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Milagro walked through the doors of a building, he had hoped to never lay eyes on.

He was walking into prison.

Thankfully, he hadn't committed a crime and was actually here by a request from his cousin, he had been wary because this request was to visit a man in prison with his cousin adopted sister.

His former life father.

He was dressed in a green sweater, his mother had made for him since it was getting slightly chillier and suit pants, there was no need to dress so fancy that people could tell that you were rich from a mile away especially when close to so many murders, smugglers, tourists and rapist that it would make any normal man sweat.

He now had an excuse to look up on the currently Schiller head and for the first time in years, he had a chance to find out what exactly had happened after his death and let's just say, he wasn't very happy finding out his former father went nuts and used ordinary children to commit crimes through a sport and pretty much kidnapped the president before releasing him and basically giving the country government the middle finger.

He had managed to plaster a small smile on his face as he came into the reputation area, luckily this was a much better looked after prison and he wasn't immediately sickened with the smell of cigarettes and alcohol.

"Milagro" A familiar famine voice said and he turned towards the voice and saw none other Lina Schiller in her usually clothing, he wondered just how many versions of the same outfit did the woman have.

"Lina" Milagro said and Lina could tell he was clearly uncomfortable being in this kind of environment and was only doing this because of the friendship they had developed or he would have pretty much declined.

"My father is waiting an extra room at the back" Lina said, knowing the man would be cuffed and be behind glass and the very idea broke her heart and as if sensing her distress, Milagro put his hands comfortingly on her shoulders and she smiled at the gesture.

"Let's go, I'll be with you ever step of the way" Milagro said, offering up his own smile and Lina knowing Milagro was there for support, pressed on and went to the room where one of the guards told her, her father was waiting in while Milagro stuck close behind her.

They stopped in front of door that read 'A123' and opened the door and Milagro was stunned.

There in a small chair behind glass was none other than his past life father, Kira Seijirou, the man looked aged and tired, Milagro couldn't tear his eyes away from the striking orange prison clothes his past life father wore, along with the chains.

It was pretty hard to swallow.

Lina went into the room first, to tell her father that he was there to not surprise the man before letting him talk.

Five minutes later, Lina brought himself inside the room where he immediately felt eyes boring into his back, he refused to look at the man in the eye.

"Don't worry, I'll be right outside the door." Lina said, blissfully unaware of the fight that was currently happening within. "The ward says, you've got twenty minutes. I might even get them to extend that time" and with that she was gone.

She closed the door.

Milagro stared at the closed door.

Seijirou stared at Milagro.

Milagro sat down in the seat in front of the glass.

He stared Seijirou Kira right in the eyes and said.

"Hello, Mr Kira-san"

The face that he got in response was hilarious.

Ch 10: The Man and his son.

Seijirou sat there stunned, he wasn't moving, his eyes that were usually none existent were as wide as saucers as he looked at the man that could only be described as a fully grown up version of his deceased son.

No, this was Xavier.

He had no doubt in his mind of that.

He could still remember the day, he was made aware of the existence of Milagro when his daughter Lina, mentioned the man on a fly, his interest had been peeked and when she showed him an image of her and Milagro at some kind of fun fair, both of them smiling, yes even Lina was smiling and generally having a good time.

Apparently that photo was taken because Milagro was trying to 'loosen' her up since she was so stiff all the time, even though nobody could blame her for what she went through and he himself was seeing results whenever she came to visit.

She became much more relax and less stiff as she talked about the man and the small bond that had formed between them, she didn't have to mention the resemblance the man had to their deceased member of the family, he could see it with his own eyes.

The man was an exact copy of Xavier, if it wasn't for the smile he displayed he would have thought, Xavier had come back from the grave.

Everything in his body, told him, this was his son.

He didn't know how his son was alive when he had seen the burial himself but he was alive and apparently doing quite well for himself, his daughter had made it a point to keep calling him 'Milagro' as if trying to get a point across, as if looking into the old man very mind and reading it and sending out a warning.

The man merely pretended to get the message but Lina saw right through and offered to have the very same man come here and he would see with very own eyes, the difference between the two, of course he didn't believe that there was a difference and was just excited to have his own son visit him in prison.

He know he would be shedding tears, knowing his son was still alive and waiting for him to get out of prison with a smile, along with Hiroto, they would be one big happy family and he could finally retire as the head of the Schiller fortune and spend the rest of his days in retirement.

The moment the man came in, his heart beat leapt in his chest at the sight of the person, he believed was his son before his daughter went out and left him alone to finally have the long awaited chat, that he had looking forward to all week.

The man set down and he was prepared for the man to start calling him dad and ask how he was but what he didn't expect was.

"Hello, Mr Kira-san"

And just like that the illusion he built for himself shattered as he stared at 'Xavier' who eyes showed no hint of recognition in his eyes.

'Xavier' didn't know who he was.

He was stunned.

"Well, when I arrived in Japan. I certainly didn't expect to be walking into a prison of all places. The world works in mysterious way, doesn't it Mr Kira-san" Milagro said with a hint of amusement in his voice as the man continued to be froze in place. "Allow me to formerly introduce myself" he said. "My name is Milagro Johnson and your daughter is a very interesting woman and who would have thought, I would find a long lost relative in your family no less, Hiroto is a very bright kid"

Seijirou snapped himself out of his shock induced coma and stared at the man with open eyes and said. "Your name is Milagro?" trying to hide the way his eyes were narrowing, he know when someone was trying to pull a wool over his eyes, thanks to his years of experience as a business man.

