The sequel, as promised. Sorry about any mistakes. I've done my best, but I currently don't have a beta for this.

Chapter one: What Do We Do With This Thing?

A red Volkswagen Beetle sat alone and out of place in the darkness; the one working light pole was a way off, it's distance serving only to gild the shiny curves of the vehicle. A hunting owl swooped low and silent overhead but any prey was long gone, spooked by the muffled thumps and thuds from inside the car.



"The central console is bruising me."

"So come over here!"

"We've already discussed how the steering wheel would impede us."

"Oh yeah."

When Quinn kissed her again Rachel assumed she'd given up on trying to solve their situational dilemma, until the blonde pulled back, a little breathless and not quite meeting her eyes.

"So how would you feel about . . . uh, I mean . . ." She glanced over her shoulder before darting her eyes to Rachel's and giving her a timid grin. "Do you, maybe, want to get in the back?"

Rachel bit her lip, smiling nervously.

They hadn't lingered in the school parking lot, both realising it wouldn't be wise. Instead Quinn had driven them to somewhere she'd promised would guarantee them privacy. Rachel wasn't completely happy with the secluded spot, it was much too slasher-flick for her and every time a train shot past she jumped out of her skin but . . .

. . . but Quinn wanted to get in the back seat with her!

"Okay." Quinn grinned and started to open her door, until Rachel tugged on her arm. "Are you insane? Who knows what's out there!"

She clambered through the space between the front seats and kept her grip on Quinn's arm, giving her no choice but to do the same. "So where were we?"

Quinn pressed into her side, twisting and pulling her closer as she kissed her again and Rachel's hands slid loosely around Quinn's neck.

"So this is making out?" she murmured after a few minutes.

"This is making out." Quinn agreed. "Do you like it?"

"So much!"

Quinn kissed her again and Rachel lost herself in it. Mostly. This was unbelievable, but her mind had had time to catch up. She hated her mind right now. It was telling her to ask questions, to find out why this was happening, when the rest of Rachel just wanted to indulge in the fact that it was happening at all! She opted to ignore it, after all any questions important enough would still be important tomorrow, but then another fast-paced rattle of wheels caused her to pull back anyway.

"It's just a train, Rachel," Quinn chuckled, kissing her chin. "It's not going to hurt you."

"I know." Rachel's reply came out quivery, not because the train had scared her but because Quinn's lips were trailing down her throat. "But are you?"

Quinn pulled back, the shape of her features in the scant light portraying annoyance. "What?"

"Nothing. It doesn't matter. Just kiss me again."

Quinn obliged but there was an edge of dominance in her lips now that hadn't been there before. Rachel had made her mad. It was hard to dislike the effect it had but at the same time it only reinforced that fact that they had issues to discuss.

"If you're going to run your fingers through my hair could you at least take the tie out first? That kinda hurts, you know?"

"Oh, sorry." She hadn't even realised her fingers were twisting anxiously in the pulled back hair. She made Quinn wince again with her enthusiastic compliance but then she was casting the hair tie aside and her hands were running through thick blonde, smoothing the damp hair out with her fingertips. "Is that better?"

"Uh-huh." Quinn's lips met hers again, before dipping down to her neck. "Feels . . ." she gave a soft giggle ". . . you're making my scalp tingle. You know like when you get a shampoo at the salon?"

Rachel grinned, "Is that normal?"

"I don't know, it's new to me."

"Is all of this new to you?"


"This. Do you do this a lot?"

"I'm not sure I like what you're implying there, Berry." Quinn sounded displeased but her lips never stopped moving over Rachel's skin. "I'm not some kind of make-out slut if that's what you think."

"Of course I don't think that. I'm just curious."

"About what?"

Rachel was surprised she could remember how to frown when Quinn was making her feel so good but there were things she needed to know so that she could, well know them and not be thinking about not knowing them. Then she could fully enjoy this.

"I guess I'm asking . . ."

When she trailed off Quinn pulled back to meet her eyes. "What are you asking, Rachel?"

"It's just that you didn't even hesitate to bring us here so I'm wondering if you come here a lot, with Finn maybe?"

"I'm going to answer your question because I'd rather be kissing you than bickering with you right now, but in future, that's one rule that still stands: you are not allowed to get jealous of Finn, okay? He's my boyfriend, I'm . . . I'm having his baby, my relationship with him is separate to you and not up for discussion between us."

Rachel nodded to show she understood perfectly.

"This used to be the hot make-out spot when my sister did her senior year at McKinley, but everyone goes up to Lima Ridge now because of the lake and the new golf course. And no, I've never come here with him. I've never even made out with him in my car, let alone jumped into the backseat with him. I've never brought or come here with anyone else. I've never wanted to before y-now. Okay?"

Rachel smiled; one worry down. "Okay."

"Okay," Quinn repeated before brushing their lips softly together. "Any more questions or can we go back to doing what we came here to do?"

"We can go back to doing what we came here to do."

"Good," Quinn was already pressing into another kiss.

She relaxed back into the feel of Quinn's lips and the touch of her hands, pulling her closer until their bodies were flush against each other and Quinn was leaning into her again. Rachel's hands sank back into blonde hair, short nails scratching the back of Quinn's head in a way that made her sigh softly against her lips.

When they had to part briefly to breathe freely for a moment, she murmured, "So I'm, I mean now is special then?"

"Now is something else." Quinn promised.

Two worries down.

Another train had her tensing all over again and laughing at herself. "It's busy out here for somewhere so remote. I didn't realize that Lima did so much rail business these days." She looked past Quinn through the window. "Are you sure these yards aren't still in use?"

"Completely sure. They're just passing through. Forget about them." Quinn pushed up, getting a knee under her so that she could shift over and straddle Rachel's lap. "The only thing you need to focus on is me."

To say suddenly having a lapful of Quinn Fabray was a surprise, wouldn't be a surprise to anyone (except maybe Finn, but if she wasn't allowed to talk about him there was no point in thinking about him either). Rachel shot back hard against the seat to begin with, shocked, until Quinn giggled at her reaction and drew her into another kiss. Rachel wriggled her butt a little, adjusting to the extra weight across her thighs, and just what was she supposed to do with her hands now? They hovered in the air, unsure where it was safe to land for the entire duration of a long kiss.

Quinn sat back eventually, smiling teasingly. "Are you okay? Was this too much? Do we need to stop so you can take a cold shower?"

"Do you want to stop?" Rachel asked, mildly panicked by the thought.

"I don't." Quinn was about to kiss her again but pulled back as an afterthought struck her. "But that doesn't mean I brought you out here to pop my lesbian cherry, either." Rachel didn't know which one of them froze first or the most. "Oh God, I . . ." Quinn began through a stiff jaw and then didn't add anything.

