A/N: I have been trying to think through a Harry/Ginny story for a while now. The hard part is that to have a decent romance you need complications and for complications you sometimes need someone being a jerk and I didn't really want to do one of those with Harry/Ginny again... I also wasn't much in the mood for a villain plot with the two, so this one is more romantic comedy/drama than I would normally do. Hope it's still enjoyed! Reviews are always appreciated and (if you are signed in) responded to!


"She shoots... She scores!"

Ginny pumped her fist as Ron growled when the Quaffle made it past him. "Not all of us play fifty hours a week," Ron pointed out. "Not to mention you get top of the line brooms."

"Oh, don't be a poor sport," Bill said. Him and Charlie pulled up beside Ginny. George was still down at his own hoops, shouting out in celebration.

They were playing in the clearing near The Burrow. Ron, Harry, and Charlie against Ginny, Bill, and George. Ginny's team was up eighty points.

"One of these times I ought to get dibs on having her on my team," Ron complained. Harry was coming over, hovering near Ron, having fetched the Quaffle. He winked at Ginny, apparently not as upset as Ron over losing. "She's the only proper chaser out of everyone here and I'm always stuck trying to block her."

"Don't blame me because you've gone soft," Ginny said, dashing forward and snatching the Quaffle from Harry, who followed closely behind as play resumed.

Ginny loved getting to play with her brothers like this. Growing up, she'd always been left out, too little or because she was a girl. They liked to play rough, but now that she was grown they recognized that, well... so did she. She'd played for the Harpies for three seasons by now, but if she were perfectly honest she loved this even more. And that was saying something.

Ginny tossed the Quaffle to Bill, who fumbled it, Harry intercepting it and turning to take it towards George.

Ginny leaned on her broom and moved forward, just passing Harry and cutting him off. He pulled back to avoid a crash which gave her a moment to make a grab for the Quaffle, taking back once more. Harry almost fell from his broom trying to recover. Ginny looked back, smiling at him as she rushed the end of the field. Ron gripped his broom handle with a look of steely determination. Ginny feigned right and, as Ron moved to block her, traded the Quaffle to her left hand and easily put it through the left hoop.

Doing a loop around the hoops, she came around and gave Ron a kiss on his cheek. He tried to maintain his scowl, but couldn't quite manage.

"Ron," Hermione shouted, walking over. "Harry, Ginny! Everyone! Your mum wants you to wash up for dinner!"

"This game isn't over," Ron said.

"Oh give it up," Charlie said as everyone landed. "We lost, it's done."

Harry grabbed Ginny's hand as they made their way back to the house. "We're still on for tonight right?" he asked her. He had been asking her every other hour or so for the past two days. They'd been planning a date night. An official one, at least. Now that she wasn't working all the time, they spent most of their evenings together.

"Of course," Ginny replied.

Fleur was already sitting with Victorie at the table in the garden, cut up potatoes and bits of vegetable and meat at the ready.

"Aunt Gin!" Victorie shouted. "Look, Aunt Gin." Victorie picked up a fork and shoveled a mouth full of potatoes into her mouth. She looked up to Ginny, her expression full of pride. She swallowed and added, "I did it!"

"Wow," Ginny acted impressed. Victorie was at the stage that everything she did, she wanted praise and Ginny certainly wasn't going to deprive her. "That was amazing," she said.

Everyone washed up and sat around the table, Molly fussing over Harry getting more to eat, as usual. "Really, Mrs. Weasley, I'm alright," he said, but even Ginny thought he hadn't eaten much. She wondered if he was planning to take her out to eat. She certainly hadn't held back as he hadn't mentioned the plans to her, but now she wondered if she'd be stuffing herself again in a couple hours.

George was telling Charlie about the additions to the shop and Hermione was chatting up Percy on the latest draft of her legislation for House Elf Rights. Her views had finally become tempered, in the last couple years, and as a result she was able to bring others around to a similar way of thinking. Not to free house elves, or give them pay through mandate, but to at least ensure proper treatment. "We are receiving kickback from some of the older wizarding families," Hermione said.

