The Age Of The New Frontier

The multi-verse was a wonderful place, full of life in all shapes and forms spanning across an unlimited number of worlds and dimensions. Each universe, each world, each dimension is different and unique in its own way but there is always a small similarity even if the worlds are polar opposites. Unfortunately when life is created it also leads to the creation of great evil. In every universe evil comes in all shapes and sizes with great powers with the intent to become the most powerful being of their world and enslave the inhabitants for their pleasure.

However where there is great evil there is also good to stand in its way and thwart its plans. They could be warriors, they could be scientists, they could be thieves, they could be liars, and they could be simple ordinary people with the right potential waiting for the right time. It does not matter in the end for all worlds and universes are separated by a thin wall that keeps the multi-verse in balance but that wall can be broken and it can allow worlds to come together which leads to unpredictable results.


The Final Frontier.

Our mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

(Following events of the Dominion War)


A coup takes places on Romulus and Shinzon declares himself Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire

The Enterprise-E defeats the I.R.W. Scimitar in the Great Bloom System, killing Shinzon.

Tal'aura declares herself Praetor of Romulus but both Dontra and the Reman Xiomek oppose her rule

The Female Changeling is sentenced for crimes against sentient beings and sent to the maximum prison facility Ananke Alpha


Romulan forces begin to blockade Remus

A cooperation with the Federation to restore Cardassia's agricultural base is opposed by conservative government forces and the True Way


Tal'aura reforms the Romulan Senate to increase her power and accepts Federation aid


Reconstruction of Cardassia begins with Federation aid


Sela is appointed as leader of Tal'aura's military force

Tal'aura is murdered on Romulus, causing further unrest in both Romulan Senates


The Enterprise-E assists in the evacuation of non-Klingon residents on Khitomer

Starfleet Borg taskforce is dismantled, leading to Seven of Nine to cut her ties with Starfleet

Remans are granted Romulan citizenship for the first time

Captain Jean-Luc Picard becomes the Federation ambassador to Vulcan


The Federation-Cardassian Treaty is signed and the Cardassian military is decommissioned

Data becomes captain of the Enterprise-E


Sela is exhiled and takes command of a fleet of ships, leaving for the Delta Qaudrant

The Hobus star goes supernova, destroying Romulus, Remus and several other Romulan planets


K'Dahn, son of Worf, is born


The Klingon Empire attacks several worlds in Romulan and Gorn space.

The Detepa Council is re-established as the governing body of the Cardassian Union


True Way movement causes unrest in Cardassian society

Admiral Taris establishes a new Romulan fleet

The Enterprise-E discovers possible Species 8472 activity in the McAllister C-5 Nebula


Admiral Taris is declared leader of the Romulan Star Empire after driving back a Klingon Fleet

Starfleet mediated talks between the Klingons and the Gorn break down


Worf makes a personal appeal to the Federation Council and Starfleet for Federation support of the Klingons' fight against the Undine infiltration but is rebuffed and cuts ties with the Federation


Councillor Konjah of the Klingon High Council is revealed to be an Undine after an attack by Lethean mercenaries.


The Gorn Hegemony surrenders to the Klingons and the Klingons execute over a dozen Undine infiltrators in the Gorn government and military


Sela is named empress of the Romulan Star Empire

The Enterprise-E investigates loss of contact with Starbase 236 and is destroyed by Undine forces


The Romulan Republic settles on New Romulus

Former Praetor Taris is captured for her role in the Hobus supernova and is suspected of collaborating with the Iconians

The Borg return, launching their attack onto the Alpha and Beta Quadrants

The Borg return and attack Vega Colony

Evidence of the Iconians involved in many political turmoil is discovered by Starfleet and the Klingon Empire

The Federation and the Klingon Empire halt an invasion into the galaxy by the Mirror Universe along with an invasion of Klingon space by the Fek'Ihri, an invasion of Deep Space Nine by a rogue Jem'Hadar fleet, and an invasion of Defera by the Breen

The Enterprise-NCC-1701-F is launched along with the flagships of the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Defense Fleet

Current Timeline

Location Unknown

From the darkness of the void they watched the galaxy that they had once ruled.