"I-I never thought . . ." Quinn was still rigid under her hands, staring straight through her. She wanted to make light of Quinn's words, put them both back at ease, but the look in Quinn's eyes was just too serious and she was scared of saying the wrong thing and ruining everything. "A-are you okay?"

Quinn's throat worked convulsively until she managed, "Yes."

"Are you sure? Quinn, I promise I never thought you brought me here to do that."

"It's not that." Quinn still seemed far away but at least she was speaking normally again. "I just . . . It only just hit me that you're a girl."

Rachel tried not to feel offended. She didn't do a very good job. "I know you've tried on countless occasions to strip me of my femininity, Quinn, but I find it hard to believe you ever seriously doubted my sex until now."

"Of course I know you're a girl, Rachel." Quinn's harsh tone contrasted with the way light fingertips trailed over her cheek and then smoothed over her bottom lip (as if just making sure she'd been right!). "I've even talked myself down from a big gay panic more than once since I started liking you as more than a . . . well, just liking you. But I never . . ."

"You never what?"

"There's just a big gap between admitting I might be a tiny bit . . .and, uh, acting on it. You know, like fully acting on it."

Rachel didn't get that. As soon as she'd realised she had a crush on Quinn she'd wanted to act on it. Maybe not in a popping lesbian cherries way yet because it was obviously too soon for sex, but certainly her physical desires had been keeping up with her emotional ones.

"Doesn't making out count as acting on it?"

"Obviously. But I already know I like kissing you. And kissing is just . . . kissing. It's not . . . Oh God," Quinn's hand pulled away from her face and curled against her own chest. "It's not more, Rachel. I can't do that. We can't do that." Quinn shook her head. "We are not doing that."

Quinn's over-the-top head shaking and wide eyes would have been funny if Rachel didn't know how the other girl had a habit of lashing out when she felt scared; and speaking from experience she had maybe a minute before Quinn started calling her every horrible nickname under the sun and then bolted, leaving her in the dark freight yard all alone.

"I'm not asking for more," she said, as quickly and calmly as she could. "And if it makes you feel uncomfortable I never will. I just want to kiss you, Quinn. That's all. Nothing has ever made me feel like kissing you does. Nothing! And if that's all you want to do I'll gladly do just that for . . . for the duration of our time together."

A little smile broke through Quinn's worried frown although she seemed to be trying for serious with a side of sarcastic. "Really? I know that you know that I'm hot, Berry. Are you seriously trying to tell me you aren't going to want more at some point?"

Rachel smirked, "I'm telling you that I can resist for as long as you can."


"Yes, really. What makes you think I can't?"

"Just a little speech that you made at a certain Celibacy club meeting recently," Quinn's smile was wide and somehow the distant light winked off of her perfect teeth.

"I'm never going to escape that," Rachel groaned playfully.

"And coupled with the fact that I have a hundred percent abstinence rating . . ." Rachel made a deliberate show of looking down at Quinn's stomach before meeting her eyes with disbelief. "And we're done talking!"

Before she could argue Quinn was already kissing her again and shifting (wriggling really) in her lap in a way that felt just incredibly . . . erotic. Quinn's hands pushed up into her hair, running the dark strands through her fingers.

When they pulled apart for a second, Quinn smiled, "Does it make your head tingle too?"

"It makes my whole body tingle," she admitted before she could stop herself.

Quinn chuckled, "Yeah, I'm so going to win this whole resistance game."

Rachel pushed up, planting her lips over Quinn's, re-igniting their kiss. When Quinn was pressed against her tighter than they'd ever been before – seriously, she could feel every curve of Quinn against her own, and, oh, cue light-headedness! – Rachel pulled back.

"You were saying?" she teased. "I have this – you – in the bag."

"Don't get cocky. I still don't have sex, lesbian or otherwise, on the third date."

Rachel waited for her to freak out again, maybe at the word 'lesbian' but Quinn just pulled her closer. This kiss went on and on and one of Quinn's hands stayed in her hair and the other cupped her cheek, thumb stroking her skin lovingly, until her fingers strayed; down the side of her neck to dig into her shoulder. Rachel ran a hand up and down Quinn's arm, the feel of her skin awaking a new wildness within her.

"So then tell me, what does it take to get near your pants?"

"Don't you mean in my pants?"

Rachel smiled, "I was trying not to be too forward."

"Well, firstly, I'm not wearing pants." She pointed to her Cheerios skirt. "And secondly, you don't need to know because that's never going to happen."

Rachel pulled her head back to properly look her in the eye. "Because you never wear pants?"

Quinn lightly slapped her arm. "Rachel! Don't make me stop kissing you," Quinn threatened even as kissed her again.

"O-kamph," Rachel garbled against her lips and spent the next few minutes in paradise.

Quinn had never felt so much in just one hour as she had since pulling up in the Lima Freight Yards. Her thoughts, emotions and feelings were on a scary, chaotic ride and everything was careening out of control. The most unsettling part of it was . . .

. . . She was loving it.

Rachel Berry! Of all the girls to fall for . . .!

She suppressed Berry's next words with her lips. Kissing her was, unfortunately, awesome. Listening to her right now wasn't so much. She could tell Rachel had a lot on her mind and because of that she wasn't quite as committed to the making out as Quinn was. That was annoying . . . and embarrassing. She had sort of resigned herself to the undeniable urge to kiss the girl, that's why they were here after all, but she needed Rachel to feel the same . . . no, to feel more . . . to make it okay. Rachel wasn't giving her that, not completely.

Rachel seemed to like kissing her though. Quinn felt the moan as she sucked Rachel's bottom lip between hers. She felt Rachel shiver under her, but then she pulled back, her lip leaving Quinn's with a soft plup.

"It was really brave of you to stand up in front of everyone."

The breathlessness of the words and the unusually husky timbre to Rachel's voice distracted her enough that Quinn couldn't think what she was talking about to start with.

"Your speech. It was so brave."

"Thanks." She chuckled self-consciously. "I've never been so scared in my life!"


"Yeah." Rachel's hands had fallen to her hips and Quinn took them both in her own. "Trying out for the Cheerio's was scary but I knew I was ready for it. Auditioning for Glee was terrifying because I've sang for church before but never for something cool, you know?"

Rachel beamed, "You just called Glee club cool."

Quinn frowned as she realised she had and then smirked, "I mis-spoke."

"Then what did you mean to say?"

"Let it go, Berry." Quinn gave her a stern glare and then pecked her on the lips – because she couldn't help herself – before sitting back again. "Singing my Kelly Clarkson number a couple of days ago . . . you have no idea how petrified I was about that."

