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Chapter ONE

Green eyes blinked.

A flash of blue streaked through her vision.

Teat was a mother rabbit.

The girl waited patiently for the rabbit to vanished, then waited a little more just to be safe. All she needed was the general direction. She slipped out of her hiding place and trotted along the trail of chakra left behind.

She could now sense them too. Pretty far, but still there.

That rabbit was a mother to three little baby rabbits. They were very young, too young to run, but their faint presences had helped conceal them.

But they couldn't hide form her.

The quickened her pace. The mother rabbit, having noticed her approach, hopped around her feet, trying to chase her away.

She ignored her.

Nothing could hide form her.

She could see the chakra belonging to the rabbits spike in fear.

She ignored that too. She sent out chakra strings, snaring her dinner.

A few minutes later, she was gnawing on her first meal in days.

She could see all the sources of food in the forest, but she couldn't eat if she couldn't catch them.

Quickly finishing her meal, she went on her way.

It had been year since her parents had died, her clan killed off. There might have been others like her. Survivors. However, she hadn't bumped into any of them yet.

If they did exist.

But it didn't matter.

To a five year old girl left to fend for herself, survival came first. Everything else could wait.

The girl had been drinking from the river, quenching a day's worth of thirst, when she saw them. Their chakra was of a very highly skilled team of shinobi. She could see that from the way their chakra signatures were forced down and preened to hide within the wild.

But no matter how skilled they were, they wouldn't be able to find her by sensing her, so as long as she didn't show herself, she should be fine.

To someone who could sense any and all chakra around them, they could tell how bright and...loud their own chakra was. Every single on of her kind had mastered the skill of camouflaging their chakra to fit into their environment.

From the firm, sturdy circulation of the chakra from a tree, to the skittish, rapid circulation coming from an animal, to the steady, occasionally spiking chakra of a person, she knew them all. She could see any and all chakra in her vicinity. Her vision was 360, her otherwise black surroundings splotched with splattered of white and blue of chakra.

This ability was unlike a certain Dojutsu she had once heard of, which allowed one to see the chakra circulation of people. Her ability didn't cost chakra.

Her skill to see chakra was just like how someone saw through their eyes.

But instead of seeing the world as 'forest' and 'people' and 'houses', her kind saw them as 'forest chakra', 'human chakra', 'chakra-less object'.

Her ability was the best there was to live in a place full of trees and animals and chakra and life.

But she wouldn't survive long in a place where things without chakra was a constant existence in life.

Like a village.

For her ability to see chakra came with a price.

Morino Ibiki was a shinobi recognized if not by his name, then certainly by his face.

He could feed the way people flinched away at his scars, and if it bothered him once, he couldn't remember.

Or, he couldn't remember the time he had showed that it bothered him.

He had been sent out on a mission with an ANBU team to interrogate some missing-nin who had been scouting around Konoha for a while. Said missing-nin had escaped Konoha a few days ago, but had been captured by an ANBU team. The missing-nin had attempted a suicide, but he had failed to die. However, he was close to death, and the ANBU team couldn't risk moving him.

Ibiki and Shizune, had been sent out to try and stabilize him, and extract information from him if the wounds were too fatal.

Ibiki didn't really care, to be honest.

He had gotten out from the man that he had been hoping to sell some forbidden scroll to someone else, before he had died of blood loss.

His self inflicted pain had made him delusional, and Ibiki didn't really have to do much.

They were on their way back to Konoha, and had decided to rest for the night. The village wasn't that far away, but the ANBU team, led by Hatake Kakashi, and once the mission was over (ish), the Hatake had decided to let out the laziness he had been suppressing during the mission.

His team, consisting of Uzuki Yugao, Tenzo, and a recently promoted Uchiha Itachi, didn't object.

Or maybe they had just given up.

Shizune was running around collecting herbs that grew in the area.

And Ibiki was in a bad mood, because he didn't get to move onto any real interrogation before the man had spilled and died.

He shot Kakashi a look, to see that the man was sitting under a tree, reading his orange book. He sighed and got to his feet. Maybe he should go cool down.

And that was the action he regretted the most that day, for now, he was crouched in front of a young, sleeping girl curled up underneath a small tree. Her baggy clothes were caked with mud and leaves, and she was worryingly thin.

His first thought was why Yugao, the sensor on the ANBU team, hadn't managed to sense this girl, for they weren't even that far away.

His second thought was that he was right next to her, and if he hadn't known the girl was there, he wouldn't have noticed her too.

And then, he realized that it was because the girl's chakra was camouflaged by the tree behind her.

Even from here, Ibiki would sense the chakra of the ANBU team, and they had suppressed the aura as much as they could. They could pass off as a civilians as long as no one say their attire.

The girl, on the other hand, could pass off as a tree.

