memory.

"We will raise him up and love him" John said with conviction.

And they did.

For the next nineteen years, the newly dubbed Milagro Johnson was given as much love and affection as he could get out from both of his parents.

Milagro didn't bother to hide his intelligence and was regarded as a prodigy from the moment he stepped into elementary school and was given a place for the gifted and talented making both his parents proud of him.

Not only did he show knowledge beyond his years but he allowed himself to indulged in childish nature and let his parents shower him with love and be treated like a child much to his parents delight, it had taken him two years to learn English, well the broken English his parents spoke and was soon speaking it like he had never known another language before and would help his father on the farm with eagerness and his mother didn't care when both males of the house came into the house dripping of oil or covered in feathers.

He loved his new family and received love back, he didn't care he wasn't as rich as most people, as long as they had a roof over their heads, warm food and each other he was content.

At fifteen he had finished school and became known as the farmer prodigal son and set up a small business which quickly boomed almost overnight and he was on the fast track to becoming a billionaire much to the girls around him delight who's family had urged them to claim him before anyone else could.

Boy was teenage hood an awkward time for him, not only did he start noticing girls but he started growing hair in places he really wished he hadn't, his voice was like someone was dragging their sharp nails down a black bored until it finally started to adjust to what was deemed acceptable and became lower and more deeper than his usual childish voice he was so used to.

At nineteen he had successful moved out of his parents' house, he had gave both of them a heart-warming hug and a kiss for his mother before offering them a place that allowed them to retire in luxury much to his parents happiness and they quickly moved in but decided to keep the farm in case, one of their decedents needed a place to stay.

Not that he was planning on marrying any time soon.

"Papa, Mama. I love you both, thank you for raising me" He said, getting blushes from both of them.

"No problem son, someone had to do it and what kind of parents would we be if we didn't love our own son?" His father said, pushing down the embarrassment that came from those words.

"Make sure to visit us, so that I can cook more of that meat pie you love so much, after all we can never see too much of you" His mother said, smiling with gloss eyes, knowing they had done their absolute best in raising their child and it was time for them to sit back and let him out into the world.

He embraced them both into a warming hug which he received back and released them and smiled and said. "Well bye Papa, Mama. I'll make sure to visit whenever I can" he said, the limo driver getting his bags for him and putting it into the trunk.

"Goodbye, son" They both said, his mother tearing up and his father squeezing his wife hand to assure himself his son was going to be alright on his own.

It had been two year since he moved out of his parents' house and had moved into a house that was a far cry from the farm he was raised on, for one the house was four times as big than his childhood house and everything from the floor to the ceiling was solid concrete and had no chance of breaking any time soon.

He had continued watching the stock market and made sure the business he invested into didn't go bankrupt any time soon but right now he was interested in the email he found in his inbox, written by someone whose first language was clearly not English.

Informing him of what the Japanese Government planned to do in a couple of months' time and would reaching out to any investor willing to sponsor the event.

The Football Frontier international Tournament.

He grabbed his phone and called his accountant and checked how much he currently had in his bank account at the moment and looked at the offer on the screen with gleaming eyes.

He did like soccer.

Little did he know, this simple decision would send waves In Japan itself…

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