"I do. I was really scared about mine too."

Quinn nodded, accepting that. They'd both put themselves out there in front of the entire Glee club. That meant something, right? Something important? It was why they were here now, however awkward it could prove to be.

"All of that scariness? Not a patch on how I felt tonight, but . . ."


Quinn held a hand up to stop Rachel from rushing her. "But . . . when Britt threw the megaphone up to me the fear, well most of it, went away. I was . . . exhilarated. Like really and truly exhilarated. I was still nervous but it was like someone pushed a cherry-bomb up my nose and my brain just exploded."

"In a good way?" Rachel checked nervously.

Quinn squeezed her hands. "We're here, aren't we?"

Not that here was the most romantic place on Earth. The only thing it had going for it was its emptiness. The view was hardly spectacular: a chain-link fence was close enough to see out of the back window but the tracks beyond were invisible in the night. Through the front the occasional passing car and a line of light poles twinkling through the trees marked the road.

Rachel got her point though and softly agreed. "We are."

She liked it when Rachel made the first move and met her lips eagerly. She was still holding Rachel's hands and pulled them up to pin either side of Rachel's head as they kissed. Rachel didn't seem to mind the constriction – in fact judging by her smirk and the way she raised her knees, causing Quinn to slide down her thighs and be trapped against her hips, maybe she even enjoyed it. Quinn released her hands without acknowledgement of the smirk, but she didn't do anything to remove herself from the intimately cosy position Rachel had initiated.

What? It felt nice.

Oxygen break. Not that she wanted to need one but Rachel's kisses were that intense. "I honestly can't believe how much I like you."

Rachel beamed and Quinn balked at the fact her mouth had run away with her private thoughts. "That wasn't me. That was the baby talking."

"Aww, the baby likes me that much?"

"It's a fetus, I can't expect it to have good taste yet."

She didn't know why she was being a bitch. Habit maybe? Years of conditioning? Nerves?

Probably the last one, with a bit of the other two mixed in.

Thankfully Rachel just laughed, and if it sounded strained? Quinn was just happy she was prepared to fake a laugh and let her off the hook. "Well, anyway. Tell the baby I said thank you. I like it a lot too."


Quinn brought her hands around to softly cup Rachel's jaw, tilting her chin up as she brought her lips down, letting them slowly apologise for her. Rachel responded to the kiss but Quinn could tell she'd lost her, the other girl was back in her own head, thinking too much when her mind should have been focused solely on her.

Her fingers didn't leave Rachel's face as she pulled back enough to murmur. "Sorry. Knee jerk reaction to vulnerability. I'll work on it."

"At least you didn't call me RuPaul."

Quinn tried for a smile. "See, I'm already growing as a person."

She received a small one and kissed it gently. It only took Rachel pursing her lips in response for Quinn to lose herself in the feeling again. She could seriously do this all night; maybe she could not show up at the dance at all. It wasn't going to be as much fun as this anyway. Rachel was still only giving her fifty percent though. Damn, this girl was hard work!

She pulled back again to look Rachel earnestly in the eyes. "I honestly can't believe how much I like you either."

Rachel waited a beat to see if there was going to be another retraction before giving her an award winning smile. "Now was that so hard?"

"Shut up." Quinn grinned. "And kiss me like you actually want to."

Rachel obliged and time stopped as they let their lips have free reign over their senses. Another train rushed by and they were so caught up they didn't even flinch. Truthfully, it didn't sound half as loud as Quinn's heartbeat did, or the heavy breathing drowning the car as they kissed beyond the point of oxygen deprivation and had to breathe through noses or against one another's mouths to avoid completely breaking the delicious friction between their lips.

It actually felt so good, so unexpectedly great in fact, that Quinn was feeling it everywhere. She'd never felt a kiss everywhere before, although on a few occasions already Rachel had aroused her – and apparently she had two big fat erogenous zones on her ears that she'd never known about before – but not like this. She tried to block out the way Rachel's still raised thighs were pressing against her butt, keeping them firmly smooshed together. She was going to do something embarrassing in a minute, where was a damn balloon when you needed one?

Kissing shouldn't have this much effect, surely?

Rachel was clearly dangerous. She was the devil! Or a fallen angel in the devil's employ, sent to drive her crazy until she gave herself to temptation. She was Eve, her kisses were the apple and Quinn was Adam . . . Why was she always the boy in her fantasies about Rachel? Not fantasies! Scenarios. Hot scenarios. This was definitely a hot scenario . . . and it wasn't even a fantasy because she was doing it!

Not doing it! She was not going to do it, she was living it. Yes, that was better, she was living out a scenario with Rachel that happened to involve kissing, that was all.

A kissing scenario that made her want to do it!

She groaned aloud into Rachel's mouth, partly because her brain wouldn't cease with the 'doing it' talk, and partly because, well, she really wanted to 'do it' and because she still had some semblance of control the lewd noise was her body's only way of expressing it.

Although that would change when she started dry-humping Rachel, so any second now.

She'd never wanted to do it before. Not even really when she'd actually been doing it.

When another train ran past, this one sounding its piercing whistle shortly after it had passed the car, Quinn didn't know whether she wanted to send the driver a thank you card or punch him in the face.

As Rachel laughed, eyes shining at the sudden shock and her mouth open wide as she tried to suck a decent amount of air back into her lungs to accommodate her beautiful, boisterous laughter, Quinn was leaning towards the latter.

"That was intense."

Quinn nodded, she literally couldn't find any words with her brain blanketed by unaccustomed lust.

"And wonderful," Rachel continued. "But . . ."

Quinn shook her head this time. "No but's tonight. We can have but's tomorrow. Tonight I just want intense and wonderful. We've earned it don't you think?"

"I do . . . but."

Clearly Rachel wasn't listening to her, so Quinn gave up on words again. There were other forms of communication she could use her mouth for.

Rachel let herself be carried away by her lips for a while, Quinn didn't know exactly how long considering she'd gone from zero-to-sixty the second they were kissing again and her brain was once again all fogged up with thoughts of more than kissing. But then she pulled back and Quinn made a growling noise deep in her throat.

"What?" she snapped, much more harshly than she'd intended.

Rachel looked hurt. "Quinn, don't be upset. I really enjoy kissing you, but I just don't think it's enough on its own."

Oh, was that all? Then that was an easy fix considering she was feeling the same. She had to smirk though, over-the-moon that Rachel had been the first to break, saving her the embarrassment of doing so.