They watched as the unworthy grew and spread like vermin, claiming the worlds that rightfully belonged to them and that they would one day reclaim. They had watched and waited for countless centuries and they could wait a thousand more if necessary. As they watched the galaxy that one day be theirs again they also watched other worlds that teemed with unworthy that selfishly fought for the worlds that they did not deserve. It was insulting to them to see their greatness pushed aside for lesser and unworthy vermin.

But they would wait and plan for when they would turn the unworthy against each other and watch as they burn in the fires of their own ignorance.

Even if they had to burn other galaxies to do it.

Delta Quadrant
eep Space
Uncharted System

Far from any form of civilized space a giant black cube moved through space towards a system where it had detected an energy surge from a dead star that could be used to create a temporal portal. The Collective had tried this before but the process had been unrefined at the time. Due to the loss of the transwarp conduit the Collective had been dealt a harsh blow, even worse than the loss of four million drones to Species 8472. If that was not enough the Collective had been infected neuralytic pathogen that took the Collective little over a year to expunge but not before it had inflicted massive damage.

The Collective set out to begin rebuilding its strength, assimilating species in their reach to replenish their numbers. Progress had been slow so the Collective began analyzing new theories to regain their strength and eliminate their enemies. The Collective had already considered several strategies and assigned multiple cubes to test them in different areas of Borg space where it would be possible to fully review the results of these tests.

Now it was ready for what the Federation referred to as a 'beta test'. If it works the Collective will once again reign supreme in the galaxy and all of its enemies would be destroyed or assimilated. In the end it did not matter.

Resistance was futile.

Dead Star Detected






Scans Confirm Star Is Suitable For Test






Approaching Star






Commencing Test






Activating Chronoton Pulse

The cube emitted chronoton particles as it activated its transwarp engines, creating a transwarp corridor that began absorbing the temporal energies from the dead star.

Corridor Established






Inputting Coordinates For Timeline







Gravitational Increase Detected

Unable To Escape






Increasing Power To Deflector Shields And Structural Integrity Field

Unable To Compensate






Transmitting All Data To Unimatrix

A rift began to form, pulling the cube towards it as it released more chronoton particles and disappeared into the rift.

Upon swallowing the cube the tear released a subspace shockwave that destroyed everything in its wake over a distance of ten light years.

And its people simply continued on after learning the incident, deeming the loss of a single cube irrelevant. They had thousands of ships and drones to replace their loss and they would continue on as the Collective deemed fit.

(Following events that took place before the Clone Wars)

33 BBY

Padme Amidala becomes elected Queen of Naboo

Poggle the Lesser becomes Archduke of Geonosis

The Galactic Republic passes a bill of taxation of trade routes in the Outer Rim Territories

32 BBY

The Trade Federation invades Naboo but is later repulsed but at a price.

Anakin Skywalker is freed from slavery and leaves Tatooine with Qui-Gon Jinn

Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn is slain during the Invasion of Theed

Obi-Wan Kenobi is dubbed Jedi Knight and takes Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice

The Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum is replaced by Sheev Palpatine

The Kaminoans are hired by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas to build a Clone Army for the Galactic Republic

Sifo-Dyas is killed on a mission to negotiate peace talks on the planet Felucia

A mysterious man named Tyrannus commissions bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the template for the clone army

31 BBY

Kuat Drive Yards received a secret order along with billions of credits to mass produce starships, vehicles and equipment for an army

30 BBY

The Galactic Senate passes a legislation ordering the Trade Federation to disband its droid armies.

