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*Translations are at the bottom.

"Hello." said a frustrated Carlos as he rubbed his temple, trying to get rid of the headache he had developed over the (yet again) failed experiment.

"Hello, Carlos. This is Amy." said the voice on the other end.

"Oh, Amy. How are you doing?" asked Carlos suddenly forgetting about his headache and failed experiments.

"I am good. You?" she asked out of habit.

"Fine. Not that I don't love talking to you, but why are you calling?" asked Carlos glancing at the clock on the wall out of habit.

"I am reminding you about tomorrow. Remember what is happening?" she asked knowing he didn't.

"Um. Since I know you are going to, why don't you remind me?" asked Carlos rolling his eyes in the process and sticking his tongue out at one of his coworkers, Josh. He was making rude, funny gestures while Carlos was on the phone. Carlos made a point that it was unprofessional to take personal calls in the lab, when Josh and a few others kept talking to love ones and 'friends' at little too often.

Sure, it was acceptable when the situation called for it. Not when in the middle of an experiment and causing said experiment to blow up, which ruined a whole day of work and countless other experiments and that happened on the third day of coming to Night Vale.

"Since you asked so nicely." she said with sarcasm "I am reminding you about meeting me tomorrow to pick up Tess. You agreed to watch her for about six weeks a few months ago."

"I know I agreed to watch her, but I don't think it is a good idea." stuttered a panicked Carlos as the meaning of the phone call hit him.

"Stop. First, you agreed. Second, you need to spend time with her. Third, I have no one else. You know this. I can't take her to Japan on such short notice and it is a business trip. This would be different if it was a vacation." stated Amy "This is the first time I asked you to do anything when it came to her. This is the least you can do."

"Alright, alright. I get it. Where are we meeting?" asked Carlos as he rubbed the back of his head out of habit.

"Can you meet us at my house? That way, I don't have to drive very far and I don't have to leave very early, since it is six hour drive round trip. My plane leaves at 5 tomorrow." said Amy "Is that ok with you?"

"Yea, it's fine. See you at one." Carlos said before hanging up.

"So, who was that?" asked Diana with a smirk while Josh and Chris made kissing faces behind her.

"That was my ex-girlfriend." stated Carlos before turning back to his experiment.

"Dude, I didn't even know you had an ex." exclaimed Josh.

"Why was your ex calling you?" asked Diana.

"She has a business trip to Japan and needs me to watch our daughter while she is gone." said Carlos rather bluntly. He wanted to get his work done before tomorrow and knew they wouldn't stop bugging him till he told them want they wanted to know. He didn't even look up from his experiment when Chris did a spit take.

"And that is why I said no food, or drinks in the lab." said Diana glaring at Chris as he continued choking.

"We didn't know you had a kid." said Chris in-between coughs.

"Because it is personal and wasn't anyone's business before now." snapped Carlos as he tried to focus on his work to find out what went wrong.

Everyone went back to work after that and soon Carlos gave up on the experiment after everyone else left for the day.

He felt bad about how he acted earlier, but he was a private person who didn't like to share. Only a few people knew he had a daughter. He didn't like to broadcast everything like a certain broadcaster he knows does. He also knew that when said broadcaster found out, the whole town will so it was only a matter of time.

Honestly, he was nervous and a little terrified about bringing his daughter to Night Vale. Carlos has only been here a week and so much has happened. He feared that the town could scare, or scar, Tess and ruin any chance of him seeing her again. That alone scared him. There was also the very real possibility of him failing when it came to Night Vale, since it seemed that the town seemed to be out to get him.

Believe it, or not, he loved Tess since the first time he held her. He couldn't believe he could love someone as much in so little time until he saw her and held her. From that moment on, she had his heart and he would do anything to protect her.

Sure, he hadn't been the best father, but he was trying to change. Finishing off college and getting the grant to study this town was a start. Carlos wanted to be apart of Tess's life, he really did. Between his part time jobs, and school, he had no time to visit, or even have her spend the night.

Amy understood and that was a blessing in disguise. She understood him better than most and he hated himself for hurting her.

One night changed both their lives forever, but they didn't regret it. Some things happened for a reason.

Amy never asked for much. All she wanted was for Carlos to spend time with Tess. He had no time before and now it seems he has all the time in the world, but in one of the most dangerous towns in the country. Scratch that, most likely the most dangerous town in the the world.

Carlos offered to watch Tess when Amy talked to him about the business trip months ago. She never expected him to and would never have asked. Carlos knew she was nervous about leaving Tess with him for so long.

He only lasted a few hours the last time. In his defense, she was a baby and sick which freaked him out enough to rush her to the ER when her fever hit 100. He found out later that the fever and 'sickness' was due to teething.

Carlos tried to put all these thoughts to the back of his mind and go to sleep. He had a four hour drive tomorrow and it was two in the morning, or for all he knew it was since time may not even work in Night Vale.

A few hours later, he woke up early and started getting ready to leave. Carlos took a shower and tried to make his hair look presentable, but that didn't work. He made a mental note to visit the barber when he got back when he had time. He would need to make a good impression the next time he saw Amy. He wasn't going to risk leaving a bad impression and losing Amy's trust anymore than he possibly will after Tess goes back home. He had a bad feeling when it came to Night Vale that Amy would not be letting Tess come visit anytime after this.