"Didn't take you long to admit that, Berry." She pressed the smirk to Rachel's lips and the feel of them was enough to make her lose the smug attitude. "Mmm, I know. I agree. You're right. We-ah . . . shouldn't though . . . um . . . Not now . . . uh . . . we have to . . . um . . . be strong and . . . uh . . ."

What the hell was she even trying to say? Who had let Lucy out of her damn cage?

"Quinn!" Rachel whimpering her name against her lips was not helping!

"Okay," she said breathlessly. "Okay, more." She had to swallow hard. "More's okay, but only over the shirt tonight, okay?" She didn't know why she couldn't stop saying okay, considering she felt anything but okay. She'd never been more okay with not feeling okay in her life! "We don't want to . . . to go too fast . . . but it's a compromise . . . so, uh, just over the shirt?" Her voice lilted at the end, twisting her show of confidence into tremulous doubt.

"Whu . . ?" Rachel was suddenly like a statue beneath her.

"Rachel?" she whined, because while she could understand the enormity of this she really wanted it now the decision had been made.

Quinn kissed her again to bring her back to life. It worked on her lips but her hands were still motionless on Quinn's sides. Had she not understood or was she just scared? Desire making her brave, Quinn grasped Rachel's right hand in hers and lifted it to where she assumed the other girl wanted it to be.

Rachel gasped as her hand was pressed to Quinn's left breast and Quinn grinned as, "Fudging Barbra, Quinn!" came out on a fast, ragged breath.

Letting go, Quinn leaned into kiss her again but ended up hissing against her lips instead when Rachel tentatively squeezed her. So good! She'd known . . . she'd known it would be better with Rachel. Rachel's hand was the perfect fit.

She took a hard breath, trying to rise above the delectable sensations of Rachel's pressing, exploring hand. If she didn't she'd be ripping off her stiff, restrictive Cheerios top to feel it all so much more vividly.

"So, second base, Rachel. You like?" she asked with as much cool as she could manage.

"Right now I want to kiss second base!"

Quinn's knees wobbled as she felt a hot flush travel the length of her body before regrouping between her legs.

"I didn't mean, like, literally!" Rachel realised what she'd said. "Please don't freak out. I just meant, you know, I like it so much I could kiss it. Not that I actually want to kiss your breasts!"

"You don't?"

"I-I-I don't know how to answer that without causing an adverse reaction of one kind or another."

Giggling, Quinn let her off the hook. "Don't strain yourself, Berry. You're not getting your mouth anywhere near them anyway. You're super lucky I'm even letting you feel me up."

"It is unexpected, but a definite pleasure."

"Goes both ways," Quinn promised.

Rachel smirked," Not right now it's not."

"What?" It took her a second to catch on. "Oh."

Oh! Rachel meant . . . Okay, she could do this, she wanted to do this. Only . . . she'd never even touched Finn's nipples except through his shirt by accident. And Rachel had more than just nipples. Obviously.

"Right." She raised her hand slowly. So slowly that Rachel smirked again. "Don't look so cocky, I had to put your hand where you wanted it."

"I can return the favor if you like?"

"No, I've got this."

Like she was ripping off a band-aid she abruptly lifted her hand those extra few inches and cupped Rachel's breast. Wow! As strong as her own reactions were they were over-rode by Rachel's.

"Gah!" She squeezed gently. "Oh, Buhb!" She stroked her hand to the side slightly so she could rub her thumb over the slightly raised nub beneath Rachel's sweater. "Ohmy . . .Guh!"

Unable to take it anymore Quinn crashed their lips back together in a heated kiss as she wriggled her other hand up between them to take the other breast. Rachel didn't get the silent but obvious message to do that same, but she kissed back so enthusiastically that it didn't really matter.

It wasn't long before it wasn't enough again. One step further wouldn't hurt would it? It would still be pretty innocent considering and it wasn't like she was letting a boy touch her this way. They were both girls, so really it wasn't that different to just touching herself . . .

Okay, aside from the fact that she never touched herself like this, she shouldn't be allowed near anything requiring logic for the rest of the night, because clearly she was lacking the ability to use it properly. On the upside, the side of her brain she was thinking with right now didn't really care much for logic anyway and was way more interested in just feeling good.

"Okay, under the shirt," she mumbled against Rachel's lips, her own hands already dropping to the sweater hem.

Rachel hastily pulled back. "No!"

"What? Why?" Quinn was whining again and she didn't care.

"I just, we shouldn't . . ." Rachel snatched her hand away from Quinn. "This isn't . . ."

"What's wrong now?" she asked, growing impatient.

"This, what we're doing. This is what's wrong!"

"What's wrong with it? You seemed to be enjoying it two seconds ago."

"I'm scared, Quinn," Rachel admitted in a small voice.

"What's to be scared of? Did we hit second base too fast? I thought you wanted to."

"I did, I do . . . It's not that."

"Then what? You can't be scared of the kissing; we're not even using tongue for Heaven's sake!"

And why weren't they exactly?

"No, I'm not scared of kissing you . . . actually I'm terrified of it, but it's a good terrified, like that second you're about to step out on stage for a performance and there's nothing but anticipation and excitement and . . ."

"Kissing?" Quinn tried to steer her back on topic.

"Well, that part's new, but yes. But, what scares me . . . What happens tomorrow, Quinn? Tonight we're kissing and . . . and touching each other." Quinn felt new threads of excitement trickle out of her. "But what happens in the morning? Will you be Dr. Jeckle or Miss Hyde? Do I get to pet your tummy or will you rip my throat out again?"

Quinn smiled, trying to alleviate her fears, because really she just wanted to get back to the kissing. "I really like you, Rachel."

"You really liked me a week ago too and yet I've had the worst week of my life because of you."

Another train rattled past, it's passage sent dead leaves and grit skittering against the trunk of the car but Rachel didn't even seem to notice it.

Quinn sighed impatiently. "I thought you'd forgiven me for that?"

"I have, but that doesn't mean I'm not wary about what comes next. I just need us to talk about it."

"And that has to be right now?"

Rachel hesitated, but said, "Yes. I'm sorry, but I need to."

Quinn pouted. "You're ruining second base for me, you know?"

Rachel smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I'll fix it. But then can we have to talk?"

As Quinn raised a curious eyebrow, wondering how and more importantly when Rachel was going to fix it, the other girl leaned in slowly and kissed her pout away. Oh, so when was now, but it was going to take more than a sweet apology peck to save second base. Rachel's hands splayed over her abs, rubbing teasingly up and down over her uniform - too teasingly – as the soft kiss went on.

Slowly the hands slid up, leaving the flat planes of her stomach for higher ground. Quinn made a satisfied noise when they were finally cupping her, getting to know her breasts as well as they could through the thick material of her top and pressed harder into the kiss, finally ready to deepen it, wanting to know what it felt like to have her tongue in Rachel's mouth.