29 BBY

Raith Sienar develops plans for a giant space station called the Expeditionary Battle Planetoid

Padme Amidala begins her second term as Queen of Naboo

25 BBY

Padme Amidala becomes Senator of Naboo upon the end of her second term as Queen.

24 BBY

Naboo Security Forces launch an attack on a Trade Federation research station, stealing plans for a new battle droid

Various corporations and planets begin to withdraw from the Republic following the appearance of Count Dooku on Raxus Prime declaring his intent to forge a new government in response to the corruption of the Republic Senate, leading to the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Chancellor Palpatine reaches the end of his second term but the passage of Emergency Powers Act allows him to stay on office until the Separatist crisis is dealt with

An assassination plot on Palpatine is thwarted but twenty one senators are killed

The Military Creation Act is proposed

22 BBY

Chancellor Palpatine announces a full Senate vote on the Military Creation Act

The Loyalist Committee is formed as an advisory body to the Chancellor

Bounty Hunters Zam Wesel and Jango Fett attempt to assassinate Senator Amidala on Coruscant

Obi-Wan Kenobi tracks Jango Fett to Kamino and discovers a clone army that has been created for the Republic. Kenobi follows Jango Fett to Geonisis and is captured, followed by Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. All three are sentenced to execution in the Geonosian arena.

Evidence of the Confederacy of Independent Systems is preparing for war with the Galactic Republic. The Galactic Senate votes to grant Palpatine more emergency powers as he promises to create an army to counter the Separatists.

The First Battle of Geonisis begins the Clone Wars

The Hunt for the Decimator and death of Confederate Commander Sev'rance Tann

Asajj Ventress is recruited by Count Dooku on the planet Rattatak

The Confederacy invades the planet Rhen Var, beginning the Dark Reaper crisis which ends with the Republic seizing victory at the Battle of Thule

General Grievous makes his first official appearance in the war by defeating a Republic fleet assigned to attack the planet Hypori

Republic captures Muunilist and Skywalker duels assassin Asajj Ventress on Yavin 4 and Obi-Wan defeats bounty Durge on Muunilist

Republic forces led by Mace Windu defeat Confederate forces on Dantooine

Quaren Isolation League, backed by the Confederacy, attempts to seize control of Mon Calamari but is defeated by Republic forces led by Kit Fisto

A small droid force attacks and destroys a Jedi temple on Illum

A Separatist fleet invades and blockades Praestlyn in the Sluis Sector but is later repelled by Republic and freedom fighters which elevates Anakin Skywalker to rank of Jedi Knight

Confederacy blockade of the planet Christophsis is defeated

Ahsoka Tano becomes Anakin Skywalker's apprentice and assists in the rescue of Jabba the Hutt's son on Teth

A Confederate flotilla attacks General Aayla Secura's fleet over Quell and is destroyed but Secura is rescued by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, making a blind jump to the Maridun system in time to destroy a secret Separatist weapon

A Confederate fleet invades and blockades the planet Ryloth, wiping out the Republic garrison but the Republic launches a counterattack that liberates the planet

General Grievous attempts to sneak past the Rishi Moon to attack Kamino but is forced to retreat when the base is destroyed in battle and stops sending the all-clear signal

The planet Foerost is blockaded to trap the Techno Union shipyards which last for nearly two years

The Republic battles the Confederacy for control of Felucia that ends with the Republic forced to retreat but Felucia would remain contested ground

The Republic tests a new proton bomb that eliminates the droids armies attacking Malastare but awakens an ancient creature called the Zillo Beast. Chancellor Palpatine orders the beast taken back to Coruscant for study but results in the deaths of thousands of citizens and the Zillo Beast itself following its rampage across the planet.

