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"So yeah... We were never able to mend our friendship- that one have shattered long ago.

But we managed to replace it with a better, stronger relationship filled with love, passion, and all those little things, but most importantly, trust and patience. To trust the other with your whole heart and to have the patience to go through life's harsh trials.

Four chances was all it takes. And if I didn't have enough trust in him and the patience to endure it, I'll never be able to be with the greatest man I have and will ever meet, my dear husband, Tobias Eaton."

Most of the crowd clap their hands and smile as I walk down from the rostrum, passing the mic to our ever-loud-mouthed friend, Zeke.

"Well that was one hell of a long speech, Tris." He teases, adjusting his bow-tie and clearing his throat. "A very cheesy one too."

"Oh come now Zeke. You don't have to be such a prick just because you're jealous since you're still failing to find yourself your girl almighty."

Zeke merely smirks, a habit which I have concluded must have rubbed off on Tobias during the years they spend together in Sydney because Tobias has been doing that a lot lately- much more than his shy smile. "True that I still am single, but I think I rather enjoy my life in which I could actually live freely instead of panicking over my girl almighty being angry if I am late for a date every day or staring at my phone, worried to death on why is she not picking up my calls or answering my texts every hour."

I roll my eyes at him. "Fuck you Zeke."

His eyes shone. "As much as I'd enjoy that I think your extra sensitive, over protective guy almighty back there might not be so happy."

I glare at Zeke with furror- sometimes, he can get very, very annoying.

Though my anger couldn't last long as two arms snake their way around my waist, pulling me back and holding me flush against his chest.

My knees weaken as he breathes tingling sparks onto my neck, lips traveling swiftly up to my ear. "I definitely would not enjoy that love." He whispers, nibbling onto my earlobe.

Fighting the urge to melt into his hold, I gather all the strength I could muster and softly push his head away, turn around to face him and place a short kiss on his lips- he pouts when I pull away. "I know that well enough Tobias and I also know that you should probably stop since this reception is meant to be a ceremony where you strengthen your ties with your fellow associates and not where we actually try to consummate in front of thirty business entrepreneurs."

Tobias smirks. "I think I'd prefer to and will definitely enjoy to do the latter."

"Oh no you don't!" I exclaim wide-eyed at him.

A chuckle escapes his lips and he closes in for another kiss, I push him back.

"Please Tris, just one kiss." He stares at me pleadingly with big round eyes and a pout on his lips.

"You know, only your little doggy can successfully woo me with that face."

He stays like that for another five seconds...

"Fine!" I huff, leaning in to meet his geedy lips which immediately curve upwards as he kisses me back.

"Excuse me."

We break apart to turn towards the lady in a red and yellow dress who looks at us with a smile.

"I'm sorry to disturb the two of you but I think I have to take my leave and it would be rude if I do not bid my farewell to the newlyweds?"

Tobias smiles at her. "It's okay Aunt Johanna. Tris wasn't quite happy about me declaring my love on my wedding day at any rate." He says with a knowing smirk.

Johanna just laughs it off. "Oh but Tobias," she says, sobering up. "What exactly do you plan to do with all the lands back in Sydney?"

Before Marcus passed away, he left a will in which he wrote that all of his possessions would fall into the hands of his son including his business in Chicago- which Tobias is managing now- and all the family land lots he inherited in Sydney. It turns out to be that Marcus was in fact a very rich man, but he left all of his goods to move to Chicago and live a modest life, preferring to learn the hard way of enduring it instead of spoiling himself with all the luxuries- Tobias seems to follow his father's footsteps.

"I think..." He says slowly, as if he is still unsure about what to do with them. "The money can go in my savings, but I think I'll hand the lands over to our next of kin."

Johanna's eyes opens wide in disbelief. Marcus and Tobias's next of kin is Marcus's younger sister- which is herself.

"Are you sure about this?" She asks.

"Positive." Tobias smiles. "We'll settle all the paperwork in a few weeks time." He adds.

Johanna beams at him. "Thank you so much dear. I couldn't fathom how in the world could I ever repay your kindness."

Tobias waves his hands, dismissing her words. "Take it as a thank you gift for all that you've done to help us."

Tobias still went back to Sydney to meet his father after our little commotion at the airport which got Tobias in trouble for breaking the security laws. And Johanna was the one who helped Tobias with the school transfers since it was easy for her to do it as she works in the education ministry of Sydney. She also helped me to earn a scholarship at the same college Tobias was learning in so that I could still be with Tobias.