"Malfoy?" Ginny asked.

"Surprisingly, no," Hermione said. "It seems they lost all interest in politics, actually."

Ron seemed pleased at this. Bill had another theory. "They may also realize that by fighting it, they bring attention to the issue and their own involvement."

"Well, regardless, we should have some initiatives through in the next month."

"Very good," Percy said. "It reminds me of the drafts I did regarding regulation of broom travel a year or so ago. It was..."

Percy prattled on, but Ginny turned her attention away from him, talking with her dad about some of what he'd been dealing with at work. All in all, the evening passed pleasantly. Ginny excused herself from the table eventually and went to her room to get changed.

"You should wear your green dress," Hermione suggested, coming into the room.

Ginny had picked a more casual outfit—jeans with a nice blouse—but she looked at Hermione. "Why?"

"I just think it looks nice," Hermione said with a shrug, but she raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"Did Harry tell you what he had planned?"

Hermione shook her head, though Ginny wasn't sure if she could believe Hermione. She'd been part of a rather elaborate cover up when the family surprised her at the opening game last season. Ginny wouldn't have pinned Hermione for it, but she was a fairly decent liar. Ginny went to the closet and changed into the dress. "When were we supposed to do bridesmaid dress fittings again?" Ginny asked.

Hermione and Ron had been engaged for a couple months. She had asked Ginny to be her maid of honor, with a warning that her parents were insistent that one of the bridesmaids be a cousin who was a bit of a cow. "I think we'll go to pick something out in about a month, if that's okay," Hermione said. "We'll be having to go to a muggle shop, of course."

"Should be fun," Ginny said, checking her reflection in the mirror, pulling her hair out of the pony tail and trying to get a decent wave to it. "And have you decided on an actual date?"

"Next September, I think," Hermione said. "With everyone talking about how you'll be selected for England in the World Cup Tournament—"

"Oh, don't plan it based on that,"Ginny said. What everyone was saying was all speculation. In off season it was all the Quidditch writers could do... who was going to be traded, who was being added to the roster, and predictions for who would receive invitations to play for their national teams. This past year it was heavily predicted Ginny would play chaser for England, but the third spot went to a William Hoffman instead. Rather arrogant man, but a good player. They had gone decently far in the tournament this year, though England hadn't made it to the finals in over two decades. When they didn't make it this time plenty of reporters made a point of writing that it may have happened had they chosen Ginny instead. She thought this was a bit of a stretch, as they lost their last game because the snitch had been caught within the first ten minutes.

"Still, a fall wedding seems best," Hermione said.

"Sounds great," Ginny commented, grabbing her wand and turning for inspection.

"You look beautiful," Hermione said with a smile.

"Don't wait up," Ginny said, sauntering to the door.

"Try telling your parents that."

Ginny shot a mischievous look back at Hermione and took the steps down. Harry was waiting in the living room, playing a game of chess with Ron. He rubbed his hands together when he looked up and saw Ginny. "Hey," he said, one side of his mouth lifting in a grin, his green eyes lit up. Ginny came up to him, leaning in for a kiss.

"Get a room," Ron complained and Ginny responded by digging her fingers into Harry's hair, pulling him in for a more passionate kiss. He responded in kind, grabbing Ginny and pulling her body into his by the small of her back. Ron growled his disapproval. "I mean, really," he muttered, getting up from his chess board.

Ron had mostly lightened up about Ginny's dating life, particularly since it was clearly proving to be a good situation with her and Harry. He still liked to pretend the overprotective older brother from time to time, though, and Ginny had learned to just roll with it. It was better to have a laugh over it than to be irritated anyway. "Alright, you ready?" Ginny asked when she pulled back.

"Er, yeah," Harry said, patting his pockets and grabbing her hand.