She hesitated though, nervous for reasons she couldn't define, and it cost her. Rachel's lips moved away from hers before she could make the bold move.

"Not fixed yet," she tried. "You need to do better than that."

Rachel sounded amused, "I haven't finished yet."

She had way too much of the power in this relation . . . whatever this was. Quinn didn't even know how that had happened. All through the last month, as she'd gone from oblivious, to denial, to hating, to unwilling acknowledgment, to cautious tolerance, to tentative acceptance and to now, fully embracing the way she felt about Rachel, she had done her best to stay in control, to keep the upper hand and call the shots and a dozen other clichés that meant she was the one the wearing the pants in this rela . . . thing. It was even the major factor for why she had made her grand gesture at the game; she really had been taking the power back from Rachel, just not for the reasons Santana, and the rest of the school now, thought.

And yet somehow, she still didn't have it. Rachel-freaking-Berry had the ability to turn her into whipped cream and it was completely unacceptable and if this re . . . arrangement of theirs was going to continue, Quinn had to turn the tide right now. Berry had to know her place and that place was not the place of the person in control of them.

If her thoughts were getting a little less well-expressed it was because Rachel was pressing tiny kisses across her cheek. And this was a prime example! Being kissed on the cheek shouldn't jumble her thought-process! This ended now!


"Mmm, did you just call me baby?"

Quinn watched a couple more brain cells flutter away on tiny wings.

Uh, had she? She was pretty sure she hadn't.

"No!" She was proud of the steel in her voice; it represented strength, power, control. "I called you Berry! As in, Berry, you need to stop teasing me and kiss me properly or else. . ."

She should have been expecting it, they'd all been heading in that direction after all, but the kiss to her earlobe still took her by surprise and snuffed out the words about to come out of her mouth, replacing them with:


As in, Guh-od, that feels good.

She tilted her head down and to the side, not even caring that it implied she wanted Rachel to keep doing what she was doing. A sheet of hair fell over the side of her face and Rachel raised a hand to push it back. If Quinn could think beyond 'Oh, damn, she's sucking my earlobe now!' she would have complained out loud about how Rachel was leaving one of her breasts unloved, but when that hand started running through her hair again, fingers deftly keeping it back from her ear with each stroke she was too overloaded by the three different sensations at once that it no longer mattered anyway.

She was going to die from this, she was sure of it, but she was going to die happy.

Her fists were balling in the hem of Rachel's sweater, pulling it tighter with every stroke, every lick, every tender squeeze and all she could do in return was breathe, and even that was difficult. Each breath louder, harsher, less successful at filling her lungs until she was panting hard against Rachel's shoulder. Something was happening to her. This couldn't be normal. To be this breathless, this hot, this dizzy, it just couldn't be normal. She was aching between her legs and it was a real and physical, excruciating throbbing and it scared her, because . . . because damn it, she liked it and she didn't want it to ever stop but at the same time she was desperate to relieve it.

If she only knew how.

"Did I fix it yet? Are you ready to talk now?"

The words were whispered so close to her ear that the breath that accompanied them made Quinn's eyes roll back and sent her hips forward. The tight space between Rachel's thighs and Rachel's stomach meant that they could only roll in place and, oh look at that, her body knew exactly what to do now to relieve the building pressure.


Her tone made Rachel falter, clearly unhappy and possibly even hurt by the forceful demand. Screw it! Quinn didn't need to wear the pants as much as she needed Rachel to not stop!

"Rachel, seriously, keep doing what you were doing – all of it – please," she rushed out on a single breath.

Her desperation came through loud and clear. "O-okay!"

As Rachel's hands resumed their playing her tongue lathed Quinn's ear. Rachel was nervous now, she could tell, not really understanding the insistence. Quinn didn't even understand the urgency she felt, but she knew she was definitely feeling it.

"Oh, fuck, yeah just like that."

"You use the f-word far too much, Quinn."

If it wasn't for the way the words pleasured her wet ear she would have told her to shut the fuck up, as it was she just rolled her hips against her again and it was all good.

"Honestly, you're not a sailor." Rachel's tongue swirled around the outer edge of her ear. "Or Santana or Puck." The tip swiped deep into the middle valley as the fingertips of Rachel's right hand focused unintentionally (or not maybe) over her straining nipple. Quinn's hips rolled again and the sweater was pulled even tighter into her hands. "A pretty girl like you doesn't need to use such vulgarities to get their point across."

'Pretty girl' caused another hip roll, for some reason 'vulgarities' did too. It was no longer helping though, if anything it was building the pressure deep inside her. She squirmed in Rachel's lap, rolled her hips some more and even deliberately bucked against her once, twice, and all it was doing was making the ache between her legs worse.

Rachel lathed her ear again and ran her first two fingers back and forth over the tiny tent Quinn's nipple was making in her Cheerio's top. Quinn whimpered and pushed herself against her.

Rachel didn't seem to notice. "I mean, I utilise the word 'fudge' on extreme occasions but there's really no call for anything stronger than that."

Quinn couldn't take any more. "Okay, Rachel, I get it! Now will you please put your fudgingtongue in my fudgingear right this fudgingsecond."

"There's no need to be sarcastic."

"I'm not!" Quinn howled.


Rachel's tongue stroked firmly against her ear and Quinn's hips jerked forward, brushing herself against Rachel.

"Like that?"

"No, more."



"Only, more is going to sort of be me fudging your ear with my tongue."

If Quinn hadn't been so on the edge she would have smiled at Rachel's joke. "I'm okay with that."



"Okay!" Rachel's tongue travelled up, down and around.

It felt awesome but she knew it could feel better, "Rachel, please?"

The tip of Rachel's tongue dipped inside.

"Oh, fu….nuh. Ohhh. Tell me this isn't weird, is this weird?" Her hips rolled again, Rachel's tongue slithered around her ear. "Guh, like that, like th . . .!"

She was back to breathing too heavy to speak. It felt so . . . Her hips were rolling continuously now, because it made her feel awesome, but it wasn't . . . there just wasn't enough . . . there had to be a way to . . .

Quinn wasn't experienced when it came to this sort of thing. Hello, President of the Celibacy Club! She never let Finn get past second and she'd been drunk with Puck, but she spent a lot of time with the Cheerios and most of them were, well they were as promiscuous as Santana and Brittany. And they talked about it, all the damn time. So there was . . . stuff she knew, theoretically.

So, theoretically, she sort of knew what she was doing when she untangled a hand from Rachel's sweater and used it to grasp the hand sifting through her hair and pull it down. Rachel obviously didn't know what she was doing, even theoretically, and simply laced their fingers together as her tongue continued to make Quinn writhe against her.