Not that Night Vale was a terrible place. It was just unusual, strange, dangerous, creepy, and scary for some. He already lost a few scientists after they heard Cecil's first news broadcast and decided to leave when he gave them the chance. He just hoped he could protect his daughter from Night Vale till Amy came back to get her.

He pushed all these thoughts to the back of his mind as he pulled up to Amy's house. It was a simple three story victorian gothic mansion. From the outside, you wouldn't be able to tell she was rich like some mansions he has seen. She had it fully restored to its pride and glory and nothing else done. It wasn't even that expensive of a house when she bought it. It was fixer upper and now, it looked amazing.

He wouldn't be surprised thou if she left everything to Tess if something were to happen to her. She was smart when it came to thinking ahead and planning the future. That was what made her successful in her career.

He hadn't even made it to the door when it flung open and out ran his little girl.

"Daddy!" yelled the three year old as she jumped into his arms.

"Hello, sweet heart." whispered Carlos as he hugged her.

"I am surprised you are on time. I thought I would have to call you again." joked Amy as she walked through the door.

"I am not always late." said Carlos as he looked at his ex. She hadn't changed much since the last time he saw her. Her dark brown hair was shorter and styled professionally. She wore a dark green dress suit with black high heels and a black undershirt. The outfit only defined her olive skin tone and green eyes.

Tess had Carlos's skin tone and curly hair. Tess's hair color was just a little darker than Amy's, but not as dark as his jet black. Tess looked more like him than her mother thou, except she had Amy's nose and round face shape. Tess's eyes were another story though. Tess had hazel eyes, unlike Carlos's brown, or Amy's green eyes. They made Tess even more special in Carlos's opinion because she could still have his eye color, or her mother's. It depended on the light around her if her eyes looked green or brown.

"Estas listo para ir?" asked Carlos as Tess pulled out of their hug.

"Sí!" said Tess with a huge grin.

"Well, let's get you all packed up and set for the car ride." said Amy as she pointed to Tess's bags in the doorway.

"Did you pack enough for her?" asked Carlos staring at the six bags in the hallway. He couldn't imagine a little child like Tess needing so many clothes, but he wasn't that surprised.

"Yep. I figured you had no clothes for her, or at least unpacked, so these three are clothes. These two are bathroom stuff, toys, movies, Kitty's clothes, and Tess's shoes. This one is her art supplies." explained Amy while they carried her bags to the car "Now here is a list of foods she likes, dislikes, recipes she likes, her normal routine, how to wash her outfits, things she likes doing, activities you can do with her, emergency numbers, shows she can watch, do not lose Kitty cause Kitty is her security blanket…" She said all this while showing him the sheets of paper in red, yellow, and blue folders.

"I think we will be ok." interrupted Carlos as he took the folders away from her and putting them in the front seat with a smile.

"I know that, it's just…" said Amy as she tried to stop herself from crying.

"It's ok. I know what you mean." whispered Carlos as he hugged her with one arm since the other still held Tess. He rubbed her arm before letting go.

"Um, I better put in the car seat for you." said Amy before she turned away and walked back to the house.

Carlos knew this was hard on Amy. She has never been away from Tess for more than a few days. She was a wonderful mother. If it wasn't for her mother dying three months ago, he wouldn't be watching Tess now.

Amy's mother was a kind, caring lady. She never judged Amy for keeping Tess, or even for Carlos not marrying Amy like some people he knew. That woman treated Carlos like a son. Not a horrible person who knocked up her daughter and couldn't marry a woman he couldn't love like she so deserved. She helped Amy out the most and now it only seemed right for Carlos to try taking that amazing woman's place.

Amy came back with the car seat and put it in the car.

"Alright, Tess." Amy said taking her daughter from Carlos's arms "Be a good girl and listen to your daddy. Ci vediamo tra qualche settimana, ok?"

"Ok, mamma." said Tess. Amy smiled and gave Tess a hug and kiss.

"Ti amo." she whispered into Tess's ear and handing her a small, black cat.

"Amate anche voi, mamma." said Tess as Amy put her in the car seat and gave her one last kiss.

"We will be fine, Amy. I promise to call you if I need anything, or have any questions." said Carlos as he pulled Amy in a hug so she can wipe her tears without Tess seeing.

"Thank you." whispered Amy before giving him a quick peck and pulling away.

"Your welcome." said Carlos with a wave as he made his way to the driver side of his car.

"I will make sure to call, text, Skype, and email you every day till I get back." yelled Amy as he hopped into the car.

"I know you will. Bye!" yelled Carlos as he started up the engine and waved, before driving away.

"Bye! Have fun!" yelled Amy waving at the car.

Tess waved as they pulled away and after two hours of talking, Tess fell asleep. Carlos used this time to think before reaching Night Vale. He had to get groceries and set up Tess's room in his new apartment. If he didn't get the second one done later then Tess would just have to sleep with him till he got her room done. Carlos had to admit deep down that even if he had her room done, he still would have her sleep in his room. Anything could happen in Night Vale and until he felt more comfortable with her sleeping alone, he would have her sleep in his room.

