Hey, guys! Songue here!

Some time ago, I asked my dear friend zaziecurie to help me out with any idea about Doctor Who, so she offered me this:

"Hmm. I had this idea for a while, but how about a short Doctor Who and Steven Universe crossover? Where the Doctor goes to a parallel universe, meets Steven & the gang and has a small adventure. Sorry if it isn't a very good idea.. :("

Well, I thought it was an awesome idea!

So much, I decided to write three fics about it! Short fics, just stuff I wrote on a spur of the moment.

One will be a Classic Doctor meeting Steven.

Another will be a New(er) Doctor, meeting the Gems, probably.

But this one… well, for the first chapter, I wondered...

What if… the 12th Doctor crossed over to Steven Universe's reality?

"What is your purpose, invading our ship?!", asked the large haired… orange (?!) being.

The grey haired man – or at least what appeared to be a man – currently residing the cell grinned at her, in a clear mocking smile he had recently perfected.

"Well, how could I not? Giant green crystal hand floating in outer Earth, you lot picked my interest!", he held the purple lapels of his coat, sizing the muscled being, not a speck of fear in his gaze.

The other being, smaller than the other, but almost completely green, 'hmphed' at his comment "How did you achieve it? There was no hull breach or illegal access entries!"

"Oh, that would be telling, and a magician never tells!", he told them, now brushing his hand over the polished walls of the cube-shaped cell.

Truth be told, he was growing bored with this little one and had no reason to hide it. "You will speak, human", the green one spoke, in a threatening tone the man clearly did not seem to consider as such.

"Oi! Ease on the name calling, at least try be civil!", he countered, partially offended.

"We're getting nowhere!", the brute one yelled, already losing her little patience. 'Good', the man thought, 'that's the one I can get off-balance'. "Are you helping the traitors hiding on this planet, yes or not?"

"Oh, traitors, eh?", the Doctor's eye browns rose at this development. "Depends, what did they do? As a matter of fact, who are them? And who are you as well?"

"We are the ones interrogating you, enough with your incessant questions!", the big oaf pointed a finger at him, almost too close to the energy wall separating them.

"But that's what I'm here for, questions and answers, too many of the former, not enough of the latter. How long is an eternity? Who watches the watchmen? How many licks does it take –"

"Be silent!", the orange being yelled, a fist smashing against the wall near his cell.

"Good luck at that, I rather believe I'm incapable of that. Talking is a thing of mine, helps me solve puzzles quite quickly. Let me demonstrate, I'll tell you what I already deduced, I don't know who these 'traitors' you are talking about are", he got near the barrier, "but you should be damn sure I'm not letting you reach them."

"How dare you, we are on a mission for justice, to capture the enemies of our Empire."

"Ha! A faster-than-light spaceship fully armed with zero-point emitters and matter-energy converters, and still only manned by a handful crew? Please, this is just a scout ship, not a battleship, and you guys were most likely sent to seek-and-destroy, not locate-and-aprehend."

"How does he know all of this?!", asked the small one, the lime green one with the floating fingers.

('Huh, that's new.')"Glad you asked, I'm the Doctor, and if there's one thing I'm good at, is being clever than the majority. That and making a mean bowl of spicy minestrone."

"You are a crazy one, aren't you?", the tall one asked, scoffing.

"No, it really is that good of a dish", he replied with a smile.

The green one just typed something, mumbling about 'creature designated as Doctor' to herself ('Itself? Herself? Do they have genders?').

Their patience almost empty, both the aliens left him alone, probably deciding that, since he appeared to be more of a headache than they expected, to leave him locked down and forgotten.

The Doctor counted down and smiled, now that he was left alone.

His interrogation skills were as sharp as ever. Though he still did not know a lot, he now knew at least a few things about this strange race. They were part of an Empire, a highly technological one at that, most likely military-minded with a foot on warring tradition, as he could determine from those two.

These creatures looked female, but it could just be their humanoid configuration – the Doctor could feel their strange presence, they were obviously not organic, he had never found organisms that did not sounded or smelled organic.

('Nestene? No, obviously individual minds.')

He licked his finger and touched the energy wall that, while intimidating, only gave him the slightest shock.

They were underestimating him.

The Doctor got inside the ship almost half an hour ago, he had the chance to walk quite much around, before being caught trying to interface with the ship's computer.

Well, caught might be an exaggeration. Seeing he was having no luck trying to access the internal systems, the Doctor decided to cause a minor accident and exploded a panel, so that he could finally meet his unwilling hosts.

(He left the TARDIS on cloak, just to be safe.)

He had been surprised to see the walls closing him in and his surroundings becoming the cell he currently resided in.

Whoever these beings were, the Doctor had to admit their malleable spaceships were something quite unique and worthy of praise.

However, as it was previously established, they were underestimating the Doctor greatly… especially since they had not opted to make a deeper scan and verify he carried around his signature device, the sonic screwdriver.

A few buzzes and already free, the Doctor roamed the new corridors, marvelling at some of the security devices he found in the cell blocks.

A particularly nasty looking fork-knife revealed to simply be a holofield disruptor, which by itself raised several more questions over those beings actual constitution.

The Doctor had, obviously, noticed he was being followed.

"Oh, you can come out now", he finally said, as he reached a large dome shaped room, triangle patterns on the floor.

There was no movement from the way he came from.

"Honestly, if I were hostile, I would have picked up a weapon with me when I had the chance, wouldn't I?"

"And what's that in your hand?", a soft and cautious voice asked, a spot of dark hair appearing from the corner.

"A screwdriver", he said, tossing it up and down. "A noisy one, at most."

There was a bit more flesh (well, not exactly), and eyes.

"See, was that so hard? You can come closer, I am not scared."

That seemed to stun her out of her hiding. "Who said anything about you being scared?"

"Oh, but I am! Big, oppressive ship? Easy. But you, those eyes? You hide a lot behind those eyes of yours, little one. Plus, blue skin? Blue is the most powerful colour in my universe."

"Your universe?", she asked, tentative.

"I'm a tourist, and the old-fashioned kind", he admitted. "Nosey, full of questions and no respect for foreign spaceships' security. But you may call me the Doctor."

"I'm Lapis", she said. "Lapis Lazuli."

Short fic, I know, but I may be writing more about it later, okay? It may depend on the readers' feedback.

Also, there will be (at least as planned so far), three different stories, one for each different Doctor I'm writing about. They will be more akin to parallel realities, so they will not be crossing over one another.

See you next time!