"Mmm?" was hummed into her ear.

Oh, God!

Quinn dropped her head to Rachel's neck as her hips pushed forward again. She was lost to feeling now. Forget logic and reason and rational thought her pleasure centre had well and truly taken over and . . . and her centre needed more pleasure.

Running on pure impulse she brought their joined hands down between them and then pulled hers free. Rachel's shifted up to her abs, pressing and rubbing the twitching muscles through her top. It sent a shiver through Quinn, making her arch back a little, but it only served to make the ache worse. She took the hand again and pressed it down further, forcing the open palm against her bare thigh. Rachel gripped it lightly, making Quinn's eyelids flutter, and left her ear to reclaim her lips. Quinn moaned into her mouth – a sound that it would have mortified her to make once upon a time, like any time before right now – and arched again as she put her free arm around Rachel's neck, holding her close as they kissed.

And through it all Rachel still wasn't reading the subliminal messages and Quinn's frustration was only reaching new levels rather than being in any way released. It was overpowering. Too much and she still needed more. She needed something she couldn't articulate, something she couldn't even think about directly, but she really, really needed it.

And so she pushed Rachel's hand up her thigh and under the hem of her Cheerio's skirt just as another train thundered by, it's piercing whistle sounding right behind the car and stopping her heart with the sudden deafening shock of it.

It was more effective than an ice-cold shower and they both sprang back from each other but Quinn knew her eyes were wider, and not because of the train. Oh God! What were they doing? What was she doing?

"No!" She pulled Rachel's hand away from her leg like she hadn't been the one to put it there.

"Stop!" She smacked Rachel's other hand away from her breast.

"Quinn, what's wrong?" Rachel's eyes had to be as wide as hers now and filled with worry.

"Nothing . . . nothing, just . . . stop touching me."


She was still sitting on her. She had to not be sitting on her anymore! Her body, despite the terrifying whistle shower was still quivering with want and . . . and she . . . she just couldn't! Space; she had to get some space. Space away from Rachel until she calmed down.

Her body still reacting to what she needed rather than what was sensible, she opened the back door and pretty much tumbled out onto the weed choked asphalt.

She heard Rachel hiss, "Quinn, you can't go out there! It might not be safe."

"Leave me alone, Berry!" As she rolled to her hands and knees she pushed the car door shut again. "And stay in there!"

Scrambling further away, she felt stone chips scrape her knees and welcomed the distraction the pain offered. Ten feet away from her car she stared at the grit beneath her for a minute, calming enough to get control of her thoughts and then she pushed up into a kneeling position and clasped her hands together in front of her.

"Okay, so that happened," she murmured, her voice barely audible even to her.


"Or nearly, anyway."

It was touch and go there for a while.

"Yeah. So . . . this whole abstinence thing? It suddenly just got hard."

It wouldn't be a very thorough test of faith and commitment if it was always easy, would it?

"But it always has been before!"

Welcome to adulthood, Lucy, and all of the responsibility that comes with it.

"Didn't I already get this speech when I fell pregnant?" she whisper-grumbled.

You're having a busy year.

Quinn ran a hand over her lips, they still felt tingly from kissing Rachel so much. Kind of like the first scratch of a mosquito bite, but in a good way and without the resultant scar.

Although kissing Rachel would probably lead to a few psychological scars!

No, she didn't want to think like that.

You're scared.

"You think? We almost . . . no, I almost took it too far. She makes me feel things I shouldn't feel."

No, she makes you feel things you're not ready to feel, that's all.

"Is that better?"

Yes and no.

She rolled her eyes at her saviour. "That helps."

She heard Rachel roll the window down. "Quinn? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!"

"Only, you've been out there for a while and I really don't think it's all that safe."

She cares about you.

"I know," she murmured. "I-I care about her too."

I know you do.

"But I lose myself around her."

No, Lucy, you don't. That's just an excuse."

"An excuse for what?"

To give in to temptation or to run away from feeling something real. You choose. Find the middle ground and you can be happy.

"Find the middle ground," Quinn repeated. "So not give into temptation and not run away?"

No one said finding happiness was easy.

"Quinn, please? Anyone could be lurking out there!"

"Just give me a freaking minute, Berry!"

Much quieter, she added, "Okay, I can do that. I can handle this. I just need to make sure I keep in control of our . . . our situations."

That should be interesting seeing as she has all of the control right now.

Quinn's face fell. "You noticed that too?"

Rachel was completely and utterly confused. It was becoming a standard state of mind when dealing with Quinn but this time was just more intense than most.

The making out – the kissing and, uh, touching and, um, ear licking – had been awesome, but she'd really wanted to talk too. There was so much she still didn't understand about what was going on between them and she knew that the more they just delved into the (awesome) physical stuff the more confusing it would become.

Watching Quinn as she knelt ten feet away from the car with her back to her, muttering under her breath, Rachel knew she really hadn't been wrong about that.

What was she doing out there?

Obviously Quinn was freaking out. Rachel could relate, she'd never expected her first ever make-out session to be so intense. They'd gone to second base for crying out loud! She was still in a state of excitement over that.

Literally, her underwear was kind of sticking to her.

She shifted on the seat to make it stop, but it didn't.

So, yes, she was freaking out too . . . but she wasn't on her knees ten feet from the safe environment of the car!

She'd finally found her rape whistle, buried deep beneath her sweater and t-shirt, and sat with it between her lips as she checked every dark corner of the freight yard – so all of it, basically – over and over while she waited for Quinn to finish up whatever she was doing.

Quinn's reaction didn't bode well and Rachel was bracing herself to be let down; and probably not in a nice way. And trying to come up with counter-arguments to whatever reasons Quinn might have for calling their thing off wasn't easy when she was busy looking for danger in every shadow.

So she shifted her mind back to the conversation they needed to have instead. If they ever got a chance to have it, or need it. Rachel needed some commitment from Quinn. Some kind of promise that letting her in would be worth it and would not result in a world of pain.

She needed that and until she got it she couldn't indulge her anymore. She didn't want to be awkward or mean, but Rachel was ready to go all in, and she needed at least half of that kind of assurance back before she could let herself be vulnerable to Quinn again.

"I need to get back in the car."


"Okay. It's going to be okay." She sighed heavily. "But, Jesus, she's like temptation personified!"

Are you are not equal to the challenge?

"Of course I am! But . . ." Quinn shook her head. "No, I can do this. A little Divine Intervention wouldn't hurt though! You could help me out here."

Who do you think was driving that train?"

"Oh. Okay. Thank you." She thought about it for a second. "You couldn't have given me five more minutes?"