Better safe than sorry and he wasn't putting his daughter's safety in jeopardy any more than he already was.

Carlos called his second in command, Diana, to see how things were going in the lab when he was thirty minutes away. If they needed him in the lab when he got back in town, he would have to have one of the scientists watch Tess while he helped out. It turned out that it wasn't going to be an issue. They were just wrapping up some of the experiments and filling out the paperwork with their findings when he called.

He pulled into Big Rico's parking lot since he remembered that he needed to eat there this week and it was not for the reason to run next door and check out the lab real fast afterwards.

"Tess, Tess. Wake up, princesa. We are here." Carlos said stroking her hair as she started waking up. He unbuckled her and picked her up, making sure to grab her art bag before shutting the door.

"Daddy? I hungry." muttered Tess clutching Kitty close to her chest as he carried her into the restaurant.

"Well, it's a good thing we are at a pizza place, huh?" Carlos said with a chuckle when Tess's head snapped up at the word pizza.

"Quiero queso." she said as he put her in the booth and sat down next to her.

"Anything for you, la princesa." said Carlos with a grin. He ordered the food and while waiting, colored with Tess until she smacked his hand away since he was doing it wrong. After that, he just sat there watching her color and having random chats with her.

"Ah, Carlos. Hi." stuttered a voice from behind him.

Carlos turned around and saw the one person he did not want to see at the moment. Mostly cause he wasn't ready for all of Night Vale to know about his daughter yet.

Carlos knew he had to stuck it up and talk to him. He turned around greeted them with a wave. Carlos noticed Tess didn't even bother looking up from her drawing to look at the people he was talking to. She seemed to have inherited that trait from him.

"Hello, Carlos. Who is this cutie here?" asked Old Woman Josie getting straight to the point.

"This is my daughter, Tess. She is staying with me for a few weeks while her mother is on a business trip." explained Carlos. A small part of Carlos was rather smug to see the all composed, rarely surprised Cecil's eyes go big for a split second at hearing the introduction for Tess.

Tess looked up when she heard her name. When she realized Carlos wasn't talking to her, she went back to work. But not before grinning and waving at the two.

"She is adorably cute, Carlos. I can tell she is yours cause she looks just like you." gushed Cecil with that goofy, cutie grin of his. Not that Carlos notices that type of thing, mind you.

"Thank you." said Carlos with a smile before quickly glancing at Tess.

"I have a question for you, dearie." said Old Woman Josie.

"Ok." said Carlos.

"Who do you have to watch this little one while you work?" asked Old Woman Josie with a smile.

"Um… I haven't actually thought about that." admitted Carlos rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"Mommy said he forgot I was coming. Too busy with science and working. Mommy complained to Aunt Rose yesterday." said Tess as she grabbed a green crayon.

"Thanks." said Carlos sarcastically.

"Your welcome, daddy." said Tess with a smile before going back to her drawing.

"I would like to offer my services whenever you may need it. You both are always welcomed at my house." offered Cecil before blushing after he realized what he said.

"I couldn't ask you to do that Cecil." said Carlos before adding "You have a job. Remember? I am almost always working when you are on air." when he saw Cecil's disappointed face.

"But I could. I am sure the Angels won't have a problem with her." said Old Woman Josie "And I don't want to hear anything about my age, or it being too much trouble. I will be happy to help out a friend."

"Well, thank you. I may take you up on that offer." said Carlos.

Just then, their food came.

Cecil and Old Woman Josie said good bye, but not before Josie gave Carlos her phone number followed by Cecil. They told him to call whenever he needed it.

Carlos and Tess went to the grocery store next and headed home afterwards.

He had put Tess to bed and decided to turn on the radio as he put away her things and getting her room ready for her.

He stopped for a moments to listen to this.

'Oh, listeners. You would never guess what happened to me today. Now you know I am not one to gossip, but I just have to tell you. I ran into Carlos at Big Rico's Pizza earlier today with Old Woman Josie and beautiful, perfect Carlos had a little girl next to him. Of course, I could tell she was related to him. But guess what?' (He paused to effect before talking again.) 'He introduced her as his daughter, which was a shock. Who would have thought perfect Carlos would be a father? I sure didn't. But I can tell he loves her very much.'

'She is so adorable. She has his smile, curly hair, and his caramel skin tone. She looked a lot like him, now that I think about it. You can tell she is his daughter.'

'She even has his work ethic as she rarely looked up from coloring her pictures.'

'Her name is Tess. A perfect name for a cutie like her.' He said sighing.

'I guess I should get back to the news now since I have been given a note by Intern Chad to get back to the news…'

He was not surprised that Cecil gushed about that on the radio. Carlos seemed to be Cecil's favorite topic and now it looks like his daughter will be too.

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Estas listo para ir-Are you ready to go?


la princesa-princess

Quiero queso-I want cheese


Ci vediamo tra qualche settimana, ok- See you in a few weeks, ok

Ti amo-I love you

Amate anche voi, mamma-Love you too, mommy