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Euphemia stared at the scene unfolding before her.

"Go on soldiers, do your duty! Kill the Japanese, kill them all." She said in her usual, calm voice.

'No! I don't want to kill them! Please Lelouch, don't make me do it!' She pleaded in her thoughts, but her body didn't react. It was as if her body wasn't her own, being controlled by someone else.

"Kill all the Japanese." His voice rang through her mind as she fought for control.

'Why that? Why did you have to say that?' She held the gun which she was supposed to shoot Lelouch with up. She aimed it at a defenseless woman.

'No! Please stop!' She shouted, but nothing happened. Her dainty fingers squeezed around the trigger, preparing to fire. It all happened so fast. She saw a flash of black, red, and purple out of the corner of her eye as she began to pull the trigger.


She fired the gun.

Time seemed to freeze as Euphemia felt control of her body return to her. She watched her older brother, the man with the world in his hands, fall to the ground.

He landed with a soft thud. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. She stared at the growing red spot in his side. A single tear fell down her face.

"No..." She mumbled.

"NO!" She dropped the gun without a second thought and lept off the stage. She picked him up bridal style and began to run.

She ran past the guards.

She ran past her knight, Suzaku.

She ran out of the stadium and into the nearby forest.

She ran faster than she had ever run before, tears pouring down her face the whole time.

She laid him down on the ground, throwing off his fancy cape and helmet which most would kill to see under.

His purple eyes were in a daze, unable and unwilling to focus on anything. The hole in his side continued gushing blood.

"Lelouch, please, why? Why did this have to happen?" He held a shaky finger to her face, silencing the young princess. He opened his mouth to speak and coughed up quite a bit of blood. He held up Zero's mask with an unsteady grip.

"Do-don'" He mumbled, but she still heard.

"It won't be! You'll be fine! You will keep astounding people with your miracles!" Tears continued to pour.

"I...I'" He mumbled, giving his final breath. Euphemia picked up his hand.

"Lelouch, please, wake up! Don't leave! Nunnally needs you! Japan needs you!" She sobbed. "I need you." She began screaming, it didn't matter if anyone heard.


Kallen sat in her Guren looking at one of the screens. It was receiving live footage from the stadium.

"Kill the Japanese, kill them all." Euphemia declared. She pointed a gun at an innocent woman at the front of the crowd. Kallen couldn't believe her eyes. She watched as Zero ran up and took the bullet for the Japanese woman. Euphemia just stared blankly for a second before screaming, grabbing Zero, and running off. Kallen started the Guren's motors and practically flew to the stadium to make sure the guards hadn't started a full on murder spree. She looked around before going in the same direction that Euphemia ran with Zero.

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