"Oh well, I really need to be going now. My flight for Sydney is leaving in two hours and I rather not gamble my luck with the traffic today."

"So soon?" I ask in disappointment. I have grown quite close with her during the last few years. What more when she has been Tobias's mother figure ever since Evelyn passed away and mine while I was staying in Sydney. "I was hoping that you could stay back for a few more days... My mom really enjoyed your company last night."

"I'm so sorry Tris dear, but I really have things to attend to." A glint of a smirk shone from her eyes. "In fact, I'm pretty sure that if it were up to Tobias, he'd want to tell everyone to leave right at this moment so he could bring you home and... you know..."

I groan and bury my face in the crooks of Tobias's shoulders, trying to hide the evidence of my embarrassment as he still holds me loosely by my waist.

"My, my, Aunt Johanna." Tobias speaks, a light chuckle apparent in his voice. "That sounds like a perfect plan which I think I willinitiate."

My eyes shot wide and I stare incredulously at him before he bursts out laughing.

"You're so cute you know." He comments, placing a kiss on the top of my head and bidding our farewells to Johanna.

Tobias holds me close, arms around my waist as I circle my right arm around his back and place my left hand on his stomach. The well polished silver ring shines itself on my finger- our wedding ring.

And looking at it always reminds me of that time when he proposed to me.

It was an early Autumn's day in Sydney when Johanna had been worried about how Tobias haven't been eating at all and spent most of his days at the river bank behind the house. She told me to try and persuade him to eat something... Though I have done that countless of times and none of my attempts were ever fruitful. Still, I walked down the path towards the river bank with a plate of sandwiches in my hand in hopes that he will finally munch on something before he gets sick.

The sight of his condition pained me deeply- knees held tightly to his chest, head leaning onto a nearby tree, staring off into the running river.

The fact that Tobias had been spending his days by the river scared Johanna even more as she feared that Tobias might attempt to kill himself. And though I did have high faith in him and I knew that he had gone pass the days when he'll be doing something foolish when he's emotionally broken, I couldn't deny the fact that I did get worried about it too.

Tobias turned his head slightly to look at me as he probably heard my threading footsteps. He sighed and sat up, burying his head in his hands as I slowly settled my legs into the soft grass a few inches beside him.

We sat there silently, the sound of the steady water were the only sound which reached our ears.

I didn't tell him to accept it and just let go. Because I know that letting go is the hardest thing ever to do. And I didn't tell him that it's alright because he still has Johanna and me in his life. Because sometimes, that one person who leaves you is never replaceable.

All that I did and could have done was sat there silently, letting him know that I was there and will be there if he ever needed me.

Tobias finally looked up from the burrows of his arms, resting his chin on his knees. "Marcus used to bring me here every weekend." He told, eyes glistening with tears. "We'd fish and swim in here." His lips curled slightly into a sad smile. "He was good in it.. In fishing. He taught me how to do it and said that I did it well. Somehow though, I still have yet to catch a fish on my bait."

I tried to give him a smile, but the lost look on his face tore my heart too deeply. It's obvious that he just wanted to show a brave face to me in hopes that I would stop worrying about him.

"Tris... Can you... Can you hold me?"

I instantly pulled his trembling body into my arms, holding him close as he wrecked all the emotions out of him.

I brushed his soft brown hair softly as he sobbed against my chest and though it took a hard will of strength, I managed to not let my own emotions get the better of me- I must be strong... I must be strong for Tobias.

I rested my chin on his head and rocked him softly to a lulling beat. After a while, I could feel that his body were no longer shaking and he have started to breathe in steadily. Unsure if he had just calmed down or fell asleep, I stayed in that position, fingers still in his soft hair, not wanting to wake him up.

"Tris..." He finally whispered, his fingers clutching my shirt to him. "I'm sorry I ruined your shirt."

I laughed lightly and though I can't see it, I can tell that he was smiling too.


"Yes Tobias?"

"I..." He paused and pulled himself away from me slightly, lifting himself up to look at me. "I have been thinking about it lately... Things are changing so fast, it just... it just takes one night for your whole life to change. And... everytime I wake up and see you here with me, I couldn't help feeling grateful that you are not gone."

I frowned. "Tobias, I am not going away from you anytime soon."

Tobias looked down slightly. "I know." He whispered. "But I couldn't help feeling scared. Everything is moving too fast, I keep on fearing that I'll be doing something which I am going to regret right after.