Trade Federation fleet blockades Pantora but later ends the blockade due to blackmail from the senator of Pantora

The terrorist organization known as Death Watch plots with the Confederacy to seize control of Mandalore but fails and the CIS breaks away relations with the Death Watch

21 BBY

Republic invades Mygeeto and battles for control of the planet for nearly two years

Even Piell sent on secret mission to chart the hidden Nexus route

Senator Amidala is called to Naboo to settle a dispute with the Gungans for demanding Naboo to declare itself neutral

Nute Gunray intercepts a transmission of Amidala returning to Naboo and sends a droid fleet to destroy Amidala's ship

Current Timeline

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…








They were hungry.

They were always hungry.

They always needed to feed.

They were driven by their insatiable hunger to consume but they had been stopped several times by now by bothersome prey that fought back, destroying their much needed source of power.

They needed a new plan.

They needed a new feeding ground.

Reaching out with the only few places of their former feeding ground they concentrated that power into forming a portal that would lead to another feeding ground. They had several ships that they had used for feeding grounds but they were now being used to open a gate to a new feeding ground.

They would hopefully find new prey that could not fight back and stop them from feeding.

And no one would stop them.

Hydian Way
Chommel Sector

"Oh dear! Oh my!"

"3PO, shut up!" A woman at the controls shouted as she angled the ship out of the way of incoming fighters that spat out red laser fire at the ship she and mechanical companion were on. "Rear deflectors are down and so is the hyperdrive. 3PO, send a distress signal and fast!"

"Right, Mistress!" The golden plated robot hastily said, accessing the communication system. "I do hope help comes soon!"

'So do I.' The woman thought as she frantically looked for a way to escape her attackers.

It was times like these she wondered what she had done to deserve always ending up in crazy situations where someone or something was trying to kill or capture her. More than once a simple mission where she was either working as a senator or returning home just to simply handle a few personal dilemmas and she ended up instantly attacked or captured.

'Maybe Anakin will show up out nowhere and save me again.' The woman idly wondered and shook those thoughts away. 'Now is not the time for that.'

She needed to escape and quickly because the rear deflector shield was almost depleted. Just as she looked at her scanners, hoping for any signs of help arriving but instead picked up a strange energy surge slowly forming in the sector they were approaching.

Perhaps a way out…

Or a way to get herself killed.

A laser blast rocked the ship and she soon realized she had no choice and set course for the blue swirling vortex with the Separatist fighters and the large ship following them. As the ship entered the vortex her vision was temporarily blinded by a flash of blue light and she thought she saw what could only be described as ghosts and a ship she had never seen before pass by her before her vision was engulfed by a bright light.

Inner Rim
Jedi Temple

The Jedi Temple remained an impressive sight to those who took the time to see with the Jedi Council Chamber located at the very top of the spire. The sight of seeing an entire city would have been described as beautiful but the Jedi Council had no time to enjoy such delights. At this very moment, a small green creature wearing robes with great wisdom in his eyes was gripping his cane as images exploded like a volcano in his mind.

Dark cybernetic creatures marching out of the shadows…

"Resistance is futile."

Ships of various size, shapes and colors fighting against cube shaped ships that changed into grey triangular shaped warships…

Faces of different beings staring at him…

A planet with blue oceans, green land lands, and white clouds shining bright in space…

"Our mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before."

And then from out the darkness came a creature whose mere presence screamed with power and darkness.

"You claim to walk in the light but you are blinded as you chase the shadow. Do not attract our attention, little creature." Its voice, ethereal and mocking, taunted him before vanishing back into the shadows.

Master Yoda opened his eyes, finding himself back in his room with the curtains closed. "Danger to the Republic there is."

Arkanis Sector
Republic Scout Group
Approaching Tatoo System

From the blackness of space emerged four triangular shaped ships, their hull pointed forward like a dagger but armed to the teeth with turrets, propelled forward by large tube shaped engines at the rear with the lead vessel moving at the front as the other three moved in a formation.

"Sir, we've emerged from hyperspace and are moving towards the designated coordinates." An officer reported to the commander who stood at the far end of the bridge, looking out through the angular windows at the empty void.

"Very good, captain." The man was dressed in what was obviously a military uniform complete with black boots and gloves. "Inform General Skywalker."

