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Sakura continued to glare at Kakashi, her face turning a dark shade of crimson. Naruto scrambled over to the bench, poking his head around Kakashi's shoulder. "Sakura-chan, are you alright? I never knew you were so clumsy!" The boy grinned sheepishly, knowing he could now safely get his revenge against the girl. Sasuke shook his head silently, slowly heading for the group. Sakura turned her glare to Naruto, then looked up at the raven haired boy. He could see the look of embarassment and defeat in her eyes, but he couldn't help but give her a small smile of amusement. Sometimes she just tried too hard for her own good. Sakura's face flushed for a whole new reason, quickly turning away. It hit her that Sasuke probably knew exactly what she had tried to do. He had seen it all blow up right in her face. While the girl sat in silence, scolding herself for being so stupid, Kakashi gingerly held her ankle and looked it over. He pulled out a small ball of cloth bandage and started to wrap up Sakura's ankle, which was now a dark shade of purple. She winced at the light pressure being applied to it, she hadn't intended to really hurt herself this badly either.

Sakura sighed, this just was not her day. "Hnn.. I don't think you should walk on your ankle right now Sakura. It'd be best to have someone help you home." Sasuke turned his attention back to the small berries, Kakashi was up to something, though he wasn't quite sure of what. Sakura though, was completely obvlivious to the tiny things, and her eyes lit up with a new hope. If luck decided to go her way, Kakashi would have Sasuke escort her home. It was close to perfect! "I'll take care of her, you 2 go on home."

Except, luck just wasn't on the girl's side. Sakura looked up at her teacher as he spoke, her face twisting around into anger again, "Sensei! I can make it just fine! Don't worry about me!" The jounin's eyes shifted towards the berries for a split second, "No. I really don't think that would be too good for your ankle. You shouldn't put any strain on it right now." Sakura grimaced, THIS WAS WAR. Sasuke meanwhile had noticed his teacher's constant glances towards the berries, and the pieces were starting to fall into place. He always knew that Kakashi was a pervert... but to go after Sakura? He took at step towards the bench, "I'll take her home sensei. It's on my way." Sakura looked up at the boy, surprised by his proposal. Naruto let out a snort, "Why don't we all just walk her home then?"

All three glared at the boy, causing him to take a step back out of pure fear. "Fine.. I guess that's a horrible idea then.. Ehehe.." Naruto shrugged it off, making sure not to get to close to any of them. "It's easiest for me. Don't worry about it Kakashi," And with that Sasuke had reached his hand out to the girl. Sakura quickly grasped onto his arm, pulling herself up next to him. The war had now begun. Kakashi gave the berries another glance before also standing up, taking ahold of Sakura's free arm. "It's better for me to help her home. Just in case something happens. We shouldn't take any chances." Sasuke glared at the older man, tightening his hold on Sakura, "I'm capable of taking care of both Sakura and myself, you have nothing to worry about." Sakura felt a tug on her arm, she blinked and looked over to Kakashi, who was now pulling her away from Sasuke. "It's really better for me to take her home Sasuke. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT." Suddenly Sakura felt another tug from the other direction, she whipped her head around to look at Sasuke. Her body was once again pulled the other direction, as an all out battle of tug of war had begun.

Sakura looked at the two in awe, never expecting EITHER one to EVER lower themselves to.. this. And because of her? She didn't quite get it, but she wasn't going to complain. Atleast, not until one of them pulled her arm out of the socket. Sakura continued to be pulled back and forth, until Naruto let out a squeal of joy, distracting both males, "Ooooh! BERRIES!" Kakashi froze. Sasuke sighed. Sakura was clueless. In the blink of an eye Naruto had shoved the small round objects into his mouth. Kakashi's eyes grew wide, "Naruto.." he mumbled, hints of disbelief and anger mixed in his voice. Sasuke grinned inwardly, Naruto was good for something every once in awhile. He then paused, remembering that Mistletoe WAS poisonous after all. He sighed. "Naruto.. you do realize that you just ate Mistletoe, right?" Sakura blinked, "Mistletoe..?" She looked to Sasuke, then over towards Naruto. The boy paused, "Mistletoe.. ah! You mean I just ate Kakashi's berries?!" He turned to look at his teacher. Kakashi nodded his head slowly, looking quite unamused by the whole thing. "YES. But, that's not what's imp-.." Sasuke was quickly cut off.

