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Chapter 0

Day Before


Crap! Mine got away!

Gandolfini grunted even as he chased the girl dressed as a ninja currently trying to elude him. Seruhiko's telepathic communication meant that this was the only chance he had of identifying whoever it was sneaking around Mahora Academy.

Mine is headed south. Towards the bridge.

There had been two of them when they had been discovered, but they had split up when Gandolfini and Seruhiko tried to capture them. Both of them had dodged the Sagitta Magica that he had cast with ease.

Anyone nearby to intercept?

For that matter, they might not be female. But as both had waist-length hair, it was almost certain that both were female. At least in his opinion anyway. He wished he could have gotten a better look at them, but it had been obvious they were well-trained, judging by how quickly they had noticed him and Seruhiko approaching.

I am on my way. Keep chasing her south.

'Good. Takamichi is catching up,' he thought. He still believed that he imagined the pointed ears and thin tail he saw when he first discovered them. Although it was becoming increasingly obvious that the tail was indeed real. Especially as it seemed to help whoever it was keep their balance, much like how a cat uses their tail.

All the more so since whoever it was could run up the side of a building without any difficulty. The Cantus Bellax spell he had cast upon himself when this started could make someone faster and more agile, but running up walls was another thing entirely, as anyone who tried parkour could testify.

'Really wish Kotaro or Negi was here. They could run up that wall with no trouble at all. As it is...'

Gandolfini tried to run up the wall that the intruder ran up. He made it to the top, but the effort had cost him. As he got to his feet, the intruder stood on the far side of the roof both were on, ready to jump.


The girl dressed as a ninja paused for an instant, then winked at him before jumping off.

'We're six stories up,' Gandolfini thought as he raced to the edge and looked over. To his credit, he was not completely surprised when he could not find her. He had been around Kaede and the Narutaki twins enough to know that they could disappear at a whim. How they did such, he still did not know.

She jumped off the roof of the high-school dorms. I've lost her.

Something exploded to his right, between another of the dorms and a building used as a meeting hall for the high-school girls. Whatever it was, it produced a lot of smoke.

Well, I DID find her. She used a smoke bomb though, and I can't see anything.

Gandolfini glanced around the smoke cloud, in hopes of spotting something moving even as Takamichi was telepathically admitting he lost the intruder. She did not double back towards me anyway.

This is getting annoying.

He shuddered. Kuzunoha was not a little scary when she was upset. From the tone of the telepathic message, he could tell she was upset.

Takamichi agreed with her. That's two times in two days. It's a shame Negi-kun isn't here. He could catch them easily.

Or Kotaro, Seruhiko added.

Negi-kun is unfortunately being a diplomat welcomed in the Hellas Empire at Theodora-hime's request. I believe Kotaro-kun is with him, but he is training at Negi's request. All of you, please come to my office. This needs to be discussed in private.

Gandolfini responded in the affirmative to Konoemon's request, and made his way to the roof access door. 'This will not be a pleasant meeting,' he thought.


Thirty minutes later Gandolfini stood next to Seruhiko, finishing up his own report about the intruders. The Headmaster had remained quiet through Seruhiko's report, as well as Takamichi's brief statements. Kuzunoha had also kept quiet, although she had voiced her doubts when the unusual ears and tails of the intruders were mentioned. Seruhiko confirmed his own story about the tail, although he had to admit that he had not gotten a good look at their heads enough to confirm his observation of the ears of the intruders.

"We know there was two of them yesterday as well. The question is, are these the same two as yesterday?" Gandolfini asked.

"I'm still wondering about the ears and tail," Takamichi admitted. "I know nothing like that either here or in the Magical World."

"The only thing that even comes close to that description would be those such as Poyo Rainyday. But even then..." Seruhiko started, before Konoemon held up his hand.

"For the foreseeable future, I am going to increase the security details around Mahora. I want every eye searching for any further intrusions. Kuzunoha can work out the details about shift changes and increased staff, as I want some of the more... astute students to be patrolling as well."

He knew what that meant. Negi's students, as well as those from the Magical School would be involved in patrols. He glanced over at Kuzunoha and was unsurprised to see her expression darken at the request. He was surprised that she nodded in assent instead of objecting.

'She must still be annoyed about how they escaped from her yesterday,' he thought.

"I would prefer to capture them, so they can be questioned," Konoemon continued, "But if they use deadly force to defend themselves, then of course you are allowed as well. Are there any further questions?"

He shook his head as did everyone else.

Konoemon smiled, "Good. Perhaps I can perform a random patrol as well after I welcome in some transfer students first thing in the morning."

"Oh?" Takamichi asked.

The Headmaster nodded, "Five new students, two of them twins, will be attending Mahora Academy starting the first of the week. I am just going to give them a brief welcome before allowing them to explore the Academy so they will know their way around when they start classes."

"Do we need to worry about them?" Seruhiko asked.

"No. All of them are mundane," Kuzunoha replied.

"If there are no further questions," Konoemon paused, giving everyone a chance to ask a question. Upon hearing none he finished, "everyone is dismissed."



"Well? What have you discovered so far?" came a female voice as two females dropped to the ground from their hiding place in the ceiling.

"For someplace to have so much Magic, there are too few defenders," the first replied.

"Indeed. I had two people chasing me at most. Only one of which could keep up," the second added.

"Ho ho ho! Do I sense someone plotting an 'assassination' mission soon?"

"Perhaps Demon Lord," the second said.

"Wait a while before you do that my dear. As much as I would celebrate your finding a husband, I still need your other abilities for a time. Do we know the source of the Magic here in this place?"

"A very large tree near the middle. We could feel it's power as we crossed over the walls," the first said

"Interesting. But you said yesterday that there were no druidic types tending to the tree. What sort of realm are we in, I wonder? Allow me to mention that while you two were scouting, I was acquiring this location as our base of operations here. I was getting ready to open the portal to allow our 'supplies' through. Is there anything you two need before I do so?"

"Perhaps..." the second one started.

The first one interrupted her, "Two more kunoichi to help with scouting and protection efforts, Demon Lord."

"Then both of you get some rest. I will need you to scout tomorrow as well. This time do not be discovered."

Both nodded their assent before departing.

"This is an interesting place. There is Magic, but it is not openly used from the look of things. I wonder why that is?"

"Perhaps you will find out if there are enough converts," said a male voice behind her. "I could try to scout this realm as well if you wished."

"I do not wish dear husband. I need you here with me helping make enough energy to convert the females of this Academy into our followers."

"As you wish my Lord and Wife."