POV: Tris's until the part two of the last chapter which would be in Tobias's point of view instead.

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You could've been friends for years, but the matter of fact is, everyone changes.. every day, every year.. Sometimes you fall for a person, you see them years later and you realise that they're not the same person you fell in love with. And you're so scared about getting your heart broken that you don't realise that your heart is aching everyday at any rate. And it's actually better to get an answer, even if it is painful, then having the question ringing in your head everyday. Because it will be easier to let go that way, knowing if that person no longer cares than having a "what if they do?".

They say, "If you want something, go for it- you have nothing to loose at any rate".

Four Chances...

That was how it all started.

And I am thankful that I didn't give up on it any sooner. For if I did, I'll never be with the greatest man I've ever met.

Three Knocks

It was just another of those winter days when I was sitting by the fireplace with a book to drown in and a mug of cocoa in hand when three knocks patted softly on our front door.

"Tris dear, could you get the door for me?" My mom have asked.

Out of the many people in this world who could be visiting us on a cold winter's day, the one person I'd never expect stood in front of me.

He looked different... Definitely taller since seven teenage years can do that to you. But he looks broader, his face though kind seems much more mysterious and his posture though still humble seems much more confident with himself. His aura much more appealing and his scent tingling me in the funniest ways...

It sometimes still makes me wonder if the Tobias who came knocking at my door really was the same Tobias who I grew up with for six beautiful years before he left for Sydney.

But if there's one thing which I will never forget about him, it would definitely be that shy little smile which he had on his face whenever he felt proud or happy and those curious deep blue eyes which have always seemed much more mysterious than the last time I looked at the,

"Tris..." He whispered... a happy, longing sound ringing in his voice.

"Tobias..." I breathed, barely audible.

"Who's there sweetie?" My mom asked from the dining room.

I smiled a little.

If my mom had not disrupted us right then, we might have embraced our newfound feelings or each other right then and there.

But no, that did not, would not and could not happen. For the reply I gave to my mom was a harsh reminder of where we actually stood.

"Just an old friend, Ma." I said.

And old friends don't just kiss and make love do they?

A/N: So this is my new story which was the one inspired by Night Changes which I mentioned in Acacia. A short introduction, but there's more to come! Hope that you guys like this ^^

P/S: Acacia's sequel will be coming round this November or so :)