So yeah... suppose I should finally make this update after all these months. But I want to clear the air and to it pretty quickly. So let's go.

Universe Falls is currently on permanent hiatus. The likelihood of me returning to it any time in the immediate future is basically nonexistent. This is for a number of pretty personal reasons, the top one being I've just lost all passion for working on it. Writing UF used to be fun, now it's more or less a Chore, and when writing for fun turns into a chore, that's when you kinda just need to step back and let it go. The other reason is a bit... less concrete. The last time I wrote anything for UF was around the time I lost my father earlier this year. And I don't know why, but for some reason, my brain correlates working on UF to that incredibly devastating point in my life. Like seriously, you guys, the very idea of working on, heck, even just talking about UF anymore gives me Anxiety and its not good. Which is why, at the end of the day, I've gotta do what's right by me and focus on what's best for my mental health, as well as my pursuits as an author. Yes I get that my other fic, Key to the Kingdom (which I encourage you all to check out if you'd like to read more of my work/are into Kingdom Hearts), is less popular than UF, but working on Keys is honestly more creatively liberating than UF ever was (for a number of reasons I won't really go into here). So for now, its what I'm going to stick with.

So yeah, like I said, not only do I not really want to work on UF writing wise, I really just don't feel like discussing it anymore either. So if you send me UF related PMs, tbh chances are I won't answer them. Please don't take that personally, its just me not wanting to spark up any conversation about the fic that'll ultimately turn into "why won't you work on if?" As for any other topic, I'm always down to discuss! As for UF, well, the entire fic is still going to remain up. Will it ever be finished? Probably not, but hey, it was fun while it lasted, right? And if any of you who were solely here for UF want to unfollow me, that's fine, I completely understand. But for those of you who do decide to stick around, thanks for standing by me, and thanks for understanding. And hey, thanks for enjoying UF. I'm glad I was able to write it and even more impressed that I was somehow able to crank out 100+ chapters out. And I'm glad you were all along for this wild ride with me.

But for now, (blows kiss to the sky), for Universe Falls