Milagro looked him straight in the eyes and said. "Yes that is my name that has been given to me for the past two decades" with a raised eyebrow to drill it home.

What are you after, old man?

Seijirou was more than a little shocked at the silent declaration that those who had decades of experience in the industry know and Milagro looked to be in his early twenties so there was no way he could have gained that much experience.

What he didn't know was that Milagro was actually in his early 30's in mind, he was ten when he died and add that to the fact that he was thrust almost a decade in the past, he had more than enough time, to pick up some really advanced techniques.

"May I ask you, what you do?" The man asked, staring at Milagro intensely as if trying to detect a lie, this expression worked very well in the past with Xavier whenever he was trying to hide something.

But the reincarnation wasn't a little kid anymore, looks like that were just silly to watch and said with no hesitance. "I'm a self employed business owner, if you're looking to make a deal than I suggest you don't. It wouldn't look good if I made deals with an ex-criminal or a current criminal. My parents raised me to stay away from people like that, regardless of the profit" with a soft tone in voice showing how much he truly loved his parent and the Schiller head was floored.

He couldn't help it.

He asked. "Xavier, what is wrong with you?", Xavier loved soccer with all his heart, he would never become a business owner even if he was forced to do it, he would be travelling around the world, doing what he loves.

"Like father like Daughter" Milagro merely replied much to his confusion. "Your daughter said the same thing when we first met, me. Now I know where she get's that one track mind from" almost laughing at that, if not for the fact Lina was right outside the door, probably ears dropping.

"But you love soccer, how did you become a business owner?" Seijirou said, with wide eyes.

"I do not know what world you're living in, but the last time I checked, I was a fan of the sport. I wouldn't be in Japan right now if I did not want to see my team win and become champions but that dream is pretty much over now since they've got kicked out" Milagro confessed, remembering that match all too well.

Now Seijirou was confused, the last time, he checked Japan was still in the tournament.

"I'm American, Mr Kira. It's funny because since I came here, I keep getting mistaken for a Japanese" Milagro joked, even though he didn't see it as fun, what did he have to do before someone stops mistaken him for one?

Did he had to wear a sign over his head that said 'I'm American, ignore the skin colour'.

"You're not Japanese?" Seijirou asked, it had suddenly become painfully obvious the accent in 'Xavier' voice, it never used to be there and the way he said certain world were different too, to the point even foreign like.

"American, born and bred" Milagro said, with pride. "Now is that all, Mr Kira?" he asked, he know he was quickly disillusioning the man of whatever was in his head at that the moment.

"But Xavier loved soccer, he was Japanese, he never addressed me in such a way" Seijirou grumbled under his breath before looking Milagro straight in the eye and said.

"What has happened to your memory? Why don't you remember me or your sister? Why do you think you were born and raised in American? Who made you forget your true life?" Milagro eyebrows were shooting up higher and higher with each question. "Was it those that you call your 'Parents'? Did they kidnap you and brainwash you to believe you were the-"

And Milagro cut the man off, very sharply as his voice came out a lot stronger than it had in the past. "Say one word about my parents and I will walk out of this room and cut all ties with your family"

Seijirou was too shocked to speak.

" My parents are proud and hard working people who laboured in vain for too many years in a society that thought children were everything. My very name is the evidence of all those years of hardship, they had raised me, clothed me and even gave me all the love they could give me. I was blessed to have such amazing parents even if their status were ones of low class and we were barely making ends meet. They loved me and they sacrifice so much to make me into the man I am today." Milagro took a breath here before continuing. "So to have someone who knows nothing about me or my family and who refuses to see through his own delusion, insult my family and basically calling them kidnappers. I take grave offence too." he pressed his head to the glass and Seijirou just a good look at possibly the coldest pair of eyes he had ever seen.

It hurt seeing the exact same shade of eyes as his son, look at him in such a hateful way.

"You are lucky that you are currently behind bars because if you were a free man and insulted my family. You will not get away with it" Milagro said in a cold and deed tone with the eyes to match and Seijirou was frozen stiff in terror.

"Now I do believe the time is up" Milagro said, walk away from the chair and never looking back at the stunned chained man as he opened the door to meet Lina worried face.

"M-Milagro, my father he didn't" Lina wanted to clear this up, she wanted to apologies to the man, she had warned her father but he refused to listen.

"Your father should be the one apologies not you" Milagro said, in an unusually cheery tone that unnerved her. "Like father like daughter, I suppose" he laughed, lightening the mood and Lina cracked a smile.

He wasn't too effected by it, what her father said.

"Well I will get my father to write a apology later" Lina said, eyes boring into the door directed at the man who was still frozen in shock.

"No worries" Milagro said and Lina nodded.

"Oh and Lina"

"Yes, Milagro" Lina said.

"Make sure you and your father stay the hell away from me from now on. Don't use Hiroto ever again like that. Goodbye Miss Schiller"

Lina turned around, quickly.

Milagro was gone.

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