I do not own anything that is DC or Young Justice related!...but I really wish I did.

This story will be a continuation of what happened after the episode Endgame from the cartoon Young Justice. It will be mainly following what happened to Wally West when he disappeared. Also I just want to say before anyone starts thinking about flaming me I will mention this beforehand I got this idea after I read a fanfic called "Kid Flash Reborn" by Greywolf41 so if there are any similarities that is why. Its also probably the best young justice fic I have ever read and I hope that I can at least be half as good. Also another heads up Chapter 2 is now up! Now without further ado...

Chapter 1: Where am I?

'Faster...Faster...Faster!' That was the only thing going through my head at that moment.

In the corner of my eye I could see my uncle's face contorted with concern and tears welling up in his eyes.

By now you're probably scratching your head wondering whats going on and if this is actually some cheap porn book...Ok I kind of wish I was writing this in pencil so I can erase that last line but alas I only have a pen and time is of the essence. Well this is not a book about porn, but rather a biography of my life after death. And since you are reading this you have obviously obtained my journal.

I could feel my body getting lighter and could see my arms becoming transparent, I knew what was coming so I wanted to at least give my uncle Barry one last message "Tell Artemis that I Io-". That was all I got to say before everything disappeared.

I was floating in a void of pitch black. It reminded me of pictures of space minus all the star. Honestly Im not even sure how much time I spent there it could have been seconds, hours, days, or even centuries.

I really have absolutely no clue how long I stayed there until my senses returned to me. First was my sense of touch the air felt chilly on my skin, then came my sense of smell which for some reason the only thing I could smell was antiseptics and rubbing alcohol. Sound came next but it came much slower than the rest the sound of people frantically yelling was slowly getting louder and less garbled. I could even understand snippets of it





Then as if a radio was finally tuned to the right frequency, I could hear everything in crystal clear quality.

A familiar masculine voice yelled "Push Andrea Push I can see the head!". And a similarly familiar feminine voice yelled back with barely veiled anger in her voice "Shut up i'm Fucking trying you little bitch, this is your fucking fault for knocking me up so dont tell me what to do! If you don't get this thing out of me soon i am going to fucking kill you!"

That's when I recognized the situation for what it was...a woman in labor. To say I was confused would be like saying Clark Kent is only a little polite. 'Where am I? Why can't I see damn it! And why the hell do these people sound so damn familiar?!'

As if someone was listening to my inner turmoil. I got my answers because my vision suddenly came back online, and what I saw was probably the most confusing thing I have ever experienced, which is saying something considering that I fight a talking gorilla on a monthly basis.

I caught sight of the room I was in, I even saw the owner of those voices...it was a little hard to miss the giant faces looking down at me. I now knew that I was in a hospital considering all the medical equipment. I also found out why those voices sounded so familiar. 'But this isn't possible the last time I saw my them they weren't pregnant...so what's going on here?'

The giant faces that are looking down on me right now are...my parents.

'This has to be a dream...or maybe a hallucination...Why do they look so young?...How did i get so small?...I was running faster that I ever had before. Plus that energy that kept hitting me...yup it's probably a hallucination.' My brain was working overtime grasping at straws trying to figure out what was going on.

"She's beautiful Andrea! Whatshouldwenameher?Orshouldwewaitforthewholefamilytoarrivesowecanvoteonwhatnametopi- " SLAP! my poor father was so excited that my mother had to literally slap some sense Into him.

"Calm down John." My mother chided. "We should decide now so it can be more...special"

"Heh heh sorry about that."my father said with a sheepish smile on his face which morphed into a serious expression "i agree we should decide her name now."

"Good. Now what do you think about-"

I was so busy trying to grasp what was going on that i didn't realize exactly what he said until i went over it in my head. 'Her...she...WAIT WHAAAT! WHAT DOES HE MEAN WHEN HE SAID "SHE" I'M OBVIOUSLY A GUY!' I tried to voice my concerns but all that came out was a gurgling sound.

"-Katelyn." My mother finished.

"Katelyn West?...I like it!" My Father said with a grin plastered on his face.

My incoherent gurgling sound continued as i tried to inform them that they got my gender wrong. But unfortunately my parents don't seem to speak gurgles.

"Look John even she like her name!" My mother practically screamed.

'There is no way i'm a girl...no...way...' And with those final thoughts my already loose grip on consciousness finally slipped and i slipped into a dreamless slumber.