"Yeah, let's just forget I said that," Quinn smirked as she stood up and then winched. Her knees really hurt now! "Thanks. Amen."

As she walked to the car she saw Rachel hovering half out of the back window with her infamous rape whistle between her lips. Why did she have to be so adorable? Shaking the thought away she opened the drivers' door and slipped into the seat. The keys were still in the ignition and the engine purred to life with a twist.

"Are you staying back there, or do you want to ride up front like a big girl?" she asked into the rear-view mirror, not able to help the mild sarcasm tainting her words.

Rachel pushed through the gap and fell into the passenger seat, whistle still in her mouth.


Rachel spit the whistle out and tucked it back under her clothes. "I'd like it if we could talk now before we go."


Rachel crossed her arms sulkily until Quinn pulled away and then she hurried to put her seatbelt on. As soon as it was snapped safely into place her arms refolded.

"You promised!"

"No I didn't."

"Quinn, we need to have a conversation about this."

"About what?"

"About us!"

Quinn kept her eyes on the road, taking the shortest route to Rachel's house. "Rachel, there is no us."

"How can you say that? Before I almost would have agreed despite the growing evidence suggesting otherwise, but after this week, after tonight, how can you honestly say this isn't something?"

She hadn't meant it like that! And she was still freaking out about what they'd almost done. Rachel needed to learn to cut her a little slack.

"Look, I agree we like each other, and we . . . we seem to click physically, but that doesn't mean there's an us."

Quinn honestly didn't know if she was saying this stuff to claw back some control or because she was scared to think that there might be an 'us' in the near future. A couple-term that surely implied more than she was 'ready for' even if it was something she kind of liked the idea of in a purely abstract way.

"I know that. I know I'm not your girlfriend. But that's my whole point. I don't know what we are. Or who I am to you. Or where we go from here." Rachel quietly added, "And I need to."

Quinn cleared her throat. "I don't have the answers to any of those questions."

"That's why I think we need to talk about it, to discuss it together."

At least she had an answer to that, and she owed it to Rachel to give it to her straight. "I'm not ready to tonight. It's been a long day and my head is all over the place."

Rachel sat back in her seat and stared out of the passenger window. She didn't even put the radio on, leaving them in an uncomfortable silence. Quinn wanted to ask what she was thinking but that would negate her whole not wanting to talk about it thing, so she kept her mouth firmly closed and her eyes on the road ahead.

For the first time ever she was pleased that Lima was such a small town. It only took fifteen minutes to get to Rachel's. Quinn pulled into the driveway and deliberated over whether to cut the engine or not. She didn't want to give Rachel a reason to stay in the car but at the same time it felt rude to sit outside the house with her engine running even for a few minutes.

In the end she chose to turn it off and the car was engulfed in silence. Rachel didn't move, or even look at her, still staring out of the passenger windows at the colourful potted plants that ran along that side of the property.

"Do you, uh, do you want me to walk you to the door?"

"Are you that desperate to get rid of me?"

She'd just thought it would be a nice thing to do! And it seemed natural, she'd done it the last two times they'd been out after all.

"No, I was just asking."


They sat in silence for longer than it took the dashboard lights to fade out.

The security lights above the garage went out a minute later and still neither of them had said spoken.

Rachel was fixated on a tub of long-stemmed plants with petals a dark pink in the low glow of the street lights. "You need to go, I should get out."

Although, yeah, Quinn didn't say anything and Rachel didn't get out.

Rachel's hand's fidgeted in her lap. "I enjoyed out time together this evening, Quinn."

Oh, God, so had she. Too much! That was the problem.

She just murmured, "Me too."

"Really? You earlier actions spoke otherwise."

Quinn smirked, on the inside at least. "My earlier actions were a direct result of how much I was enjoying our time together."

"That doesn't make any sense."

She shrugged.

"In that case, I know you don't want to talk, but can I least ask why you felt the need to throw yourself out of the car and stay out there for so long?"

She shrugged again, sheepishly this time. "I needed some face-time with Jesus. Well, not actual face-time obviously but . . ."

Rachel finally turned to her, annoyed. "If you didn't want to tell me the truth you could have just said so. The least you can give me is honesty, Quinn."

"I wasn't lying!" she half-shouted, getting annoyed too.

"Oh, so what, you were praying?" Rachel asked sarcastically.

"Okay, I've had enough of you for one night, Berry. Get out."

She didn't and her eyes narrowed and then opened wide. "You really were?"

"Yes! Now get out of my car."

"I'm sorry! Quinn, I'm sorry. I sometimes forget that . . ."

When she trailed off it was Quinn's turn to narrow her eyes. "Forget what?"

Unlike her, Rachel didn't back down from the tough questions. "That you're a person of devout faith. You're less than Christian attitude towards me most of the time makes it easy to overlook."

There was an extremely nasty retort on the tip of her tongue, but Rachel was right about her less than Christian attitude towards her, so she swallowed it. Sort of.

With a straight face and a heavy heart, she said, "Homosexuality is a sin, Rachel. How could I treat you in a Christian way when you've been brought up in an immoral household? How could I show kindness to someone with a depraved background?"

Rachel's eyes glistened and she turned to reach for the door handle. Quinn grabbed her arm and pulled her back around.

"Get off of me!"

"I don't believe that! I didn't believe that even before I fell for . . . started liking you, Rachel! Do you honestly think I could enjoy kissing you so much if I did? But that is what I've been conditioned with and that's why you were such an easy and obvious target when we met. You want to throw my lack of Christian attitude in my face? I can accept that; I know I've been horrible to you. I'm just telling you why."

"You can accept that?" Rachel scrubbed her knuckles beneath her eyes. "Can you accept that you are a depraved homosexual too?"

Quinn's lips quirked in an uncomfortable half-smile. "I can accept that I might be."

Rachel surprised her by calming down completely and nodding. "Do you think you can ever see yourself in a real lesbian relationship?"

Quinn grew hot with an embarrassed flush. "Um, I'm not sure what that even entails exactly, I've never thought about it and it's . . . its way too soon to be thinking about that. I don't even know if I really am . . . one of those and I'm not ready to decide one way or another, not yet . . . not when I have so many other things to think of." Her hand fluttered subconsciously over her stomach but as she looked up at Rachel to see disappointment in her dark eyes she helplessly added, "But if you were the other girl . . . maybe, I don't know, but maybe," she finished with another sheepish shrug. Silence fell for a lifetime. "Uh, what about you?"


Well that was to the point and yet still as vague as anything.

More silence.

"Okay, well I should go in now. Thank you, Quinn, for the ride home. I hope I haven't made you too late to enjoy the party."