"Yes sir. I'm sure he'll be happy to know…Once he's done training." The officer said with a smile.

The commander sighed in slight annoyance. It was not first time General Skywalker had sparred in the hangar, attracting a great deal of attention from the crew.

Republic Star Destroyer Resolute
Hanger Deck

In the large hangar of the ship, men dressed in white armor with black facial markings on their helmets watched as two fighters spared with cylinders that released beams of blue and green, greatly resembling swords. For anyone who didn't know these men they would have released they all had the same face, even if they had a few minor differences like custom styled facial hair or lack of facial hair, tattoos or no tattoos, scars on pale or tanned skin which had been on multiple worlds with different kinds of weather.

What they had in common besides faces, armor, and weapons was that they were all soldiers and they were watching their commander beat the living hell out of his student.

"Come on Snips, is this really the best you can do?" A young man laughed as he blocked the green energy saber easily with his blue one.

The opponent, his apprentice, grunted as she as she grappled with her master but things weren't going her way. Not that they ever did when she sparred with her master as he was one to never hold back in anything, even something as a simple as a spar. It didn't take long for him to slash at her knee, earning a cry of pain but luckily it didn't leave any burns or even a scar, just a small gash that would heal quickly.

Grunting the apprentice looked up at her teacher with a glare who deactivated his weapon. "Now don't give me that look, Snips. I told you that you have to be quick and ready for anything."

The girl grunted as she stood back up. "Come on, again."

"Sorry but we're out of time. We just came out of hyperspace. You'd know if you were listening to the engines." The man said with an infuriating smirk.

The girl rolled her blue eyes. "Sure, master, whatever you say."

The man chuckled. "Glad you understand."

The girl shook her head and followed her 'master' off the hangar deck and towards the bridge. They passed through officers in the halls, greatly standing out for various reasons. The man wore custom dark robes but walked like a confident commander while the girl stood out even more due to her orange skin and the striped organic head dress with two head tails falling down the side of her face.

"General Skywalker, we have emerged from hyperspace." The commander said when they arrived on the bridge.

"Any sign of any Separatist ships?" The man, Anakin Skywalker asked.

"Negative sir, but we're conducting a routine patrol. Might I ask why we were sent out here?" The commander asked.

"The Chancellor received Intel from Jabba the Hutt of a possible Separatist attack mounted against Tatooine for refusing to allow the Separatists to use the hyperspace lanes in Hutt space. We're here to provide defense." Anakin explained.

"A simple patrol? Why ask us instead of sparing a few ships while we concentrate on the front lines?" The commander asked.

"They'd possibly feel better if we were here to make the people of Tatooine feel safe." Anakin shrugged but to be honest he'd rather be on the other side of the galaxy than patrol the dust ball that had once been his home.

"So…how long?" His student, Ahsoka Tano asked. "A week? Few weeks? A month?"

"Just as long as soon we can assure everyone that there is no Separatist fleet on the way. Once they hear there's a Republic Fleet out here they'll back-"


Anakin didn't get the chance to finish as a clone rush up to him. "We've received new orders sir. We're being called to the Naboo system."

"The Seps are attacking Naboo?" Anakin asked in concern.

"It's possible sir. Our garrison reported something about Senator Amidala disappearing during a mission to Naboo." The clone reported.

Anakin's eyes widened before he spun around and sprinted to the bridge. "Yularen, set course for Naboo. Now!"

It is the year 2409 AD and the Alpha Quadrant is on the brink of full scale war as the United Federation of Planets clashes with the Klingon Empire in a bloody conflict that has lasted for five years while other forces work to advance themselves in the midst of the fighting. What remains of the Romulan Star Empire struggles to rebuild itself while a new faction known as the Romulan Republic is established that is dedicated to peace like their Vulcan brethren. The Borg have returned, the Dominion works to rebuild its forces, the True Way works to force the Cardassian people to return to its pre-military state, and the Alpha Quadrant has been infiltrated by dangerous forces. As the Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans work to stabilize the quadrant by any means necessary another conflict threatens to spill into the galaxy that will endanger them and the Milky Way galaxy.

