Young Artists' Alice Academy .

To be honest, it even sounded elite.

Mikan Sakura was a girl. That was the only thing people knew about her- of course other than her name.

She was bored with life. Her parent's had passed away when she was only a new born and she was raised by her kind, nagging grandfather. They had moved out to the countryside. I was calm and serene, no distractions.

But she didn't want the calm country life anymore. She wanted a life, a social life. So, with a two hour fight with she and her grandpa, he decided to let her go. Out to Tokyo.

Mikan was often mistaken as an idiot, since she used to smile a lot...even too much as a child. She'd often scared people on how well she could take situations. As she turned thirteen, it all changed. Mikan was bored of everything, only sitting on her computer gaming for at least four hours.

Or staring off into space.

Because it was all so tiring.

Mikan wanted to look for a life. She wanted to start some kind of debut. She wanted to become her life long dream ever since she could properly hold a pencil.

She wanted to become a professional artist.

A/N- Okay. I'm going to explain some things before this story actually starts:

Those of you waiting for 'I Get What I Want'. I'd like to tell you all that I am RESTARTING that story. I'm keeping a few chapters...but, I am very bad at crossovers- heck it's not even rated one!

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