- - - > Welp, about a month ago I decided
that I wanted to write a winter/X-Mas related Naruto
fic. Why? Who knows, but I did. So, I decided I
wanted it to be slightly funny, and then I got some
random idea revolving around mistletoe, and thus
this story was born. It's now passed X-Mas, and
I still haven't finished it, so I'm posting the
first part, even if it IS a little late. Hee.
Anyways.. hopefully everyone will enjoy this little
tidbit of a story, the next part will be far
more interesting.. I promise!! :D


Kakashi smirked, glancing down at the small plant he held in his hand. Well, part of a plant. Two small red berries sat in his palm, a few green leaves poking out around them. He had plans for his little friends. Oooh the plans he had. In the midst of his mental delight, Kakashi had let his guard down, and in a split second a blur of orange had swiped the small bundle out of his hands. "Ne, Sensei? What's this?" Kakashi looked up to see Naruto threateningly squeezing the 2 small berries. In the blink of an eye the older man had regained posession of his 'delacacies', eyeing them to see what damage the boy might have done. After deciding the berries weren't harmed, Kakashi slid them into his shirt pocket gingerly, then patted Naruto lightly on the head. "It's mistletoe."

The blonde blinked, raising his eyebrow in confusion, "What's it for?" Kakashi smiled, "Oh.. nothing important really." Naruto wrinkled his nose up at the response, he damn well knew his teacher wasn't telling him everything, but he wasn't going to let him off the hook. "Why would you have them then? Why would you need a couple of old berries?" Kakashi paused, but timing was on his side, and the call of a young girl had saved him... for the time being. Sakura's arrival distracted Naruto, the berries melting from his memory. Sakura smiled at the pair before taking a quick look around, upon realizing Sasuke was nowhere to be seen, she turned back to the two, "So, where are we going Sensei?" Kakashi shrugged, "You'll have to wait and see."

The Juunin had promised to take his students somewhere special, sort of a treat, but hadn't said much more. His answer caused Sakura to give him a disapproving look, she was skeptical of the whole thing, and was only here in hopes that Sasuke would show up. She sighed. "Oh yea! So what's going on today anyways? Can't we know now?!" Naruto was flailing about in front of Kakashi, looking up at him with excitement. Kakashi placed his hands out, "Now now, calm down Naruto. Don't forget, we have to wait for Sasuke anyways." Naruto grumbled, "He probably won't even show up!" Of course, right on cue, the scuffling of feet was heard, signaling Sasuke's arrival. Naruto let out a simple 'cheh', he always wondered how Sasuke had such perfect timing. Sakura beamed and quickly rotated around to face the truant boy, the sweet smile returning to her face. "Alright, now we can go!" Kakashi turned away from his students, giving his pocket a small pat, then continued on his way. Sasuke followed quietly, with Sakura in tow. "Heeeeey! Wait!" Naruto jetted foward, slowing down his pace once he was next to the silver haired man, "So! Tell us where we're going now!"

Silence. "Senseeiii?" Silence. Naruto paused before yelping out at his teacher once again, still recieving no response. This cycle continued for the next 15 minutes, Sakura and Sasuke's eyebrows twitching more violently with each plee. Finally, Kakashi stopped. Naruto blinked and looked up, taking in his surroundings. The group had stopped in front a small building, a large neon sign graced it's front. "YEAAAAA!" Naruto let out a cry of joy, they had been taken to... a restaurant. Sasuke stood there, unamused by the whole thing. Sakura looked over at Kakashi, "Why are you taking us out to eat?" She paused, "And why didn't you just get us ramen?" Naruto quickly jumped in with a, "Who cares?! We're getting free food! Let's go! C'mon Sakura-chan!" And with total disregard for his own safety, Naruto latched onto Sakura's arm then ran through the restaurant's doors, dragging the girl with him. Sasuke sighed and headed for the doors, pausing as he noticed their teacher lingering behind. The boy continued on after sometime, but kept watch through the corner of his eye. This was unbeknownst to Kakashi though, who had quickly pulled the berries from his pocket and headed for a small bench across the road. He tied them up to a branch which hung above the seat before turning back around. Sasuke raised his eyebrow, giving the red berries one last good stare..


{+} Woosh. Thanks for reading! :D
I'll try to get the next/final part
up as soon as I can! Remember kids..