He reached out to wake her up, only to hesitate.

This was a young child.

Perhaps he should call Yugao, or Shizune, or someone. Someone who wouldn't scare this child upon awakening.

He was about to get up, when the girl decided to make the decision for him. She shifted, and slowly opened her eyes. She blinked rapidly a few times, before she shot up, staring at Ibiki.

She could tell that this person in front of her was a shinobi.

It was one of the signatures she had seen earlier. She had thought that she was far enough to not be noticed.

She could feel the person's chakra spike a few times before he got it under control, and she could see the rest of the man's team freeze.

"Who are you?" She asked cautiously.

Ibiki blinked, surprised that the scream was yet to come. He could sense the ANBU team shuffling around in their makeshift camp, and he knew they had sensed his chakra flare.

Perhaps it was a good thing.

He slowly crouched back down. The words 'Aren't you afraid?' lay on the tip of his tongue, but he pushed it back.

"I could ask you the same thing." He inwardly winced when his interrogator persona slipped out. He was used to being the one that asked questions, not the other way around.

The girl watched the person's-the man's, according to his voice-chakra give a faint spike, the way it did when one told a lie.

"Liar." She shifted into a more comfortable sitting position. "That's not what you want to ask."

She saw the man's chakra flinch is shock.

Ibiki was surprised. How had this girl known...

He could sense Itachi and Yugao approaching their spot.

Ibiki hesitated for a second. "My name is Morino Ibiki."

She girl scrunched up her face before she relented. "I'm Haruno Sakura."

Ibiki hummed. That was progress.

Also, that name seemed to ring a bell somewhere in his mind. He just couldn't remember where he had heard it...

The girl could see them too. She got to her feet, unsure of what she was supposed to do.

Two of the man's teammates burst through the trees, and she saw their chakra move in a sign of surprise.

They couldn't sens her previously, and was surprised by her presence.

"Morino-san." The Uchiha said.

Ibiki turned to face the two ANBU.

"Who's...this?" Yugao asked.

Ibiki shrugged, turning back to the girl. "Sakura."

The girl didn't know what to do. She had never come across this situation, because she had never been found. Perhaps she had decided to rest a little too close to their camp site, but usually, it was safe enough.

These people were skilled.

She could tell.

"What are you doing out here?" Yugao spoke up. She crouched down in front of the girl, her mask off.

"I live here."

The girl's chakra didn't even shift, something which it did when children who didn't yet know how to suppress their chakra lied.

"How about parents?" Yugao pressed.

"Don't have any." Sakura stretched. "Cause they're dead."

She could see the three of them turn to look as each other.

"Sakura-chan, why don't you come with us." Yugao finally spoke up. "If you have nowhere to go, the village can take you in. It's dangerous to be out here."

The girl's expression instantly became guarded. ""My old village was destroyed."

Ibiki decided that he wouldn't press on this subject. Forcing someone to reveal something they didn't want to was a delicate process, and physical torture on a young girl who didn't even look ten didn't seem like a good idea.

"Konoha is a very safe village." Yugao told the girl gently.

"Konoha." Sakura had heard of that village before. A clan with abilities similar to hers lived there.

Konoha was a huge village, that she knew. Many people, shinobi and civilians alike lived there.

Her previous village was more like a huge garden. It wasn't very big, and only the Haruno's lived there.

That was, until a few years ago, when a single person had stormed through, killing everyone.

Sakura could still remember the man. His red hair had stood out in the sea of pink. She also remembered the hundreds of puppets the man had controlled.

This memory was drowned in the horror of seeing her clansmen hacked down one by one, and the fascination.

She had read about puppets. How the number of puppets a puppeteer could control was a proof of how strong a puppeteer was.

That had led her to learn the one skill she knew. The one skill that had aided her in her life in the wild.

It would be nice to widen her arsenal.


Yugao led the girl back to their camp, where she explained the situation to Kakashi.

The man simply nodded.

The village wouldn't have a problem taking in a girl. The decision would be the Hokage, Namikaze Minato's to make.

Then a thought hit him. "What did you say her name was?"

"Haruno Sakura." Yugao said.

Kakashi turned to look at the girl, who was chattering animatedly at Ibiki.

Ibiki still looked slightly surprised, and Kakashi understood his feeling. The girl hadn't shuddered once at the man's scars.

He put everything together.

He had once read of the Haruno clan, their abilities often mentioned in their likeliness to the Byakugan.

However, he also knew about the one big difference between the two.

A Byakugan user could switch the Dojutsu on and off according to the situation. They switched between normal vision and their chakra vision.

However, Haruno's were different.

To them, 'normal vision' was chakra vision.

They saw all living things as chakra, and everything else as the blackness of nothing.

The girl, like any other Haruno, couldn't see.

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