Former Romulan Neutral Zone Boarder
USS Friedrich

Stardate: 87009.5

The USS Friedrich has been dispatched to the Bassen Rift to investigate strange readings near the Basen Rift which was the site of the battle between Reman Warbird Scimitar and the Enterprise-E. Following the end of the battle large amounts of thalaron radiation was released when the Scimitar was destroyed and Starfleet has made a point to monitor the area. These systems surrounding the Bassen Rift have been uninhabited after the supernova from the Hobus star destroyed Romulus and Remus and most of the planets in the system have been left alone due to the extreme dangers of tharalon radiation but long range scanners from our tour of the Neutral Zone have discovered strange anomalies occurring the rift. At this moment we are moving at one half impulse power so we're not caught off guard by possible Romulan or Reman ships.

End Log

"One Hundred Sixty-seven, one hundred sixty-eight, one hundred sixty-nine, one hundred seventy." He grunted as he sat up from the floor mat, taking a small break from his morning exercise that had been over an hour of push ups.

He stood up and picked up a towel from a nearby table to wipe off the sweat from his head and sighed.

He sat down next to a replicator. "Water, cold please."

In a small flash of light appeared a glass of water which he took and desperately drank to quench his thirst. Once he was done he picked up the book he had left on his desk and opened it up to the page he had left off.

"Bridge to Captain Malcolm." A voice from the bad on the table spoke.

"Go ahead."

"We're approaching the area where the first anomaly was detected."

"Understood. I'm on my way." Captain Kurt Malcolm quickly changed into his uniform and headed for the bridge.

As he walked through the hall he could hear the engines of the Friedrich slowing down, meaning they were approaching their target and no doubt his tactical officer Surla was running multiple scans for signs of anything dangerous as usual. That was the norm with her but he didn't mind as in times like these with the state of conflict between the Federation and the Klingons slowly coming to an end but with all of the other conflicts in the galaxy a little paranoia was justified.

The USS Friedrich NCC-93018 cruised along what was once the Federation-Romulan Neutral zone while scanning passively for all known possible disturbances. The ship was a modified Sovereign class Assault Cruiser, armed with enhanced phaser banks and arrays for better shield penetration, Covariant shielding and a neutrino deflector array for increased protection and regeneration, advanced quantum slipstream drive, neutronium-monotanium hull armor, greater electroplasma efficiency at lower levels all of which were reversed engineered Borg technology, while carrying photon and quantum torpedoes made the Friedrich a formidable ship for anyone who comes looking for a fight.

"Bridge." Kurt said instantly upon entering the turbo life.

He listened the faint humming of the lift as it took him up to the bridge. It didn't take long for the lift to take him to the bridge and when the doors opened he was satisfied to see all of the bridge crew were at their posts.

"Status." He said as he walked towards his command chair.

"We're moving one quarter impulse power to where the first anomaly was detected." The first officer, a Vulcan named T'Vrell reported from the first officer station.

"Good. Hold station at three thousand kilometers so nothing catches us by surprise." Kurt said as he sat down.

"Aye sir." Ensign Ku Zalara who was a Bajoran replied, executing her captain's commands.

The Friedrich came a stop in the empty system as its powerful scanners began looking for anything that presented itself as something abnormal in a system that was empty aside from a few dead planets and a gas giant.

"Anything to report?" Kurt asked after fifteen minutes.

"Yes sir. I'm reading a quantum and spatial distortion in subspace but I'm having trouble getting a complete lock on it. It's possible a subspace rift is forming here. I'm also detecting chronoton based particles." Lieutenant Rako, a Trill reported from his station. "The patterns are erratic. It's like the barriers that separate normal space and subspace are weakening in this area of space."

