Can you make the right choices to bring Emma back to the light, or will the path to angst be paved with good intentions! A CS CYOA tale by lynyrdwrites and gusenitsaa . (Thanks to belovedcreation and mryddinwilt for the idea!)

Paved with Good Intentions (Part 1)

"Because, I'm the dark one."

Her words were a dagger through his heart. He had the displeasure of knowing exactly what a dagger through the heart felt like. A few moments of searing pain, of blurring eyes, of regret and fear and then nothing. That was easy. This was worse. Because this time it didn't fade.

Emma was gone; vanished in a column of cold smoke and in the aftermath there were several moments of complete stillness before Snow let out a strangled cry. Charming wrapped his arms around her protectively as people finally begin to move.

Henry is staring agape at Sneezy, a stone monument to the darkness that has overtaken the Savior, a perplexed expression of horror on his face, before turning to Regina with sparkling eyes.

"Can you… fix it?"

Regina waved her hand over the statue but all remained still. Finally she sighed and took Henry's hand, "We'll figure something out, ok?"

Killian was still frozen in place, staring down at his own hand in confusion. Moments ago she'd held his hand. Moments ago, she had made the decision to turn away from the darkness, to turn to him, and they were going to Camelot. They were going to find the man that could defeat the darkness once and for all. She had hope in her eyes then, and love. There was fear too, he had seen it; but when the fear grew stronger and her hands began to shake she simply held onto him tighter, letting him drown out the voices with soothing nonsense in her ear. How had it gone so horribly wrong?

He clenched his fist and flinched at a sudden pressure on his shoulder, looking up to see David has come to his side, one hand on his shoulder.

"What did we do?" Hook mumbled to Charming.

"We'll find out."

"We just need to talk to her," Snow insists, rocking back and forth to calm the crying Neal. "If she wants to punish us certainly the best way to do that is to tell us how we failed her, right. We need to go back to the loft. In case she comes home?"

"Sure," Regina mocked, " Because she really looked like she was in the mood for mother daughter bonding night."

"And what would you suggest?" Charming countered, moving to hover protectively at his wife's shoulder once more.

"Are you kidding? My vault. If she gets into that vault there's no telling what horrors she could manage with its contents."

"I thought that was protected with blood magic?" Hook replied, his voice hoarse but fierce. He wasn't in the mood for Regina's attitude, not with the proof of a failure he couldn't remember echoing in his ears.

You failed.

"Yes well, that's failed me before. That vault needs to be protected." She gave Henry's hand a last squeeze and disappeared. Robin took off after her in moments, pausing only long enough to entrust Roland to several of the Merry Men that had begun to gather in the street.

"Do we follow her too?" Henry asked, looking over at Snow.

"If it turns out Emma is at the vault Regina can call us. Emma may have darkness in her heart right now, but there is also light. And I don't believe she's gone. If there's any chance she might come home… I want to be there. Perhaps familiar surroundings might help us bring her back?"

There was a loud crash from the back, probably Granny doing her best to put the diner back together, and the sound seemed to break a spell over the room. People began to scatter and Snow reached out to take Henry's hand. As they made their way out into the street, Killian remained behind, paused before the statue of the dwarf, his mind whirling wildly and making no progress; an oarsman against a gale.

What the hell had happened?

"Killian," David called back when he didn't move, "Come with us?"

Finally Hook shook his head, breaking himself free of his mind with a physical jolt.

"There's somewhere I must go."

David's eyes narrowed slightly, "Now isn't the time for you to lock yourself up alone on that ship, Killian." he chastised but his voice was gentle.

"I do not seek solitude," Killian replied. "There's only one place I've known Swan to go when she's a troubled heart. Perhaps there is enough of Emma left that she might go there"

And we've come to our first decision point. And you get to decide where things go from there!

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Snow, in the loft

Regina, at her vault

Killian, at the docks

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