Harry had gotten tickets to a theater production on Diagon Alley. Some famous play that Ginny was still trying to figure out how it had been so popular. She couldn't follow half the dialogue, and not because it was archaic. "How did the… man and his best friend's cousin's daughter end up together again?" Ginny asked as they came out of the theater.

"No idea," Harry said. "Sorry… that was supposed to be more… fun."

Ginny laughed. "Oh, it was nice," she said. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only idiot who didn't get it."

"No, we were idiots together," Harry confirmed. "Maybe Hermione will know something about it and can explain."

He lead them through the streets of Diagon Alley and out into Muggle London. Harry stopped them at a crepe shop that he said someone from work had told him about and they had dessert. Ginny couldn't help but notice he didn't finish this either. After, they wandered around the streets, just talking and laughing. This was the best part of any date with Harry, really. The parts that didn't require planning or tickets or anything else. Just the two of them.

They'd gotten to some garden filled with roses. Harry tugged on her hand, pulling her towards a large tree that seemed to have grown upward to some point, then decided it would much rather grow back into the ground. The branches circled all around, creating a sort of cave inside. He cleared a path with Ginny following behind. Although it was already dark outside, when they stepped farther in, a bright glow surrounded them. As they managed to get into the center Ginny realized they were surrounded by little fairies with glowing wings. One flew right past her, casting its glowing blue light across her skin. "Oh, this is beautiful," Ginny said, looking up and around them.

She felt Harry move and looked back down to find him on one knee. She froze.

Harry smiled, swallowed and cleared his throat. "You know, er… I had a speech all planned and memorized and now I don't remember any of it."

Ginny put a hand up to her mouth, pressing her lips together. Harry pulled out a box, opening it to reveal a simple golden band with a diamond on top.

"All I can remember is that I want to be with you forever," he said. "So, Ginny… would you marry me?"

If Harry had problems forming words, Ginny was truly speechless. She nodded and held out her shaking hand. Harry placed the ring on her finger, laughing as he seemed to struggle with this. He stood and pulled Ginny into him. Their lips locked and Ginny wrapped herself up in Harry, feeling that no one could ever be quite as perfect as him.

It had been a busy year for all of them. Harry and Ginny started talking plans, though they were waiting until December. There had been some discussion about doing a double wedding with Ron and Hermione in September, but Molly had insisted each of her children needed their own day and Ginny got the distinct impression that Ron wasn't as thrilled by the idea as Hermione had seemed at first.

Ginny was fine with this. She wanted something more low key and told Harry it was better if her mum got all her crazy out on Ron's wedding first. Ginny almost moved in with Harry before the start of season, but had found out the Harpies's policy on portkey commuting was limited to officially married members of the team. At that point she seriously considered eloping, but Harry convinced her there was no rush. And so, Ginny lived in Wales and played her fourth season.

And now she sat on her broom, ready to take the field for England in the World Cup tournament being held in Moscow. Harry cheered loudly with Hermione, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Charlie, who had all made it on vacation to watch Ginny play. Ginny rushed by their box and Harry could imagine a wink from her as she passed, even though she moved too fast to actually see this.

Harry felt a swell of pride every time her name was called when the game began. She had been the best decision England had made in years. Ginny had complained a bit about her teammate, Hoffman, but they worked remarkably well together considering he was such an ass during practice. The third chaser, Nile Baker, was finishing his career, rounding out a great scoring team. They had an excellent keeper, and though their seeker wasn't known for quick catches, he was known for his ability to block his opponent until he caught the snitch.

If they won this game, England would be in the final match for the World Cup. Everyone else kept gushing about it, but when Ginny was around she insisted they stop. The pressure, Harry was sure, was already high. There were still critics against her appointment, but Harry was glad she was proving them wrong. In the last game, she had scored more than half the points overall, and that was with England catching the snitch.