"Any idea what could cause that?" Kurt asked.


Kurt sighed as he closed his eyes. "I can only imagine what we'd have to do to find out what's going on out here. Suggestion?"

"We can send a class one probe to get a better look." T'Vrell suggested. "If a rift is forming it's safer that we maintain a safe distance."

"Very well. Lieutenant Surla, prepare a class one probe." Kurt nodded.

"Aye sir." Surla, a female Andorian replied from her station. "Probe ready to be launched."

Lieutenant Rako's console started beeping. "Captain, something's forming!"

Kurt stood up and watched as space in front of the Friedrich became distorted and a tear of bright blue light ripped itself out in front of the massive Federation ship. "Full reverse! Pull us back!"

The Federation ship pulled back out of reach of the newly formed anomaly as it stretched out, almost pulling the Friedrich into it.

"Full scan now." Malcolm said, watching the view screen carefully.

"It appears to be some kind of…quantum fissure forming but I've never seen anything like this before." Rako stated as his console beeped. "Captain, I'm detecting movement. Something is coming out."

"Yellow Alert." Malcolm replied, not willing to take any chances.

Out of the tear came a ship that no one on the bridge had ever seen before with a dark grey hull in contrast to the Friedrich and dwarfed the Federation starship with fin like protrusions near the end where the engines were located in a cross like pattern with a tower at the front and below it was a large forward turret resembling old style cannons. It was sleek but armored and it was obvious it was a warship with all of the smaller cannons running along the hull. It was clearly different from any ships that Malcolm had seen before, both data banks and his short experience as captain.

The ship was angular, yet boxy with giant engines compared to the Friedrich's which seemed to be the only kind of thrusters the ship and the tower had a hexagonal shaped window which was assumed by the bridge crew to be the ship's bridge. Upon leaving the tear the ship seemed to drift forward slowly, propelled by whatever had sent it out of the tear.

"Full scan and open all hailing frequencies." Malcolm quickly said.

"The vessel is eight hundred twenty five meters in length, four hundred twenty six meters in width, two hundred forty three meters in height. The hull is made of a hybrid alloy unknown to sensors but I am picking up trace elements matching carbon and neutronium. There are no life signs aboard the ship and it is operating on a low power setting. Its possible life support was cut off and the crew died of suffocation." Rako reported. "Scans show the engines are ion based but I'm not detecting any inertial dampers which could explain why the ship is still drifting."

"Ion based engines? That's a very old method of propulsion." Malcolm mused.

"There are also signs of hull breaches along the rear, close to the engines. The damage is consistent with weapons fired." Rako continued.

The view screen showed battle scars along the hull, confirming Rako's theory that the ship had been damaged in a battle.

"Multiple weapon emplacements located across the hull of the ship. There is no record of them but there are similarities to plasma and laser based weaponry." Surla reported. "I can't exactly identify the armaments as the mechanics are unlike anything I've seen before."

"They got into a fight, tried to flee and they somehow ended up here." Malcolm guessed, taking what he had learned to form a plausible theory.

"That is a logical theory, Captain." T'Vrell nodded.

"So what do we do, sir?" Rako asked.

Kurt frowned in thought before standing up from his chair. "Prepare an away team to beam aboard. I want them to be well armed just in case. I want them all assembled in ten minutes."

"Captain, I should point out that is against regulations for the commanding officer to go into possibly hostile territory." T'Vrell pointed out.

Kurt smirked. "No guts, no glory T'Vrell. Besides, I was a tactical officer longer than I was a captain. Do we need environmental suits?"

"No sir. Scans confirm an atmosphere composed of oxygen suitable for humanoids." Rako answered.

"All right but we're not taking any chances. Everyone will be properly armed with personal shields and tricorders. No stupid risks." Kurt looked around the bridge, seeing no one was going to protest. "All right, let's get started."