DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible. And NO, my name is NOT William.

1. William

The shrill buzz of the clock radio alarm sliced through the dawn-lit solitude of the bedroom. William reached over, tapped the 'off' button, and sat up, reaching for his glasses. 5:30. Great. Another day, just like the day before, and the day before, and the day before that, William thought. Why should this one be any different? At least it was a stable routine that could be counted on not to deal any adverse surprises.

William was a quiet, unassuming young man, barely 20. He was tall and fit, though not muscular. He kept his dark hair just touching his collar. Not a rock-star thick mane, but not Clark Kent, either. He had a small apartment in the center of town, and a stable job processing insurance claims in an office within walking distance. There was a grocer on the corner of his block. William rarely went anywhere else, so he had no real need of his own transportation. The bus could take him places his feet couldn't.

Life was quiet and stable for William, and there was really little if anything more that he wanted. Except for...somebody.

Anybody. William liked working in the office. The people weren't rude with him. They weren't teasing toward him. They weren't anything with him. If not for his daily reports, William wouldn't exist to the others in the office. He wasn't a number, but he wasn't quite a name, either. And most of the time, William liked it that way. He was never good at making new friends, and even worse at maintaining friendships. He figured the only one who really needed to take notice of him was his supervisor - and she did. She would regularly mark William's reports with things like "A-1 as usual!" William knew he had that in his pocket - a job for as long as he wanted one. A job he could leave at night and know it would be there the next morning. That left him with one less thing to worry about - and more time for his other life.

Willaim's other life was a Sony 27" stereo TV. If he wasn't working or sleeping, he was spending time with his cathode ray "family" - "relatives" from this sitcom or that drama; the wise uncle who gave him the news each night; the patient aunt who would draw him in and fascinate him with documentary tales of sensationalism; the adventurous cousins and friends who would show him how they could leap from a moving car or juggle or play a sport. William's parents died some four years ago during a blizzard, when their car stalled. They were found in a snowdrift two days later, frozen solid. William lived and interacted semi-vicariously through the television. They were "family" that were there any time he wanted, and would leave him time to himself at the press of a button on the remote. No nagging, no asking for help or money - they were the only family he wanted or needed. And with 200 channels of cable, William had a big "family" to choose from.

William even had his "best girl" who would "visit" on the weekends. In his picture-tube "family," anyone could be anything to William. They were all "real" as long as they were coming from the box. William's "best girl" was in the form of a cartoon - a teen heroine named Kim Possible. He would make sure there was no one and nothing that could distract him during the times the show would air. Kim was athletic, popular, pretty and smart. To William, Kim had a "real" presence, even though she was, in reality, just a cartoon inside of the box. He would imagine that she had a "life" away from the show. It was almost as if she had invited him to the taping sessions of her latest episode - and every now and then, William would find himself mouthing one of Kim's catch phrases as she would say it; "So not the drama"; you....get a grip?"

Deep inside...through the layers of the chiffon facade...in the dark attic corner of William's mind...this is who he wanted to meet. This is the "someone" that was missing from his other life, the one in the small apartment, at office functions, at the grocer on Saturday mornings. William knew that his secret wish was to meet someone just like Kim Possible. And it was a secret that he could not expose, explain to or share with anyone. After all, no one else thought Kim Possible was anything more than a cartoon inside of the box. No one knew the rest of William's "family" - no one at all. And most of the time, William liked it that way. Most of the time.