The whistle blew and the game was on. The England crowd was frantic as the Quaffle was taken back and forth. It was nearly ten minutes before the first score was made by Ginny, which set off a streak of goals by England, occasionally punctured by ten points to Mexico. One penalty shot was given for a foul and Baker took the shot, barely getting it through.

"Mexico's keeper is losing his nerve, isn't he?" Ron said.

"Their main keeper was knocked out last game," Charlie pointed out. "This is their backup. First year in any official leagues, apparently."

Mexico started to gain slightly, though they were still a hundred points behind when the game had been going on for over 45 minutes. It was the longest game Harry and the others had been to in the tournament.

"And Weasley's taking another goal," the announcer said. "Mexico has their work cut out keeping up with that one."

The next goal was Hoffman, then another by Ginny. England was up 300-90.

"They need to find the snitch already," Ron muttered, leaning against the rail of the box. Even if Mexico got the snitch at this point, England was in the finals. "Come on, come on!" he shouted.

The crowd went wild as the two seekers raced around the edges of the pitch side-by-side. "They found it!" Hermione shouted, but Harry never bothered watching the seekers when Ginny was playing.

Ginny had the Quaffle and was nearly to the hoops when several things happened at once. Ginny released the Quaffle, sending the past the keeper at the same time that the first bludger hit her outstretched shoulder. The whistle blew to indicate the snitch had been caught and the crowds cheered as the second heavy ball hit Ginny directly on the side of her head, throwing her into the violent spin.

Mrs. Weasley screamed and Harry gripped the rail, though the others had apparently been watching the battle of the seekers, because they all started asking what happened when they turned back to see Ginny falling from her broom and being surrounded by mediwizards, her body laid out on the field.

Harry could feel the blood pumping by his ears as he watched, waiting for them to bring Ginny up to a standing position. He couldn't tell if she had really been unconscious or if the mediwizards had surrounded her too soon to really see anything.

"We have to get down there, Arthur," Molly said frantically.

"Mum, calm down," Charlie directed her. "Ginny's been hit loads of times. They're always overly cautious."

Harry swallowed. "You didn't see how those hit," he said. He seemed to be the only one that didn't think Molly was overreacting. The others were all trying to calm her, telling her to sit and that, surely, Ginny would be flying the victory lap with her team in a moment. She had tears running down her face. "Come on, Mrs. Weasley," Harry finally said, grabbing her wrist from Ron and leading the way.

The others protested, but Harry and Molly were running down the steps past other spectators. "I'm sure they're right, she'll be fine," he said, though he felt short of breath.

When they got to the bottom level, they were stopped by security. "We're guests of a player," Harry said, showing his pass to them.

Before anyone decided whether they would be allowed through, a group of the mediwizards passed by, one with his wand out directing a stretcher with Ginny's lifeless body.

The healers all promised Ginny would heal alright. When it was safe, she was transferred back to St. Mungo's and was still unresponsive three days later, her head and shoulder wrapped up. Molly was there nearly around the clock, of course, and the others who had been there each took turns sitting with her. Molly was still angry with most of them for not listening, making her favoritism for Harry these days particularly punctuated.

"She didn't leave any of those cookies for us," Ron said, coming to sit with Harry by Ginny's bed. "Those are my favorite, too."

Harry handed over the cookie tin, letting him take one. Hermione came in with a large box, dropping it in front of her. "I need help stuffing these envelopes," she said.

"Isn't there a spell for that?" Ron asked.

"There's foil details that might be rubbed off if I do it that way," Hermione said, handing him a stack. "Ginny and I were going to do it together, but…" she didn't say because it was so painfully obvious with Ginny in the room with them. "After all the potions I would think she'd come around by now," Hermione said.

"They told us today that everything was looking fine," Ron told them. "They're considering taking the sling off. Said it's not doing much and that was mended early on anyway."

They all worked on the invitations to Ron and Hermione's wedding. It was only two months away and Hermione was getting into full stress mode. Even Ron rarely argued with her about her requests, no matter how tedious. He seemed to have learned this made for a happier Hermione.