And... And I've been scared to do this because I... I wasn't sure if... Well, dad told me to not worry about it. That... that I shouldn't worry. But I just... I can't just ignore that dreaded feeling in me and I-"

"Tobias." I cut him off. "I can't quite catch what you're trying to say..."

Tobias heaved a sigh. "Well the point is," he pulled both of my hands into his, holding them together and wrapping them with his. He looked up, straight into my eyes. "I want you... I need you... I..." He bit his lip and fought with the millions words popping into his head, each of them jumping up and waving their hands in the air, hoping to be picked. "Would you..." He sucked in a deep breath. "Would you marry me?"

He brought out a ring from his pocket. A plain old silver ring, without any diamonds or other glamours on it. But inside, you can see the initials E and M carved on it.

"Your parents' wedding ring?" I asked him in shock.

"Dad told me to use it." He explained, staring at the ring in his hand with a small smile. "He said that it contains good luck... And that he wanted to be a part of the bond which holds us together for he wished to fix his mistake of separating us in the past."

"It was not fully his fault... He was broken hearted too." I reasoned out.

"True." Tobias nodded. "But it still made him feel guilty and he told me that he needed to do this in order for him to rest in peace- clean himself from the guilt."

Tobias looked into my eyes again. "So..."


"So... Would you... Umm... Would you, you know?I"

I chuckled at his nervousness and pulled his face to mine, kissing briefly, but deeply before pulling away just slightly, a teasing smile back on my lips, "I would definitely, you know."

I can't remember if we ever ate our sandwiches that morning, but I definitely remember my mom's ear piercing shriek of joy when I told her about our engagement through the phone.

I smile fondly at the memory and stay in Tobias's embrace for a little while longer, playing with the buttons of his black coat.

"You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're trying to take it off."

I scowl angrily at him, lifting my face away from his sides though still holding onto him, my right arm circling his back while my left hand lies splayed on his stomach. "Why is it that that is all your mind could think of today?"

Tobias merely smirks... again.God this is getting very annoying.

"I guess I've been waiting for far too long. First you were too young, then you were living across the globe, then I was too shy and scared to ask you out, then you were so strict about waiting for us to get married, then when we finally got married and I thought that all would be well, your mom purposelywanted to test my patience and kept us in separate rooms, and so now that we are finally moving into our own house and there would definitely be nothing to hold me back, I don't think I could keep my mind straight and my patience is just at the tip of its breaking point."

I roll my eyes before pulling myself away from him. "If that is the case then I am definitely going to distance myself from you until we get home."

When we do get home however, Tobias's phone rings just as he slams our front door shut with his back as his hands were gripping tightly onto my hips.

I couldn't hold back the laughter which bubbles up my throat at his furiously frustrated face. "I'll get to you later." He warns me with a growl as I wriggle out of his grip and run away towards our bedroom.

The soft comfort of the bed welcomes me warmly as I lay there, exhausted. My feet hurts from standing for so long, my shin muscles also joining the protest and I'd definitely do anything to take the pain away.

"You look worn out." Tobias comments as he leans on one of the bed posters at the foot of our bed.

"No shit Sherlock." I mumble.

Tobias sighs and climbs into the bed, sitting crossed leg and lifting my legs up, placing them on his laps. He starts to apply light pressure on my right one, slowly massaging my foot.

"That phone call was short."

"Yeah I cut it short. It was just some client wishing to arrange some meeting which I have told him to arrange with my personal assistant. It's pretty annoying when it is so hard for them to get the clue that that is the whole purpose of a PA."

His thumb presses onto the soft spot between my heel and my ankle, moving his thumb to and fro, to and fro...

"Mmm... That feels good." I moan, feeling the stress and the pain leaving my body.

His hands start to travel up further, across my legs, across my arms, finding its place on each side of my head- encaging me in his hold.

Our breaths mingle. His are strong, powerful and overwhelming, mine are starting to tremble. He swoops down slowly to my left ear, hot breath whispering, "You know what feels good?".

I could only whimper as his soft lips press itself onto the pulse point on my neck-

"Woof! Woof!"

Tobias lets out a groan of frustration as the goldendoodle jumps onto the bed, squeezes itself between our chests and starts licking my face, effectively pushing Tobias away and settling down on my chest, falling asleep.

"Why is it that everybody hates us?" He grumbles.

'Till November! ^^