Chapter One

The Girl with Special Eyes

Lisa Amaura never thought her life would be lies. She also thought she was a normal girl. Sure, she was slightly more gothic than some of the other girls, but she didn't mind being different. The only strange thing is that she never felt like she belonged.

Currently, she was living with her foster parents, the Johnsons. Ever since she could remember she lived in the foster care. This home, however, seemed like it would be the last one. That was her hope anyways. She had exactly nine months to be adopted, or she would turn 18, and be released from the foster system. The Johnsons, however, seemed to love Lisa as their own and were planning on adopting her.

That all changed one day. Lisa was walking home from school one day when a mysterious stranger appeared. He had jet black hair, and was sitting in the most unusual position. He seemed very familiar to her, but she could place where she met him before.

"Excuse me, are you Lisa Amaura?" said the stranger. The voice was high pitched, and yet still sounded masculine. Shocked, Lisa went to scream. The stranger, swiftly, prevented her from attracting any attention to them.

"How do you know my name? And besides, I won't be going by that soon," she mumbled through the strangers hand.

"Yeah, I know. You're going to be Lisa Johnson by the end of the month, which is why I'm glad I found you now." The stranger whispered in her ear. Lisa was now terrified and froze in fear. She bit the stranger's hand, but he seemed not to care.

"If you want to get away, it'll take more than biting my hand. Now, let's go to my place." The stranger was able to hold his hand against Lisa's mouth and force her down an alleyway. They finally stopped at a rundown house that was not too far away from the school. They entered the house, and the stranger proceeded to tie Lisa to a chair.

"Are you going to rape me? Because, I will get you arrested for this!" shouted Lisa trying to hide her fear in an angry face.

"Shut up, girl. I ain't that kind of guy. But I do need you."

"Why do you need me? Ransom?"

"No, you have skills that I need, Misa Amane." The stranger grabbed a corkboard from the other room. It showed pictures of Lisa, but these were different. Lisa was with other people. She saw people she never saw before. Also, Lisa had blood red eyes in some of the pictures.

"I don't understand I don't know these people. Why are my eyes red? Give me answers." Lisa had totally disregarded the stranger called her a completely different name.

"You see, we have something in common. We are from different realms than this one, and you're eyes; that's what I want."

"What's so special about my eyes?" she asked. Her fear quickly turned into curiosity. She no longer felt like a captive.

"They are called Shinigami eyes. By sacrificing half your life, you can make a deal with a Shinigami to get them. They allow you to see a person's real name, and their deadline."

"Their deadline?"

"Y'know, how much more time someone has before they die." Fear returned to Lisa. She always had a dark past, but she never thought she was connected to anything this dark.

"So, in this other realm, I had these powers, but I sacrificed half my life. Wait, does that mean I only have half my original time on this earth!"

"Actually, due to circumstances, and a poor memory, you had to do it twice, therefore you only have a fourth of your original time left. So if you were to die when you were about 80, then you'd only live until you are about 20. Shame really."

"WHAT?!" Lisa struggled to get out. "YOU'RE LYING! YOU'RE NUTS!"

"You weren't saying that before. You seemed like you believed me." The stranger grinned. Both of them knew it was true. Lisa knew she was different, and perhaps this was the reason. It sounded crazy, but Lisa wouldn't have cared. She stopped struggling.

"So, if all of this is true, why do you need me?" she dropped her head to hid the shame of defeat behind her golden locks.

"Well, I want revenge on someone in a town called Haven. I think you'll see that Haven will have exactly what you need to remember these people." The stranger proceeded to sit in a chair, awkwardly. "And I can offer you a deal."

"What's the deal?"

"I can extend your life."