"Has it been decided who England is playing against?" Hermione asked.

"New Zealand," Ron said. "They're having to use a reserve member. Or at least they're training them. That game is another three weeks away. Ginny needs to come out of it if England is going to stand a chance."

"Oh, as if that's why," Hermione snapped.

"That's not what he was saying, Hermione," Harry said, rolling his eyes. He knew Ron's concern about England was the best he could muster for getting emotional about Ginny's current condition. Certainly if Ginny were awake right now, she'd be fretting over the same thing, fighting the healers to get back to practice as soon as possible. Harry smiled a little at the scene playing in his mind.

"She'll come out of it soon," Ron said. "Though if it's not in the next couple days it might be best for it to wait until after the cup is over."

"That would be horrible," Hermione said. "I wouldn't let your mum hear you suggest that."

They talked of other things and Charlie brought them all back food from a nearby pub later in the evening. Molly came back, pushing everyone out of the way to sit right next to Ginny, grabbing her hand and stroking the back with her finger. Arthur came by as well, sharing news that the New Zealand team had apparently been caught in a scandal, using non-regulation snitches in their game and had been disqualified. "They'll be playing Finland, now," he said.

"Ginny predicted that Finland would be in the finals," Charlie said.

It was as though she finally responded to her name. Everyone froze as Ginny stretched back her shoulders, her face tightening as she took a deep breath.

"Arthur… Arthur, go get the healer on duty," Molly said anxiously.

Harry had been sitting at the foot of the bed, but pushed through so that he was on Ginny's other side, opposite Molly, leaning over Ginny.

"Ginny?" Molly said softly. She reached her free hand over, running the braid she'd put in Ginny's hair that morning through her fingers. "Ginny, sweetheart."

"Let her sit up, Mum," Ron said.

Molly shot him a nasty look, obviously not having forgotten the last time her husband and children were telling her what to do, but still gave Ginny a little more room. Ginny's body stiffened as she pulled her hand away from Molly's, scrambling until she was sitting up. Harry breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed alert as she looked around the room at the faces surrounding her bed.

"Dad's here too. He's coming right back," Charlie told her.

"Seriously, Ginny, you gave us a right scare," Ron told her.

Harry reached out a hand, to her back and her eyes met his, her eyebrows knit. "Glad to have you back in the land of the living," he said with a smile and leaned in, capturing her lips in his.

The hopeful mood shattered as Ginny tensed, her lips not responding to his, and pushed Harry back, screaming.

"Ginny," Ron said.

"Get off," she shouted, frantically pushing herself away from Harry on the bed. Harry stepped back, confused.

Molly reached out, trying to grab Ginny's shoulders and her reaction was similar. "No!" Ginny screamed hitting Molly's hands, shoving her away. "Don't! Leave me be!

A healer rushed in, an assistant with her. "Ms. Weasley," the healer said calmly. Harry looked to Molly who was horror struck as Ginny continued to struggle, the healer trying to press her down onto the bed.

"No, no," Ginny said, still in a panic. "Who are you?" she cried.

"Ms. Weasley, we are here to help."

"Don't touch me," she growled, fighting against their more firm attempts to reign her in. Hermione was in tears now and Harry was walking back to the other side of the room, though he couldn't tear his eyes away from Ginny. "Please, no, please!"

"Ms. Weasley, if you don't calm down we will have to sedate you," the healer warned.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed.

Harry finally pulled himself out of the room, running down the hall until he could see out the window, grasping onto the sill, breathing deeply, trying to calm himself. Her screams echoed down the hallway until the healer must have done something and the sound died out.

"Harry," Ron said. "Mate, it's gonna be alright. They have her sleeping again."

He turned around to see Ron and Hermione looking at him. Hermione was wiping away tears and Ron looked completely dumbstruck.

"She doesn't remember me," Harry said.