"No, it's fine."

Rachel still wasn't moving, and Quinn didn't want her to go but she didn't know what else was left to say either. They'd already gotten more into 'talk' territory than she'd wanted to.

"So, um . . ." Rachel began and ended with.

"Yeah, so."

"I should, um . . ."

Rachel hadn't opened the door yet but she was shifting in her seat, closer to the edge but the wrong edge for getting out. Her eyes were fixed studiously on a point just beyond Quinn's head but it was only as she inched closer that Quinn suddenly recognised the nervous move for what it was.

They could kiss goodnight, right? That would be okay. It wasn't like she was about to lose her inhibitions in the Berry driveway for goodness sake. A goodnight kiss was fine.

She still had her seatbelt on, but she leaned in until it locked up, letting Rachel know she wanted it too. Rachel couldn't bite away her smile as much as she tried.

"We still need to talk," she murmured as she leaned even closer.

"We will," Quinn promised.

Their lips were almost touching but thank God, Quinn hadn't closed her eyes yet. A bright orange-yellow rectangle suddenly opened up in front of her and she pulled back.

"What's wrong now?" Rachel half-whined, half-snapped.

"Uh, company." Quinn waved a hand to indicate as she tried to calm her frustration at the missed-kiss.

Rachel turned to see her dads' framed in the porch light. "They always have had terrible timing."

Quinn smiled, but it faltered when LeRoy recognised the car and came over in his slippers and towelling robe. She buzzed the passenger window down as he approached.

"Hi, Dad. You remember Quinn?" Rachel rushed out.

"Of course, how are you, Quinn?"

She'd never been so grateful of all of those years of good manners being drummed into her. "Very well, thank you, Mr. Berry? How are you?"

"All good, Quinn. Although I'm a little disappointed in you . . ." Quinn's heart stopped, convinced that he somehow knew she'd been defiling his little girl in a train yard. Or trying to be defiled by his little girl in a train yard! ". . . You haven't been by. Are you really that scared to arm wrestle me?"

Relief made her laugh out loud, which made Rachel turn to her and smile.

"Not at all, Mr. Berry. I've just been biding my time."

The man grinned, "Well, Rachel's Daddy was just about to make cocoa so if you wanted to come in for some we could settle this once and for all."

Quinn's smile fell. "I, uh."

"Quinn doesn't want to come in for cocoa, Dad."

"No, I totally would." Nothing sounded better than cocoa with Rachel right now, but she had to stop giving in to her impulses around the girl. "But my boyfriend, Finn, is waiting for me to join him at the Homecoming dance. I just wanted to make sure Rachel got home okay first."

LeRoy gave her a curious look. "Finn's your boyfriend?"

"Dad, not now!" Rachel muttered.

She put their reactions together pretty easily. So Rachel had told her parents about her crush on Finn. No big deal. She'd totally pegged Rachel for the kind of girl who told her parents everything.

But wait, did that mean she'd told her parents about her crush on her too?


She suddenly felt an overwhelming need to impress . . . and an equally overwhelming need to get the hell out of there!

"Uh, yes, he is, but we're not that, uh, serious or anything."

"But you're having his baby?" Hiram sounded more confused than disapproving but it didn't put Quinn at ease.

"Yes but . . .! I mean, obviously we're serious now, but, uh, the baby was, um, we didn't mean to get, uh . . ."

"Dad, Quinn's personal life is none of your business! Leave her alone!"

'I think I love you, Rachel Berry!'

"I wasn't trying to poke my nose in," he promised, hands held up in surrender.

"I know, its okay. It's just not an easy topic of conversation."

"I understand. So, honey, are you coming in?"

"I'll be there in just a moment."

No, Quinn couldn't take anymore tonight; she was already over-loaded. "Rachel, you should go in with your Dad. I really have to go anyway."

Rachel looked hurt by the dismissal. "If you say so."

"I can see you tomorrow though," she offered before she could stop herself.

The smile was back. "You can?"

"Sure. I don't have any plans. I'll come over and we can hang-out."

Rachel's eyes darkened and there was a breathy giggle laced through her reply. "Oh really?"

Crap, she hadn't meant it like that! At least it was too dark in the car for Hiram to notice they were both suddenly blushing furiously.

"Uh, yeah or something. If you wanted."

"I do want, but do not forget we have that thing to talk about first." Rachel was facing her so only Quinn saw the way she closed her eyes tight at her slip. "About hanging out? We need to talk about that first, before we, uh . . . hangout and . . ."

"Rachel, I wanted to get to Homecoming while I'm still a sophomore."

At the derailment Rachel seemed to realise she'd been rambling in front of her father and blushed again. "Of course. Have a nice time, Quinn."

She opened the door, stepped out of the car and closed it softly behind her. Quinn thought she was going to leave with just a little wave as she moved to her Dad's side, his arm going around her shoulders as they walked together towards the house. But as she was about to turn the key in the ignition, Rachel startled her by dashing back to the car and leaning through the still open passenger window.

"Are you really going to come over tomorrow, Quinn?"

She chuckled softly. "Yes, Rachel. I'll come over at ten."

"Okay. Bye, Quinn." She dropped her voice to a whisper, "I wish I could give you a real kiss goodnight, but as I can't I'm going to do it with my eyes instead."

"What does that mean?"

What it meant, apparently, was Rachel giving her the hottest look she'd ever seen in her life. It was enough to make Quinn's body start reacting to her all over again, especially when those dark, sultry eyes dipped to her mouth and Rachel licked her lips as Quinn's tongue darted out to wet her own suddenly parched lips and, oh God, why did it feel like they'd just French-kissed from three feet away!

Maybe she'd been wrong. If just this was making her want to drag Rachel back into the car and lock the doors so her Dad couldn't save her, then how was she ever supposed to control herself. Maybe the temptation Rachel provided was too much of a challenge for her chastity after all.

She should probably test that theory immediately. Test her strength of conviction and faith. It did no good to shy away from these things. You had to prove you were equal to the trials sent your way. You had to stand up to the lions even if the result was getting eaten alive.

Cocoa suddenly sounded a lot better than Homecoming. Especially if they could drink it in Rachel's room. Actually she didn't need the cocoa, she'd just grab an empty mug on the way to the stairs for appearances sake. Although, the taste of Rachel's mouth would go amazing with a hint of chocolate . . .

As Quinn was about to take her seatbelt off, Rachel, completely oblivious, stopped eye-kissing her and gave her a bright smile. "Drive safe, Quinn. See you tomorrow!"

And then she was skipping back to her Dad and the open front door.

Quinn dropped her forehead to the steering wheel with a drawn-out groan.