"Kakashi's? Naruto.. where did you find those berries?" Sakura questioned, and raised an eyebrow at the boy, waiting for his answer. Kakashi grimaced, wishing for once that the girl wasn't extremely intelligent. "Saa.. umm.. oh! Right above the bench! They were in that tree up there.. Wierd, ne?" Naruto smiled proudly at the girl. "OH. WERE they?" Sakura's eyebrow twitched, what exactly was going on here? Kakashi wasn't THAT much of a pervert.. was he? She slowly rotated around, giving her teacher a cold glare. Kakashi sat there, pretending he didn't have a clue what was running through Sakura's head. Sasuke shook his head, then turned his attention back to Naruto, who was rubbing his stomach happily. "Naruto.. you're not going to be feeling too well. You should probably go home now before those berries kick in..." Sasuke eyed the boy. Naruto shrugged it off, "I'll be fine! I'm not a sissy like you!" Sasuke grumbled, so much for trying to help him out, it was stupid to try in the first place. He gave up on Naruto's condition and returned to watching the impending fight between his companion and teacher.

Sakura had now taken on a strange, panther like persona, as she narrowed her eyes at the older man. "KA..KA..SHI Senseiiiii?" She hissed out, the tone in her voice almost giving Sasuke chills. "What is it Sakura?" The man smiled back at her, slowly moving himself back a few inches. His plan was ruined, and he knew it, now he just had to focus on getting out of here alive. While everyone was oblivious to Naruto, the boy had started to rub his stomach gingerly, his expression showing obvious discomfort. He inwardly cursed Sasuke for being right about the berries, but it was too late now, his stomach was twitsting around madly, and he wasn't going to be able to hold off what was coming. The boy threw a hand over his mouth and quickly started off towards the restaurant, hoping he would make it all the way to the bathroom. Sasuke smirked as Naruto rushed past him, before Sakura caught his eye. She was standing up on the bench now, most likely so she could glare down at their teacher. Her cheeks were beat red and her fists were balled up at her side.

Whatever he had missed in that split second had sent the girl over the edge. Sasuke noticed the girl start to raise her arm into the air, all the while mumbling something that sounded like 'stupid perverted shinobi..', was she going to do what he thought she was going to do? Sakura continued to raise her arm, but Kakashi sat there unphased by it all. He knew that even if the girl swung at him he could easily dodge it. Then he'd have his chance to escape. Sasuke wasn't even thinking of this though, his attention was turned to the fact that it wouldn't be good for a student to try to beat their teacher to a bloody pulp. So, just as quickly as Sakura's hand had started to descend towards Kakashi, Sasuke was rushing towards the pair. The loud sound of a fist hitting a face echoed through the air. Sakura looked down smugly, but her eyes widened in shock. Sasuke's face was on the recieving end of her punch.

She let out a gasp and frantically pulled back, but then quickly reached out towards the boy again. "Sasuke-kun! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that! Oh god.. oh god! Are you alright? Here! Let me see!!" Sakura fumbled about, grabbing onto his chin and turning his face back and forth to inspect the damage. A huge welt was starting to appear, and blood was flowing from his lip. As Sakura madly fluttered about the boy, Kakashi sighed, whether it was out of relief or annoyance one really couldn't tell. Sasuke tried to swat the girl's hand away, but she grabbed onto his own, looking at him sternly. "This is my fault, I have to take care of it! Come on! We have to go get ice on it! Hurry, hurry!" She tugged on the boy's arm, pulling him away from the bench. Sasuke didn't put up much of a fight, as the girl dragged him away. "I'm so sorry! I would never mean to do that! Oh Sasuke-kun.. I'm so sorry!" Kakashi shook his head at the scene as he watched the two. Sakura constantly grabbed onto Sasuke's chin every five seconds, inspecting the wound as they walked. She looked like an overly protective mother trying to take care of her child. The pair slowly started to fade into the distance, as Kakashi stood up and stretched.

Sasuke inwardly smirked while Sakura was having her fit, fidgeting with his face. He had won.

Kakashi pulled out a small pad of paper, placing a tally mark next to Sasuke's name. It was time to work on a new plan.


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